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“R=” means Chapter Reference

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Grimoire Ranks: 

Bronze Grimoire (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
Silver Grimoire (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
Gold Grimoire (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
Platinum Grimoire (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
Diamond Grimoire (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
Holy Grimoire (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
Godly Grimoire (beginner, intermediate, advanced)


Grimoire Ranks gain exp as the summoners uses their grimoire during battles. When the required amount of exp is met, it will evolve to a higher ranked grimoire. The higher ranked grimoire will be able to contract beasts more easily). Celestial Grimoire is made up of Holy Grimoire and Divine Grimoire.

Summoner Ranks: 

Level 1 [Apprentice] (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
Level 2 [Braveman] (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
Level 3 [Hero] (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
Level 4 [Champion] (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
level 5 [Grandmaster] (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
Level 6 [Elder] (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
Level 7 [Overlord] (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
Level 8 [Emperor] (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
Level 9 [Sage] (beginner, intermediate, advanced)


Summoner Ranks gain exp as the summoners uses their grimoire during battles. When the required amount of exp is met, the rank will evolve to a higher level ranks.

Do note that these ranks are different from Innate Ranks. Innate are more like physical skills while these are the ranks for summoning skills.

Beasts Ranks:

Normal-ranked Beast (Lv. 1 – 10)
Bronze-ranked Beast (Lv. 1 – 10)
Silver-ranked Beast (Lv. 1 – 10)
Gold-ranked Beast (Lv. 1 – 10)
Platinum-ranked Beast (Lv. 1 – 10)
Diamond-ranked Beast (Lv. 1 – 10)


Beasts will gain exp through battles. When the required exp is met, it will rise a level.

Elite Beast: A term used for beasts that has gone through Variant Evolutions. Beasts will only undergo a variant evolution (i.e normal > bronze) if it eats magic/demon crystals. Each variant evolution will increase the beasts’ strength by ten times.
Holy Beast: A term used for beasts who have high intelligence, have a humanoid appearance and have the ability to speak.
Divine Beast: A term used for beasts who are similar to Holy Beasts, but own their own grimoire.
Transcending Divine Beast: Bound to its summoner and live inside their summoners’ bodies. e.g. Xiao Wen Li
Star Rating: Beasts are rated from 1-10 stars based on their intelligence, humanoid appearance and potential.
Tiers: Beasts that has a star rating of 9 and 10 are Holy Beasts/Divine Beasts. They are then further sub-divided into First Tier to Ninth Tier. A First Tier Holy Beast would already have the powers of a Level 9 Normal-ranked beast.(R=139)

Main Character Bio

Name: Yue Yang

Level Ups

  1. R=2, Level 1 [Apprentice] – Beginner (able to summon 1 beast/day)
  2. R=47, Level 1 [Apprentice] – Intermediate
  3. R=119, Level 1 [Apprentice] – Advanced
  4. R=121, Level 2 [Braveman] – Beginner (able to summon 2 beasts/day)
  5. R=310, Level 3 [Hero] – Beginner (able to summon 3 beasts/day)
  6. R=311, Level 4 [Champion] – Beginner (able to summon 4 beasts/day)
  7. R=337, Level 5 [Grandmaster] – Beginner (able to summon 5 beasts/day)
  8. R=358, Level 6 [Elder] – Intermediate (able to summon 6 beasts/day)

Innate Rank:  1 (R=180), 3 (R=297)

  1. Domain of power: Devour – Allows Yue Yang to ‘Devour’ anything and everything within his domain and make it his own power. R=283, R=292
    1. Range: Body
    2. Effects: Can ‘devour’ any concept or ‘domain’ as well as the energy of heaven and earth freely. R=430
  1. Domain of power: Star Explosion – Yue Yang charges starlight in a hand to make a light sphere and crash it into his foes, exploding and doing damage equal to a star exploding. R=284
    1. Range: 5 metres. R=392
  1. Domain of power: World-Exterminating Wheel – Described as a giant runic war circle that floats behind Yue Yang’s back. Yue Yang must be in a innate state to use it. It shoots out bursts of light that attack targets before returning and recharging the runic wheel. At base level of power, no one under innate level 5 can withstand it.  (R=188)
  1. Domain of Power: Nirvana’s Flame – Yue Yang is shown to possess this flame. (R=178)
    1. [Purify] – Nirvana’s Flame has the ability to purify anything and everything into nothingness, thus it is seen as the strongest flame. [R=188,R=229,R=322]
    2. [Refining] – The Nirvana Flame also has the ability to refine its user, cleansing them and removing any impurities from their body or soul. [R=229,R=322]
    3. [Weaponize] – Yue Yang has long attuned to his Nirvana’s Flame and has gained the ability to change its shape, compress and use it as a weapon, mainly in the form of a spear. (R=?, R=?, R=362)


