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RNGM Chapter 17 – Thank You

Chapter 17 – Thank You
Translated by: 白酒鬼

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After logging out, Lin Fan exhaled and checked the time, it was 12 a.m. Then, he got up and left his room.

“Idol, you’ve come out! Come have a late-night snack!” As soon as he exited the room, he heard Hua Feng’s voice.

“You’re not gaming?” Lin Fan asked Hua Feng with a smile.

“Hehe, I just stopped. Anyway, it’s about to start!” Hua Feng laughed, looked at Lin Fan, and said, “Before level 10, everyone is rushing to level up, won’t party up with me, priest’s leveling speed naturally won’t be fast.”

“Great! You guys are over here sneaking a bite!” Ye Mengru’s voice came from upstairs. Subsequently, she ran down and gobbled up all the dumplings on the table.

“Why are you out too?” Hua Feng looked at Ye Mengru and asked.

“I just reached level 10, so I came out!” Ye Mengru casually sat down and said, “The update is about to finish, so decided to come out for awhile before logging in. Hua Feng, what level are you?”

“8. I should be able to hit 10 tomorrow afternoon. At the time, I’ll be able to join up with you guys!” Hua Feng helplessly, bitterly laughed, then looked at Lin Fan and asked, “Idol, what about you?”

“Almost level 12” Lin Fan said with a smirk. When logging off, Lin Fan took a look at his EXP bar and saw that it was 82% to 12. When he reached level 12, he would be able to learn Ground Spike. At that time, Lin Fan would have an AOE skill, and level up even faster.

“Hu! Comparing with others is really infuriating!” Ye Mengru widened her eyes and said, “The EXP needed to level up from 10 to 11 is enough to level up all the way from 1 to 10! And yet you’re already almost level 12! Isn’t that too fast!?”

“Tsk… Take a look at who you’re talking too! It’s Blameless the spellstorm! Do you know what that means?” Hua Feng pat Ye Mengru’s shoulders and said, “To dare compare yourself to him with your abilities!”

“Sure means a lot coming from someone even worse than me.” Ye Mengru ruthlessly threw out the words, “What right does an idiot stuck at level 8 have to judge me?”

“You… I…” Hua Feng was unable to say anything. He simply couldn’t. After all, he really was 2 levels below Ye Mengru.

“Big sis Xiaoxiao is coming down!” Ye Mengru laughed as she looked at Liu Mengxiao and Xia You walk down the stairs, “Big sis Xiaoxiao, why’d you take so long to come down?”

“I was discussing something with Xia You!”Liu Mengxiao looked at Lin Fan and said with a slight blush, “Lin Fan gave me two very good recipes. I’ve passed them to Xia You. In future, Xia You will specialize in alchemy!”

“What recipes?” Ye Mengru was surprised. At the moment, recipes were things fought over by everyone. Most of them were hard to obtain. Moreover, they were extremely useful to the guild.

“One is a recipe for fierce poison. This one’s nothing much. The important one, is the second one. It’s a potion that can instantly recover MP!” Liu Mengxiao happily looked at Lin Fan and said, “With just this recipe alone, our mage unit will soar to the heavens. Also, starting from tomorrow, we’ll be farming at the mountain behind Holy City!”

“Eh… isn’t that a level 15 hunting ground? Can we handle it?” Ye Mengru gasped.

“As long as we don’t run into any elite monsters, we should be fine!” Liu Mengxiao laughed, “Lin Fan obtained three green warrior equipments. When Liu Gang’s level reaches the requirement to equip them, we probably won’t need to fear even level 20 monsters.”

“Three green equipments!” Ye Mengru’s eyes bulged out in shock. Later on, they probably wouldn’t be worth much. But right, even a single piece was extremely rare.

“It’s not surprising. This guy’s almost wearing a full suit of green gear!” Liu Mengxiao laughed as she looked at Lin Fan. When she remembered that when she met him in the appraiser’s, most of his gear was green, and there was even a blue staff.

“He even gave 2 pieces of equipment, 1 blue 1 green!” Liu Mengxiao unconsciously grinned as she said.

“Si!” When they heard this, everyone took in a breath of cold air. So much green equipment!

“No wonder he’s called the Divine Equipment Collector!” Hua Feng gazed at Lin Fan with wonder and said, “Idol, just what exactly have you been doing?”

“Nothing much, I just hunted down a couple elites and two BOSSes!” Lin Fan said with a smile. Lin Fan didn’t pay much mind to his action of hunting down monsters. However, it was a different story to the others. In The Strange World, elite monsters and BOSSes were extremely hard to beat. In the forums, there was news of the Beginner’s Village’s Demon Wolf annihilating a party of five level 8 players. It was simply terrifying. And that was just the first BOSS.

“Big sis Xiao, where’d you get those three pieces of equipment?” When Liu Gang left his room, he excited looked at Liu Mengxiao and said, “Three pieces of green equipment! I can’t equip the Dire Bear Axe or the Dire Bear Full Plate, but I can use that longspear. With it, I can definitely hold back a level 15 monster.”

“Lin Fan got them!” Liu Mengxiao laughed, then, she looked at Lin Fan and asked, “Will you be coming with us tomorrow?”

“I’ll be looking around the city tomorrow. Hopefully, I can find a couple quests. Besides, the places I hunt at aren’t suitable for you guys!” Lin Fan smiled and shook his head.

When she heard that, Liu Mengxiao dropped the subject. Guys like Lin Fan and Chaotic Sky couldn’t be looked at with common sense. Even though their abilities weren’t bad, mad men like Lin Fan and chaotic sky were simply on a different level.

“Big brother Lin Fan, do you have any extra green gear?” Ye Mengru ran to Lin Fan’s side, shook his shoulders gazed at him with sparkling eyes and said, “I want green gear too!”

“I’ll see if I can get some!” Lin Fan bitterly laughed. This girl is first class at acting like a spoiled little kid.

“You promised! Make sure to get me some good equipment!” Ye Mengru giggled at Lin Fan and quietly whispered in his ear, “If you get me some good stuff, I’ll help you chase Big sis Xiaoxiao!”

Lin Fan looked at the little demoness with slight astonishment, then he helplessly smacked the top of her and said, “Stop messing around!”

“I’ll stop, I’ll stop! But you gotta give me some good gear first!” Ye Mengru pouted as she childishly said.

“Alright, alright, I’ll get you some good gear!” Lin Fan helplessly looked at Ye Mengru and said, “I’m tired. I’ll be going to bed now!”

“Good night!” Everyone nodded their heads and said to Lin Fan with a smile.

“Thank you!” Liu Mengxiao tenderly and quietly said as Lin Fan walked past her, stunning him.

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