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RNGM Chapter 26 – Deterrent and The Toxic Fang’s Effects

Chapter 26 – Deterrent and The Toxic Fang’s Effects
Translated by: 白酒鬼

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Chapter 26 – Deterrent and The Toxic Fang’s Effects

“……” Everyone was stunned speechless. Spellstorm, Blameless. Clandestine Marauder, Chaotic Sky. These two names were earth shaking. And yet they were right in front of them. The crowd thought they were dreaming.

“Legends of the net gaming world!” They each had a look of disbelief. There was no way for them to believe that two legendary existences were right in front of them.

And to prove Liu Mengxiao’s words, Chaotic Sky revealed his name. The two words hanging over his head sent everyone into even deeper shock. The crowd felt like they were dreaming. To begin with, the reason they followed Liu Mengxiao was because they were her people. When Liu Mengxiao left, they were ostracised. That was the whole reason they joined Empire. They didn’t actually hold much hope with regards to competing with Willowed Moon.

Everyone knew that the reason Willowed Moon was so strong was because it had a top expert, the Holy Knight, Fortress acting as a deterrence. As for Empire, they didn’t have any top experts apart from the Divine Priest, Twilight Gale. Even Liu Mengxiao was just an ordinary expert. The distance between her and true first rate players was humongous. And top make things worst, Twilight Gale was a priest. Priest simply weren’t able to become a guild’s guardian. So, to put things bluntly, Empire was far from being Willowed Moon’s match.

Originally, when they saw Lin Fan, they thought he was a first-rate player as well. Albeit, far worse than Fortress of the Ten Great Experts. But now, after Liu Mengxiao revealed that this ordinary-looking youth in front of them was Tyrant’s greatest legend, they almost had a heartattack. This was the first time since they left Willowed Moon that they felt joining Empire was a smart decision. What was Fortress worth? Just one of the two in front of them could crush ten of him! After all, the current 10 Great Experts were still far below true legends. This could be seen from that year’s Legend Rankings. On that leaderboards, the strongest of the Ten Great Experts, the War Saint, Limitless, was at the very bottom. Even though he became a legend in the end, he was the very worst! And yet, it was that ranking that let him be titled the strongest of the Ten Great Experts.

“It’s only a matter of time before Empire overtakes Willowed Moon!” shouted the crowd with their blood boiling. If a single Han Cheng was enough to support Willowed Moon, then how high would 2 great legends worth 10 of him take Empire?

“I know what most of you think of Empire. You may be here in body, but your heart is somewhere else. You feel that Empire has no future prospects and have long since thought of a fallback plan. You want to leave Empire. And all because it doesn’t have any mighty existences to rally behind. So today, I decided to show you our true aces. I did this so you could know that Empire’s true might is something that Willowed Moon can never compare to!” Liu Mengxiao shouted at the 30 people, “EMPIRE WILL SURPASS WILLOWED MOON!”

“Big sis Xiaoxiao, we’re in the wrong. We shouldn’t have doubted you! With these two big bosses here, Empire is more than capable of being the strongest guild. We’ll definitely surpass Willowed Moon!” Within the crowd, a knight ingratiatingly spoke with Liu Mengxiao, “No matter what anyone else says, I, War Under Heaven[1] shall follow you!”

“Us too!” the people behind War Under Heaven shouted in unison with fire in their eyes. The reason they wanted to leave was Empire’s lack of future prospects. After all, they relied on the game for their livelihoods. So, as professional gamers, they naturally had to rely on a strong guild. But now that Empire’s future was bright as the sun, there was no way they would leave. Since they were in from the start, the moment it rose to glory, they’d have the authority of guild elders. They’d definitely get treated well. Who could possibly reject under these conditions?

“Great! Then to start off, you guys go move about on your own. I only have one more thing to say right now. I, Liu Mengxiao am someone that repays all debts, good and bad. If you guys sincerely serve this guild, then I will treat you well. But if you dare betray Empire, I will never let you off!” Liu Mengxiao warned as a cold light flashed in her eyes. She knew that these people weren’t here because they truly supported her cause. Chances are, if Han Cheng gave them some benefits, they’d probably sell her out in a heartbeat. So, she brought out Lin Fan and Chaotic Sky to act as a warning as well as a source of hope. This way, they wouldn’t be as likely to betray her. After all, with these two legends on hand, even a tiny guild would be a super power. In front of them, a mere Han Cheng was worthless.

After the guild members left the appraiser’s store, the place became empty once more. The only people left were Liu Mengxiao and her most trusted subordinates. Aside from those in the Villa, there was only the female assassin that spoke just now.

So the experts Mengru talked about are the Spellstorm and the Clandestine Marauder! Big sis Xiaoxiao, how’d you convince them to help?” the female assassin was still in shock. After all, the two people in front of her were terrifying figures. For experts like these, money alone wouldn’t be enough to move them. Moreover, the Spellstorm had insane loot farming skills. There were times when he earned more money than a guild. He definitely wasn’t lacking in funds.

“Lin Fan is my friend!” Liu Mengxiao said. Then, she turned to Lin Fan and introduced the female assassin, “This is Yun Duo. She just got back, and after two days will be coming to stay with us.”

“Hello!” Lin Fan shook Yun Duo’s hand as he spoke, “I’ve heard Mengxiao mention you.”

“Sorry, that group of bastards were about to jump ship, so I had to use your names to suppress them,” Liu Mengxiao apologized to Lin Fan and Chaotic Sky. Mostly Chaotic Sky anyway. She was clear on Lin Fan’s temperament and knew that he wouldn’t be angry. But all she knew about Chaotic Sky was that he was online gaming’s number 1 killing god. Towards him, she was actually quite scared.

“Hehe, don’t worry about it. If those guys cause trouble again, tell me. I’ll help you teach them a lesson. After getting killed back to level zero they should be obedient,” Chaotic Sky said with a smile. When he spoke, his voice carried a dire need to go on a slaughter.

“How’s the dagger?” Lin Fan rubbed his aching head as he tried to change the subject. This guy’s issue is acting up again…

“It’s great! But I can’t use it…” Chaotic Sky stroked the dagger as he spoke, “I need to be level fifteen to use it. I’m still 1 level short.” As he spoke, he displayed the dagger’s stats.

“Toxic Fang(Purple): P.ATK 65, Crit DMG+3, ATK SPD+2, Item Ability: Toxic Curse, Required Level: 15.”

[Toxic Curse: Causes target to lose 2% of total HP every second. Last 5 seconds. Cooldown: 2 hours.]

Everyone’s jaws dropped when they saw the item Ability. It was just too strong. Even a BOSS when struck by it would lose 10% of its HP. Even though the cooldown was long, there was a good reason behind it. If it was short, then BOSSes would just get slaughtered after a couple hits!

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[1] Subject to change. Especially if anyone has a better idea for 战天下

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