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RNGM Chapter 16 – Liu Mengxiao Arrives

Chapter 16 – Liu Mengxiao Arrives
Translated by:白酒鬼&狗不理
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“Hu, he’s finally finished.” Running over, Chaotic Sky looked at the remains of the Black Panther King and picked up the loot.

“What did it drop?” Lin Fan also headed over. This was considered the first BOSS. The drops had to be pretty good.

“A set of cloth armor, a pair of shoes, and a helmet! Also 2 skillbooks!” Chaotic Sky handed the drops over to Lin Fan.

“Hidden Shadow Robe: Unappraised
Sweeping Wind Shoes: Unappraised
Spirit Helmet: Unappraised

“Harvest: Able to collect all materials from fallen monsters. Required Level: 10”

“Dual Wield Daggers:: Exclusive Assassin Skill. Can allow assassins to use two daggers. Required Level: 11

Lin Fan immediately learned Harvest, directly casting it over the black panther.

“System Message: Obtained Black Panther Fur. Obtained Black Panther’s Fierce Tooth”

“You should learn Dual Wield Daggers. Then let’s head back to Holy City and appraise these items!” Lin Fan told Chaotic Sky. Once finished, the two returned.

“System Message: Player Willowy Dream Xiaoxiao wishes to talk!” Just as Lin Fan returned, Liu Mengxiao’s voice appeared.

Pressing accept, the call connected. “Lin Fan?” Liu Mengxiao’s voice sounded with a trace of uncertainty.

“It’s me!” Lin Fan smiled. “Have you arrived at the city yet? Where are you now?”

“En, I just reached level 10! I just exited the Transfer Portal!” Liu Mengxiao gently spoke.

“Come to the Appraiser, I’ll introduce you to my friend!” Lin Fan continued.

“Chaotic Sky?” Her heart suddenly turned erratic, as she asked wavering. At this moment, the number of players above Level 10 could still be counted on 2 hands. Within the ten, Chaotic Sky and Lin Fan’s relationship was closest. ANd so, Liu Mengxiao was immediately able to guess who.

“En!” Lin Fan nodded, his eyes with a trace of longing. With these two, no matter how small Empire was, they would still be able to rise. As long as Empire could become one of the Top 10 Guilds, the threat of Han Cheng would no longer be there.

“Then…Then quickly come!” Liu Mengxiao nervously said. Towards Lin Fan, because of their relationship, even if he told her he was Spell Storm, she wouldn’t revere him too much because she understood Lin Fan. Yet Clandestine Marauder was different. Liu Mengxiao had never seen CHaotic Sky and only heard rumors. That year, Clandestine Marauder by himself had managed to face the 2nd strongest guild, swiftly killing more than a thousand people.

Liu Mengxiao also understood Lin Fan’s intentions. As Lin Fan had joined Empire, that means his greatest friend, Clandestine Marauder also couldn’t escape. And so, this meeting was to allow Liu Mengxiao and Chaotic Sky to become more familiar with one another.

Closing the call, Lin Fan directly headed further into the city. Seeing this Chaotic Sky couldn’t do anything but catch up, “Obtaining a lover, but forgetting your brothers!”

“Let’s go!” Lin Fan said while helplessly looking at the guy behind him. There were times when he felt like beating that blabbermouth to death with a stick.
Entering the deserted Appraiser’s store, Lin Fan immediately caught sight of Liu Mengxiao standing next to the Appraiser.

“Did I keep you waiting?” Lin Fan walked up and asked Liu Mengxiao; his eyes not leaving her beautiful figure for so much as an instant.

When she noticed Lin Fan’s gaze, Liu Mengxiao blushed and looked away. As she was turning away, she noticed someone wearing a mask and exuding a faint malicious air.

“You must be Chaotic Sky! It’s a pleasure to meet you!” When Liu Mengxiao met Chaotic Sky’s eyes, her heart skipped a beat. His piercing gaze made her feel like she was gettings stabbed. From this gaze alone, she knew that the Clandestine Marauder lived up to his title.

