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Release Schedule

LLS Release Schedule

Chapter release would probably around night time GMT +8. Note that there could (most probably) be chapter delays and it’s not the next day before I sleep. Note that release schedule of the extra chapter would change sporadically, depending on the availability of our translators.

Regular Chapters are the chapters that we will release with or without donations.

Sponsored Chapters are sponsored chapters by our donors, so please thank them lots!

You can check which chapter your donation will be queued at shiroyukitranslations.com/donation-list

Release Schedule for LLS: 4 Regular Chapters per week
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DOP/SDG Release Schedule

Monday – Friday: 1  Regular Chapter
Saturday – Sunday: Sponsored Chapters
Maximum of two SDG Chapters a day. If there are more than 4 chapters in queue, sponsored chapters will be released along with regular chapters the next weekday.


  1. hendy says:

    It’s already 7am 1day after release schedule and i still not seen chapter 500
    Im in Indonesia so the time just 1hour different than Singapore lol why i need to waiting 1full day ..
    But still thanks for the hard work

  2. 梅花 says:

    I am also wondering if you’ve dropped HacKer… please have a seperate category for announcements so readers can check without having to bother you guys. You could also post hiatuses there so we have a heads up. We won’t blame you, we’re just very invested in your translations.

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