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RNGM Chapter 13 – Chaotic Sky

Chapter 13 – Chaotic Sky
Translated by: 白酒鬼
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Even though the Venomous Spider Matriarch didn’t drop any items, Lin Fan was still extremely pleased. After all, the recipe was currently worth as much as a gold item.

Slaying the Venomous Spider Matriarch had emptied out Lin Fan’s inventory of MP potions. So, he could only helplessly return to Holy City, and restock.

“System Notice: Player Chaotic Sky wishes to chat with you!” Right when Lin Fan was about to return, a system notice that left him stunned came along.

“Little bastard, I’ve reached level 10. Where are you?” When the call connected, Chaotic Sky’s angry voice came through; it seemed to carry a trace of excitement as well.

“Where are you?” Lin Fan was just as excited.

“Holy City. At the class trainers’!” Chaotic Sky languidly laughed.

“Wait for me at the appraiser!” Lin Fan said as he ran towards Holy City.

“Oh? Looks like you’ve got something good!” Chaotic Sky snickered, “Hurry up, I’m not a patient person!”

“Fuck off!” Lin Fan jokingly swore. His eyes teared up at how Chaotic Sky hadn’t changed one bit.

After ending the chat, Lin Fan sprinted towards Holy City’s appraiser. The streets were desolate, so Lin Fan swiftly spotted the arrogant figure standing in front of the Appraiser’s store.

The person wore jet black clothes, a jet black face mask, and had cold eyes filled with killing intent that cut into people like a sharp steel knife.

“It’s been seven years[1]. And you’re still the same as ever!” Lin Fan smiled when he met up with Chaotic Sky.

“Like you’re any different!” Chaotic Sky laughed and took off the mask, revealing his face. It was a handsome one that had a trace of malice and arrogance. It perfectly fit the image if a “bad boy”. With just the bat if an eye, most young women would fall head over heels for him.

“Brat, all my gear is white. You have anything to spare?” Chaotic Sky shamelessly asked as he pat Lin Fan’s shoulders.

“What’s the matter? Too weak to hunt for it?” Lin Fan disrespectfully rolled his eyes. Whenever they were together, the man in front of him wouldn’t show an ounce of shame or restraint.

“I look like a fucktard to you!? With the “Divine Equipment Collector” right here, why the hell would I go farm?” Chaotic Sky swore at Lin Fan. Then, he began laughing, “Big brother is just messing with you. Help me out a little okay?”

“Let’s go. Oh and I picked up a dagger just now. You should be able to use it.” Lin Fan said as he glanced at the completely shameless bastard in front of him. Then, he walked into the appraiser’s office and placed the three items in his inventory on the table.

“30 silver per item!” said the appraiser.

“So expensive!” Lin Fan bitterly laughed and handed 90 silver to the appraiser. Subsequently, the appraiser started fiddling with the equipment using his scrawny hands, causing the gear to glow with a green light.

The appraiser shouted, “Done!”, passed the gear to Lin Fan, and began ignoring him once more.

“Let’s take a look!” Chaotic Sky impatiently grabbed onto Lin Fan and said, “Hurry up! Send me the stats!”

“Venomous Fang(green): ATK +27. 1% chance of poisoning opponent. Ignores 30% of opponent’s defence. Required LVL: 11” After handing the dagger to Chaotic Sky, Lin Fan laughed, “Poisoning is quite good, but with only a 1% chance, it’s not exactly useful.”

“It’s a chicken rib[2]!” Despite knowing that, Chaotic Sky still chose to accept it. After all, it’s damage was quite good, several times better than his current dagger. Moreover, the required level was something he would soon achieve.

Lin Fan unconsciously smiled as he looked at the other equipment; they were much better than the dagger Chaotic Sky was holding. After all, they dropped from an elite monster.

“Dire Bear Full Plate(green): P.DEF 25, M.DEF 20. Required LVL:13”

“Dire Bear Axe(green): ATK 25, STR+2, Required LVL: 12”

Their stats were quite good. At the very least better than what Chaotic Sky was holding.

“Let’s go, I still have a ring that suits you well!” Lin Fan said when he suddenly thought of the Ring of Wind in his storage.

“Haha, I always knew you were impressive!” Chaotic Sky laughed, slapping Lin Fan shoulder. Sneaking a glance at the blue light shining from Lin Fan’s hands, he continued, “When are you going to give me a blue equipment to use?”

“Once I get another!” Heading to the warehouse, Lin Fan deposited the remaining two green items and other drops then handed the Ring of Wind towards Chaotic Sky. “This should be considered something good!”

“Hehe, this item isn’t bad!” Looking at the item which could increase attack speed, Chaotic Sky couldn’t help but smile. Immediately equipping it, he asked Lin Fan, “Right now, what should we do?”
“What else is there to do? In the early game, it’s obviously rushing levels and obtaining items!” Lin Fan shrugged. Helplessly smiling, “The regions north and east of Holy City have already been cleared out by me. There are only Leader level monsters left. My intuition tells me that Holy City should have at least one BOSS monster. If not in the South, then it must be in the West. Let’s split up and see where the BOSS is located!

“Good!” Chaotic Sky nodded, pointing to the west. “I’m heading west, i’ll leave the south to you!”

“En!” Lin Fan didn’t say much. He was extremely knowing regarding Chaotic Sky’s skill. Even towards BOSS monsters ,if he couldn’t taken them down, he would still be able to flee. As for himself, he already have blue equips. As long as the BOSS didn’t surpass level 20, he should be able to damage it. And as long as he could damage the monster, it would only be a matter of time before it fell!

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Please do not host these chapters elsewhere without permission.

[1] I know early chaps said 5, but *shrugs* go hunt down the author.
[2] Means something pretty much useless that you can’t throw away for some reason.

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