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RNGM Chapter 33 – A Surprising Reward

Chapter X – Chapter Title
Translated by: 白酒鬼

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The quest is finally over” Lin Fan thought as he tore the Return Scroll and teleported back to Holy City. This time, Chaotic Sky and Ye Mengru were waiting for Lin Fan and the others at the teleportation point.

After leaving the teleportation point, Lin Fan silently gave Chaotic Sky a hug. The feelings between the two, could be seen from this hug.

“Lin Fan, give me that Fire Shield skillbook!” As soon as Ye Mengru got to Lin Fan, she started begging.

“Here!” After handing Ye Mengru Fire Shield, Lin Fan headed towards the appraiser’s store. There, Lin Fan gave everything to the appraiser.

“Two purple equipment, 15 gold each. 1 blue equipment, 1 gold.” said the appraiser seeing the items.

“Just appraise the belt!” Lin Fan said with a sigh. The appraisal fee for purple equipment was scary high. Moreover, since the in-game purchase system wasn’t up yet, it was simply impossible to get enough money to appraise them.

The appraiser touched the Undead Lord’s Belt, causing a blue light to be emitted. Upon seeing the light, Lin Fan immediately equipped the belt.

[Undead Lord Set completed. Activating set effect. All effects increased by 30%. Wearer able to cast Summon Undead]

“Summon Undead!” Lin Fan’s eyes lit up upon seeing this. He immediately brought up the skill effects. The more he read, the brighter his eyes glowed.

[Summon Undead]

Description: Enslave a monster’s corpse, turning it into the caster’s servant. The servant will obey all its

                    master’s commands. Note: The monster’s level cannot be 3 levels higher than that of caster

                    and the servant will be deleted upon logging off

“This skill is quite good. At the very least you can find a monster with a lot of health to tank for you,” Chaotic Sky said with a nod of his head.

“Oh right, this is for you!” Lin Fan said as he gave Chaotic Sky the skill book for Stealth. “This time your death was really worth it! Take a look at this skill!”

“Oooh this is good!” Chaotic Sky chucked. To assassins, the Stealth skill was of utmost importance. As soon as an assassin got it, they would be extremely hard to detect. And with Chaotic Sky’s capabilities, killing an enemy leader hidden amongst 10,000 soldiers was a definite possibility!

“As for these two items, the bow should go to Mengxiao and the cape will stay with me until you have enough money to appraise it,” Lin Fan said with a smile.

“Alright, go turn in your quest. It’s a five star quest! The rewards will definitely be good!”” Chaotic Sky said as he licked his lips.

“Alright!” Lin Fan was expectant as well. I wonder how good the rewards will be… The first five star quest gave me the Ring of Conversion which is downright overpowered. Then, what would the second five star quest give me? Lin Fan was filled to the brim with high expectations of the reward.

Lin Fan energetically rushed to the City Lord’s residence. When he arrived, the City Lord was enjoying time with his wife, Liliana. Upon seeing Lin Fan arrive, City Lord Gaston hurriedly got up to welcome him. With regards to Lin Fan, City Lord Gaston was extremely grateful.

“Young Hero, thank you for saving my wife. This is the gift we have for you!” as he spoke, Gaston handed Lin Fan a pink-gold box.

When Lin Fan opened the box, a gold light entered his body. Then, he heard a system notice that stupefied him.

[5 Star Quest: Count Gaston’s Request completed. EXP +100 000, Fame +20,000, Acquired Title: Holy City’s Hero, Acquired Skill: Flight, Acquired Gold Equipment: Celestial Spirit Medal, Acquired Residence: Holy City House.]

Upon seeing the rewards, Lin Fan almost fainted from joy. This was especially so for the last one. The Holy City House was practically a pie from the sky! The Holy City House, in the late game, can definitely be sold for at least one hundred million RMB.

“As expected of a five star quest’s rewards! They’re amazing!” Chaotic Sky said after listening to Lin Fan. “There’s even a gold equipment!”

Lin Fan took a look at his EXP bar. The 100,000 EXP had sent him straight to level 19. Lin Fan had long since left everyone else far behind. After all, Limitless, the second place, was only level 14. Lin Fan was a whole 5 levels higher than him.


Cost: 3MP per second

Description: Allows the user to fly.

Required Class: none

Required Level: 30

[Celestial Spirit Medal(GOLD): P.DEF100, M.DEF 100, INT+35, Item Ability: Summon Fire Dragon, Required Class: Mage, Required Level: 30.]

[Holy City’s Hero(Title): Allows owner to receive best possible treatment in Holy City as well as enter with a red name.]

After seeing the rewards, Lin Fan felt a bit smug. Especially the title, it was something Chaotic Sky would kill for. After all, it’d allow him to rampage all he wanted in the area.

“For the house, you can get it at the archon’s office,” City Lord Gaston said to Lin Fan with a smile.

“Alright!” Lin Fan nodded his head. Then, he looked at the City Lord and Liliana who were extremely lovey-dovey, shook his head and bid farewell with a smile.

[In 10 minutes, there will be a system update. All players, please log out before then.] Right after Lin Fan left  the City Lord’s residence, he saw that message.

“Hehe, I’ll just get the house before logging off!” Lin Fan chuckled then continued walking towards the archon’s office.

“Respected Holy City’s Hero, I just received the notice. This is a map of Holy City, you can choose any one of the empty houses on it to be your home.” As the archon spoke, he handed a map to Lin Fan.

“Here should be fine!” Lin Fan selected a place near the shops and handed the map back to the archon. “I’ll pick here!”

“Very well!” The archon nodded his head and handed Lin Fan the deed to the house. Then, he said, “From now on, this house is yours!”

After receiving the deed to the house, Lin Fan left the house and logged off with 5 minutes left to spare.

After leaving his room, Lin Fan saw every else had already gathered in the living room and was waiting for him. When they saw him arrive, they snickered.

“Did you know that this update was caused by us?” Liu Mengxiao laughingly asked Lin Fan; her eyes full of joy.

“It was?” Lin Fan became curious, walked next to Liu Mengxiao, picked up her notebook and took a look at the official website. When he saw that, he couldn’t resist laughing.

“First Instance unlocked: Nightmare Castle!” After seeing the words, Lin Fan couldn’t resist smiling. After Nightmare Castle was conquered, Holy City unlocked the first instance. As for other cities, because no one had unlocked an instance yet, they couldn’t access any instances.

“Looks like Holy City is going to get rowdy!” Liu Mengxiao giggled and continued, “an instance would definitely attract a lot of players. Holy City might just become The Strange World’s first major city!”

“That’s good too, let’s take advantage of this and recruit as many people as possible. This way, when the guild system appears, we’d have enough strength to develop well!” Lin Fan nodded his head and laughed.

“With you and Chaotic Sky acting as living billboards, it’d be hard for Empire to not develop!” Ye Mengru happily said.

“No, Chaotic Sky and I shouldn’t show ourselves. If we do, Empire’s true strength will be on full display. We have to find a time for us to cause the biggest possible stir upon reveal!” Lin Fan said with a shake of his head.

“I understand!” Liu Mengxiao nodded her head as she spoke to Lin Fan. She knew what Lin Fan was talking about. If Lin Fan and Chaotic Sky appeared then Empire would definitely develop much faster. However, their enemies would also be prepared. If Lin Fan and Chaotic Sky were to appear and act at a key moment, they would be the equivalent of an army appearing out of nowhere, and could deal a serious blow.

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