  1. First Grimoire (Contracted at R=1):
    1. Bronze-ranked Beginner (R=1)
    2. Bronze-ranked Intermediate (R=36)
    3. Bronze-ranked Advanced (R=80)
    4. Silver-ranked Beginner (R=90)
    5. Silver-ranked Intermediate (R=157)
    6. Silver-ranked Advanced (R=199)
    7. Gold-ranked Beginner (R=310)
    8. Gold-ranked Intermediate (R=311)
    9. Gold-ranked Advanced (R=315)
    10. Platinum-ranked Beginner (R=356)
    11. Platinum-ranked Intermediate (R=430)
  2. Second Grimoire (Contracted at R=68):
    1. Silver-ranked Intermediate (R=68)
    2. Reverted back to Bronze-ranked Beginner when Yue Yang contracted it. (R=68)
    3. Became a Godly Grimoire after absorbing Yue Yang’s Blood. An unknown Holy Beast in Tong Tian Tower decided to make the grimoire its home. (R=68)

Inherent Skill: Twin Stars (Inherent Skills are skills that are bestowed to a summoner once they have contracted a grimoire. Yue Yang’s Inherent Skills is called Twin Stars, consisting of Counterfeit and Divine Vision):

  1. Counterfeit(Level 6): You are as cunning as a fox and as treacherous as a poisonous snake. You are like an usurping chameleon who live under a camouflage. You are a facade, nobody can see through your heart. Reached level 2 at chapter 91. Reached level 5 in the three shrines quest R=309, R=310, R=311, R=312. Reached level six after Intermediate grimoire level up R=430.
  2. Divine Vision(Level 5): You have eagle-like eyes and sage-like reactions. You are like a death god that sees through living things’ soul. You have an all-seeing vision that sees through the world, so you’ll be immune to illusionary or fake debuffs. Divine Vision reached Level 2 at chapter 34. Divine Vision reached Level 3 at chapter 121. Divine Vision reached Level 4 at chapter 198. Divine Vision reached Level 5 at chapter 269.
  3. Gemini(Innate Level 4):  Summons a double that has a spiritual connection with the summoner. The double could perform [Spiritual Telepathy] and [Vision Exchange] from a certain distance with the summoner, Also grants the ability [Spirit Pacifier]. (R=216), (Leveled up R=305, Again on R=311)


