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RNGM Chapter 29 – 7 Pieces of the Undead Lord Set

Chapter 29 – 7 Pieces of the Undead Lord Set
Translated by: 白酒鬼

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After a short black screen, Lin Fan once again arrived at the true second floor. And as expected, Vampire Viscount Paros had respawned and was glaring at Lin Fan.

“This is the second floor’s BOSS?” Chaotic Sky asked when he appeared behind Lin Fan.

“This guy’s weakspots are his wings. But be careful of his high attack!” Lin Fan told the group as he recalled the extremely powerful claws. If it wasn’t for the Ring of Conversion, I would’ve died to this guy.

The party nodded their heads upon hearing this. Then, they subconsciously smiled when as they looked at Paros’s wings. The two wings were huge, making them an easy target.

Lin Fan immediately cast Thunderbolt. Lin Fan’s magic attack was more than twice what it was last time. And adding on Thunder God’s Authority which doubled the damage of all lightning damage, the Thunderbolt actually did 300 damage.

“What the fuck!?” Chaotic Sky swore in surprise. Lin Fan’s damage output was just too terrifying. Paros was a BOSS. BOSSes had much higher defences, so the damage was reduced by a lot. Chaotic Sky fully believed that if Lin Fan’s Thunderbolt was aimed at a player, it would be an insta-kill.

Everyone else was shocked as well. If such a terrifying attack hit a player, the corpse would be hard to imagine. Moreover… the spell Lin Fan used was Thunderbolt. If he learned and used higher tiered spells, the damage would be downright horrifying.

“My Thunderbolt’s skill level is expert, so the damage is quite high,” Lin Fan said when he saw everyone’s shocked expressions.

“What!? So fast!?” Ye Mengru was sent into an even deeper shock. Her Thunderbolt had only just reached the intermediate level. The difference between the two was huge.

“Skills level up faster if you use them on monsters with a higher level than you. My Throat Slash is at the expert level too!” Chaotic Sky chuckled as he violently stabbed Paros’s wings.

“I see!” The group suddenly understood why the two’s skill levels were so high. But, they were also clear that few people were unable to do what these freaks did and fight monsters of a higher level.

In this fight, the main source of damage was Lin Fan. Not even Chaotic Sky could replace him. After all, when the Vampire Viscount flew, only long ranged classes could attack him. As for the rest, they were nowhere near Lin Fan and Chaotic Sky’s level of skill. During the instant when Paros was on the ground, only Chaotic Sky could attack him.

Even so, Lin Fan had a much easier time dealing with him than last time. After all, there was Ye Mengru here to help him. With the Scepter of Darkness in hand, she could rank among the top 5 of Holy City in terms of damage. Even though her output was far lower than Lin Fan’s, it wasn’t too far off from Chaotic Sky.

“*Roar!*” Suddenly, the Vampire Viscount roared, and in a flash of blood-red light, appeared right next to Ye Mengru. Then, he opened his mouth wide and bit her.

The bite did 200 damage, sending Ye Mengru straight into the cycle of reincarnation.

“Be careful, this guy’s stats have increased by ten percent and his weak spots have disappeared! If you see him come after you, make sure to run away as far as possible!”

The party was dumbfounded when they heard that. Then, upon remembering Ye Mengru’s pitiful death, trembled in fear.

“No one else attack! Just me and Lin Fan are enough!” as he spoke, Chaotic Sky licked his lips, crouched down, and then jumped onto Paros’s back. Afterwards, he lifted up his poisoned dagger and plunged it down.

“*Roar!*” After getting stabbed by Chaotic Sky, Paros roared as his body instantly turned an emerald green. The change in colour signified that he had been poisoned.

“Hurry up! His defence has dropped to half for ten seconds!” Chaotic Sky shouted as he used Throat Slash on Paros, causing 100 damage.

“Alright!” Lin Fan’s face lit up as he used Thunderbolt once more. I definitely have to make full use of these ten seconds.

Liu Mengxiao and the others speechless looked on. Chaotic Sky was holding onto Paros with one hand and constantly attacking with the other. As for Lin Fan, he was unceasingly using Thunderbolt while dodging Paros’s attacks.

In the short 10 seconds, the two people had dealt over 1000 damage to Paros. They had actually sent him to the verge of death just like that.

“*Roar!*” Paros angrily roared and his body suddenly expanded.

“Not good!” Chaotic Sky could instinctively feel the danger. So, he used his legs to propel himself backwards while pushing Paros forwards

“*Boom!*” Just when Chaotic Sky had jumped off, Paros suddenly exploded. The huge explosion actually covered the whole room, damage the people down below.

Thankfully, because they were far away from the source, the damage the they received was manageable. The only unlucky one was Chaotic Sky. Even though he sensed what was going to happen and tried to get away, he was still too close and the explosion was just too strong. He died instantly.

“So unlucky!” After reviving, Chaotic Sky helplessly opened a chat channel with Lin Fan and bitterly said, “I’m back at the city!”

“Then wait for me there. I’ll be heading back for now!” Lin Fan said with a smile. Without Chaotic Sky and Ye Mengru, all the BOSS’s experience went to Lin Fan, allowing him to level up. Now that he was level 15, he could return and equip the Undead Lord Set. After appraising the new gains of course. Then, he would be able to face Nightmare Castle’s king.

“Then hurry up!” Chaotic Sky said.

“Look at what the BOSS dropped!” Liu Mengxiao picked up the items Paros dropped and said to Lin Fan, “This should be useful to you!”

[Undead Lord’s Armlet: Unappraised]

[Undead Lord’s Locket: Unappraised]

It was another two pieces of the Undead Lord series. Now, Lin Fan had 7 parts. He was just short of 1. Moreover, the bonuses from the Undead Lord Set was even stronger than before. It actually gave +15 to all stats.  

“There’s also two skill books. One is the warrior’s provoke. And the other…” Liu Mengxiao embarrassedly held the second the skill book and said, “Let’s head back first before deciding who to give it to!”

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