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RNGM Chapter 15 – Black Panther King

Chapter 15 – Black Panther King
Translated by:狗不理
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“Arrived yet?” Chaotic Sky’s voice carried with it a hint of urgency as he shouted, “This fellow has a long range AOE. I can’t even get close!”

“Almost there!” Lin Fan closed his communications, increasing his speed towards Chaotic Sky. Before long, the faint sound of clashing and wild roars could be heard. Alongside that, several strings of profanity echoed through the woods.

A distance away, Lin Fan saw a gigantic pitch-black panther opening it’s bloody mouth towards a black figure. Rushing forward with a swipe of it’s claws, the figure rolled away, perfectly avoiding its attack. Following, he thrust his dagger through the panther’s throat.

As soon as the [-40] from getting a critical strike drifted from the black panther, it raised it’s head towards the sky and roared.

“My god! Shaolin Lion’s Roar?!“ The black figure facing the panther was Chaotic Sky, his expression incredibly bitter.

“I’m here!” Directly running over, a flash of lightning flew towards the black panther’s body as Lin Fan added Chaotic Sky to his party.

“Be careful, this fellow’s roar is very difficult to deal with. If hit by, your HP will rapidly fall!” Chaotic Sky noted, twirling the dagger in his hand. “I’ll draw his aggro, just focus on outputting as much damage as you can!”

“Understood!” Nodding his head, Lin Fan launched yet another Thunderbolt towards the panther as a [-30] . Turning furious again, the panther spotted Lin Fan and charged towards him.

“Hey!” In a flash, besides him, Chaotic Sky rushed forwards with his dagger once again finding the panther’s throat.

[-13] drifted out. Chaotic Sky barrel rolled away and managed to land behind the panther, once again striking at the panther, this time, in the back of his head.

This time, it had been [-22] as Chaotic Sky successfully managed to gain the panther’s attention. Switching targets, it pounced towards him. Although fast, the panther was incomparable to the assassin, Chaotic Sky, and failed to even touch him.

“Thunderbolt!” Seeing a good opportunity, Lin Fan threw another thunderbolt, hitting the panther’s head. By doing so, he had switched aggro once again!

“Roar!” Originally targeting Chaotic Sky, the Black Panther now directed all his fury towards Lin Fan as it headed towards the mage. A split second after the panther turned around, Chaotic Sky leaped to its rear as his dagger once again found a home.

Getting a crit, this time a staggering [-45] appeared. Feeling the pain, the Black Panther let out a pained howl.

“What the hell, it’s coming again!” Observing the panther’s expression, Chaotic Sky shouted, his two legs lept out like wind, escaping the nearby area.

“Hou!” As the panther’s roar reverberated through the air, Lin Fan felt even the ground shake.

[-7] [-6] [-5]…

A string of 10 damage values appeared from Lin Fan, immediately turning his complexion a shade worse. Hastily retreating back, in his eyes were traces of astonishment.

“This fellow does that often. Because of this, i’m unable to handle it by myself!” Chaotic Sky explained, appearing next to Lin Fan. “If it wasn’t for my speed, i would have already hit the bucket.”

“Once again!” Another one of Lin Fan’s thunderbolts flew through the air. Looking towards Chaotic Sky, he asked “What was that movement technique you used earlier called?”

“Assassin Skill: Extreme Speed. It’s able to double one’s speed for 10 seconds. However, I was still unable to completely avoid it!” Chaotic Sky explained, once again rushing towards the panther. Dodging the incoming claws, his dagger pierced it’s underbelly. Pulling out the dagger, he appeared behind, stabbing the back. Pulling out the dagger, he appeared in front, this time, stabbing the throat. These 3 consecutive strikes caused 3 consecutive damage value to appear, dropping the Black Panther’s HP down by more than 100.

“Thunderbolt!’ “Fireball!” In each one of Lin Fan’s hands were different spells as he launched them one after the other. By doing so, he had once again managed to draw the panther’s aggro back.

“Good!” Chaotic Sky shouted, his dagger once again thrusting out. Like tearing paper, the dagger entered the panther’s underbelly. Then retreating a few steps, he smeared something on the dagger as emerald-green gleam appeared. After doing so, his next attack flashed by with a trail of green.

Following, Chaotic Sky’s dagger directly stabbed into the panther. At this moment, the beast had turned green.

“System Message: Player Chaotic Sky used an Armor Breaking potion (Beginner) on the BOSS Black Panther King. For 30 seconds, it’s defence will be reduced to half!”

“Not bad!” Seeing the message, Lin Fn grew shocked. Snapping out of his, he casted Thunderbolt, this time hitting the panther for more than 50 points in damage.

“Haha, naturally it’s something good. A bottle of this potion sells for 30 silver!” Chaotic Sky laughed, immediately getting to work. A series of 3 attacks each landed on the panther.

[-45] [-57] [-65]. These 3 values were a staggering amount. Letting out a violent howl, the panther desperately looked towards Chaotic Sky.

“Holy carp!” Chaotic Sky hurriedly retreated. These 3 strikes were too fierce, directly focusing all the panther’s attention on him. At this moment, if he didn’t retreat, he would’ve surely died.

“Lin Fan, hurry!” Chaotic Sky shouted while retreating.

“Persevere for a while!” Lin Fan chucked. The thunderbolts in his hand happily found a home. Right now, the only thing the black panther focused on was Chaotic Sky. Even if Lin Fan kept throwing thunderbolt around, he still wouldn’t be able to attract it’s aggro.

“The fuck?” Seeing the panther’s bloody mouth still targeting him, Chaotic Sky loudly cursed. Taking an opportunity, he managed to dodge away from the panther, once again finding the target with his dagger.

“Howl!” The Black Panther let out another howl before roaring once more. Being hit again, Chaotic Sky’s health rapidly diminished, scaring him towards retreat.

“Thunderbolt!” Seeing that the BOSS’s low HP and the fact he had the Ring of Conversion, Lin Fan didn’t follow and let out his attack.

“Howl!” The Black Panther wailed, succumbing to Lin Fan’s thunderbolt

“System Message: Killed BOSS Black Panther King. Obtained: 5000 EXP 1000 Prestige

“Shua!” A golden light appeared on Chaotic Sky. Obviously, the 5000 points in EXP had managed to level him up.

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