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RNGM Chapter 32 – Quest Complete

Chapter 32 – Quest Complete
Translated by: 白酒鬼

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Hearing Chaotic Sky’s words, Lin Fan creased his brows. When he heard Chaotic Sky’s words, he naturally understood what Chaotic Sky was planning.

“He only has a bit of health left. If we join forces we might be able to beat him. Don’t mess around!” Lin Fan whispered to Chaotic Sky with an anxious look in his eyes.

“Hehe, it’s a level thirty BOSS! Even with your current magic attack, you probably won’t even be able to hit for more than thirty damage. Moreover, that guy’s speed and power were buffed by a lot. We’d probably get instakilled before he went down! And… if we don’t kill him now, we’d still have to deal with him when we return! Your quest would have to wait! That would be bad!” Chaotic Sky chuckled as he explained. “So, let me help you deal with this!”

“You.. You just lost a level!” Lin Fan anxiously looked at Chaotic Sky as he spoke.

“Then I’ll just lose two more. It’s just three levels. Nothing hard to get back!” Chaotic Sky’s eyes were filled with resolution as he laughed. He said, “Right now, the most important thing is your quest. You’ve already become our backbone. As long as you complete this quest, the reward will definitely put you far far ahead of everyone else. When that happens, everything will be fine!” After speaking, Chaotic Sky jumped towards Romundt who had just finished evolving. His eyes, were filled with ferocity.

“Die!” Chaotic Sky shouted as he used Self-detonation. His body unceasingly expanded and released an invisible energy into the surroundings.

“*Roar!*” The formerly cold eyes of Romundt showed fear as he looked at Chaotic Sky’s expanding body. He immediately clawed at Chaotic Sky, hoping to stop the explosion.

“Run!” Lin Fan shouted as he ran away. Chaotic Sky’s explosion radius was 10 yards. With his current strength, Lin Fan had no way of surviving it.

“Hehe, damn beast, you must be scared now!” Chaotic Sky laughed at claws closing in on him; not a hint of fear in his tone.

“*Boom!*” A massive boom resounded out. Following that sound, a light flew towards the sky. As the light flew, Romundt roared pitifully.

The explosion did 325 damage, and knocked Romundt to the ground.

“He’s not dead yet!” Lin Fan’s face paled at this sight. Romundt had actually survived Chaotic Sky’s Self-detonation.

Hurry up and attack him!” Lin Fan shouted as he cast Thunderbolt at Romundt’s head. Unfortunately, it only did 25 damage.

“Ah!” Just before Ye Mengru could attack, Romundt flew over and sent her back to the city.

“Ice Arrow!” Ye Mengru shot an Ice Arrow at Romundt, dealing a measly 10 damage.

“Thunderbolt!” Lin Fan once again used Thunderbolt, finally killing off Romundt. As Romundt died, a golden light shone from the survivors.

“I levelled up!” Lin Fan said with a sigh of relief. In the end, they finally managed to kill Romundt.

“Me too! This BOSS gave a lot of experience! Everyone levelled up!” Liu Gang exclaimed. At the same time, he felt helpless. He was supposed to be a tank, but he didn’t even pull aggro. He was completely useless. Only Lin Fan and Chaotic Sky were useful.

While everyone apart from Lin Fan felt the same thing, they also understood the gap between themselves and those Lin Fan’s level even better. Chaotic Sky’s rampant attacks and sense of rhythm as well as Lin Fan’s miraculous positioning and dodging skills left them in awe. But, it also showed them that they were nowhere near approaching that level.

“Let’s see what he dropped!” Lin Fan walked towards the place Romundt collapsed and picked up the items. Immediately, his face showed joy.

[Mystic Fountain Water Recipe: Mana Recovery Grass x3, Blackmist Root x2, Snake’s Gallbladder x1]

[Undead Lord’s Belt: Unappraised]

[Blue Dragon Cloak: Unappraised]

[Pink-gold Bow of Lost Souls: Unappraised]

[Wrathful Wave]

Cost: 100MP

Description:  Blast out a wave of fire to attack enemies in front of the user.

Cooldown: 5 seconds

Required Level:18

Required Class: Mage


Cost: 10MP

Description: Turn invisible for 10 seconds. If user attacks or is attacked within that 10 seconds,

                     invisibility will be lifted.

 Cooldown: 1 minute

 Required Level: 20

 Required Class: Assassin

[Chain Shot]

Cost: 15MP

Description: Continuously fires 5 arrows at an enemy.

Cooldown: 6 seconds

Required Level: 15

Required Class: Archer

Lin Fan drooled upon seeing what the BOSS dropped. There was the last piece of the Undead Lord set as well as the recipe for Mystic Fountain Water. They were definitely great gains!

Apart from the 3 skill books, a Fire Shield was actually dropped as well. Lin Fan was confused at this sight. Fire Shield is a skill learnt at the class trainer, so why would there be a skill book of it?

“Fire Shield? What fire shield? I never learnt it! The class trainer only had Thunderbolt! Everything else had to be learnt via skill books!” Ye Mengru, who was on the other end of the chat replied to Lin Fan. She immediately heard him exclaim in shock right after.

“Then why did I learn it there?” Lin Fan scratched his head in confusion. All along he believed that Ye Mengru had learned Fire Shield as well, but apparently not.

After contacting customer service, Lin Fan found out that the first player to advance in each class would get a random skill as a reward. To confirm this, Lin Fan asked Yun Duo if she had Extreme Speed. Naturally, she didn’t.

“Lin Fan, get over here quickly! There’s an NPC over here. She should be that Liliana you were talking about!” Liu Mengxiao shouted at Lin Fan after finding a coffin hidden in a corner.

Upon hearing her words, Lin Fan ran over. Then, he saw Liliana who was lying in the coffin.

[Romundt has cast a deep sleep magic on Liliana. Romundt’s blood is required to awaken her.] After seeing the system notice, Lin Fan let out a sigh of relief. Then,

“Ugh…” After drinking Romundt’s blood, Liliana slowly awakened. Then, she looked at Lin Fan with confusion and asked, “Young hero, did you kill Romundt and rescue me from my slumber?”

“Yes! I accepted Count Gaston[1]’s request to save you!” Lin Fan nodded his head.

Gaston… My lover! Is he fine? I really want to fly to his side right now!” Liliana was filled with complex emotions as she spoke. Then, she grew a pair of white wings from her back and took off.

“Young hero, I can’t wait any longer. I have to be by Gaston’s side right now. Thank you for saving. Gaston and I will be waiting for you at Holy City’s City Lord’s residence!” Liliana said to Lin Fan before flapping her wings and flying towards Holy City.

[Completed 5 star quest: Count Gaston’s Request. Head to Holy City to collect your reward.] Upon hearing this, Lin

Fan sighed and said, “The quest is complete! Let’s head back!”

[1]The raws wrote his name as 贾尔斯特伯爵. I read it as 贾尔斯(Giles) and 特伯爵(earl) but apparently I should’ve read it as 贾尔斯特 伯爵. So i’m changing the rank to count and name to Gaston(for lack of a more fitting one) I’ve rectified previous versions as of this post

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