  1. [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi [Refined on R=106] [6 Blades per day]
    1. First Layer: Supreme Sword: (1st skill learnt from invisible sword qi – R=5) Yue Yang can use multiple charges of his sword Qi to create a huge sword out of Qi, when he first learned this skill he could only use one blade but as he was capable of multiple blades later on he could then charge them into one huge Qi blade. R=148
    2. Second Layer: Mysterious Three Styles [unlocked when Yue Yang clears 2nd stage of innate invisible sword qi – R=15] [Refined on R=106]
      1. Elegant Sword Dance: Allows for a 10 meter jump back – R=36
      2. Supreme Sword Aim: An unrivalled sharpness is added to the sword qi that can penetrate anything – R=36
      3. Five Insights Back To One: All five senses are greatly increased and the sword qi covers the body of the host to protect against most debuffs R=87
    3. Third Layer: Marvellous Way of the Heart (R=106)
      1. Nature’s Heart: Allows for blending into the environment, makes one invisible or neutral to animals or insects. R=143 (or Heart of Nature – chapter 76)
        1. Also allows Yue Yang to ignore minor environmental effects. (R=142)
      2. Massacring Heart: Allows for a unyielding mindset during battle. (Comprehended on R=103, Mentioned on R=105)
    4. Fourth Layer: [Open Heaven’s Eyes] – Works like Yue’s Divine Eyes skill (R=185)
      1. [Naked Eyes Traverse] – The first level of [Open Heaven’s Eyes], gives the ability to see through disguising abilities. (R=185)
      2. [Heaven Eyes Traverse] – The second level of [Open Heaven’s Eyes], gives the ability to see through the natural laws and energies of the world. (R=269)
    5. Fifth Layer: [Expanse of mind] (Non-Official Term)
      1. When Yue Yang broke through the fifth layer of innate qi, he did not gain a specific ability, but he stated that now that he has broken through the fifth layer, he can store more information, and the vast knowledge his mother had was fully transferred over without his head exploding, so i believe the fifth realm has to do with mind? This is also proven when he stated he needed to comprehend his yin pole before breaking through to the fifth layer. R=287
  1. Yue Clan’s Spear Technique (Non-Official Terms)
    1. [Basic Level-Pike Pierce] – The spear is thrown at high speeds at the target, its power is enough to pierce an enemy equipped with a strengthening type beast. R=101
    2. [Advanced Level-Ascension] – The host’s body ascends into the air with his or her spear, the spear then gains the power of three hundred thousand kilos and slams down on the opposing enemies. R=101
  1. Night Vision: (A skill gained from Empress Fei Wen Li, allows for sight in the dark) R=25, R=49
  1. X-Ray Vision: (A skill gained from combining Yue Yang’s [Divine Vision] level four and [Open Heaven’s Eyes] level one.) R=198
  1. Heaven Eyes Divine Vision: (A skill gained from combining Yue Yang’s [Divine Vision] level five and [Open Heaven’s Eyes] level two.) R=269
    1. Gives all the benefits from both skills plus a focusing effect. This eliminates unnecessary information Yue Yang may not want.
  1. Yin Yang Twin Fish Circle (Level 2, R=160) (A skill that Yue Yang created on his own, R=112)
    1. Description: With his innate qi, he creates a ball of flame and a ball of black gas, allowing them to beautifully revolve and mix with each other like an Yin and Yang Circle.
    2. Skill Compartments:
      1. [Spherical Beheader] – Yue Yang spins his Hui Jin Magic Blade to form a circle that engulfs everything. (R=134)
        1. Also has the ability to reflect or absorb energy type and physical attacks to a limit. (R=160, R=162, R=291)
      2. [Fire Mastery] – Yue Yang can control fire after comprehending the Yang pole from his Yin and Yang skill. (R=162)
        1. Fire Immunity – Yue Yang became immune to pure fire-elemental attacks after mastering his yang pole. (R=174, R=368)
        2. Fire Controller – Yue Yang can control any type of flame he can produce or absorb. (R=162, Hui Jin Magic Blade flames, R=?)
      3. [Water and Ice Mastery] Yue Yang can control water after comprehending the Yin pole from his Yin and Yang skill. (Mentioned R=165, Mastered R=266)
        1. Water/Ice Immunity – Yue Yang became immune to pure water-elemental attacks after mastering his yin pole. (R=?, R=?)
        2. Water/Ice Controller – Yue Yang can control any type of water/ice he can produce or absorb. (R=266, R=?, R=?)
  1. Two Dragons Vying Pearls – Using spiritual Qi, the host uses two fingers to jab between the opponent’s eyes, a very weak technique. (R=134)
  1. Fire Bow and Ice Arrow’s – Using his mastery over fire and ice, yue yang creates a bow of pure flame and arrows of pure water/ice. (R=?, R=278, R=362)
    1. [Water Arrow] – Able to blow a hole in mountain and kill a innate ranker easily in one hit (R=362)
    2. [Ice Arrow: Enchanted] – Able to break an innate rankers gilmore shield.
  1. Space Teleportation – Yue Yang learnt how to teleport by imitating the Marquis of Zi Jin’s Space Teleportation ability. (R=153)
    1. Allows Yue Yang to teleport 100 meters instantly, accuracy is dependent on Yue Yang’s state of mind. (R=156)
  1. [Force Neutralizing skill] – Learned from the loli sword princess in Yue Yang’s dreams, allows for him to minimize shock type damage. (R=216)
  1. [Crystal Armor] – Originally the sickly beauty’s defensive skill. User covers their body in a crystal like armor. (R=341)
    1. Effect: Can defend against attacks of the users cultivation level at base form.
  2. [Mesmerising] – When the person possessing this skills smile, it will trigger a special effect that would hypnotise the other party(only effective towards those of the opposite gender). (R=430)
    1. Effect: The higher the level of ‘Counterfeit’ skill is, the stronger this skill will be. It has the power to control females in Yue Yangs case.
  1. Non-Official Skills:
    1. Innate Qi Control (Non-official Terms):
      1. [Purify] – Using his innate qi, he can purify demonic qi similiar to how plant type beasts can purify demonic qi. R=39
      2. [Scan] – Using his innate qi, he can probe a target and detect various things about his target such it’s attributes. R=40
      3. [Infuse] – Using his innate qi, Yue Yang can infuse his sword Qi into objects or life-forms to increase or evolve its power. R=40
      4. [Shape] – Using his inate qi, Yue Yang can shape his innate qi into any shape or form by controlling it with his will. R=337
    2. [Halo Shield]: The ability to enter and exit your grimoire halo shield.
    3. [Instant Grimoire Summon]: The ability to summon the grimoire instantly R=115
    4. [Life-Death Grimoire Summon]: Whenever Yue Yang is on the verge of dying, he can summon out his Celestial Grimoire powers. R=150, R=?
    5. [Controlled-Madness]: The state in which Yue Yang has gone mad, in this state he is about 1.5 to 2.0 stronger then normal but barely can keep his rationality to the point of losing it entirely, the increase from then on is reflected by how mad he is. R=155 + R=352

Contracted Beasts:

