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RNGM Chapter 10 – Lin Fan’s Past

Chapter 10: Lin Fan’s Past
Translated by: 狗不理
Edited by: FlameDragon
TLC by:

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“Devil…May Cry?” Hua Feng anxiously asked Lin Fan, his eyes unable to conceal the surprise. In a hushed voice, he continued asking, “The Devil May Cry ranked first on the leaderboards?”

“Ummm…yeah!” Lin Fan smiled. Even if he didn’t make it known now, everyone would figure it out when they meet at Holy City. There was no point in hiding it.

“You…have you played these games before?”, Liu Mengxiao attentively asked Lin Fan.
“In the early game, you, a mage, were capable of reaching level 10 in such a short period. If you say you haven’t played video games before, I won’t believe you!”

“I’ve played Tyrant!” Lin Fan confessed, showing a pained expression. “Because of a certain matter, I quit after that!”

“Tyrant!” Hua Feng’s eyes lit up. Looking at Lin Fan, his eyes grew brighter, his breathing accelerated. After all, he knew the true identity of who was standing before him.

“Hua Feng, what’s wrong?”, hearing his increased breathing, Liu Gang hastily asked.

“Liu Feng…you…are you Spellstorm?”, Hua Feng grew fervent, a trace of fanaticism in his eyes.

“What!”, everyone’s eyes shifted towards Lin Fan, as they found it difficult to believe. Spellstorm, the online gaming world’s greatest legend, was an absolute existence associated with collecting godly items. In Tyrant, the player who caused the most fear in Guilds was Spellstorm. This was because his ability to solo Bosses was unrivalled.

“Mm!”, looking at everybody, Lin Fan helplessly smiled. His moniker of Spellstorm would also be revealed sooner or later.

“Hiss!” Seeing Lin Fan confirm, everyone sucked in a deep breath. The name, Spellstorm, was honestly too frightening. Although he had left the gaming world for a very long time now, in Tyrant, Spellstorm and Clandestine Marauder’s act of slaughtering over ten thousand players of the guild, Dynasty, was too shocking. These were two names that nobody could forget.

“My idol!” Hua Feng suddenly yelled, running forwards and grasping Lin Fan’s hands. Emotionally, he said, “I’ve always thought you looked familiar. As it turns out, it’s like this. Growing up, i have always been watching your videos. Idol, teach me! Paying respect to master!”

“That… forget about calling me master. I’ll teach you what i can!”, Lin Fan replied, brushing off the sweat on his forehead.

“Lin Fan, come out with me!” At this moment, Liu Mengxiao turned grave.

“Mm!” Lin Fan nodded, walking with her. The two arrived at the courtyard outside the villa. Liu Mengxiao’s eyes were fixed on him, incomparably icy.

“Speak. Why did you want to be my driver?” Liu Mengxiao coldly asked. “With your wealth, it doesn’t seem like you lack money. Being my driver, do you have any ulterior motives?”

“Ulterior motives? None!” Towards Liu Mengxiao, Lin Fan painfully smiled. “While it’s true that I have some savings, I have a personal reason for being your driver! It’s not like you think!”

“Not what i think? Stop! Spellstorm, Blameless, you have enough capital to start a guild. Coming to work as my driver, what kind of personal reason can justify that?” Liu Mengxiao aggressively retorted, not believing Lin Fan’s words.

“Ai…” Helplessly letting out a sigh, Lin Fan looked towards Liu Mengxiao. With a pained expression, he asked, “Do you know why I quit playing games back then?”

“Why?” Looking at Lin Fan’s expression, Liu Mengxiao’s heart started to waver.

“Do you want to hear my story?” Pulling forward a chair, he dejectedly asked.

“Speak!” Her heart couldn’t help but to soften up, feeling somewhat sorry for the man in front of him.

“Back then, I had a girlfriend called Yao Er.” Lin Fan started his story. He opened up his wallet, took out a picture, and handed it to Liu Mengxiao. “She…looked alot like you!”

Receiving the picture, she unfurrowed her brows. In the picture was a girl holding onto Lin Fan’s arm. Smiling radiantly, her expression and temperament were almost identical to Liu Mengxiao’s

“During that period of time, I was always playing Tyrant,neglecting her. I never thought…” Lin Fan clenched his fists, tears slowly falling down his face.

“That day… I had just logged off when I saw her on the ground. At that moment , I panicked!” Lin Fan continued with a hint of fear in his voice. When Liu Mengxiao heard this, she never expected this unwavering man to have this side to him.

“Did you know? That foolish girl developed leukemia. Only… she never told me! That foolish girl!” Lin Fan’s eyes were beet red, tears freely flowing out. “She…at that time, only had a month left to live. That was her final month!”

Liu Mengxiao became taciturn. Speechless towards what Lin Fan had just revealed, her heart started to ache.

“It was me… all me. I only cared about playing games, not even thinking about her. That foolish girl obviously knew about her sickness, but didn’t even tell me. If I just didn’t play games all day, perhaps I could’ve discovered the disease earlier. Had I done so, I would’ve been able to successfully find a bone marrow donor, able to treat her illness. Only, I didn’t… I didn’t!” In pain, Lin Fan’s hoarse voice reverberated through the silent night. “Preoccupied with playing games, I didn’t even notice she was sick. All I could do was watch her die in my embrace!”

Liu Mengxiao whispered, “Sorry!”

“It’s not your fault.” Wiping the tears away, he looked towards Liu Mengxiao. “Because of this, I had left the gaming world. Thinking back, it has already been 6 years!”

“Because…Because i looked like Yao Er, that was the reason you became my driver?” Liu Mengxiao asked, firmly holding onto the picture in her hand. Her heart felt shaken.

“Back then, I was like a walking corpse. Without Yao Er, after leaving video games, I felt lost. That was, until one day, I saw Willowed Moon guild’s recruitment poster. You were the model!” Liu Fan stared straight at Liu Mengxiao, madness flashing in his eyes. “The me back then was extremely emotional. I felt my Yao Er had come back to life. That the heavens gave Yao Er back to me!”

Liu Mengxiao’s face blushed red. Returning Yao Er back to him? That was me! However, facing this man, Liu Mengxiao didn’t open her mouth.

“I immediately packed everything and headed towards S City to be with you. I arrived at WIllowed Moon to apply for a job. I didn’t know that even the heavens were helping me. I…I became your driver!” Lin Fan emotionally said. “I, I only wanted to be by your side. To watch over you… I don’t have any other motives!”

“Hearing Lin Fan’s truthful words, Liu Mengxiao uncontrollably sighed. Lin Fan’s heart still couldn’t forget that girl. Perhaps if not for Liu Mengxiao’s appearance being so similar, this man would have already fallen apart. To him, she was the refuge for his heart and soul. The one thing keeping him together. All because she looked like the girl in the picture.

“I somewhat envy you!” Touching the picture, Liu Mengxiao looked at the smiling girl, only allowing the words to be heard by her.

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