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RNGM Chapter 3: The Clandestine Marauder’s Post

Translated by: 白酒鬼
Edited by: FlameDragon
TLCed by: 狗不理

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The next day, Liu Mengxiao and Lin Fan moved their stuff over to the villa in Chengxi. Hua Feng, Ye Mengru and the others arrived as well. The guys were assigned the rooms on the ground floor, while the girls would stay on the 2nd floor. The willful Ye Mengru banned the boys from going to the second floor.

“So unfair! They can come down but we can’t go up?” Hua Feng shook his head as he said that to the boys.

“Sigh! Men lead harder lives!” Liu Gang said bitterly. He too felt indignation at this treatment.

“Hey! What are you three men grumbling about? Hurry up and help us move the stuff! You’ve got no sense of chivalry at all!” Upstairs, Ye Mengru had her hands at her hips as she roared at the three guys sitting in the living room.

“Excuse me!?” Hua Feng looked at Ye Mengru with surprise, then said, “Didn’t you bar us from going up? How’d this turn into us lacking manners? Miss, people should be reasonable!”

“Hmph! I’ll let you guys come up for now! Hurry up and help us move our stuff! It’s heavy as hell!” Ye Mengru shouted as she kicked the wooden cabinet by her side.

“Truly a hard life!” Hua Feng lamented, and dejectedly climbed the stairs. Liu Gang followed along, wearing a helpless expression. Seeing the pair of clowns, Lin Fan couldn’t resist laughing inwardly.

As soon as Lin Fan and the boys had finished helping the girls sort out their stuff, they were kicked back down by Ye Mengru. Hua Feng sighed at the injustice again.

The gaming helmets arrived in the afternoon. Everyone immediately hooked up their helmets to the Wi-Fi and went online. Though the game wasn’t released yet, character creation was already up and running! They decided to create their characters first, so as to save some time when the game was finally out.

After putting on the helmet, Lin Fan’s vision immediately went dark. It felt like he was standing in darkness. The world around him slowly brightened up as a giant greek temple formed in front of him.

[Welcome, traveller, to The Strange World!] In The Strange World, players were called Travellers. Lin Fan had seen this bit of information on the internet.

[Please choose your race!] the low, deep voice said slowly. Various races appeared in front of Lin Fan right after; Humans, Beastmen, Devils and Demons

Based on their introductions, Humans’ P.DEF would grow faster, Beastmen had a higher STR growth rate, Devils had a higher M.ATK as well as M.DEF growth rate, while the Demons had a higher AGI growth rate.

“Devil!” in Fan selected the pointy-eared Devil race. A pointy-eared version of himself appeared in front of him instantly. Apart from the ears, the other features were exactly the same.

“Alter appearance! Reduce likeness to player to 5%!” Only after changing his appearance to a very ordinary one did Lin Fan hit the continue button.

[Please choose your class!] the low, deep voice resounded once again. Several classes appeared in the space in front of Lin Fan. There was an axe-wielding warrior. A mage holding a staff. Next to the mage was an assassin wielding a dagger in each hand as he faded in and out of the darkness like a spectre.An archer with his bow drawn. A knight riding a warhorse and wielding a long spear. Finally, there was a white robed priest who gave off an aura of holiness.

“Mage!” After tapping the mage portrait, Lin Fan’s class immediately changed to a mage. His character’s appearance changed once again. It was now holding a staff his eyes now gave off a scholarly gleam.

[Please enter your username.]

“Devil May Cry![1]” Lin Fan lightly exhaled as he softly said that name.

[Character creation completed!] the voice said. Lin Fan was then sent out of the game.

Lin Fan left his room and found everyone gathered in the living room ,discussing the game’s graphics. They had already finished creating their characters.

“Big Sis Xiaoxiao, those graphics were amazing, even better than Myth! And that temple was done really well!” Ye Mengru was smiling as she held onto Liu Mengxiao and continued, “Big Sis Xiaoxiao, what race did you pick?!”

