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RNGM Chapter 2: A Guild Called Empire

Chapter 2 – A Guild Called Empire
Translated by: 白酒鬼
Edited by: 白酒鬼
TLCed by: 白酒鬼 & 狗不理

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Note: there was a mistranslation(fixed last week noting here in case you didn’t notice it) the MC’s class is Mage not Priest.

The next day, Lin Fan was dragged to meet the other people leaving Willowed Moon by Liu Mengxiao. After all, Lin Fan agreed to Liu Mengxiao’s request and could be considered a new member.

The venue was a teahouse. Liu Mengxiao brought Lin Fan to a private room. Inside, was five people. Three girls and two guys.

“Big Sis Xiaoxiao!” Seeing Liu Mengxiao enter, the girl sitting nearest the entrance immediately stood up, grabbed her and laughed, “The Strange World’s trailer was amazing!”

“Yup!” Liu Mengxiao’s lips carried a faint smile. She sat down, looked at the people inside, and cheerily said, “This time, I’m leaving Willowed Moon and forming my own guild. If you guys regret your decision, you can still turn back.”

“Big Sis Mengxiao must be joking. Since we said we’d follow you, we’ll follow you. Even though Willowed Moon is good…… I just can’t stand Han Cheng’s rule!” A relatively good-looking man wearing gold rimmed glasses said.

“Hehe, losing an ace priest like you will definitely be a big blow to Willowed Moon’s priest unit!” Liu Mengxiao giggled. The person in front of her, was relatively famous back in Myth. He was called Divine Shepherd of the Moonset Wind and he was Willowed Moon’s number one priest. During a quest, he had a spat with Han Cheng. And from then on, his decision to leave Willowed Moon was set in stone.

“Fort Holy Knight![1] Does such a big personage need a little priest like me?” Moonset Wind scoffed as he pushed up his gold-rimmed glasses. Fort Holy Knight was Han Cheng’s username.

“Come, let me introduce you guys. This is Lin Fan. From today onwards, he’ll be part of our guild too!” Liu Mengxiao pointed at Lin Fan with a giggle.

“Him? Are you sure?” The girl that was held onto Liu Mengxiao just now gazed at Lin Fan with eyes of doubt and whispered, “He looks like he’s never played a game in his life!”

“Sometimes, games and real life are connected. Lin Fan is quite agile, so he should be competent enough!” Liu Mengxiao smiled and said to the girl in front of her.

After hearing her words, the others didn’t have anymore objections. After all,it was just one extra person, and when they started playing, his skills would be clear for all to see. There was no point offending offending someone over this affair.

“Let me introduce you to everyone!” Liu Mengxiao said to Lin Fan. She pointed at the girl next to her and said, “This is Ye Mengru!”

“Hi!” The girl looked at the silent Lin Fan and smiled as she stretched out her hand.

“Hello!” Lin Fan nodded his head and shook her hand. Than, he once again fell into absolute silence.

“Weirdo!” Seeing Lin Fan’s actions, Ye Mengru couldn’t resist muttering that under her breath.

Afterwards, Liu Mengxiao briefly introduced the others to Lin Fan. The shy Ye Yun, the cute Xia You, the steadfast Liu Gang, and the Hua Feng, the person wearing gold-rimmed glasses.

“Have we met before?” Hua Feng asked as he shook Lin Fan’s hand. His eyes shone with curiosity. Lin Fan seemed extremely familiar to him.

“You’ve got the wrong guy!” Lin Fan said as he smiled and shook his head.

“Maybe.” Hua Feng didn’t continue. Just nodded his head and sat down. However, his thoughts were on a different vector. His memory was extremely good, there was no way he remembered wrong. He had definitely seen Lin Fan before. In truth, Hua Feng wasn’t wrong. He had seen Lin Fan before, and not just once either. Blameless Violence’s videos were a treasure to all caster type classes, and even Hua Feng had one on hand. A big part of the reason Hua Feng was Willowed Moon’s best priest, was the time spent studying Blameless Violence’s positioning.