  1. Guardian Beast: Phantom Shadow
    1. Description: A Special Type Guardian beast that is his own shadow. Being a guardian beast, it cannot die but requires time to recover. Phantom Shadow has a 10 day summoning length.
      1. Inherent Skills:
        1. [Giant Shadow] – increases strength 100 fold. Lasts one minute but can increase time up to 3 minutes if he overlaps more shadows and can be applied to anyone. R=34
        2. [Possession] – Phantom Shadow can take over any beast’s body and possessed it like it’s its own body. The target must not be of the same gender as the Phantom Shadow’s master. Furthermore, during the implementation of [Possession] skill, the target must be alive. The success rate of implementing the [Possession] skill depends on the strength and willpower of the target. (R=37, A skill bestowed to Phantom Shadow by the Ancient Code after Yue Yang managed to defeat a level 8 Demon King Ha Xin at level 1 Apprentice.)
        3. [Reconstruction]: After taking a certain beast’s body as its new body, it can absorb the body and energy of the same type of beasts to reconstruct its body. The target must be alive. The success rate is linked to the target’s power and will. R=80
        4. [Shadow Evasion]: The Phantom Shadow can freely blend into the darkness. The naked eye is unable to see its existence. Under special environments, the host can provide a large amount of spiritual qi to create a black fog, to forcefully blend into the darkness. This skill cannot be used in front of an enemy with strength surpassing the host. R=90
        5. [Never leave your side]: The phantom shadow is now immune to all laws and restrictions that prevent it from leaving Yue Yangs side and can be summoned indefinitely. R=430
  1. Guardian Beast: World
    1. Description: Special-type, Formless body, has an area of domain. Guardian Beast, eternally on the state of summoned.
    2. Domain:  [Power Augmentation] (Non-Official) term
      1. Strengthens overall combat power of ally beast’s and Weakens the overall combat power of enemy beasts. (R=315)
    3. Inherent Skills:
      1. [Chaotic Beginning] – Unknown
      2. [Domain Elements] – Unknown
    4. Evolutions and Level Up:
      1. First contracted as Platinum-ranked Level 1. (R=311)
      2. Platinum-ranked Level 2. (R=311)
      3. Platinum-ranked Level 3 (R=312)
  1. Guardian Beast: Mysterious Serpent Demon (Xiao Wen Li)
    1. Description: Larva State, Sentient, Humanoid Spirit Beast. Unlimited Vitality, Life Force tied to Summoner’s.
    2. Inherent Skills:
      1. [Binding Chain]: Level 2 – Creates freezing chains that bind the target.
      2. [Gemini]: Level 1 – Summons a double that has a spiritual connection with the summoner. The double could perform [Spiritual Telepathy] and [Vision Exchange] from a certain distance with the summoner. (R=216)
      3. [Soul Chains]: With mental chains emitted from the skill user’s eyes, the skill user may confine the soul of the opponent. The opponent’s soul can then be withdrawn from his body after using this skill successfully. Prerequisite: There must not be any interruption during the process, and the skill user cannot move his body at all. Soul Chains is applicable to any creatures, the stronger the soul of the opponent, the weaker its effect. No effects on those without a soul. (R=444)
      4. Non-official Skills:
        1. [Purification]: Xiao Wen Li has purifying properties. R=135
    3. Contracted Beasts:
      1. Stone Element Medusa – Shoots a petrifying stone arrow
        1. Owns the Golden Tiger Shark, (R=190)
        2. Gained flaming hair from the fake nirvana’s flame.
      2. Storm Mermaid – Summons a storm
        1. Has a conch that can summon storm clouds and torrents of water.
        2. Can freely control water and clouds.
      3. Thunderbolt Naga
        1. Diamond-ranked King beast, (R=190)
        2. Holds the legendary treasure “Thunder Orb” (R=190)
        3. Is able to summon lightning clouds and bolts (R=190)
      4. Ice Serpent Demon – Freezes everything.
        1. Has the Dual Icicle Blades
        2. Is the strongest summon of Xiao Wen Li
    4. Weapon:
      1. Dual Icicle Blades: Blades that flash freeze targets that have been inflicted wounds by it. The strength of the freezing and blades depend on the rank and quality of the owner (R=50)
        1. The weapon was Platinum – Dark Gold-rank but upgraded to Diamond-rank. (R=231)
    5. Evolutions and Level Up:
      1. First contracted as Diamond-ranked Level 1
      2. Diamond-ranked Level 2 (R=171)
      3. Diamond-ranked Level 3 (R=284)
      4. Diamond-ranked Level 4 (R=?,R=443)
      5. Diamond-ranked Level 5 (R=444)
  1. Guardian Beast: Barbarian Cow Shadow (Ah Man)
    1. Description: An almost humanoid cow lady, gained this appearance after a reconstruction was done on her body on chapter 90 (by Blade Massacring Demoness). Another reconstruction (by Nirvana’s Flame) was done on chapter 136. Able to fight with basic combat techniques that Yue Yang taught her. A part of Yue Yang’s Phantom Shadow’s [Possession]. Nicknamed Ah Man R=136. One star holy beast, R=391
    2. Inherent Skills::
      1. [Doom’s Eyes] – Instant kill, projects a ‘Grim Reaper-like image’. Chance of activation is associated with target’s will and level.  R=34
        1. [Bloodeye Double Kill]: When [Doom’s Eyes] is triggered to kill an enemy, there is a small chance that a related enemy will be killed too. This skill will not work on non-living beasts or undead beasts who don’t have souls. R=201
        2. [Trample] – Tramples the enemy or earth causing crushing damage, also can interrupt spell casting with its area of effect. R=37, R=391
        3. [Heart of Earth] – Able to passively absorb energy from the ground giving limitless energy as long as one is on the ground, also immune to earth elemental attacks. (R=405)
        4. Non-official Skills:
          1. [Sentience]: Allows for some thinking ability R=53, upgraded R=201
          2. [Beheading Iron Blade Technique]: Taught by Yue Yang R=89