“I’m an archer that relies on agility so naturally, I picked Demon!” Liu Mengxiao looked at Ye Mengru and laughed, “A little devil like you must’ve chosen the Devil race, right?”

“Yup!” Ye Mengru nodded her head. Then she glanced around and asked in confusion, “Why isn’t Hua Feng here yet?”

“That’s right!” Liu Gang also seemed doubtful,he continued, “Since when was that guy so slow?”

“Pa!” the door to Hua Feng’s room slammed open. His eyes were full of emotion as he exclaimed, “Guys, get on The Strange World’s forums right now. Something big’s happened!”

“What is it?” Liu Mengxiao questioned Hua Feng, as she hurriedly stood up and turned her gaze at him in surprise. Right now, The Strange World was the only chance for her to turn her life around. If something bad happened to it[2], what would she do?

“Clandestine Marauder… The Clandestine Marauder posted something!” When those words were heard, everyone’s expression changed. They immediately went back to their rooms to checked out the forums. The title of Clandestine Marauder was just way too shocking. In the world of net gaming, it belonged to a legend among legends. Hence, the Clandestine Marauder , Chaotic Sky’s post alone was enough to shake the entire net gaming world.

“Dammit, the hell is that guy doing!?” Lin Fan cursed under his breath after seeing that everyone had left. That brat Chaotic Sky is too unruly. He immediately ran back to his room as well.

“The Clandestine Marauder, Chaotic Sky has once again returned to the world of gaming. Brothers from the past, I am still alive.” Seeing the post that was stickied, Lin Fan couldn’t resist smiling. This guy really doesn’t know the meaning of low key. But he’s right! Brothers from the past, we’re still here.

Lin Fan gently sighed as he continued to read the comments. Each and every one of them had a trace of disbelief.

“Is this true!? Isn’t Chaotic Sky, the Clandestine Marauder dead?” An ignorant netizen posted.

“^ Die in a fire. You actually dare curse my idol!”


A long line of replies left the above post near the top. Even though there was tons of spam, Lin Fan still managed to spot a few useful posts.

“I’m coming!” this short phrase dazed Lin Fan for a moment. Lin Fan sighed slightly when he saw the poster’s ID,Rainwalker. Rainwalker wasn’t as good as Clandestine Marauder or Spellstorm, and he wasn’t nearly as well known either. But he was still the best archer Tyrant, and his skills were definitely better than those “Ten Great Experts”. Unfortunately, he was extremely low key, to the point where most people didn’t even know his name. Lin Fan and Chaotic Sky were good friends with him back then

“The Clandestine Marauder has appeared, then Spellstorm must return as well!” Another post talked about the relationship between the Clandestine Marauder and the Spellstorm. It pointed out that since the Clandestine Marauder had already made his appearance, the Spellstorm would definitely return to gaming as well.

“Clandestine Marauder and Spellstorm…They’re just a bunch of relics from the past!” When this post came out, it immediately gave rise to a lot of hubbub. Even though the poster was 4th among the Ten Great Experts, the Demonic Blade, Life Snuffing Stab, his post was still covered up by an endless stream of comments.

“Life Snuffing Stab!” Lin Fan couldn’t resist smiling helplessly as he shook his head. He had already seen Life Snuffing Stab’s ability. He’s not bad, but he‘s nowhere near Chaotic Sky’s level. If he went up against Chaotic Sky, he might just die within ten strikes.

Not finding anything useful or interesting after searching for a while, Lin Fan stood up and left the room. There were already several people energetically discussing the post out here.

“Even the Clandestine Marauder has entered The Strange World. This will definitely attract even more people. Looks like The Strange World’s future is really promising!” Liu Mengxiao smiled. Even though Clandestine Marauder’s post caused a huge stir, it wouldn’t affect Liu Mengxiao in anyway. Apart from sighing in amazement, she didn’t say anything else.

[1] This is the author’s name as well. What that means, I leave it to you, the reader, to decide.

[2] Something big happened= 出了大事 Something very bad happened also = 出了大事
Saying that someone or something 出了事 generally has the meaning of them getting damaged in some way. hence the worry in Liu Mengxiao.
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