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RNGM Chapter 28 – Another Acuity Set

Chapter 28 – Another Acuity Set
Translated by: 白酒鬼

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Everyone checked their inventories. Because the Vampire Baron’s aggro was mainly on Lin Fan and Chaotic Sky, the others didn’t have to use too many potions. Moreover, thanks to the duo’s movement and positioning skills, as well as Hua Feng’s healing, they didn’t expend too much stuff either.

“Let’s go!” With Lin Fan as the vanguard, the party entered the second floor. And naturally, like the first floor, the Vampires had all respawned. As soon as Lin Fan stepped in, the 10 over Vampires in the corridor rushed at him.

“Chaotic Sky, head to the hall and lure the monsters over! The whole place is filled with vampires, so I’ll need you guys to help me hold them back!” Lin Fan looked at the people around him and spoke, “Mengixao and Liu Gang hold the line in front. Everyone else, get behind me! Hua Feng, remember to heal!”

Because Liu Mengxiao and Liu Gang were holding the line, Lin Fan didn’t have to move as much. Instead, he completely focused on spamming Ground Spike. Soon, the 10 over vampires dropped dead.

“It’s a piece of the Acuity Set!” Liu Mengxiao’s eyes lit up as she spoke. On the ground, was a Leather Plate of Acuity that the vampires dropped.

“The drop rate here is higher than on the first floor. But, the number of monsters are that much higher as well. When you guys are holding them back, keep in mind that it’s enough to just obstruct their paths. After I use Ground Spike, the damage will cause all their aggro to go on me. When that happens, they won’t attack you. It’ll be enough if you just stand there and stop them from coming here.” Lin Fan said to the 3 people. “My Ground Spike has a two second cooldown, so you’ll be in the clear.”

“*Rumble!*” The rumbling noise caused everyone to turn around. When they did, they saw Chaotic Sky playing tag with a horde of several hundred vampires. He was sprinting full speed towards the group while the vampires were rushing at him like zombies. Unfortunately for them, Chaotic was just too nimble for them to catch him.

“Hurry up and do something!” Chaotic Sky shouted at the top of his lungs as soon as he saw the party. With so many vampires going after him, one wrong move and he could end up dead.
“Ground Spike!” Lin Fan waited until the vampires were close to Chaotic Sky before casting Ground Spike. This immediately caused the vampires chasing him to change targets.

“Damn!” Chaotic Sky swore when he saw the numerous damage numbers appear. Then, he joined Yun Duo who was next to Lin Fan and began wildly hacking at the vampires with his twin daggers. In a heartbeat, the nearby vampires were chopped to pieces.

“I’ll help too!” Ye Mengru shouted as she cast Thunderbolt. Because of the Scepter of Darkness increasing her magic attack by a fair amount, the vampire she hit suffered 40 damage.

“You can use two daggers?” Yun Duo glanced at Chaotic Sky with surprise. Chaotic Sky’s two daggers dealt out a huge amount of damage, shocking Yun Duo who was also an assassin.

“I managed to get a skill book called Dual Wield Daggers.” Chaotic Sky chuckled, “Unfortunately, it’s nothing special. Come late game, it’ll probably be extremely common. You can try buying it then!”

“Un!” Yun Duo nodded her head. Chaotic Sky’s masterful use of the twin daggers bedazzled her. She had seen plenty of people dual wield before, but none of them could compare to Chaotic Sky’s ease and proficiency with which he handled the daggers. His two hands were perfectly in sync with each other. Right after the left dagger had slashed a vampire, the right one almost instantly followed up. This caused the damage numbers to pop up on top of one another. It was this sight, that left Yun Duo absolutely stunned. “His speed and awareness are amazing. He really lives up to his title” Yun Duo thought to herself.

The party managed to wipe out the vampires in a mere 30 minutes. Because of help from Chaotic Sky and the others, Lin Fan’s attack frequency was several times higher than last time. This allowed his damage to skyrocket and clean out the vampires in half an hour.

“It’s another Acuity Set! And there’s even two extra items!” Liu Mengxiao’s mouth gaped in shock. Currently, set equipment was extremely hard to obtain. And yet, they managed to get another from over here. Liu Mengxiao found this to be major blessing. After all, set equipment could make a player a lot stronger.

“We should give it Chaotic Sky. He needs it more than me.” Yun Duo smiled and said to Liu Mengxiao. Just now she had witnessed firsthand Chaotic Sky’s skill. He’d definitely be more useful with the set than her.

“I don’t need it. I have a purple dagger and three pieces of blue equipment. The bonuses they give are definitely much better than the set. It’s just that my level is too low to equip them right now.” Chaotic Sky said with a shake of his head.

Upon hearing this, everyone other than Lin Fan was dumbfounded. They were already astounded at Lin Fan’s ability to get good equipment. But this wasn’t too surprising due to Lin Fan’s title of Divine Equipment Collector. Chaotic Sky on the other hand, wasn’t known for being good at loot farming. So, they were naturally surprised that he managed to get so many things. However, when one thought about it, it was nothing to write home about. After all, with Chaotic Sky’s skills, he could easily solo BOSSes.

“When I reach level fifteen, I’ll be able to use a purple dagger and the three blue equipment. The Acuity Set would be pretty much worthless to me then. But, I still have an empty slot for a necklace, a bracelet and a ring. So I’ll take the extra pieces.” Chaotic Sky chuckled. With a ring and a bracelet from the set, Chaotic Sky would be quite a bit stronger, even without the set bonus.

“I’ve got an extra bracelet and necklace on me. You can have them.” Lin Fan suddenly remembered that he was currently wearing two pieces of the Acuity Set.

“I’ve got a green bracelet that’s better than the Acuity one. So I just need the ring,” Chaotic Sky said as he took Lin Fan’s ring.

“You should give the bracelet to Yun Duo. I don’t need it either,” Liu Mengxiao laughed as she handed the set and extra bracelet to Yun Duo.

Lin Fan gazed at the Undead Lord Set items in his inventory. They were level 15 blue set equipment. He had already collected 5 pieces and was just 3 short. If the Vampire Viscount dropped the other 3, Lin Fan’s strength would skyrocket once more. But of course, he didn’t actually expect things to play out so perfectly.

The party then entered the hall. Naturally, Vampire Baron Papas, who was loitering about on the ceiling, was swiftly chopped up and killed by Chaotic Sky.
Afterwards, Lin Fan looted the corpse and took out 7 scrolls.

“After tearing these scrolls, you’ll be directly sent to second floor’s BOSS room.” Right after speaking, Lin Fan tore the scroll.


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