          3. [Crushing Stone Hammer Technique]: Taught by Yue Yang R=89
          4. [Flame Breath]: The Barbarian Cow shadow can breath fire R=89
    3. Weapons & Armors:
      1. Leather Chest Plate
      2. Golden Bell – Cast’s Holy Light on beasts to heal wounds, even severe wounds like loss of limbs. R=52
      3. Great Massacring Blade – A huge blade of enormous strength, owned by the Blade Massacring Demoness previously. R=133
    4. Evolutions and Level Ups:
      1. First contracted as Bronze-ranked Level 3 – Half-human, half-ox, three meters tall creature with lots of muscle. R=37
      2. Bronze-ranked Level 5 – Levelled up after [Reconstructing] with Blade Massacring Demoness’ Core. R=90
      3. Silver-ranked level 5 – Levelled up by Nirvana’s Flame. Looks like a bold and powerful female warrior. R=136
      4. Gold-ranked Level 5 – Levelled up in the taurus temple. R=201
      5. Platinum-ranked Level 5 – R=?
      6. Diamond-ranked Level 1 – R=?
  1. Guardian Beast: Bloody Queen (Red)
    1. Description: A Platinum King-ranked Beast, a part of Yue Yang’s Phantom Shadow’s [Possession] with soul intact, Contracted at chapter 88. A Holy beast R=139
    2. Inherent Skills
      1. [Banshee’s Scream] –  A ear piercing scream that disables opponents and kills lower ranked beasts. R=87
        1. Power increases with damage sustained. R=132
      2. [Flame Whip (Whip of Agony)] – A whip made of flames, gained when the Bloody Queen levelled up to Gold-ranked level 4. R=124
        1. Effects: Able to cause an unbearable pain formed from an extreme of wrath and despair. R=419
      3. [Sheep Transformation] – Transforms any beast under Gold-ranked level 6 into a sheep. R=231
      4. Non-Official Skills
        1. [King’s Aura] – As a Beast King, she has a halo that floats above her head and can easily intimidate any beast below her rank with her aura.
        2. [Berserk] – The more damaged or danger the Bloody Queen is in, the stronger her abilities are.
    3. Weapons
      1. Dragon Slaying Dagger – A gold-ranked dagger, required to injure higher-ranked beasts, also has the power to negate healing effects. R=88
      2. Demon General’s Crescent Blade(Crescent Moon) – A crescent-shaped blade which is big enough to reach across one’s back. Previously owned by Yue Yang and was selfishly snatched away by Bloody Queen. Gold-ranked weapon, is outfitted with ‘Frost’, ‘Permanent Hardening’, ‘Sharp’ runes. R=305
    4. Evolutions and Level Ups:
      1. First Contracted as Golden King-ranked Level 3 (R=88)
      2. Golden King-ranked Level 4 – Levelled up after eating a Magma Wyvern’s Core (R=124)
      3. Golden King-ranked Level 5 – Levelled up by Nirvana’s Flame (R=136)
      4. Platinum King-ranked Level 5 – Levelled up by absorbing runes (R=171)
  1. Guardian Beast: Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen (Duo Duo)
    1. Description:  A Flower monster with a stalk like body leading into a flower head that has a head on it. Obtained from Yue Bing as a Thorny Flower. Became a Guardian beast and a holy beast on R=312
    2. Inherent Skills:
      1. [Poison Spit] – Shoots poison, the power the poison depends on the level and strength of the plant.
      2. [Take Root] – The plant absorbs nutrients in the ground allowing for root attacks or recovery.
      3. [Division Propagation] – Orders the plant to break off its branches to form another copy of itself, can reconnect to original.
      4. [Corpse Feeding] – Orders the plant to feed on dead corpses, allows for power boosts and possible variant evolution.
      5. [Spore] – Orders the plant to disperse its spores. Spores allow the plant to multiply similar to [Division Propagation] but slower and requires more energy to be present. R=151
    3. Evolutions and Level Up:
      1. Spitting Thorny Flower (Normal-ranked level 1, Given by Yue Bing, R=7)
      2. Bloody Tongued Spitting Thorny Flower (bronze-ranked level 1, R=24)
      3. Devil Mask Spitting Thorny Flower (silver-ranked level 1, R=38)
      4. Magic Eye Spitting Thorny Flower (gold-ranked level 1, R=39)
      5. Thorny Flower Demoness/Little Thorny Flower Demoness (Bronze-ranked level 1, R=96)
      6. Thorny Flower Demoness/Little Thorny Flower Demoness (Sliver-ranked level 1 R=151)
      7. Runic Phantom Thorny Flower Demoness (Sliver-ranked level 1, R=171)
      8. Silver-ranked level 1 to Diamond-ranked (R=254)
      9. Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen (Bronze-ranked Level 1 Holy Beast, R=312)
  1. Quintet Golden Puppet Mice
    1. Description: A creation of the Yue clan, These mice are scorned by the world as useless, however, these mice are extremely useful contrary to common belief. Each mouse holds its own elemental attribute, and excel in reconnese. The five mice can share one page in the grimoire of the host.
    2. Inherent Skills:
      1. Non-Official Skills:
        1. [Detection] – The ability to search and gather information for the master across long distances. R=56
        2. [Vision Share] – The ability to relate everything they see with their master like moving cameras. R=57
        3. [All-Terrain] – The ability to travel at fast speeds on any terrain due to the elemental attributes given to the mice. R=57
        4. [Loyalty] Due to the nature of the mice being mechanical, the mice are endlessly loyal to their master.
  1. Guardian beast: Golden Beast
    1. Description: Round body, purple eyes, red claws, tail and wings, silver colored body, gold-ranked beast, Contracted on chapter 74, Becomes a sliver bracelet when not in use. A [Tong Tian Beast] (R=164)
    2. Inherent Skills:
      1. Non-Official Skills
        1. [Cleanse] – By swallowing a target whole, The Golden Beast can remove any influence anyone or anything had to the target before it was swallowed. R=The cleansing of the lich’s influence from the lich ring Yue Yang received.
        2. [Transform] – As a metal beast, the Golden Beast can transform into any object like a wrist guard. (R=147, R=164)
  1. Guardian beast: Phoenix Sisters

