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RNGM Chapter 18 – Nightmare Castle

Chapter 18 – Nightmare Castle
Translated by: 白酒鬼

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Accompanied by the sound of a drum roll, Lin Fan once again entered the game. This time however, there were quite a few people in his surroundings moving about the city.

After opening up the level rankings, he was still first place. However, second place belonged to Limitless, who was level 11. He obviously had more EXP than Chaotic Sky.

After a quick glance around, Lin Fan spotted a dispirited man lying on the ground in front of the city gates. The man’s clothes looked to be very expensive. However, his hair was dishevelled and his eyes were dispirited, which didn’t match his clothes.

“Beloved Liliana, please forgive me. I really am completely useless. I sent out tons of elite troops and yet still could not save you. I’m willing to follow your soul!” The dejected man whispered with muddy eyes.

“What’s wrong? Perhaps I could help?” LinFan walked to the man and asked. Based on what the man said, Lin Fan was certain that there was a huge quest waiting for him..

“Young man, you can’t help me!” The man lifted his head and looked at Lin Fan then miserably lowered his head once more.

“If you don’t tell me what you need, how do you know I can’t help you?” Lin Fan said as he sat next to the man.

“Right! If I don’t say it how will I know!?” The man’s dim eyes lit up and he said to Lin Fan, “I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you, as long as you can save Liliana I’ll tell you everything!”

“Liliana is my Fiance. She[1] is beautiful and gentle and an extremely hard to obtain model wife. But, but, that damned evil demon lusted after Liliana’s beauty. It broke into my house to kidnap her. Worst of all, it was too strong, so we had no way to stop it. And so, Liliana was abducted!” The man’s blood-red eyes were filled with renewed vigor as he gazed at Lin Fan and said, “young hero, if you can save Liliana, I’ll give you everything I have!”

[System Notice: Count Gaston’s Request]
[Head to Nightmare Castle at Holy City’s Southern Ridges and rescue Count Gaston’s Fiance]
[Quest difficulty: 5 Stars]
[Accept] [Deny]

5 Stars… That’s the highest difficulty. But they also offer the greatest rewards.

“Accept!” After accepting the quest, another system notice appeared in front of Lin Fan.

[System Notice: Liliana was captured by Nightmare Castle’s lord, Vampire Count Romundt. Nightmare castle is on Holy City’s Southern Ridges.]

After buying a ton of potions in the city, Lin Fan started walking towards the Southern Ridges. Before leaving, he stopped by the warehouse and took out Ground Spike. After all, he was about to reach level 12.

Shortly after passing the Venomous Snake zone, Lin Fan reached the southern ridges. Lin Fan reflexively took a deep breath when he saw the mountainside castle. The mobs will at least be level 15. And God only knows what kind of monstrous existence the BOSS will be. If it’s over level 20 I’ll be completely screwed. I won’t even be able to get through it’s defence.

“Whelp I’ll have to give it a shot regardless!” Lin Fan said in a low voice while taking in his surroundings. Holy City was located in a basin and surrounded by mountains on all sides. The monsters at the foot of the mountain had long been cleared out by Lin Fan. All that was left in the area were those hiding in old castles and dank caves in the mountains. Past the ridges, was a whole different world. Outside of these mountains, there are definitely level 30 monsters. Right now, those things are invincible!

While journeying up the Southern Ridges, Lin Fan slaughtered quite a few Venomous Snakes. Among them, there was even an Elite White Python. Of course, Lin Fan easily finished it off. Upon defeat, it dropped a green staff called, “Staff of Healing”. When he saw the name, Lin Fan immediately knew that it was a weapon meant for priests.

Soon, Lin Fan reached the castle walls. The castle gave off an ominous feeling that left one’s hairs stand. Lin Fan slowly stepped forward and opened the door. Sunlight flooded in and revealed the interiors. The whole place was filled with neatly arranged coffins. There should be more than 30 in here!

As soon as Lin Fan entered, the castle doors closed behind him with a bang. Afterwards, an ear piercing creaking noise entered his ears. 4 coffins within 5 yards of Lin Fan started moving.

“Could it be…” Lin Fan’s eyes shone. Then, he crinkled his brows. His guess was spot on. The movements of the coffins got more violent, and the hand of a vampire could be seen coming out of one.

“Thunderbolt!” Lin Fan didn’t dare dally. He hurriedly cast thunderbolt at the hand. Immediately, a huge yellow lightning bolt struck the vampire and critically hit for 100 HP.

“Boom!” Following the sound of an explosion, the coffin lids flew out and 4 pale ghostly faces appeared.

“Thunderbolt!” Lin Fan aimed at the vampire he previously attacked and casted thunderbolt once more. The spell critted once again, taking out another 100HP.

“These vampires are weak against electricity!” Lin Fan’s eyes shone with glee. When they saw the lightning, the vampires fearfully backed off. Further supporting his theory, both casts of Thunderbolt were critical hits.

Lin Fan immediately cast Thunderbolt once again, and as expected, it was a critical hit, and sent the vampire to the verge of death. Seeing this, Lin Fan took it out with Fireball.

Taking advantage of their comrade’s death, the remaining 3 vampires had closed in. They brandished their fangs and bit at Lin Fan.

“Ring of Fire!” Seeing the 3 of them about to bite him, Lin Fan cast Fire Shield[2], causing 3 [Miss]es to pop up. Then, Lin Fan backed off and cast Thunderbolt once more.

Lin Fan bobbed and weaved within the vampire encirclement, all the while casting Thunderbolt. Soon, another vampire fell. With only 2 left, the pressure on Lin Fan all but disappeared. However, Lin Fan still stayed where he was and dodged the vampires’ attacks. Even though he occasionally got hit, with his Ring of Conversion, the damage Lin Fan took was more than manageable.

After the last two vampires bit the dust, Lin Fan was enveloped in a golden light. He had finally levelled up.

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[1] Author actually used 他 which is he instead of 她(she) over here. I’m assuming it’s a typo but who knows. Maybe Liliana is a tranny or the man is a woman.

[2] Formerly called Ring of Fire, I figured Fire Shield would fit the effects better. Previous usages have been changed to match.


  1. TamaSaga says:

    It’s not a typo.

    While its often used to refer to men, 他 is gender neutral and can be used to refer to women. Just look at its stem 亻, which just means person.

    That said, 她 is definitely used to refer to a woman.

  2. al103 says:

    Will he continue going solo even when he himself relize that he’s over his head?

    Because I compare this to several other novel leads that despite being solo players do hard stuff in the party as it SHOULD be and MC comes lacking…

    And “he doesn’t have anybody on his level” do not work as at least one person is and he NEED to drag studio he’s in near his level, drop share wouldn’t be enough for that.

    I did drop enough of “OLOLO SOLO” bullshit and fear where this is going…

      • al103 says:

        What cry? I just don’t want to read up to chapter 80-100 and wonder WTF I was reading this then throw into blacklist.

        That novel is already made actually allows notification of “yes, MC continues to be overlucky Mary Sue idiot” or “it’s actually proper MMORPG”.

        In Reign of the Hunters or Rebirth of the Thief main characters are solo players that chose solo classes, but they DO need help, they DO party when appropriate and it’s easy to see that despite MC overpowered-ness they still can’t play solo all the time as MMORPG top contend is not made for solo.

      • al103 says:

        In this chapter MC essentially gone full YOLO and full YOLO players are not fun to read about. Because it’s either failure failure failure (ahahaha, as if) or luck luck luck luck and not skill. For supposedly top player it breaks my WSOD.

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