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RNGM Chapter 11 – Ring of Conversion

Chapter 11: Ring of Conversion
Translated by: 狗不理
Edited by: Nagi
TLC by:

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After such an emotional exchange, both Lin Fan and Liu Mengxiao quietly sat in the courtyard, sinking into a deep silence.

“Lin Fan, i’m sorry!” Liu Mengxiao said, apologizing. Although Lin Fan had come for her sake, his intentions of approaching her were completely different than that of Han Cheng’s. Compared to him, Liu Mengxiao had a much better impression towards Lin Fan.

“It’s ok. Sometimes, letting things out makes you feel better!” Lin Fan smiled, looking at Liu Mengxiao. “Are you still willing to let me stay by your side?”

“Why wouldn’t I? You are currently still my employee. Naturally, you’ll have to stay with me!” Liu Mengxiao joked around, “moreover, you already promised to help me! Right?”

“I will help you of course. Let’s make Empire stand on the summit. I will help you suppress Willowed Moon and especially Han Cheng!” Lin Fan declared, staring at Liu Mengxiao. He then declared, “No matter when, I will absolutely not leave you!”

“With your words, it’s enough!” After suddenly being faced with Lin Fan’s determination, a tinge of red appeared on her cheeks. “I-I’ll give you a chance!”

“Ah!” Lin Fan said, blankly asking “A chance for what?”

“Idiot!” Turning around, Liu Mengxiao rushed back home, her cheeks flushed red.

“An opportunity…” Seeing Liu Mengxiao’s figure disappearing, Lin Fan couldn’t help but be dazed. Following, slapping his forehead, he laughed: “I will definitely get you!”

Returning indoors, Lin Fan took a glance at the clock. The two hours were almost up. Lin Fan directly put on his helmet and entered the game. After his long talk with Liu Mengxiao, his mood felt much better. If Lin Fan wanted to help develop Empire, their equipment in the early game needed to be excellent. After all, the equipment of its members directly showed the guild’s prestige. Currently, Lin Fan was the only player in the entire Holy City. No one would be there to steal BOSS monsters, and it was a given that the first BOSS monster drop would be extremely good.

Entering the game once again, Lin Fan took a quick glance at the empty roads before opening up the city map, searching for the class trainers.

At level 10, he was able to visit the class trainers and become a Mage . Moreover, after converting, he could begin learning

The magic trainer was a man roughly 50 years old. He exuded an aura of elegance, when he saw Lin Fan approach, there was a glint in his eyes.

“Youngster. You are a natural Mage. Are you willing to progress down the grand path of magic?” The trainer asked Lin Fan.

“I’m willing” Confirming, Lin Fan immediately felt a warm current flow throughout his body.

“Very well! Youngster, you have already become a part of us. Here are two magic books. I hope they’re of use to you! The magic trainer nodded his head, giving Lin Fan two books.

As soon as his hands touched the books, they turned into rays of light flowing into Lin Fan’s body.

System Message: Learned spells “Thunderbolt” “Ring of Fire”

Lin Fan opened his menu and took a look at the spells.
Cost: 10MP
Description: Releases a bolt of lightning to attack the enemy
Cooldown: 2 seconds.
Skill Rating: Beginner

Fire Shield
Cost: 15MP
Description: The player is enshrouded in fire, resisting a single enemy attack. 5% chance to reflect the attack back
Cooldown: 2 minutes
Skill Rating: Beginner

“These skills aren’t bad. Pretty practical as well!” The skills Lin Fan received were indeed pretty good. The Ring of Fire, if used correctly, could achieve a great effect. Although it was only able to block a single attack, contests between Rankers were often decided in a split second. As such the ability to block an attack was undoubtedly very powerful.

Taking a look at his inventory, Lin Fan’s attention was once again attracted to the Ring of Conversion. Being able to freely convert between MP and HP, what kind of ability was that?

Seeing that the level requirement for this item was coincidentally level 10, Lin Fan hastily equipped the ring. Immediately, a notice appeared in Lin Fan’s menu.

“So it’s like that!” Looking at the notice, Lin Fan smiled, playing with the ring. The Ring of Conversion was able to take 80% of the incoming damage and shift the loss to his MP.

“Yes! This item is definitely the same as those life-saving rings in the past! For mages, this is a godly item!” Being the owner of such a good item, Lin Fan was extremely excited. While this item wasn’t extremely useful in the early game, during the later stages, whoever wielded this could be said to be nearly invulnerable!

In other words, if he took 100 points in damage, he would only lose 20HP. The other 80 would taken from his mana pool. This was in defiance against the heavens. Basically, he could build himself to become an undying mage!

“Against the heavens… Once I equip this ring, I can become a blood cow[2]!” Unable to contain himself, he started laughing.

Other than this ring, he also had other items. A few of the more important ones were a spell book he could learn at level 15, a long spear, a Ring of Wind, a pile of drops from all the Demon Wolves he had killed, and a potion recipe.

Opening up the map, he quickly located the warehouse. Spending a silver, he opened a storage and deposited many materials and items. The materials dropped from the Demon Wolves were all of quite high quality. After all, they were from a BOSS monster.

Opening up the leaderboards

First Place: Devil May Cry (Mage) Level: 10

Second Place: Chaotic Sky (Apprentice Assassin) Level: 9

Third Place: Limitless (Apprentice Warrior Level: 9

Fourth Place: Wine Gourd(Apprentice Archer) Level: 9

Fifth Place: Life Snuffing Stab (Apprentice Assassin) Level: 9

Sixth Place: Dynasty Destroying Emperor(Apprentice Knight) Level: 9

Seventh Place: Fortress (Apprentice Knight) Level: 8

Eighth Place: Rainwalker (Apprentice Archer) Level: 8

Ninth Place: Willowy Dream Xiaoxiao[1](Apprentice Archer) Level: 8

Tenth Place: Heaven Scorching Flame (Apprentice Mage) Level: 8

“The leaderboards are incredibly close right now! Chaotic Sky, that youngster, is also close to level 10!” Lin Fan whispered to himself.

“Taking advantage of the lack of people, let’s first look for some monsters! Let’s see if there are any Advanced or BOSS tier monsters,” Lin Fan planned. Following, he directly left the city. At this moment, Holy City only had a single player. In other words, all the newly spawned BOSS monsters hadn’t been taken down yet.

“Tomorrow, at the very least, more people will have ported to Holy City. During this period of time, i should take down a couple of BOSS monsters and get the others some proper gear!” Lin Fan laughed, heading towards the monsters.

[1] It’s a pun. 柳孟晓(Liu Mengxiao) 孟 sounds like 梦(meaning dream).
[2] 血牛 is someone who sells his blood for money.

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