      1. Description: Contracted at R=68. Has a very nature-like sound. Seemed like a pair of beasts. Classified as Immortal Beasts, they will not attack without them being attacked first or Yue Yang being attacked. (R=?, R=?, R=398)
      2. Inherent Skills:
        1. [Nirvana’s Flame] – A flame that soars up high to the sky and is able to purify everything on its path.
        2. Non-Official Skills
          1. [Nullification] – The sisters can ignore laws and restrictions placed. (R=398)
  1. Guardian beast: Spirit of Earth Fire

    1. Description: Human transformed into a smoke apparition and contracted at (R=195). A humanoid elemental type beast. Is incorporeal, therefore intangible. Her form is a spirit, fire is her body and smoke is her clothing. Storm is her chair and lightning is her hair. (R=393) Became a Spirit of Earth Fire after asborbing the ‘Red Spirit Fire Demoness’. (R=402). Her thick smoke is beautiful, shiny black hair while her raging flames is her body. The tornado became her dress and electricity is her arms. (R=402)
    2. Inherent Skills:
      1. [Incorporeal Body] – Immune to physical type attacks
      2. [Thick Smoke] – unknown
      3. [Ignite] – unknown
      4. [Storm Power] – Able to transform into a powerful tornado (R=393, R=401)
      5. [Spirit Energy] – unknown (R=393)
      6. [Thunder and Lightning] – Able to use a paralysing electricity attack (R=393, R=401)
    3. Evolutions and Level Up:
      1. Contracted as a Spirit of Fire and Mist Sliver-ranked level one (R=195)
      2. Spirit of Flame and Smoke Silver-ranked Level 3. (R=305)
      3. Spirit of Flame and Smoke Gold-ranked Level 5. (R=314)
      4. Spirit of Flame and Smoke Platinum-ranked Level 5 (R=?, R=391)
      5. Spirit of Earth Fire Platinum-ranked Level 5 (R=402)
  1. Guardian beast: Reaper Mantis
    1. Description: Incubated from a egg. An insect type beast. Said to hunt dragons. Golden King-beast (R=306)
    2. Inherent Skills:
      1. Non-Official Skills
        1. [King’s Aura] – As a Beast King, she has a halo that floats above her head and can easily intimidate any beast below her rank with her aura.
    3. Evolutions and Level Up:
      1. Contracted as an egg (R=120-130?)
      2. Gold-ranked level 3. (R=240)
      3. Gold-ranked Level 4. (R=306)
      4. Gold-ranked Level 5. (R=315)
      5. Platinum-ranked Level 4 (R=391, R=369)

Non-contracted Beasts:

  1. Hui Tai Lang
    1. Description: tried to steal Demon King Ha Xin’s arms but ended up almost dead (R=39). Was saved Yue Yang’s Innate Qi that he unconsciously channeled when he pummelled Hui Tai Lang. Has Fire, Darkness and Metal attributes in his body.
    2. Evolutions and Level Ups:
      1. Normal-ranked Level 2 Iron-Clawed Wolf, R=39
      2. Bronze-ranked Level 3 Ironback Demonic Wolf, R=40. Levelled up after getting flattened eight times by Yue Yang’s stomps, 3x cracked skull, 2x broken neck, 4x pounded back and 9x fractured legs.
      3. Bronze-ranked Level 4 Ironback Demonic Wolf, R=53. Levelled up after eating the snake tail of the Gold-ranked Level 6 Three-headed Chimera
      4. Bronze-ranked Level 5 Two-headed Demon Wolf, R=67. Levelled up after eating the Demonic Fire Beast’s carcass.
      5. Silver-ranked Level 4 Two-headed Demon Wolf, R=129. Levelled up with no reason.
      6. Gold-ranked Level 5 World Destroying Demon Wolf, R=173. Levelled up after the runic metal pole gave him it’s black runes.
      7. Platinum-ranked Level 5 World Destroying Demon Wolf, R=275, Levelled up after eating a Orb.