“I’ve already arranged for a villa in Chengxi’s suburbs. Let’s move there tomorrow!” Liu Mengxiao gazed at everyone and said, “Right now, we should think of a name for the guild!”

Thinking of this, everyone creased their brows. The guild’s name was a problem. For a guild to develop well, a good name was a necessity.

“Empire,” Lin Fan suddenly said while everyone was thinking hard. Hearing it, their eyes started glowing.

“Empire… It’s a really good name, very domineering!” Thinking of that name, Liu Gang subconsciously smiled. It was obviously that he liked it.

“It’s really good!” Hua Feng too smiled and praised the name. Hua Feng may be a priest, but he was a man. Men had their dreams, and a name like Empire, got his blood boiling.

“Then that’s that. The guild will be called Empire!” Liu Mengxiao said cheerfully.

Hearing that, everyone nodded in agreement. And thus, a guild called Empire was born. Up next, was the class allocation. Apart from Lin Fan, the people seated were all former aces of Willowed Moon. Their roles were all but decided, so there was no problem on that end. Except of course, for Lin Fan. Everyone looked at him and asked what class he wants to play.

“Mage!” Seeing the way everyone looked at him, Lin Fan couldn’t resist smiling. Actually, it didn’t matter to him which class he played. However, he was a bit biased towards the mage, so he chose that.

“Mage!” Everyone else was slightly stunned. They already had a mage called Ye Mengru. Even if they added in Lin Fan, it wouldn’t matter much. However, the loot distribution at the start would be a tad problematic. In actual fact, the others hoped that Lin Fan would be a knight. After all, the only frontliner they had was Liu Gang who played warrior. So, hunting wasn’t completely risk free.

“Mage you say?” Hua Feng gazed at Lin Fan and suddenly felt as if he had grasped something. He stated at Lin Fan even more intently. However, he couldn’t place him in the end.

Seeing the crowd’s expressions, Lin Fan understood their thoughts, and laughed, “It’ll probably be better if I train by myself for now. You guys don’t need to care about me!”

Upon hearing that, the others wrinkled their brows. We’re all in the same group aren’t we? How can this guy be so lazy? Even though they had enough people to go clear dungeons, and they weren’t sure of Lin Fan’s skills, to the point where they thought it wouldn’t matter if he didn’t come, Lin Fan’s tone sounded like he was unwilling to work with them.

Actually, it wasn’t that he was unwilling. But rather, that in the past, Blameless Violence was a solo player. Having to suddenly join such a big party, it was natural that Lin Fan wasn’t used to it.

“Alright. Then check things out by yourself for now.” Liu Mengxiao didn’t have too much to say and just nodded her head after saying that. She invited Lin Fan because he was quite nimble. This was just giving things a shot and seeing if she could develop an expert. But towards Lin Fan who didn’t know anything about games, she felt that perhaps having him learn things on his own would be the better option.

But little did she know, that the uninteresting and taciturn youth in front of her, was actually a legend in the past – the king of all caster-type classes.

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  1. katanng13 says:

    Thank you for the chapter! I am kinda sad that I already read these two chapters as I am ready for a hundred more! Thank you for translating this novel!

  2. WakingOb says:

    Thanks for the chapter. I have great expectations for this novel even though i have only read 2 chapters it seems like it will be a wild ride.

  3. cactuar0 says:

    The Next Chapter link at the top is wrong – though the bottom one is correct 🙂

    Good to see MC is going to be a mage, a nice change from all the stories where MC becomes a thief and robs all the chests/ sneak attacks anyone for massive damage etc. Hopefully this guy survives based on good positioning and tactics, not just standing in middle of fight and having a ton of super-limited instacast skills 😛

  4. Square says:

    “It was obviously that he liked it.” should be changed to either ‘It was obvious that he liked it.’ or ‘He obviously liked it.’

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