Long Live Summons (LLS)

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Long Live Summons!Details:
Novel Status: Completed
Published Date: 2010.06.01
Author: Xia Fei Shuang Jia
Total Chapters: 1390
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Another Dimension, Male Lead
Project Contact: Shiroyukineko
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The Soaring Dragon Continent is a world of summons, you can only become strong if you become a summoner! Yue Yang, an average high school boy, was suddenly transported into this world. When he woke up, he was greeted with a lot of worried faces and found out that he had assumed another person’s identity. Turns out he’s the good-for-nothing third son of the Yue Family, who had just recently drowned himself because of a failed engagement. Unlike the third son of the Yue Family who was useless in summoning, Yue Yang succeeded in making a contract with a summoning grimoire on his first try, even when the other guy failed for the past fifteen years. Others would have a headache making contracts with beasts afterwards, but countless beasts tried to gain favour with Yue Yang instead, acting like good kids before him.

Yue Yang the brat, however, didn’t feel grateful at all: “Scram, Divine Beasts! Do you think you are cool like that? Go away from me now, I only like beautiful summons!”

Even when royal families approached him for his talents, the shameless brat replied, “I’m not interested in governmental stuff, I’m only interested in beauties!”
Synopsis from Qi Dian, Translated and modified by: Shiroyukineko

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  1. omnigil says:

    This story is interesting. The writing style is a bit confusing though. But other than that, I don’t have any complaints. Looking forward to more chapters. XD

      • stefanus101 says:

        Thanks for translating this novel……
        I know this is presumptuous but do u think u can translate more per week?
        Coz I really like this novel and is really looking forward to what will happen and wants to get more chap per week(if possible per day)…..
        If there is anything I can do to help please let me know…..

        • pharma hikki says:

          yes it is presumptuous but I really understand what you want to say…this novel is definitely a good novel….a lot of joke shameless quote from hua tai lang or yue yang. and YES I laughed hard….

          but again…one chapter a day is good enoguh for me since you know we are facing last boss named REAL LIFE. with one attack from this fvcking boss we will get 9999 damage (especially when we have no money “cough” MP). not to mention mini boss name EXAM and hidden boss name WIFE/HUSBAND. the damage is unbelieve ably high (sorry for my engrish)

          that’s why give our loot “cough” money to shiroyukineko, hopefully shiroyukineko will have enough HP MP to finish this quest name LONG LIVE SUMMON

          I wish u well shiroyukineko, and I wish U all the BEST in real life too

          here I’ll give you some salmon 😀

  2. exqalph03 says:

    oh~! This is really interesting! Really! lol.
    Good thing I found you~! It’s how should I say this hidden? Somehow. Just found out in luck, I guess? Thanks!

    — Thanks for taking this up~! ^^ I’ll be looking forward for the next updates :).

  3. GrimVeilRule says:

    I really have to mention this. I don’t think Camouflage is the right word for the skill name. I thought Counterfeit worked better so does Chameleon and Imitation. Sorry it’s just my opinion.

  4. MysticJazzEnforcer says:

    This seems pretty interesting. I hope you continue with this, because it shows a lot of promise, imo. Thanks for your hard work so far though!

  5. Benjy says:

    HELL yeahhh… at last i found it… Story bout Summoners… Many thanks to the translator for all the hardwork… Haeru(Coiling Dragon) I choose u… ????

  6. optional says:

    Damn this so good and interesting his skill is almost like a doppelganger scared the sh*t out of me thank you translators for the hard work..

  7. Ken says:

    One of the most interesting series that I have read. Thank you for the hard work translating these maybe we can have more on Lls per week vs dop

  8. MEOW says:

    GG keep up the good work translators u got filters ignore the trash keep on translating even if 1000 badmouth u theres still 100 who appreciates ur work thanks for the chapters i will keep motivating u i am MEGA LEECHER in ur life. chillax enjoy and translate.