Yue Yang’s Weapons:

    1. Hui Jin Magic Blade (Platinum-ranked magic weapon, R=305)
      1. Description: A living magic blade type weapon that Yue Yang received after his bout with the Bronze-Ranked Skeletal Dragon and the Sliver-Ranked Magma Lord. The core of the Magma Golem and the magic crystal of the Skeletal Dragon fused with the melted ‘egg sword’ to become this weapon. (Yue Yang confirms it is alive, R=141)
      2. Weapon Runes:
        1. Blood Absorb: A heaven rune that allows the weapon to absorb blood. (R=305)
        2. Ability Absorb: A heaven rune that allows the weapon to absorb abilities. (R=305)
      3. Weapon Skills:
        1. Non-Official Skills:
          1. [Sun-Flare] – Embedding Qi into his weapons he gains the power to burst a heatwave capable of melting steel into metal slags. (R=104)
          2. [Buzz-Saw] – A surge of Innate Qi is unleashed and the weapon shakes with an air current wave immediately. (R=103)
          3. [Absorb Energy] – Can drain energy to evolve the quality of the blade.
          4. [Fire Blade] – By enchanting his weapon with fire from his Yang pole, his blade gains fire damage. (R=190)
      4. Weapon Attributes: Fire (Magma Lord) and Darkness (Undead Skeletal Dragon)


    1. Crescent Moon (Platinum-ranked magic weapon, R=382)
      1. Description: A crescent-shaped blade which is big enough to reach across one’s back. This weapon was obtained by Yue Yang when he killed a demon general and stole it from him
      2. Weapon Runes:
        1. Frost: A heaven rune that allows the weapon to do ice/water attributes when in use.
        2. Permanent Hardening: An ancient rune that allows the weapon to almost be indestructible and immune to ‘ware and tare’
        3. Sharp: A heaven rune that allows the weapon to be perpetually sharp.
      3. Weapon Skills:
        1. Non-Official Skills:
          1. [Flash] – Embedding Qi his weapon he gains the power to emit lightning attributed sword waves that trail after his enemies. (R=382)
      4. Weapon Attributes: Ice/Water (Frost Rune) and Lightning (Thunder Crystal) (R=382)


    1. Golden Armored Puppet Hammer/Club: Gained from the lich’s summon Puppet beast.


    1. Golden Mask: “Good and Evil Gemini”. Warrior’s Accessory. Dark-type, Gold-ranked. Contains 7 Level of sealed curses. First seal has been lifted, skill: [Evil Shadow]. Rank: Gold 6 Stars.(R=216)

Yue Yang’s Items:

  1. Lich Ring: A storage ring with several dozen cubic meters of space within, gained on chapter 121. Can only store dead and inanimate things within.
  2. Puppet Handbook: Contains information about the Yue clans puppet making techniques. Gained at chapter 122
  3. Reaper Mantis Golden Egg: Gained after Xiao Wen Li used Yue Yang’s blood to repair the Reaper Mantis Egg.
  4. Platinum grimoire: Gained after killing Elder Tian Suo’s imposter. R=135
  5. Twin Dragon Scissors: A type of medical scissors. Not only that, it is also the trademark product of the Smithing Grandmasters, Jiang Clan. R=145
  6. Medicine Encyclopedia: Received from the water dragon Grandma Chi. R=152
    1. Effect: Contains most to all of the records relating to medicine and refinement methods.
  7. Crescent Platinum Ornament: Received from a War God Guard R=213
  8. Tidal Pearl: Yue Yang received this item after he killed the guardian beast of the cancer temple which was a giant crab creature. R=218
    1. Effects: Nullifies the effects of water pressure. And grants the skill [Underwater Breathing]. R=306
  9. Golden Shield: In the leo temple, Yue Yang killed the guardian beast: the lion king and gained this item.
  10. Eye Destroyer Dagger: A dagger obtained from the taurus temple. R=198
  11. Scorpio Gloves: A Gold-Ranked artifact Yue Yang got from killing the guardian beast of the Scorpio Temple. R=231
  12. Golden Sheep Wool: A artifact Yue Yang got from killing the guardian beast of the Capricorn Temple. R=231
  13. Pisces Ribbon: A golden thread artifact Yue Yang got from clearing the Pisces Temple. R=242
    1. Effect: As long as it is attached to an enemy, the enemy wouldn’t be able to leave on his own free will. No matter what kind of escape method that the enemy would use, they wouldn’t be able to struggle free from the Pisces Ribbon. Unless the enemy’s capabilities far exceeded the owner of the Pisces Ribbon’s and he was successful in defeating the owner, then he wouldn’t be able to struggle free from it.
  14. Five Colours of Divine Light (Green): One of the Five Colours of Divine Light. The holder of this light can re-arrange all kind of poison. All plant-type beasts will receive ten times boost in power. Those who received the blessings of the light will acquire “Natural Body” temporarily. R=315
  15. Prison Emperor’s Seven Star Pillars: Gained from the prison emperor’s tomb. Has the ability to suppress enemys with a will and disrupt teleportation. R=?, R=362, R=?
  16. Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear: Gained from killing a corrupt innate ranker. Has the same abilitys of the Dragon Slaying Dagger.  R=363
  17. Dragon Slaying Dagger: A gold-ranked dagger, required to injure higher-ranked beasts, also has the power to negate healing effects. R=88
  18. Curse Ball: An item that is presumed to be gold-ranked and has a venom curse R=362, R=363
  19. Blood Scythe: An item that is presumed to be gold-ranked and very sharp R=?, R=363
  20. Thunder Axe: An item that is presumed to be gold-ranked and has lightning attributes. R=363, R=?
  21. Black Bead: An item gained from a ‘Nightmare Beast’ with unknown use. R=369, R=?, R=?
  22. Gold grimoire: Gained after killing Innate ranker Nightmare in the thunder fortress. R=369
  23. Silence Wand: Gained after defeating innate ranker Tiger Nian, Is a gold-ranked equipment with the ability to ‘silence’ an area around Yue Yang. R=?, R=369
  24. Dragon Sealing Pearl: Gained after beating the water palace boss the ‘Demon Tidal Fang’. R=398
  25. Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe: Gained from the wood palaces boss the ‘Evil Millennium Ancient Tree’. R=399
    1. Effect: Able to grant one wish every 3 years
  26. Spirit Absorbing Bell: A bell that can make even innate rankers lose their souls. R=418


