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Long Live Summons (LLS)

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Long Live Summons!Details:
Novel Status: Completed
Published Date: 2010.06.01
Author: Xia Fei Shuang Jia
Total Chapters: 1390
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Another Dimension, Male Lead
Project Contact: Shiroyukineko
Chinese Manhua Link
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LLS Glossary

The Soaring Dragon Continent is a world of summons, you can only become strong if you become a summoner! Yue Yang, an average high school boy, was suddenly transported into this world. When he woke up, he was greeted with a lot of worried faces and found out that he had assumed another person’s identity. Turns out he’s the good-for-nothing third son of the Yue Family, who had just recently drowned himself because of a failed engagement. Unlike the third son of the Yue Family who was useless in summoning, Yue Yang succeeded in making a contract with a summoning grimoire on his first try, even when the other guy failed for the past fifteen years. Others would have a headache making contracts with beasts afterwards, but countless beasts tried to gain favour with Yue Yang instead, acting like good kids before him.

Yue Yang the brat, however, didn’t feel grateful at all: “Scram, Divine Beasts! Do you think you are cool like that? Go away from me now, I only like beautiful summons!”

Even when royal families approached him for his talents, the shameless brat replied, “I’m not interested in governmental stuff, I’m only interested in beauties!”
Synopsis from Qi Dian, Translated and modified by: Shiroyukineko

Long Live Summons in Other Languages:
French | Polish | Indonesian

Release Schedule: 4 Chapters/week, every Tues, Thurs, Sat and Sun.
Release Time: Anytime between 8pm - 3am GMT +8
WeekChapter Release
1/1 - 7/12/1 (Tue): 608
4/1 (Thu): 609
6/1 (Sat): 610
7/1 (Sun): 611
8/1 - 14/19/1 (Tue): 612
11/1 (Thu): 613
13/1 (Sat): 614
14/1 (Sun): 615
15/1 - 21/116/1 (Tue): 616
18/1 (Thu): 617
20/1 (Sat): 618
21/1 (Sun): 619
Chapters will be at $60 each. Please donate here!
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The Team:

Project Head: Shiroyukineko Project Contact: shiroyukitrans(a)hotmail.com Translators:
  1. Last
  2. want2eat
  3. heliumm


This project is currently recruiting translators only. Requirement:
  1. Able to read and understand Chinese without much difficulty (not MTL
  2. Have a good grasp of English language
  3. Have the free time to translate. Please don't sacrifice your studies/work/sleep for translating!
  4. Have the passion for this! 🙂
Tip: try to translate a chapter from the raws to see how much time you would need and how tough would it be! Translating can be quite time consuming :/

If you would like to contribute to our efforts and join our team as a translator, please email me at  shiroyukitrans@hotmail.com with the following details:

  1. Your name/on-screen name (otherwise i wouldn't know how to address you)
  2. The Light Novel you would like to work on
  3. Your age
  4. Please write the subject as Translator Recruitment


  1. John Bucu says:

    Guys whats happening? its been too long since the last update! i need to know whats going to happen to the fiery red hair giantess!!!!

  2. Whitewolf says:

    I think they should try and join wuxiaworld and see if they can get help from them as i have noticed a lot of projects on this site are not being updated and LLS is one of the main storys that pulled people to this site, I think if this keeps going on a lot of people will most likley stop reading it I know im on the verge of giving up on the novel even though its propbably in my top 5, also they could set up a monthly patron so they could do like 4 weekly releases like they have stated and then with the patreons that are paying get to read a few chapters ahead like they do on wuxiaworld.

    • John Doe says:

      Even if someone donate they may not translate, it seem like this place is going to end up quitting all translate soon.

  3. Kim says:

    I wonder what their excuse is now they should just pass this project to another group that will actually keep a proper schedule

    • Nobody says:

      Hey, hold your horses. They are doing that (mostly) for free and I don’t know about you, but I have never paid anything. It is great, that they have translated this story so far and I really hope, they will continue doing it. And something like a short explanation would be very nice, but it is not like they have to explain themselves to us. And for all we know, there might be some personal problems, maybe close family got sick or something. We do not know. So I just hope they are fine.
      Still at least something like a short “Due to …. reasons, we will be going on a hiatus until … ” would be nice.

      • Kim says:

        Its a popular novel to translate it will be picked up pretty quickly and regardless, how long does it take to leave a note saying whats the problem or how long they aren’t gonna translate? Even if its internet problems its the modern age you can use 4g,internet cafes, their friends or families internet to say something yea

    • moloch says:

      i agree the should either come up with a good excuse and say when they will come back in the game and start updating the some stability again, or just drop it so someone else can pick it up again. better to just get it over with rather than prolonging the inevitable

  4. Whitewolf says:

    to be honest I think they will be losing more people at this rate as they dont really keep to the schedual tha they themselves set up sure their doing it for free but if they are looking to earn a real income they need to put the time and effort in to it and be consitent they could set up a dedicated patron once they are able to keep consistent, they start multiple projects but never have they finished one. they should try and stick to 1 or 2 novels and then add more once they are able to keep up the pace. I will be giving it till the end of the month befor I completly stop reading this novel as I dont think its worth the wait. to see when a chapter will be out or not theres a lot of othere great novels out there to read. sure i would like to know how the story goes and it seems like a uniqe story but It’s not like i’ll die by not nowing what happened.

