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RNGM Chapter 12 – Striking It Rich

Chapter 12 – Strinking It Rich
Translated by:白酒鬼
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Lin Fan shot a thunderbolt at one of the Dire Bears roaming around in front of him, causing a -20 to pop up. Lin Fan was briefly stunned. He was currently using a blue staff, wore two green equipment, and attacked with a high damage spell that would destroy most level 9-10 monsters. However, the Dire Bear was only level 11, and yet, it was barely damaged!

“It definitely deserves to be called a bear. It’s defence is insane!” Lin Fan bitterly laughed before casting another thunderbolt. He had notice that while the defence of the Dire Bear was high, it’s speed was extremely slow. He had enough time to cast three thunderbolts before the Dire Bear got close enough to attack him. Faced with this kind of foe, Lin Fan didn’t have to bother playing well to kill it.

“100 EXP… That’s not bad I guess. Right now I need 5000 EXP to level up! That’s easy!” Lin Fan laughed as he looked at his EXP bar.

And so, Lin Fan dedicated himself to the glorious quest of slaughtering Dire Bears. After roughly half an hour, Lin Fan had discovered a Dire Bear that was bigger than the others.

“Dire Bear Alpha!” Lin Fan said with a smile as he sent over a thunderbolt. While the Dire Bear Alpha wasn’t a BOSS, it was strong enough to be considered an elite monster. So, it would definitely drop something. However, as to the quality of that ‘something’, there were no guarantees. That said, this was the first time an Dire Bear Alpha had ever appeared in the game. Drop rates for these types of monsters were thrice what one normally got. So, as long as Lin Fan’s luck wasn’t absolutely atrocious, he’d definitely get something good.

“Roar!” roared the Dire Bear Alpha as it charged at Lin Fan and smashed its paw towards him. Towards this idiot that dared challenge it, the bear held nothing back.

“Fire Shield!” Lin Fan’s expression changed into one of focus as he used Fire Shield. In an instant, fire filled his immediate surroundings and blocked the huge paw.

As the flames blocked the bear’s attack, Lin Fan swiftly retreated. He could never have imagined that the Dire Bear Alpha would be so quick. It’s speed was simply incomparable to the other Dire Bears. Luckily, he noticed it early on and used Fire Shield. Otherwise, even though he had the Ring of Conversion to lessen the damage taken, his MP would probably hit 0 in exchange.

After retreating, Lin Fan sent forth a thunderbolt followed by fireball when it was on cooldown.

-20 followed by a -14 popped out. Afterwards, Lin Fan immediately rushed behind the Dire Bear Alpha as it was staggered by the two blows and struck it with a thunderbolt.

“Roar!” the Dire Bear Alpha roared with rage. Immediately, two Dire Bears which were wandering around nearby, charged at Lin Fan.

“Dammit, it can call over it’s friends?” Lin Fan swore when he saw the two Dire Bears coming over. However, he didn’t back off, but rather attacked as per normal. After all, to him, the two were of no threat. Their damage was low and their speed was slow. Lin Fan could practically ignore them.

Lin Fan dodged backwards a couple steps, avoiding a fluffy Dire Bear paw, and cast Thunderbolt once more. Then when the Dire Bear Alpha charged at him, he dodged behind the two Dire Bears, restricting the Alpha’s movements.

His positioning was perfect. In order to get to Lin Fan, the Dire Bear Alpha had no choice but to move around its subordinates. However, how could Lin Fan let that happen? When the Dire Bear Alpha was halfway to him, Lin Fan dodged to the side, once again putting the two Dire Bears between them. Then, he used Thunderbolt once more, causing the Dire Bear Alpha to cry out in pain. Unfortunately for it, the two Dire Bears were just too slow. So, instead of assisting it, they ended up being a hindrance just by being there. With the way Lin Fan moved, they only had enough time to turn round and round and round, like a merry-go-round. They couldn’t even catch Lin Fan’s shadow.

“Ao!” following that cry, the Dire Bear Alpha fell on the ground, unmoving. However, it’s death was not in vain as it gave Lin Fan a lot of EXP.

Following this, Lin Fan swiftly dealt with the two Dire Bears then walked towards the Dire Bear Alpha’s corpse and picked up his loot. The first elite monster to appear in Holy City… It’s rewards should be quite good!

The monster dropped 10 silver and two pieces of equipment.

“Dire Bear Full Plate: Unappraised”

“Dire Bear Axe: Unappraised

“Dammit! They need to be appraised!” when Lin Fan saw their descriptions, he felt depressed. However, those descriptions also brought him a sense of relief. After all, they at the very least weren’t white equipment; those didn’t need appraisal.

“The north of Holy City only has Dire Bears. There’s no point continuing further. Let’s see what the east holds!” Lin Fan muttered as he glanced at his surroundings before heading towards the eastside.

“Venomous Spider. LVL 11. 300 HP.” Lin Fan was somewhat flabbergasted when he saw the giant spider which was even bigger than him. Though of course, that didn’t step him from headshotting it with a thunderbolt.

“-45” appeared above the Venomous Spider’s head, causing Lin Fan’s lips to curve into a smile. Looks like damage isn’t half bad. It’s just that those Dire Bears were too tanky.

Lin Fan was at ease dealing with the Venomous Spiders. After all, even though the Spiders were a lot faster than Dire Bears, with his movement and positioning skills, he could easily avoid their poisonous spit.

Lin Fan began his neigh endless massacre of spiders. As he slaughtered non-stop, he actually got two white equipments and even a blue dagger, the Venomous Fang.

“The drop rate is way too low!” Lin Fan bitterly laughed to himself. He had hunted for two hours and even levelled up. However, apart from what he got from the Venomous Spiders, he had nothing else.

“Finally found it,” Lin Fan said when he saw the emerald-green Venomous Spider a ways away. The Venomous Spider Matriarch was different compared to other elite monsters. Its body was smaller than normal Venomous Spiders rather than larger. Also, its exoskeleton wasn’t brown like the others, but rather an emerald-green.

“Thunderbolt!” Lin Fan shot a thunderbolt at its head, taking out 30HP.

Owing to the experience with the Dire Bear Alpha, Lin Fan did not treat the Venomous Spider Matriarch like normal venomous spiders. He continuously suppressed it, and carefully yet quickly took its life.

“It’s a recipe!” Lin Fan’s eyes started shining when he saw what the Venomous Spider Matriarch dropped. At this point in time, recipes were things fought over by all the famous guilds. After all, some player-brewed potions could bring about miraculous effects.

“Magic Spring Water: Required items: Waterwood Blossom x3, Cow’s Gallstone x3. Effect: restore 100 MP to user.”

Seeing that recipe, Lin Fan gasped with eyes full of excitement. A potion that could instantly restore MP! Even in the late-game stuff like this is invaluable! After all, the stuff sold in stores only restores 10 MP every three seconds for twelve seconds. It’s way worse than something that instantly restores MP.

“I’ve struck it rich!” Lin Fan excitedly exclaimed. As long as an alchemist was willing to make it for him, Lin Fan would be able to take down even higher levelled monsters!

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