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RNGM Chapter 31 – Romundt Evolves

Chapter 31 – Romundt Evolves
Translated by: 白酒鬼

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After arriving at Nightmare Castle once more, Lin Fan’s party saw the portal in the room. It was clear from this that the Vampire Baron hadn’t revived yet.

On the second floor, past the corridor, the hall was deserted. The only thing there was Vampire Baron Papas standing in the centre. Upon seeing the party, he charged at them, only to be killed by Yun Duo and Ye Mengru.

After tearing the scrolls, Lin Fan’s party once more arrived at the BOSS room. This time, Paros was still dead, and the portal was still there.

“Let’s enter!” Lin Fan took a deep breath before stepping in. This time, I have the Undead Lord Set and with the Ring of Conversion, I should be able to handle him.

“How interesting! A level twenty five BOSS!” Chaotic Sky muttered. Then he followed Lin Fan and entered the portal.

“*Roar!*” When Lin Fan entered, Romundt’s roar resounded out. Then, the Vampire Count rushed at him and clawed at his chest.

“Fire Shield!” Lin Fan cast Fire Shield as he hastily retreated. Then, he hit Romundt with a Thunderbolt.

The thunderbolt caused 120 damage to Romundt, greatly invigorating Lin Fan. That he could deal 120 damage to this BOSS, meant that his efforts weren’t wasted.

Behind Romundt, a shadow flashed to his side and stuck two daggers into his thoracic cavity, dealing 50 damage. That shadow, was naturally Chaotic Sky.

After appearing, Ye Mengru and the others attacked from affair. However, their attacks were barely noticeable and caused less than 20 damage.

So, the BOSS’s aggro was solidly stuck on Lin Fan. Not even Chaotic Sky could attract it’s attention apart from the occasional claw swung at him. Of course, all those attacks were dodged.

Because Romundt could fly, even if the party wanted to obstruct his path, they couldn’t. So, they could only try to increase their damage output. This caused a hilarious scene of a BOSS chasing a mage with a whole bunch of people chasing the BOSS to appear.

At this moment, Lin Fan’s true strength had been revealed. In front of a BOSS 10 levels higher than him, he wasn’t panicked in the least. He merely calmly attacked Romundt while dodging all the attacks aimed and making Romundt run in circles.

As for the people chasing after Romundt, the more they watched, the more surprised they got. While getting chased, Lin Fan had been hit at least 10 times. For a mage with low HP, the damage done should’ve killed them long ago. However, for some strange reason, even though the damage values appearing above Lin Fan’s head was extremely high, the actual HP reduced was relatively low.

“*Roar!* When Romundt’s health dropped to half, he was enraged. Romundt let out a loud maddened roar, then spread out his wings and sent out a swarm of vampire bats from them.

“Ground Spike!” Seeing the bats flying at him, Lin Fan immediately used Ground Spike, instantly covering the area around him in spikes. Those spikes stabbed into the bats rushing at Lin Fan, instantly killing almost 30 of them.

“Dammit!” Chaotic Sky cursed as he brandished his daggers and madly hacked. Every time he struck, a vampire bat fell dead. But, the swarm Romundt unleashed was just too large. Even with the rate at which they fell, the swarm still managed to obstruct the people chasing Romundt.

“Fire Shield!” Lin Fan’s face paled when he noticed Vampire Count Romundt close on while he was occupied by the bats and hurriedly cast Fire Shield, blocking an attack. Then, he cast Ground Spike once more, clearing out the bats around him, allowing him to focus on Romundt.

“Thunderbolt!” Facing Romundt, Lin Fan didn’t dare be careless. Right after casting Thunderbolt, he immediately avoided an attack.

Seeing that his MP gauge was running low, Lin Fan immediately drank a bottle of Divine Fountain Water before continuing his onslaught.

“*Roar!*” Romundt roared. Then, his wings rushed at Lin Fan like arms and pulled him closer allowing his actual arms to stab Lin Fan’s throat.

““Not good!” Lin Fan  paled as he blocked the attack while casting Thunderbolt at Romundt’s face.

A -180 appeared, scaring Lin Fan. After the blow, Lin Fan broke away from Romundt’s grip and dodged to Chaotic Sky’s side.

Chaotic Sky rushed forward and stuck the dagger in his right hand into Romundt’s throat. Then, he skirted around to Romundt’s back, lifted up the dagger in his left hand, and stuck it into Romundt’s neck.

“*Roar!*” Romundt roared in pain. Then, he fixed his blood-red eyes on Chaotic Sky and charged at him.

To an Assassin like Chaotic Sky, speed was naturally a priority. So, he wasn’t lacking in the least when compared to a level 25 BOSS.

He simply sidestepped the attack, and without pausing, stabbed the Vampire Count once more.

“Phew.” Chaotic Sky’s distraction gave Lin Fan room to breath. Then, after recovering for a bit, he once more rejoined the battle. Because the vampire bats were wiped out by Liu Mengxiao and the others, Lin Fan was no longer handicapped, and managed to bring things back to the original situation.

“*Roar!* Damn humans, do you think you have succeeded? My lord will not let you off!” Romundt gloomily gazed at Lin Fan’s party and roared. Then, he opened his wings and sent a forlorn roar towards the moon.

[Vampire Count Romundt has absorbed the moon’s essence and evolves into a Vampire Marquis. Level has increased by 5.] During the system notice, Lin Fan’s party was paralysed, allowing Romundt who was on the verge of death to safely evolve at a crucial moment.

“It’s a five star quest. It’s naturally not going to be that easy!” Chaotic Sky grimaced. Then, he said to Lin Fan, “Whelp, at least his health is still low. I’ll help you finish him off.

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