  9. hellink says:

    I know this might be a lot more work but is it possible to have glossary page of ls with level since that is the only important things right now but it hasn’t be fully stated

  10. Someleacher says:

    Uhh I’m on my phone and I try to access the raw site, but I get redirected to some p0rn site. Can you fix the link >.<

  11. PegaZeus says:

    Good story I like it. Thanks for the translation although, at this rate we will finish reading it in a year. Sacrifice some time and bust out like 20 chapters in a week at least once a month. Do it for your loyal fans.

  12. rantmobile says:

    Can you not associate the novel with the manhua, like using the manhua as a replacement for the lack of pictures in the novel? I personally felt that after reading the novel and glimpsing parts of the manhua, the manhua is literally butchering the novel. One of the beauty of novels is that, along with the descriptions in the novel, you use your imagination to fill like most of the scenes.

    As with many other manhua adaptations of novels, they are a disappointment in various ways. Not always, but sometimes it’s the inability to follow through with the original plot. But more common is that the artwork is just bad.

  13. DT says:


  14. lolred says:

    those who don’t know there is a manhua of this novel too u can read it at zingbox app in original title under world of summons name don’t know if it the author approved or someone else posting but it translated in English there weekly

  15. Random dude says:

    You’re probably not going to care, but I think it would be more appropriate to get the LN cover rather than the manga, since the manga storyline is vastly different from the story (I mean, he’s suppose to be 20, and here he looks like a kid :P)

  16. Moesin says:

    My god this story is like a word orgasim for my eyes…..this mc is such a shameless bastard and i love him for it….love reading it when he’s kicking somebody’s a55 his wording is so nicely done at least to were ive read up to 64

  17. kipoyedcl says:

    Just found this through some spoiler post from Wuxiaworld where they were comparing Yun Che, Chu Fend and Yeu Yang… i got interested and searched for it… after 2 days of reading till the latest chapter, i got hooked into it and was not disappointed…

    thank you so much translators for the hardwork and for the donators for their suopport!!! 😀

    reading it was so much fun due to the MC’s personality and the story being about summons 😀

  18. RedHead says:

    Becouse i had nothing to do, I calculated how much time it would take to translate all the chapters if it gets uploaded once, twice… every day per week.
    Here are the results (it starts from once per week to daily):

    1)24 years 11 months
    2)12y 5,5m
    3)8y 3,5m
    4)6y 3m
    6)4y 2m
    7)3y 7m

    (Of course I subtracted the 90 chapters that are allready published)

    Even if we get new chapters daily it will take 3 years and 7 months to finish.?
    But at the rate we are going it will take at least 5years????????

    I wish at times like these I was bad at math.?

  19. Bob says:

    I hope you know you made me addicted to this series. The main character personality is the best. Pure or very nice MC annoy the F*** out of me

  20. LNAddict says:

    Can some1 explain to me about contracted monster in the grimoire??
    can it actually died?? and if yes how does it works?? i remember Yinan’s and Yekong(1 of his lackey) got some or all of their beasts dead?? why they didnt get revived??

    • bob says:

      There are two types of monsters. Guardian Monsters that come with the Grimoire and Contract monsters they find and tame. The Guardian monsters are rare and the MC is only able to have more than one because of his cheat of his shadow guardian whose skill is to take other female monster over and turn them into Shadow Guardian that take up a spot. Though they have to totally dominate the others mind. Others have to have contracted if a contracted monster dies it’s dead.

    • bob says:

      Also the loli naga is a guardian monster I believe because it used his and a high class diamond classes life force or mana or whatever they call it here

  21. Woody says:

    First of all thank you for translating this novel. You are doing a great job on the translation. Having visited other sites I know that you are translating far high volume than any others I have seen. You’re translating with very little engrish making it easy for us to read; on the whole very good. Very professional. I enjoy your comments, the glossary and the FAQ.
    Having read so much I’ve finally made a donation and will make another next pay period.
    The story is also very entertaining (LLS). My only wish would be faster chapters as the story is getting so interesting; I can’t wait to read what happens next Please note that was a wish, not a request. With your workload I’m not expecting more.

