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RNGM Chapter 36 – They Are the Spellstorm and the Clandestine Marauder!

Chapter 36 – They Are the Spellstorm and the Clandestine Marauder!
Translated by: 白酒鬼

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After Eternity was wiped out, everyone started clearing the battlefield.

“They really are Eternity’s troops. This gear is strong!” Liu Mengxiao exclaimed as she looked at the equipment with surprise. There were 10 blue items and more than 20 green items. The rest was white horsecrap. But even so, it was still shocking. Currently, Empire’s members only had 5 blue equipment. Most of the people were still using green items. But this time, they had managed to get 10 blue items. It was clear from this that Eternity’s members had extremely good equipment.

Only now did Liu Mengxiao truly understand how naive her thoughts of opposing Willowed Moon originally were. With the strength of her and her troops, if they were to properly face Eternity, they would likely lose. It wasn’t just because her side had no true experts. It was also because her members weren’t true elites either. They were all rejects from Willowed Moon. With people like this, there was no way they could stand up to Eternity’s elite troops. If it wasn’t for Lin Fan and Chaotic Sky, Empire would likely have been disbanded today.

If Lin Fan and Chaotic Sky weren’t so strong that they could force Eternity to its knees by themselves, there was no way Empire could have won so beautifully.

”Empire’s road ahead is still long!” Lin Fan could guess Liu Mengxiao’s thoughts. He pat her shoulder and continued, “After today, there’s no way to prevent news of me and Chaotic Sky from spreading out. You should announce that we’re part of Empire. This should stop some people from acting.”

“I know!” Liu Mengxiao nodded her hand then looked at Lin Fan. Then, she looked at him, her beautiful eyes filled with gratitude. If it wasn’t for Lin Fan, how could someone arrogant and unyielding like Chaotic Sky join Empire. With these two on her side, the guild she set up would be able to develop into an incomparably strong one in a short amount of time.

“Dammit!” At Holy City’s respawn point, Messy War had just come back to life. His face was green with regret. In his eyes, were a myriad of indescribable emotions. With his current level and equipment, he had gotten instakilled. That was simply humiliating. It was a colossal disgrace for him. He was the guild leader of the dignified Eternity. He was 8th among the Ten Great Experts. And yet, he had just been instakilled. That was simply humiliating.

But when he opened up the system log, all his embarrassment and shame disappeared. What replaced it, was a chill down his spine and up his brain. Immediately, Messy War’s blood ran cold.

[You have been killed by player: Chaotic Sky.] When he saw this system notice, Messy War felt like crying but had no tears. Who was Chaotic Sky? The Clandestine Marauder, a Killing God, he was a legend that got his place by endless slaughter. He was so strong that just his name made the current era’s gamers lose their breath in fear. Even if he ended up offending Limitless the War Saint, Messy War was prepared to get revenge. But the Clandestine Marauder, Chaotic Sky? Back in Tyrant, during the battle which got Chaotic Sky his title as a legend, Messy War was just a newbie. At the time, Chaotic Sky was already a deity to him.

“That demon is can slaughter just about anyone. What’s a mere Eternity to him?!” Messy War’s face looked like he had just bitten a goldthread. Net Gaming Legend. These 3 words felt like a giant mountain crushing him. After all, Messy War knew about the relationship between Chaotic Sky and a certain other legend. This basically meant that he had offended not just 1 Legend, but 2.

“That mage, is definitely Spellstorm!” Messy War would have to be brain damaged to not be able to guess Lin Fan’s identity. There was no one other than the Spellstorm that could deal so much magic damage or have such a horrifying skill.

“From today onwards, will not provoke anyone. Especially not Liu Mengxiao’s people. They can’t be provoked!” Messy War took a deep breath and announced to the 50+ people that died alongside him.

“Why brother? I can’t accept it! I want that Devil May Cry to die! That guy dared to kill me!” Messy War’s little sister, Dreamlike Maple Snow, grabbed his arm and whined.

“Shut up!” Messy War looked at his sister with a steely face and spoke, “If it wasn’t for you why would I have offended those two? Do you know how they are? Blameless the Spellstorm and Chaotic Sky the Clandestine Marauder. Do you think we can stand up to them?”

Upon hearing Messy War’s words, everyone was stunned. Then, they took a look at the system log. A few among them paled. They were killed by Chaotic Sky.

“That mage is definitely the Spellstorm!” the formerly mentioned Priest’s said, “That ridiculously powerful attack… No wonder he’s called Spellstorm!”

“With our current strength, if any of us ran into one of them, that person would die for sure. So, we’ll hide ourselves. Sooner or later, I’ll find some people to help us deal with them. No matter what, I don’t believe that they can’t be brought down!” Messy War’s eyes shone with ferocity as he spoke.

“Yes!” replied the guild members.

“I didn’t expect Willowy Dream Xiaoxiao to have these two killing stars up her sleeve. No wonder she dared to leave Willowed Moon! With these two people, starting a dynasty with Empire as the sole ruler would be easy!”  The priest shook his head as he spoke, “Looks like our greatest foe in Holy City will be Empire!”

“Bear with it for now! We’ll have to restrain ourselves for this month at least!” Messy War sighed.

  • •••

“Old Blame, are you sure we have to go past this mountain?” Chaotic Sky looked at the mountain peak and asked. He knew that past the mountain, the even weakest monster would be level 30. They weren’t something a mere level 12 assassin could deal with.

“I want to help you level up in the shortest possible amount of time. This is the only place!” Lin Fan chuckled, “With the Undead Lord Set and the Thunder God’s Authority, I have the equivalent of five purple items. Even if it’s a level thirty monster, I should be able to break through it’s defence. Don’t worry!”

“You sure are calm. Our names are so red that if we die, we’d definitely lose a ton of levels!” Chaotic Sky looked at the PK mark on his head as he spoke.

“Do you even have any levels left to lose? I’m the one that should be worried. Besides, what I’m really scared about is losing the equipment!” Lin Fan said as he kicked Chaotic Sky.

[You have discovered Wild Plains] When the two people climbed over the mountain, they saw a large flatland. The flatland was littered with galloping horses

“Level thirty monsters!” Lin Fan exclaimed. Then, he hit one of the horses with a Thunderbolt.

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