“Definitely similar. No wonder this little bastard was willing to return for you!” Chaotic Sky stared at Liu Mengxiao and said, “no matter what, I have to thank you. You let my brother rediscover his spirit! And let us reunite!”

“Alright! Let’s see what we got!” Lin Fan smiled and handed all the gear to the appraiser.

“Appraisal fee: 3 gold and 50 silver!” said the appraiser as he looked at the four pieces of equipment.

“Si!” Lin Fan and Chaotic Sky reflexively sucked in a deep breath. Lin Fan bitterly laughed as he looked in his inventory, “I only have 2 gold!”

“Even with the 1 gold that black panther dropped it isn’t enough!” Chaotic Sky handed a piece of gold to Lin Fan as he bitterly laughed, “how about we just appraise 3 of them?”

“I can cover the rest!” Liu Mengxiao sent over 1 gold with a laugh. Even though she had no idea what Lin Fan was getting appraised, the cost alone showed that they were quite good.

“Here!” LinFan handed 3 gold and 50 silver to the appraiser who then appraised the items with a smile.

“Si!” the three of them took in a deep breath. 3 blue equipment, 1 green equipment.

“That black panther was really generous! He dropped 3 blue gear!” Chaotic Sky exclaimed.

“Hidden Shadow Robe(Blue): P.DEF 33, M.DEF 27, M.ATK 10-18, INT +3, VIT+5, Required level: 15”

“Sweeping Wind Shoes(Blue): P.DEF 10, M.DEF 10, AGI+7, VIT+3, Crit Rate +5%, Required level: 15”

“Spirit Helmet(Blue): P.DEF 15, M.DEF 15, AGI+3, Increase damage from arrows by 8%, Required level: 15”

“White Jade Longbow(Green) : P.ATK 20-30, AGI+3, Required level:10”

“I’ll take the Hidden Shadow Robe while the Sweeping Wind Shoes goes to Chaotic Sky. You can have the rest!” Lin Fan said to Liu Mengxiao after handing the Sweeping Wind Shoes to Chaotic Sky.

“Me?” Liu Mengxiao was surprised. Right now green gear was worth several thousand while blue equipment could be sold for over ten thousand. And yet, Lin Fan was willing to give them to her.

“Who else would we give it to? Neither of us are archers!” Chaotic Sky shook his head and laughed at Lin Fan and Liu Mengxiao, “you two lovebirds enjoy yourselves. I’m gonna take a break!”

“We should log out too!” Lin Fan took a glance at his playing time and said, “I’ve been on for almost ten hours, everyone else should be running out of time too[1]

“Alright, let’s log off for now. I’ll be moving on my own tomorrow!” Chaotic Sky stretched as he spoke, “I’ll go see if there are any quests in the city.”

“Alright!” Lin Fan nodded his head and watched Chaotic Sky leave the store. Then, he brought Liu Mengxiao to the warehouse and handed some stuff inside to her.

“Wow, how’d you get all these?” Liu Mengxiao’s jaw dropped at the sight of the green equipment and two recipes.

“Hunting the leader monsters and BOSSes around Holy City!” Lin Fan smiled at Liu Mengxiao and said, “You can have them!”

“Thank you Lin Fan!” Liu Mengxiao excitedly said when she saw the items in her inventory. They would allow her early game development to progress incomparably fast. Especially the Magic Spring Water recipe. The instantaneous mana recovery was unparalleled in the early game and would attract numerous mages.

“I’ll be logging off now!” Lin Fan smiled at Liu Mengxiao, “You should rest too!”

“En!” Liu Mengxiao nodded her head and laughed, “ I’ll wait for Mengru and the others. Their about to reach level 10!”

“Alright I’m really heading off now!” Lin Fan nodded his head and logged out.

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[1] Okay from what I understand of this, china games actually limit how long you can play(王者荣耀 is pretty much the only one i play) After 3 hours or so, they ban you from anymore matches for 15 minutes. This came about after someone died because he played for 48 hours straight with no rest.

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