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RNGM Chapter 14 – White Python

Chapter 14 – White Python

Translated by: 狗不理

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After separating with Chaotic Sky, Lin Fan headed towards the city’s apothecary and bought some mana potions. Due to the Ring of Conversion, he only needed to carry 3 health potions.

“Youngster, can you help me with something?” The boss of the Apothecary asked, quite hesitantly.

“There’s a quest!” Lin Fan’s eyes lit up. The first time he had arrived at the store, the NPC didn’t give him any quests. However this time, it did. As such, it could possibly have been due to him hitting the quests requirements after leveling up.

“What’s the problem?” Lin Fan asked, looking towards the middle aged man. There were good both and bad quests. Low leveled quests were of low importance to Lin Fan. While they gave good experience, it was still megre compared to one for killing a BOSS.

“The region south of Holy City is infested with venomous snakes. Please help gather some snake gall!”

“Venomous snakes? I guess those are the monsters in that area.” Lin Fan smiled. This quest wasn’t difficult, only reaching one star. Normally, Lin Fan would have declined quests like these, but as fate would have it, he had already intended to head towards the southern region. Accepting this quest was quite convenient.

“Then I’m extremely thankful!” The Apothecarist smiled, nodding his head. “Here are some antidotes for you to use!”

Taking the antidotes from his hand, Lin Fan nodded. Following that, he immediately set off towards the south. Apart from Chaotic Sky, Limitless had also reached level 10. However, Lin Fan hadn’t seen Limitless. It seemed that he had yet to arrive at Holy City.

“First head south to kill monsters!” Lin Fan rapidly sped forward. Before long, a huge nest of snakes appeared in his field of vision. Instead of the venomous spiders and dire bears, this region was dominated by these venomous snakes. Looking further, it seemed that the snakes spread across the whole jungle.

[Venomous Snake Level: 10 HP: 200] Seeing the level and HP, Lin Fan got a shock. A single thunderbolt could hit for 70 damage. By simply casting the spell 3 times, he could completely kill the monster.

“While the experience isn’t great, it’s extremely easy to kill!” Lin Fan creased his nose. Immediately, he got an idea. With their low level and defence, they made up for it by quantity. If Lin Fan had any AOE spells, this place could be an extremely good grinding ground.

“I still need a level until I’m able to learn Fissure. This place is truly not bad!” Lin Fan helplessly let out a sigh as he proceeded towards exterminating the sakes. Although boasting high HP, Lin Fan’s magic attack had far exceeded its defense. And so, without any difficulty, he pushed forward,

Very quickly, Lin Fan discovered an extremely large white python within the sea of snakes. The python was snow white, it’s head thicker than Lin Fan.

[White Python Elite Monster Level: 17 HP:1300] Seeing the White colored python in front of him, Lin Fan couldn’t help but take a step back. This Elite monster was even more difficult than the previous bosses he fought. Both the Dire Bear Alpha and the Venomous Spider Matriarch were only level 15. Yet, the White Python standing in front of him was actually level 17! Although there was only a disparity of 2 levels, the power of these creatures weren’t comparable.

“Thunderbolt!’ Towards the distant White Python, Lin Fan immediately shot out a bolt of lightning dealing a [-40] to the monster.

“My damage isn’t bad. This creature looks manageable!” Lin Fan nodded. Seeing the White Python shoot out towards him, Lin Fan yet again casted a [Thunderbolt] and hurled it forward. Against a monster like this, Lin Fan didn’t have to expand too much energy. With every consecutive thunderbolt, the python’s health gradually fell.

“_” Suddenly, the White Python’s tail suddenly rose to the sky. With a frenzied thrash, it fiercely hit Lin Fan, launching him high into the air.

A damage value of [-120] was displayed. Lin Fan’s mana pool immediately depleted by more than half and his health bar decreased by a quarter.

(120 before reductions from the Ring of Conversion)

Lin Fan rapidly drank a mana potion before letting out a breath of relief. His current HP was only 100 so if it wasn’t for the Ring of Conversion, he would’ve already died.

This Elite monster is actually quite troublesome!” Lin Fan bitterly smiled. Having a 6 level gap, it’s damage would be a lot greater. Even if he had been directly hit by the Dire Bear Alpha, it still wouldn’t have been so damaging. The difference between him and the Dire Bear Alpha was only 5 levels however with the White Python there was a 6 level gap! In this game, a gap of 5 levels was a small gap, and a gap of 10 levels was almost insurmountable.

“After accumulating a set amount of damage, it’s speed will abruptly increase. It’s during that time will i need to be careful!” Lin Fan thought to himself, recalling the python’s previous tail attack.

As more and more Thunderbolts landed on the python, it once again frantically swung his tail about. However, this time, Lin Fan was on guard and attempted to evade. Despite rapidly jumping back, he actually found the tail to be too fast. Unable to completely sidestep, he still took damage.

[-70]. Was the damage that appeared. Evidently, by not bearing the full brunt of the attack, the damage recieved wasn’t as severe.

Once again, he increased his distance from the python. Learning from the experience, subsequently, every time the python used the tail attack, he would rapidly dodge away. Although he got hit a couple of times, none of the attacks were as bad as the first one where he got knocked in the air. Before long, the White Python was defeated by Lin Fan.

Lin Fan observed the item’s dropped from the python. There were only two items, they were a longbow and a piece of snakeskin.

“Snakeskin: Blue Ingredient. Able to craft Blue equipment.

“White Jade Bow: Unidentified”

“These two items aren’t bad. Let’s first head back and turn the quest in!” Lin Fan smiled, heading back towards the city. In his inventory, he had already collected more than 30 snake gall. The quest was already marked as complete in his quest log.

“System Message: Player Chaotic Sky requests to talk to you!”

Once connected, Chaotic Sky’s excited voice immediately started talking: “Old Blameless, hurry! It’s a BOSS! Hell, it was originally an Elite monster, how could it turn into a BOSS! Moreover, it’s a level 20 BOSS. I can’t deal with it by myself!”

“Coordinates!” Lin Fan promptly decided, directly heading towards the western region. His eyes flashed with curiosity. Turning into a BOSS in the flash of an eye? Could some monsters be designed like that by the game?

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