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Hi guys!

Shiro here. I’m writing this post to apologize to my patrons in patreon…. Please forgive me 🙇‍♀️

So this is the story… In march this year, I whimsically created a patreon page and put it on my site, just to test if this thing is working… Then life gets in the way and I forgot all about it… I thought that if I hadn’t entered my payout information, patreon would probably not process my patron’s pledge. I thought that patreon would directly transfer the pledge amount from the patron’s paypal account straight to my paypal account, so I shouldn’t be able to receive any pledges if I don’t enter my payout information. But obviously I was an idiot.

I was chatting with 白酒鬼 the other day, and he was asking me about Patreon. After learning more about how it works, out of curiosity, I opened my Patreon account… and realised I have $597 in my account since March 2017…

I’m really sorry guys, it’s not my intention to not honor my pledge… Sponsored chapters will be $60 per chapter, so this means that I’ll have around 10 sponsored chapters to clear… OTL

I have updated my donation list with all the backlogs in Patreon since March (see table below). We are quite shorthanded now, so please be patient for your chapter to be released, I will probably be releasing 1 or 2 sponsored chapters every week… Will try to clear the sponsored chapters as soon as possible. Thank you!


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