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RNGM Chapter 23 – Paros, Dead

Chapter 23 – Paros, Dead
Translated by: 白酒鬼

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This time, Lin Fan was completely focused on the battle at hand. His eyes were unblinking fixated on Paros. If Paros so much as twitched, Lin Fan would immediately notice and react accordingly.  Like this, Lin Fan constantly ran circles around Paros and struck his back with Thunderbolts over and over again.

“*Roar!*” Lin Fan’s constant attacks enraged Paros to the points where his eyes were bloodshot. Unfortunately, for him, he couldn’t even catch Lin Fan’s shadow. Feeling his impending doom approaching, Paros roared. His broken wings immediately recovered, and even shone with a faint golden lustre.

[Vampire Viscount Paros has been enraged, causing him to release his full potential and spread his wings once more. All stats increased by 10% and all weak points removed.]

“What the fuck!?” Lin Fan’s facial muscles twitched when he saw the system notice. For fuck’s sake devs, did you really have to remove this guy’s weak points? This is gonna be a pain… While Lin Fan was thinking this, Paros rapidly flew up and gazed at Lin Fan with murder in his eyes.

“*Roar!*” Paros roared as he flapped his wings and dived at Lin Fan with open fangs.

When Paros rushed at him, Lin Fan cast Thunderbolt and struck him on the face. However, it only did 20 damage and didn’t even slow Paros’s advance. Upon seeing this, Lin Fan hastily cast Fire Shield.

The flames enshrouded Lin Fan and blocked Paros’s attack, allowing him to cast Thunderbolt once more.

“*Roar!*” 20 damage just wasn’t enough to affect Paros in the least. The maddened Vampire Viscount continued to charge forward and rake his claws against Lin Fan’s chest, dealing 300 damage. Lin Fan was scared out of his wits when he saw this. If it wasn’t for my Ring of Conversion I would have died!

“Dammit what the hell is this!?” Lin Fan quickly retreated and drained two bottles of Mystic Fountain Water. Then, he took another look at Paros who was currently flying above him. He should only have at most 200HP left. As long as I can hold out, I’ll be the winner.

“Thunderbolt!” Lin Fan cast Thunderbolt once more while Paros followed suit and charged yet again. Like a falcon hunting a rabbit, Paros clawed at Lin Fan’s chest as he dived.

Lin Fan tried to avoid it by rolling on the ground. However, his back was still struck, causing him to lose a large amount of HP, sending him into the red.

“*Roar!*” Seeing Paros charge once more, Lin Fan hastily cast Fire Shield.

“*Sizzle sizzle!*” The flames surrounding Lin Fan blocked Paros’s attack.But before Paros could withdrew, the flames consumed him and took out his last bit of health.

“*Boom!* Paros exploded as soon as he came into contact with the flames, dropping a bunch of equipment upon death.

[Player has slain Vampire Viscount Paros. Fame +5000, EXP+20000]

“Damn that was lucky!” Lin Fan couldn’t help but mutter after seeing what happened. I can’t believe the damage reflect from Fire Shield actually killed the BOSS. I was really way too lucky this time.

After seeing the gear Paros dropped, Lin Fan muttered under his breath, “no wonder he’s a viscount! He’s way richer than those barons.”

Lin Fan had a large grin on his face when he picked up the items. There were 4 pieces of equipment and 7 bottles of Divine Fountain Water. This drop rate is just too good!

[Divine Fountain Water: Fully restores HP and MP upon use.]

Lin Fan’s jaw dropped upon reading that. This thing is unbelievable! And I even have seven bottles! I can definitely sell it at at least ten gold a bottle.

[Undead Lord’s Mantle: Unappraised]

[Undead Lord’s Sacred Ring: Unappraised]

[Seven Star Cauldron: Unappraised]

[Thunder God’s Authority: Unappraised

4 pieces of equipment, two of which had the name Undead Lord. Lin Fan was certain that they were of the same set as his Undead Lord’s Crown.

He was about to reach level 15. As soon as he passed that mark, he would be able to equip the Undead Lord equipment. And if they really were part of a set, Lin Fan’s strength would reach unimaginable heights.

After putting away the loot, Lin Fan took a look at the time. It’s about time to log out. A whole day’s actually gone by already.

Seeing the portal in front of him, Lin Fan took a deep breath and signed out. He didn’t enter it.

“*Sound of breathing*” After taking off the helmet, Lin Fan took a few deep breaths and went downstairs.

“Big brother Lin Fan, you’ve logged out too?” When he left his room, the sight of everyone gathered around the dining table greeted Lin Fan’s eyes.  Seeing Lin Fan’s exit, Liu Gang smiled and said, “Xia You’s cooking right now. We’ll be able to eat soon.”

“En!” Lin Fan nodded his head and took a seat at the table.

“Big bro Lin Fan, where do you grind? How come you level up so fast?” Hua Feng[1] asked. Just today alone, Lin Fan had levelled up 3 times and hit level 14! As a comparison, Chaotic Sky, who was in 2nd place, was only level 13!

“At nightmare castle!” Lin Fan said before drinking a cup of tea. “I actually got quite a good haul from there!”

“Nightmare Castle!” Upon hearing that name, everyone’s facial expression changed and they took in a deep breath. The monsters there were at least level 17, and even if multiple went at once, they might not be able handle it. And yet, Lin Fan could solo the area. He definitely lived up to his name.

“Do you have any good gear for me?” Ye Mengru put her hands together and charmingly smiled at Lin Fan[2], “You better not play any tricks!”

“I can probably give you my current blue staff.” The Thunder God’s Authority I got just now should be better than my current one. I’m just not sure when I can use it.

“Wow! Really?” Ye Mengru’s eyes started shining as she excitedly asked.

“I just got another staff that’s probably better than my current one. I’ll give you what I’m using now after I leave the dungeon,” Lin Fan said with a smile.

“Alright! It’s a promise!” Ye Mengru hurriedly nodded her head as she spoke to Lin Fan.

“Let’s eat!” Xia You said with a smile as she walked in carrying several dishes.”There’s still a bunch more inside, help me bring it out!” Hearing that, Liu Gang and the others went into the kitchen and brought out the rest of the food.

“I’ve managed to get some set equipment. It’s the full set. I’ll give it to you later. Then, you guys should be able to handle Nightmare Castle!” Lin Fan whispered to Liu Mengxiao.

“Set equipment!” Liu Mengxiao was pleasant surprised. She knew full well that full set of set equipment was extremely powerful.

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[1] The raws said Hua Han. I’m assuming it’s a typo since this name hasn’t been mentioned in any previous chapters

[2] Here, the raws said Lin Feng. Again, I’m assuming it’s a typo.


  1. Ameri Tom says:

    I can’t believe he’s dumb enough to consider selling potions that heal him 100%. He should be saving those for a last resort!

  2. Angelchoir says:

    Ye Mengru is annoying. She’s the kind of ‘girl’ player that uses guys for game equipment & quests without shame. Don’t f*ing play the game then!

  3. Jessb says:

    I agree on that. However I have seen many men who just love to play protector and provider to that type. “My Hero!” 😜

  4. cythril says:

    sure its still *early game* but really giving away sets like that?
    it might be just be me begin so used to Bop/Boe items that it starts to bug me that he can just give equips that he has already used to other people xD

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