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RNGM Chapter 20 – Purple Dagger

Chapter 20 – Purple Dagger
Translated by: 白酒鬼

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Lin Fan was enshrouded in golden light once more. Considering how he soloed a level 20 BOSS, it was only natural he got a large amount of experience.

Furthering his joy, were the items on the ground. There was 5 gold, 2 equipments and 1 recipe. As for the recipe, it was for Blood Poison.

Blood Poison paralyzed the target for 5 seconds. Something terrifying as this would strengthen a certain assassin by a huge amount. With this potion on hand, Chaotic Sky’s battle strength would skyrocket. 5 seconds was more than enough time for him to kill a person.

[Toxic Fang: Unappraised]

[Undead Lord’s Crown: Unappraised]

After searching around, Lin Fan found the entrance to the second floor. It was the Vampire Baron’s coffin. Upon its death, the coffin dropped to the ground and turned into a portal.

Taking a look in his inventory, Lin Fan noticed that he was running out of potions. So, he decided to head back to the city. After all the Blood Poison recipe wasn’t something he was willing to risk. So, Lin Fan helplessly went back.

“Where are you?” Upon returning to the city, Lin Fan opened up the chat and asked Liu Mengxiao.

“Hua Feng has reached Holy City. We’ve just met up and are still in the city. What about you?” Liu Mengxiao’s warm voice reached Lin Fan.

“I’m in the city too. Come meet me at the appraiser! I’ve actually got a priest’s staff on hand!” Lin Fan chuckled in reply.

“Alright!” Liu Mengxiao giggled. Liu Mengxiao was filled with admiration towards Lin Fan’s loot hunting skills. In the early game, equipment was a guild’s greatest capital. After all, good equipment could allow players to enter even more dangerous zones.

Lin Fan was handing the 3 items to the appraiser when Liu Mengxiao and the others arrived. Seeing them enter the store, Lin Fan turned around and smiled at them. Liu Gang’s warrior was called Prominent Battle Maniac, and Ye Mengru’s mage was called Dreamlike. As for Xia You, her knight was simply called Xia You. Upon seeing her, Lin Fan was stunned. Xia You had chosen devil as her race, but she had picked a knight! Devils shouldn’t be on the frontline!

“I’m a crafter and knights have the highest carrying capacity so…”  Xia You explained with a red face upon noticing Lin Fan’s gaze.

“Oh!” Lin Fan nodded his head. There were times when crafters had to carry a lot at once. After all, they head to gather materials. Even though materials could stack, the weight still increased. Knights had the highest carry capacity, so picking a knight wasn’t wrong. Also, devils were the best at things relating to magic. Crafting was something that required tons of mana, and knights were quite lacking in the MP department. So, choosing devil wasn’t a bad move either.

“”16 gold and 30 silver,” said the old man after looking at the items.

“Hss!” Upon hearing the price, Liu Mengxiao and others took in a breath of surprise. Those 3 gears cost so much?

“30 silver for the staff, 1 gold for the helmet and 15 gold for the dagger.” The old man spoke in a level tone before asking them, “which do you want appraised?”

“15 gold!” Lin Fan stared at the Toxic Fang and took a deep breath. This thing is definitely very strong.

“The helmet and the staff!” Lin Fan said to the old man while he retrieved Toxic Fang. The appraisal fee deeply shocked Lin Fan. 15 gold. It actually cost 15 gold. According to the conversion rate of 1 silver to 1 yuan, the appraisal fee was 1500 RMB. Moreover, it was still the early game and purchasing in-game currency wasn’t available yet. The price was simply unaffordable.

After receiving Lin Fan’s gold, the old man proceeded to appraise the items. A blue light and a green light shone.

Lin Fan passed the Staff of Healing to Hua Feng while he picked up the Undead Lord’s Crown

[Undead Lord’s Crown(Blue): P.DEF 20, M.DEF 18, +5% to all magic damage, SPI+4, Required Level: 15, Required Class: Mage.”

“Level 15 mage gear!” Lin Fan exclaimed in joy upon seeing the requirements. Most equipment didn’t have any class requirements and could be used by anyone as long as they met the level requirement. That said, there was some equipment which could only be equipped by certain classes. Naturally, those would be extremely suited to their chosen classes. After all, they were literally made for them. An example would be this Undead Lord’s Crown. The extra 5% magic damage was definitely an extremely strong effect.

“Hey Lin Fan, how come you don’t have anything for me?” Ye Mengru asked as she enviously gazed at Lin Fan’s shiny gear. “Even Hua Feng got something!”

“Not like I can even use it! I have to be level 11 to equip it. That said, it’s quite good. It actually increases my healing by 10%. To priests, this type of gear is good until level 20!” Hua Feng happily said.

“There’s also this recipe. Here you go!” said as he Lin Fan handed the Blood Poison recipe to Xiao You. “ I still have a quest to complete. You guys work on your own stuff.”

“Wow! This thing is terrifying!” Xia You exclaimed. “This potion could probably be sold for at least 1 gold per bottle. But the ingredients are a bit hard to obtain.”

“Keep it for now when everyone’s levels are higher, this potion will show it’s true worth!” Lin Fan said with a smile. “Unless we have to, we shouldn’t sell it. It should be reserved for guild member use only.”

“I know!” Xiao You said with a nod of her head. She didn’t have to be reminded of this. After all, wouldn’t it be ironic if their guild’s enemies found out about it and used the Blood Poison against them?

“Alright, you guys can go now.” Lin Fan nodded his head towards them before opening up the chat menu and calling Chaotic Sky.

“What. Is. It?” Chaotic Sky said in between breaths. Sounds of combat could be heard from his end.

“Nothing much, I just wanna know how much gold you have,” Lin Fan snickered.

“Only three. What do you need it for?” Chaotic Sky curiously asked.

“Oh, I got a dagger that costs fifteen gold to appraise. I’m guessing it’s purple.” Lin Fan snickered once more.

“Holy fuck!” Chaotic Sky exclaimed. Then, he hung up. Before the line got cut, Lin Fan heard the sound of a heated battle.

[Player Chaotic Sky wishes to chat.]

“Little bastard are you trying to get me killed? I’m fighting a BOSS!” Chaotic Sky cussed. “When you brought up the dagger I was so stunned I didn’t move for a second and got hit by the BOSS. You almost killed me!”

“You little…” Lin Fan helplessly said, “What boss?”

“Level 15 BOSS. It was damn poor too! Only dropped two pieces of equipment. It’s part of my quest,” Chaotic Sky said. “Wait for me, I’ll have fifteen gold ready by tomorrow!”

“Alright!” Lin Fan helplessly laughed. If there’s one thing this little bastard is good at, it’s earning money. Even if others can’t get it, he’ll definitely have earned fifteen gold by tomorrow.

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If you guys haven’t noticed, NONE of the game mechanics are explained. This includes stats. Instead, the author has left us to figure it out bit by bit. So, here’s a public G-doc you guys can edit if you wanna piece together how the game works. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KZBnPYep5WRL3Fq1zlSIMTidi2z0Wpnt7XCjjYtINeg/edit

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