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Release Schedule

LLS Release Schedule

Chapter release would probably around night time GMT +8. Note that there could (most probably) be chapter delays and it’s not the next day before I sleep. Note that release schedule of the extra chapter would change sporadically, depending on the availability of our translators.

Regular Chapters are the chapters that we will release with or without donations.

Sponsored Chapters are sponsored chapters by our donors, so please thank them lots!

You can check which chapter your donation will be queued at shiroyukitranslations.com/donation-list

Release Schedule for LLS: 4 Regular Chapters per week
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DOP/SDG Release Schedule

Monday – Friday: 1  Regular Chapter
Saturday – Sunday: Sponsored Chapters
Maximum of two SDG Chapters a day. If there are more than 4 chapters in queue, sponsored chapters will be released along with regular chapters the next weekday.


  1. joshua says:

    Ooh it rare to see a fellow singaporean translating novel. Wish can help you but fail at chinese.

  2. OhDine says:

    No no no no no.

    What you gotta do is remove everything. And then do 20 LLS chapters every day!


    Thank you for the new updates lately!

  3. mattaj says:

    Is DOP that good or chapters are so short? I didnt read it because of synopsis (DOP didnt match my tastes).

  4. jack says:

    Hello i want to thank you for the translation and ask if you are 6 chapters behind shedule why dont you simply limit the maximum anmount of extra chapters per weak or month or simply dont include them in the official shedule i mean even without the extra chapters you are allready translating at a breackneck speed so just get some rest and adjust your shedule acording to your actual posibilities and dont care about readers wanting faster relases if you try to keep this up you are likely to fall apart from owerwork the way you are going.

    • shiroyukineko says:

      hahah true. thank you for your concern! I will change the release schedule once I start school…now it’s still okay though since i have quite a lot of free time 🙂

  5. Ros says:

    Thank you very much! Only 1980 chapters to go for DOP… calculating 6-15 ch per week… 🙂 I’m gonna be coming to this website for a LONG time!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. brian says:

    ……is there computer problems or has something come up? 2 days without the scheduled chapters updating. just curious cause im on vacation and need something to do. this series is one of the things keeping me from boredom

  7. pen2x says:

    Please drop UUTS, so an other decent translator can take it. You are so slow, this cant be called translation. Like i would learn Chinese and read UUTS from raw faster than you guys translate it.

    • shiroyukineko says:

      Well, you can learn Chinese and join us as a translator if you want! Currently I’m the only full-time translator of UUTS but I have to TLC and TL the other novels too, so UUTS release are limited. The reason it was so slow was also because there weren’t any sponsored ones. If you look at my release schedule, the regular chapter are all the same. But DOP and LLS have many sponsored chapters which was why there can be 2 chapters of LLS per day. Furthermore, I actually avoided thinking of dropping because I thought that would be very irresponsible.

      • anna says:

        shiro where did you go?? i miss having read DOP everyday..
        did you change your identity and now translating genius doctor: black belly miss??

    • The poor guy says:

      It was very rude of you to say such a thing! Don’t know about you, but I feel pretty sure that the novels are as interesting as they are only because of Shiro’s translations. I’d probably quit reading UUTS if Shiro dropped it. Also, Shiro, you’re awesome, way more so than me. I’d probably not be as polite as you were in responding to this comment! This pen2x guy was too rude!! Once again, many thanks for the awesome translations!!
      PS – I wish I could help, but don’t know even a little bit of chinese..

  8. Chikiz says:

    For everyone who says that shiroyukineko and the other translators (if there is any) should stop doing a serie or saying that more chapters of one serie should be released, stop. U don’t help her at all since she is doing this for us. If u want more chapters to be released for a sertain kind of serie u should either learn chinease and help or donate. Of corse even if u donate it doesn’t mean the chapter u want will be prioritised it depends on what shiroyukineko wants to translate and when there is time. As it’s right now there are alot of donations done for each serie she is translating which meens that she has to schedule them a she sees fitt.
    We don’t want it to become like for Re:translation that got mad at all the people who said things like stop translating a serie or the like. Since they don’t translate as much as before, that is they only translate when they feel like it and don’t care about what us leacher say.

    Thx for all your hard work shiroyukineko and thx to all the donators out there!

    • Chikiz says:

      I didn’t meen anything bad about Re:translation since i think they did the right thing when some leachers where against them like that.

  9. DMR says:

    Ummm, I don’t know where to post this… and this is only my opinion…. but for LLS, you changed a term from “Treeman” to “Treant”… to be honest, I don’t think that was a good change since “Treant” is a term used in few videogames and most treemen are actually given a variable number of names….

    So maybe keeping it as “Treeman” is for the best. Plus, it is more consistent with the rest of the translations.

    Just my opinion, and no offense meant. And if the original Chinese called it “Treant”, I understand… but if it isn’t, then that isn’t a good word, since Treemen don’t have an official name…

    • nordicm says:

      Treeman is a tree/man mixture meaning it has to look like a human while Treant is just the general term for any living tree. Treeman as a word comes from a disease which causes tree like growth if I’m not wrong.

      • DMR says:

        Actually, you are wrong…. also “treant” is a Dungens and Dragon’s term, NOT a term for living trees.

        Actually, while Treeman is a disease name, it is also something that could be used to describe a living tree with a face or one that is bipedal…..

    • magetite says:

      was planning to post the same thing, great minds think alike… looking at the sponsor bar, and to any sponsor reading… thankyou, LLS, novel of kings

  10. Worldknower says:

    Hey, i love this schedule. As for getting more LLS chapters, i will continue to donate so we can have 1 chapter each day.

  11. DMR says:

    You know, I don’t think you should change the terms too much… it’d make it harder to keep track of the story…

    Also, these aren’t English names, plus most readers are also reading other translated novels. So consistency is needed to help us as readers….

    In fact, consistency is sometimes even more important than accuracy (for slight mistakes).

  12. Brendan says:

    R u going to release UUTS or not? and same question as Avid readr how do we get you 2 release lls on the same day i love it sooooooo much got to have more than 1 (selfishness).

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