  22. Josh Thomson says:

    ok one great novel two please make a current translated status, the above made me think it was finished and now that i noticed it stoped at 99 (cliffhanger much) i got pissed, but i am not going to shout and rave, just asking if you can put the thing i stated above to save other people like me

  23. FirosAhoge says:

    Although I strongly support translating most everything aside from people’s names like Yue Yang, in the end it’s obviously the translators’ decision and I’ll respect that. However, for words that are transliterated, I would very much appreciate a glossary, even if it’s just a literal glossary.

    For example, what does Shang Wu Camp mean? I think Wu usually means military. Also Tian Tong tower, I know Tian usually means Sky/Heavenly. There’s also the Da Xia Kingdom and the Zi Jin kingdom. Because I don’t speak or read Chinese all the names get jumbled in my head. Just a glossary on the side that I can look at while reading to remember all the terms would be very much appreciated. Thank you 🙂

  24. deadNormane says:

    thx for doing this novel
    i read ahead a few chapters and hope you continue translating it only keeps getting better
    one of the most unique novels out there and the omly one of it kind

  25. guy smiley says:

    I’m about to start reading this, cos it sounds good based on the description. I’ve known this was here for ages tho, but every time I get totally discouraged by the cover art. Seriously such a turnoff. Creepy too, though that’s mainly cos its aspect ratio or whatever is distorted.
    Anyways hopefully the story is better than the cover art is all I’m saying, you may get more readers if you change to the cover of a different volume or something.

  26. Lurz says:

    i just noticed that this LN got an official translator….haha……*after reading 1399 chapters of it…..yes…it is the full chapter for the LN…* either way….1 chapter per day is not really gonna please these people here….there are machine-translated version….but it will give you lots of headache….i advise to take a modern chinese lesson class if you wanna read them…..i read the chinese ver. in LNMTL…it also got the semi-machine translated ver……highly NOT recommendable…….better read the microsoft translated version…..a lot better…*still gonna give you a headache though*

    • Lurz says:

      ahh….before i forgot…..nice job in the translation……for newbies or those are not really good in english….better stick to this website…..the translation around here uses only simple english so it’s easy to understand…

  27. Belph says:

    sorry guys know when any yue yang he meets his former fiancee want to read that will tell you that time, d and xq the author only shows killer sexy girls U: U

  28. Brendan says:

    hopefully you read this, I understand that the current rate your releasing lls might be awesome and its hard to churn out more chapters per day, but i can’t express enough all of the awesome things that happen in lss between chapters 200-400. I understand that there might be an issue with translators but please try to get more new translators or current existing ones to work on lss, at the moment although its awesome that its basically a daily release, its still starting to get slow, all readers agree (hopefully) that they would like more chapters, i also understand that you need donations and its purely up to you what the rate of the release of chapters is like, don’t take this as hate its just there is so much happening in the novel yet to come. i loves this novel lots and if i could successfully translate i would with out a doubt would, thats why im going to donate enough to get 2 full chapters and maby put in the rest of the money for the existing donations to get 3 (when my new debit card comes in the mail). Once again don’t take this as hate, i love the work your doing its just starting to get slow for me cause i love the novel so much and people are missing out on Huo Tai Lang becoming a mythical beast ~spoiler, im currently at 389.

