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RNGM Chapter 37 – White Horse

Chapter 37 – White Horse
Translated by: 白酒鬼

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The Thunderbolt hit the wild horse for 50 damage. This caused Lin Fan and Chaotic Sky to sigh with relief. At the very least, Lin Fan was capable of dealing with the Wild Horse.

The wild horse that was hit neighed, turned around, and rushed towards Lin Fan and Chaotic Sky.

“So fast!” Lin Fan exclaimed. The wild horse was as fast as lightning as it galloped towards them. If it ran into them with such a fast speed, even Lin Fan would be seriously injured.

By the time Lin Fan cast his second Thunderbolt, the wild horse was already in front of them. Despite reaching them it didn’t slow down in the least. Instead, it rammed into Lin Fan full speed ahead.

“Fire Shield!” Lin Fan hurriedly cast Fire Shield, blocking the wild horse’s ram. Then, Chaotic Sky jumped up onto the wild horse’s back and stabbed its neck.

Even though Chaotic Sky’s attack wasn’t that high in comparison, his critical rate was very high. This attack, was a critical hit and dealt 30 damage. But he didn’t stop there. Instead he repeatedly stabbed the wild horse, drawing its aggro.

“Hehe, good idea!” Lin Fan’s eyes lit up as he saw Chaotic Sky riding the horse while repeatedly stabbing its throat. With Chaotic Sky on its back, no matter how it attacked, it couldn’t get Chaotic Sky off it. Chaotic Sky on the other hand, landed every blow. Soon, the wild horse died.

“Hehe, this place is very suitable for me!” Chaotic Sky laughed when he saw his experience shoot up by a large amount. This was only naturally considering that there was a 17 level difference between him and the wild horse.

“If we can keep up this speed, I should be able to hit level fifteen today!” Chaotic Sky licked his lips and chuckled, “You bring them over, I’ll kill them!”

“Alright!” Lin Fan nodded his head in agreement. Facing level 30 monsters, even if they were just normal mobs, Lin Fan didn’t dare be careless. After all, the level gap was simply huge.

“Thunderbolt!” Lin Fan cast Thunderbolt at a horse far away. Then, Chaotic Sky rushed at the horse. Then, when they were passing by each other, he jumped up and vaulted onto the wild horse’s back. After mounting it, Chaotic Sky used throat slash, drawing its aggro. Afterwards, he went to town on it. Chaotic Sky rampantly stabbed each of the poor horse’s weak spots, swiftly killing it.

“Huuuuuu” After killing the horse, Chaotic Sky gave a long tired sigh. Then, he looked at Lin Fan who was leisurely watching and lifted up his middle finger.

“Hehe!” Lin Fan snickered before casting Thunderbolt once more and bringing over another wild horse. This time, he carefully examined the horse’s movement and noticed a few rules. While the wild horse ran quickly, it was unable to turn quickly.

After noticing this, Lin Fan subconsciously smiled. Then, seeing that Chaotic Sky was still dealing with it, Lin Fan called another one over. This time however, Lin Fan attacked the wild horse again, keeping its aggro. Just before the wild horse hit him, Lin Fan rolled to the side, avoiding the charge. Then, he once more cast Thunderbolt at its head.

“*Neigh*” The horse neighed as it turned around and charged at Lin Fan once more. At the instant it was about to hit him, Lin Fan twisted his body to one side, just barely dodging it. Then, he cast Thunderbolt.

Soon, Lin Fan killed the wild horse. He then turned around and looked Chaotic Sky. Chaotic Sky had finished off his horse too.

“Hehe, that’s much better!” Chaotic Sky licked his lips as he spoke to Lin Fan. Then, he pointed at a group of wild horses and said, “Wanna try dealing with two at a time?”

“Alright!” Lin Fan chuckled and attacked 2 wild horses. And soon, he killed them off with his powerful magic.

Upon their death, Chaotic Sky levelled up, reaching level 14.

“Hehe, they really give a lot of EXP!” Chaotic Sky laughed as he looked at his experience bar, “They really are level thirty monsters! The EXP they give is great!”

“Yup!” Lin Fan laughed along with him. The amount these level 30 monsters gave was about the same as a level 20 Elite monster. Even Lin Fan how was level 18 gained a huge amount of experience.

“A single one of these fills up my bar by one percent. After killing just a hundred of them, I’ll level up!” Lin Fan was extremely excited. After reaching level 18, Lin Fan had an extremely hard time levelling up. But now, that deathly slow pace was no more.

And like so, the two continued attracting a couple of wild horses at a time and killing them. Soon, the flatland grew much more desolate. After conducting their massacre, both Lin Fan and Chaotic Sky levelled up.

“Hehe, I’m level fifteen now. I’m on the leaderboards again!” Chaotic Sky happily said to Lin Fan. “Now that I’m level fifteen, I can equip that stuff. I’ll be able to farm here without you.”

“I want to head to other places too!” Lin Fan laughed in agreement. Then, he spotted a snow white stallion nearby and said, “Want to kill a big one?”

“A big one?” Chaotic Sky followed Lin Fan’s gaze and spotted the snow white stallion.

“A leader?” Chaotic Sky asked Lin Fan. Because the level difference was too big, Chaotic was unable to see white stallion’s level and description.

“I can’t see it either. But normally fields don’t have any BOSSes, so it should be a leader!” Lin Fan helplessly grimaced. “At the very least, after we’ve attacked it, we’ll be able to see its name.”

“Then let’s give it a shot!” Chaotic Sky chuckled and spoke while looking at white stallion, “This horse looks much better than the other ones. It’d be great if I could have it as a mount!”

“Maybe you can!” Lin Fan’s eyes shone as he spoke.

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