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RNGM Chapter 30 – Self-detonation

Chapter 30 – Self Detonation
Translated by: 白酒鬼

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After returning to Holy City, Lin Fan and the others went straight to the appraiser’s store to look for Chaotic Sky and Ye Mengru. When they saw Lin fan and the others arrive, the duo greeted them.“So, what did the BOSS drop?” Ye Mengru excitedly ran up to Lin Fan and asked.

“Two pieces of the Undead Lord set. Right now I just need one more piece to finish the set!” Lin Fan said with a smile.  There was only one BOSS left in nightmare castle. Lin Fan was certain that after slaying Romundt, he’d get the last piece of the Undead Lord Set.

“There are also two skill books. One of them is provoke which is meant for warriors. The other, you guys can take a look for yourself!” Liu Mengxiao said with a bitter smile as she showed the second skill book’s description.

[Self-detonation: The user explodes, dealing damage to enemies within 10 yards. The damage is double the sum of the user’s M.ATK and P.ATK. After self-detonation, the player will die and lose 2 levels. Required Level:13]

“This… This skill is encouraging suicide!” Chaotic Sky licked his lips as he continued, “But the distance is quite large, and that damage doubling…… It’s enough to kill a bunch of people…. If someone were to use it during a group fight… Damn that’d be deadly!”

“Ten yards is really large!” Lin Fan nodded his head in agreement. Then, he continued, “This skill’s damage is double your overall attack, meaning that the higher both attack stats, the higher the damage. If you’re going to learn this skill, you’re attack better be high. Over here, the two people with the highest attack are me and Chaotic Sky. So it’d be for the best if one of us learnt it.”

“Then give it to me!” Chaotic Sky giggled, “I like stuff like this!”

“Here!” Liu Mengxiao gave it to Chaotic Sky with a bitter smile. Then, she warned, “Don’t use it willy nilly! Ten yards is a huge area, if you’re careless, you could end up hitting innocent people!”

“Heh who’d have the balls to do that? This skill costs two levels!” Chaotic Sky joked. Then, he learned the skill. To the PK-addict Chaotic Sky, this skill was simply marvelous. This was the meaning of playing with one’s life!

“Alright, let’s go appraise the stuff now.” Lin Fan helplessly said after looking at Chaotic Sky. Then, he went inside the store and handed the Undead Lord items to the appraiser.

[Undead Lord’s Armlet(Blue): P.DEF 10, M.DEF 10, +3% to all magic damage, SPI+2, Required Level:15, Required Class:Mage.]

[Undead Lord’s Bracelet(Blue): P.DEF 10, INT+3, +2% to all magic damage, SPI+3, Required Level:15, Required Class:Mage.]

[Undead Lord’s Boots(Blue): P.DEF 15, M.DEF 12, MV SPD+3, SPI+2, Required Level:15, Required Class: Mage.]

[Undead Lord’s Locket(Blue): P.DEF 8, M.DEF 7, CST SPD+1, SPI+2, Required Level:15, Required Class: Mage.]

Lin Fan was trembling with excitement as he held the 4 items. Including the 3 in his inventory, Lin Fan currently had seven parts of the Undead Lord set. He immediately put them on.

After equipping the Undead Lord set parts, strange runes began encircling Lin Fan. With the thick blue light to top things off, Lin Fan looked extremely mysterious.

“So handsome!” Ye Mengru said with starry eyes as she looked at Lin Fan’s equipment. Then, she pleaded, “Big brother Lin Fan, when you change it for something better, remember to give the Undead Lord Set to me!”

“Let’s go! Right now, we’ll kill the true owner of Nightmare Castle!” Lin Fan declared as he stepped out of the appraiser’s store.

“Hey, what’s that!?” When Lin Fan’s group left the store, all of  Holy City’s players stared at Lin Fan with shock. The crowd had seen quite a few pieces of blue equipment. After all, with so many so players, it was only to be expected that blue equipment would drop even with the drop rate. Though of course, compared to Lin Fan, it was still rarer. But right now, Lin Fan was wearing a full suit of blue equipment and even had a purple staff. This sort of gear was simply unbelievable.

“That’s a set! Fucking hell! He has a blue set!” shouted a knight in the crowd. As he spoke, his eyes showed fear. The effects of a full set of blue equipment could compare with that of 4 purple items. This was simply too powerful. Especially in the early game. It was something that couldn’t be bought with money!

“Apart from him, the other people’s gear is really good!” an assassin next to the knight said after looking at his party. “They all have a few pieces of blue equipment. As for the archer and assassin next to him, they have green sets.”

“Let’s follow them! They definitely found a good hunting ground!” the Knight mutedly shouted to the assassin.

“Don’t even think about. Those guys are clearly experts. You see that archer? I recognize her. She used to be a group leader in Willowed Moon – Willowy Dream Xiao Xiao. As for the mage, I don’t recognize him. But do you really think he’s an ordinary person?” the assassin looked at the knight and said. “They’re able to get that gear because of their strength. We’re no where near strong enough to go against them.”

“So what? We just sit here and do nothing?” the Knight said with dissatisfaction.

“Calm down. Those guys that followed that group should be respawning soon!” the assassin cackled as he pointed at the people following Lin Fan’s party out of the city.

“I don’t believe…….it…….” Before the knight could finish speaking, he saw two people respawn. They were part of the group that was following Lin Fan’s party. Another person respawned. He was part of the same group.

“What the- Isn’t this too fast!?” the knight gaped at the sight.

“That’s true experts for you!”  the assassin said before walking back into the crowd.

Outside the city, Liu Mengxiao and the others were dumbfoundedly staring at Chaotic Sky who was currently covered in blood with a bloodthirsty look on his face. This guy was simply too fierce. Within 30 seconds, he had chopped 3 people to death. At the moment, the bright red name on top of his hand was extremely eye-catching.

“Let’s go!” Lin Fan helplessly glanced at Chaotic Sky. This guy had no sense of self-control. He killed at the drop of a hat, and slaughtered 3 people consecutively. With the amount of  blood on his hands, he’d have that red name for at least 2 hours.

“Alright!” Chaotic Sky chuckled as he walked towards Nightmare Castle. Lin Fan followed behind him with a shake of his head. As for Liu Mengxiao and the others, they dumbfoundedly gazed at the two people’s backs and forgot to follow them.

“This is the strength of a legend…. Han Cheng is… far… far weaker than them…” Yun Duo slowly said. She had seen Han Cheng fight before. Even though it was formidable, it was nowhere near Chaotic Sky’s level. With Chaotic Sky’s skills, Yun Duo fully believed that even if 2 Han Chengs went after him at the same time, they would just get instakilled.

“We better hurry up!” Liu Mengxiao smiled as she followed the duo to Nightmare Castle.

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