  5. bkchan says:

    I officially give up to read here,at this pace we’ll finish this novel in 3/4 years,I’d rather read it on lnmtl and have some brain damage than to wait this amount… Goodbye 😀

  6. Lucifer says:

    For crying out aloud it has been what 2 weeks, and all off you are b*******?! Get over it already will ya! 2 week wait sooooo what I have been waiting 6-8 months for 1 chapter of one of the novels I follow. An you’re B*****! about 2 weeks get a life you damn trolls! It ain’t the end of the world to wait a month or so. Maybe they needed a break to refresh translating mojo, but with you trolls heckling ain’t gonna help. Ya wanna leave for better prospects? Then leave don’t let the cyber door hit you in the a$$ on the way out. As for the loyal followers give’em a month or so if still response then we string them up and administer the feather tickle torture!

    • Kim says:

      Lol i’ve been reading on this shitty website since chapter 40 something on LLS didn’t bother reading any other since i noticed they were dropping and adding other things and the long waiting time so you stfu

  7. Clumsy Stalker says:

    I used to check the schedule every 2 – 3 days, trying to find out if todays the day the new release would drop. I soon found out if it says Thursday it means Monday and theres a chance Sundays Chapter will not be released. This is the only Chinese novel I read. I’ve sence taken a month and and half off and started Martial God Asura and am at chapter 2,049. Now That i check back and see how much worse it has gotten here with stagnating releases, I’m thinking i Just will try to learn to only check in once a month or so. (ps. LLS is way better then Martial God Asura.)

  8. nobody says:

    OK, I was trying to defend the translators, but when you say “twice a week” and do not publish anything for more than 2 weeks, you cannot help but hope someone else picks it up. If you promise one thing, but cannot keep it, the least you could do is write a short “sorry, we are not gonna make it for the next …. days/weeks”

  9. Magnus Chase says:

    Hey Shiroyukineko, just want to ask is this still going to be translated or have you dropped it, if you’ve dropped it thanks for all the chapters up till now, if you haven’t dropped it then YAY!

  10. Diablo says:

    I have waited longer between releases for other novels and intend to keep checking but would appreciate a note of something as to when we can e expect more

  11. What says:

    Well, even if there were no translators/editors we could still get notes just saying that things are still delayed. Since we don’t get any updates I think this novel has died unfortunately. I do hope some translators are found or something so we can finish this series.

    • Zack says:

      “Shiro: Hey guys, sorry for the late post. We are currently lacking translators, please bear with us for a few weeks. We’ll be posting 2 chapters per week until around mid-March. Enjoy the chapter!”

  12. Someguy says:

    Long time reader and lurker Thanks For All the Chapters you guys are amazing. Followed for 2 years and feel quite happy to share reading this novel with you shiro❤❤❤

    • What says:

      According to his last updates it was 1 chapter every 2 weeks. We got 626 16 days after that and now nothing for over 3 weeks. I said it before in a comment, I think this site is dead. I love shiro’s work but just like Japtem, if they were going to keep the site running they’d at least post updates instead saying what’s going on or that there won’t be a chapter because there is still no translator/editor/etc.

  13. Kim says:

    This is ridiculous isn’t it? timetable of when chapters comes out and that’s the only update we get lol. Its like going to a shop seeing sometime you like and paying for it and then the person on the counter just leaves to pick it up and never comes back. I get it irl stuff happens but if you dont have the time or people to translate it drop it for some other group how hard is that

  14. What says:

    So its dead again. Maybe we’ll get a chapter or 2 every few months just so they make sure they keep the series.

  15. Zagor says:

    Hey Shiroyukineko, just want to ask is this still going to be translated or have you dropped it, if you’ve dropped it thanks for all the chapters up till now, if you haven’t dropped it then YAY!

  16. Thelostangel says:

    Dear translators,

    I generally tent to binchread most novels. For LSS, I originally read through about 600 chapters, before I stopped, as I was approaching the final releases for this series. Comming back now months later and seing there are barely a few new chapters with seemingly no information regarding the status of translation project makes me both depressed and worried to be honest…

    It would be really disappoing if the translation of this novel continues to stand still. Any updates would be greatly appreciated.

    Regardless of the future of the series, however, I am very thankful for the translation of LLS up to this point, as I had I really good time with it!

  17. reiky frost says:

    The original writer has stopped translating for a while allready. Last big updates were all the saved up sponserd chapters. We have to wait for or a new translater or the original translator comming back. Don’t remember exactly what was going on but I think I remembered that there were some private reasons (health stuff of his or his family) that made him incapable to translate at the moment. May it be any small comfort

  18. A-Fin says:

    Guys. Instead of waiting for the updates here, why dont we give vote so that Long Live Summon can be brought to Webnovel 🙂

    • A-Fin says:

      I mean..go to webnovel and vote for Long Live Summons so we can see hope for the translation of Long Live Summon to continue

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