  29. godin says:

    now i know how hard it is to translate this LN i tried translating 170-171 and found that grammar sucks LMAO “fall city’s soft hands”. man so much re-wording and re-phrasing. i’m happy your putting in their names LMAO

  30. hidadsek says:

    Is this novel good? I did read manga up to 26 chapter in my country language and it is quite good. But something i know about China’s comic industry is that the Manhua and the novel hardly match each other and the preview is quite disturbing. I dont hate shameless character as long as he isnt shameless to the point of heartless and hateful (the novel i read depict a MC so shameless that he intend to run away after receiving payment to cure girl’s father without treating him, harass and insult her and her friend using their plight just because he doesnt like the girl hiding her face, shamelessly demand more and more of rare medicine even though he can cure the man easily and even go as far as put in the man some poison so that he can reap more benefit later).After reading about that, i quit reading the novel immediately. It isnt like i am too lazy to read but most of Chinese novel i have read so far is too disappointing (not that they are badly written or boring but that they have too much hatred to other country (Japan, American…), too much cruelty and bloodshed and their point of view is too bias thinking that their country is the best, the holiest and they deserve to rule the world). Any more of those novel and i am scared that i may also have some prejudice towards China itself too.

    • Marfedelom says:

      main character is a character that requires time to understand, however overall he isn’t too bad a person not a GREAT person though, but you can kind of understand his mindset to some degree

  31. Wolf says:

    Over a hundred chapters read so far and two main complaints. 1) the way the mc tends to forget about some summoned beasts and pay zero attention to them when he should do the opposite and most importantly 2) I feel like the summary has lied to me!

    Other than that, loving the story!

  32. ABDUL-WAHAB says:

    U shoukd host LLS on WUXIAWORLD that way u will get a lot more sponsors for LLS. And the reader count will go up by a lot as well

  33. Ged Merrilin says:

    Is there an option to read the chapters without the pictures, I find them distracting and annoying, and also could you put a leave comment box at the top of the comment list so you don’t have to scroll down for five years? Other than that, love the translations, thank you and keep up the good work! :3

  34. Xenoten says:

    I’m just wondering, (no spoilers.)
    I am at chapter 258 and am having a very hard time following the story and have been the previous five or so chapters.
    I have also read in the comments that other readers are experiencing the same problems.
    Will the story gain a story? I mean will it be less confusing later on or will it continue being hard to follow?
    To top it of, I am dyslectic. However I usually have no problems to follow anything I read.

    • WndDrgn says:

      I recommend for you, or person who confuse about the story:

      Please read manwa first, to get basic story.
      Then proceed to light novel.

      The manwa is not long, it is just about 40 chapter,

  35. Sicklyidiot says:

    I wish I could finish this but my doctor said that I only have around a year to live so I guess half of it is the most I’ll be able to rêad guess that’s is better than nothing.

  36. Kijin says:

    Does this Author have other stories? I quite like his writing style. Its whimsical and entertaining, both the comedic parts and the action-packed ones.

  37. Godin says:

    i haven’t even been reading for 3 months. And I got a email saying “not to host these chapter anywhere” has someone been hosting? did anyone else got these email?

  38. What says:

    Did the release schedule change? Thursday’s chapter came out Friday, and Saturday’s chapter still hasn’t released. I noticed there were new translators for the last chapter, so I was wondering if they are behind, or are shifting the release schedule back a day due to location/time zone?

  39. darkone33 says:

    i donated $21.00 to top off the donations and get an extra chapter but i don’t see it on the list. did it go through or did i make an error?

  40. Rosa says:

    so confuse with the new formatting… can even find the chapter pages… love the old format.. dear shiroyukineko… please fix this problem.. thank you

  41. What says:

    We Have the old format back, but Tues 6/6 says chapter 490 is suppose to be out, but 489 isn’t on the list and now 7/6, 490 and 491 aren’t up.
    I was wondering if we won’t see new chapters until the theme bug is fixed or if the links are just missing?

  42. Kiko says:

    I d to know if it’s normal that chapter 490 is nowhere to be found?
    Can someone give me the link to this chapter please.

  43. Gosp says:

    So what happened to the Cards of Fate?I tried to look into it but I couldn’t find what abilities he gained.There is like a few chapters about Cards of Fate and quite the description saying he’d gain an ability but so far there is no abilities.Can anyone enlighten me?

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