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RNGM Chapter 35 – A One-sided Battle

Chapter 35 – A One-sided Battle
Translated by: 白酒鬼

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When Lin Fan arrived, there were 2 large groups of people facing off and ready to fight at the drop of a hat.

“What happened?” Lin Fan walked up to Liu Mengxiao and asked. Then, he looked at Ye Mengru who was next to her. She had clearly been crying just now, and was holding a white staff in her hands. When she saw Lin Fan arrive, she started crying even more.

“Tell me!” Lin Fan pat Ye Megnru’s shoulder and said with a vicious expression on his face. Even though Ye Mengru was unruly, he still found her cute. In his heart, he had long since regarded Ye Mengru as a little sister.  Now that his little sister had been bullied like this, there was no way he would let the matter rest.

“They… Willowed Moon has some connections to Eternity. Just now when I went out the North Gate, I was spotted by a bitch from Eternity. The fucker brought along five people who were all level thirteen to fourteen and killed me and Xia You. They even stole my wand!” Ye Mengru said with tears in her eyes.

“Xia You was PKed too?” Lin Fan’s eyes grew even colder as he spoke. Xia You, that cute little girl got killed too.

“Yeah! Because Xia You is a crafter and is only level ten, she was sent back to the Beginner’s Village! I had Hua Feng head down and comfort her!” Liu Mengxiu said to Lin Fan.

“Hmph! And  here I was wondering who it was. Willowy Dream Xiaoxiao, are you looking for a war?” A disdainful voice sounded out. It came from a man dressed up like a warrior.

“Messy War, it was your sister that attacked people from Empire. Don’t think you can get out of this!”  Liu Mengxiao said with a cold expression.

“So what if she did? You want revenge?” Messy War unbridledly laughed. “Who do you think you are? If it was Fortress I might be a bit afraid, but you? Why would I Messy War fear you?”

“Mad Warrior Messy War?” Lin Fan violence flashed by Lin Fan’s eyes as he spoke to the warrior. “Return the Scepter of Darkness and bring out the five people for me to kill and I’ll let you fuck off with your lives. Otherwise, not a single member of Eternity is going to escape.”

“Who are you?” Messy War scrutinized Lin Fan. He thought over it for a bit, but didn’t recognize the young man in front of him.

“Brat, who do you think you are? War Saint Limitless? Even he wouldn’t dare threaten a guild like that!” A seemingly elegant Priest spoke from behind Messy War. The priest reminded Messy War that even the current era’s strongest gamer, Limitless, wasn’t scary.

“Hehe! Looks like I’m not late!” From behind Lin Fan, a sinister chuckle could be heard. Then, Chaotic Sky arrived next to Lin Fan, saw the crying Ye Mengru, and got ready to start a massacre.

“Is it them?”  Chaotic Sky looked at the people in front of Lin Fan as he asked.

“Yes!” Ye Mengru nodded her head and said, “They’re the ones that stole my staff!”

“Haha, great! Just great!” Ruthlessness flashed by Chaotic Sky’s eyes as he spoke, “Want to see who kills more?

“Why not?” Lin Fan laughed as he looked at the 50 over people in front of him. Then he declared to Liu Mengxiao, “You guys don’t need to do anything. Just leave this to me and Chaotic Sky!”

“Are you sure?” Liu Mengxiao asked with surprise. There were over 50 people and there were over 10 players with high levels. Then, there was 8th place of the 10 Great Experts, Mad Warrior, Messy War[1].

“Hehe, there aren’t enough to kill!” Chaotic Sky went up onto the field, looked at the enemies and coldly laughed, “Looks like you guys don’t want to bring out the five bastards and the Scepter of Darkness. Great! I’ll go get them myself!”

“Hmph! Willowy Dream Xiaoxiao, I thought you breaking away from Fortress was courageous! But apparently you just ran away to other men. Tell me, among these two, which one are you sleeping with? Or is it both of them? Hahahaha…” Messy War guffawed. Then, he continued ridiculing Liu Mengxiao, “How about you be mine while you’re at it?

“From today onwards, Eternity will have no place in Holy City!” Lin Fan declared. When he heard Messy War’s words, his expression grew colder than liquid nitrogen.

“Crazy little bastard!” Messy War rushed at Lin Fan and slashed at his head with a large blade.

“Thunderbolt!” Lin Fan cast Thunderbolt. When the lightning struck Messy War, it dealt 400 damage.

“Dumbass!” Chaotic Sky laughed as he appeared next to Messy War and used Throat Slash, finishing him off.

“Hehe, he we lost a blue item and got another one back!” Chaotic Sky laughed as he picked up the armor piece Messy War dropped.

Upon seeing this, everyone was stupefied. Messy War the Mad Warrior, 8th place of the 10 Great Experts. These two guys had just instakilled him? He was slaughtered without even being able to resist. Moreover, the damage that mage did was simply ridiculous.

“All long range units target the mage!” The priest that was previously behind Messy War shouted.

“Good night!” the priest heard a sinister voice. Then, he felt a blade on his throat and everything went black.

“Wrathful Tide!” Lin Fan lifted up his staff and cast Wrathful Tide. The vengeful flames flowed towards the enemy, wiping out huge amount of them, making Lin Fan’s name extremely red.

“What the fuck!?” Chaotic Sky dumbfoundedly stared at Lin Fan said, “You win!”  Lin Fan’s attack had wiped out over 10 mages. Even if Chaotic Sky was twice as badass as he was now, there was no way he could keep up with that killing speed.

“Kill!” Eternity’s members had finally woken up from their stupor after seeing this. They immediately charged at Lin Fan. To them, Lin Fan was far too terrifying. Within 10 seconds, he had wiped out a fifth of them.

“Brothers, kill!” Liu Mengxiao shouted as she brought Empire onto the field. At the moment, because of Lin Fan and Chaotic Sky’s show of strength, their morale was sky high. And especially because they knew the true identities of the two people slaughtering like crazy, the morale was unstoppable.

Empire’s members suddenly went up and dashed into Eternity. Because of Chaotic Sky and Lin Fan’s opening, the battle was simply one-sided. Eternity was wiped out save for a few members who were surrounded.

“Big brother Lin Fan, she’s the one that took my Scepter of Darkness!” Ye Mengru shouted as she pointed at the only female player in the group. “She’s Messy War’s little sister. And she took my staff!”

Following Ye Mengru’s finger, Lin Fan saw the female player holding the Scepter of Darkness which he gave to Ye Mengru. Upon seeing her, he coldly smiled and said to Ye Mengru, “Let’s see if we can get it back. If we can’t, I’ll get you another one!”. After speaking, Lin Fan cast Thunderbolt and instantly killed the female player.

“Ah!” After she died, she didn’t drop the staff. Instead, she dropped another blue item which Chaotic Sky took.

“Kill them!” Lin Fan snapped his fingers and the Empire members finished off the remaining 6 players.

[1] This name can be TLed as Chaotic War. And spoiler alert, it’s pretty clear from the next chap that he wishes he could be like Chaotic Sky, hence the similar name. But hey, this guy’s an asshat and a pussyshit while Chaotic Sky is a badass. I may be letting my own emotions get in the way of professionalism but I ain’t defiling my favourite character.

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