Q1: Yue Yang has become an Innate Ranker, then why is he still level 2 – [Braveman]?

A: Imagine playing a game. You are level 1. You are suddenly given a cheat skill that is supposed to be only unlocked at level 100. So you are very OP, but you still need to gain exp to level up to level 2, 3, 4 and so on. So basically “Innate” is like a skill. Yue Yang is still a level 2 – [Braveman] because he seldom uses his grimoire. He couldn’t gain enough exp to level up to a higher level. Normally, others would have to train until level 9 – [Saint] before they can ‘unlock’ the Innate skill, but Yue Yang manage to find a cheat and learn the skill when he was still a level 1 – [Apprentice].

Q2: Who is the ‘Pitiful Guy’?

A: When Yue Yang was in our world, he was called Yue Yang. Then, he got kicked by an Old Taoist Priest to another dimension, the Soaring Dragon Continent.  Coincidentally, in the Soaring Dragon Continent, the ‘pitiful guy’ who was also called Yue Yang, had committed suicide by jumping into the river where Yue Yang had magically appeared. Based on some forums, it was said that *highlight to read* So the old Taoist Priest was supposed to be someone from the Eastern Immortal Clan (tentative name, yet to be mentioned in the story) who was asked by Yue Yang’s real mom (fourth mother/si niang’s sister) to send him to earth from the Soaring Dragon Continent, and bring him back to the continent when the time comes.

Q3: How did Yue Yang get so many guardian beasts?

A: Two reasons. First, Yue Yang’s Guardian Beast, Phantom Shadow, possessed a skill called [Possession]. This allows Yue Yang to contract weakened beasts to be a part of his Phantom Shadow. The only requirement is that the weakened beast must be female and alive. The success rate of contracting weakened beast depends on the willpower and level of the beast. Secondly, Yue Yang has [God’s Blood] inside him (R=27, as told by Empress Fei Wen Li). Yue Yang could contract a Guardian Beast using his [God’s Blood]. An example of this is shown when his blood dropped on his Black Jade Pendant Necklace, creating a Spirit Blood Contract with Empress Fei Wen Li immediately (R=26). Another example is when his blood was absorbed by Yi Nan’s lilac gemstone necklace, allowing him to contract the Golden Beast (R=73).



  1. Cruelflix says:

    do you know if there is any prologue to this novel?
    reason for asking is because i am still confused on how he traveled to that world, did he die or just get transported? or did monk come to earth?

    • shiroyukineko says:

      [spoiler]Nope there’s no prologue. Basically I tried searching on Chinese websites, and this is what I found. So the old monk was supposed to be someone from the Eastern Immortal Clan (tentative name, yet to be mentioned in the story) who was asked by Yue Yang’s real mom (fourth mother/si niang’s sister) to send him to earth from the soaring dragon continent, and bring him back to the continent when the time comes. [/spoiler]

      • Jason says:

        Q1: So i get how he turned the Barbaric Cow into a Barbaric Cow Shadow but would that mean the the Barbaric Cow Shadow is part of Yue Yang’s Phantom Shadow and is one of his Guardian Beast?

        Q2: I get how the Bloody Queen fused with the shadow and all but does this mean shes apart of the shadow too or is a regular contracted beast and also is she one of Yue Yang’s Guardian spirts?

        • Trevor Evans says:

          The way I understand it – is that it was unique kind of contract, it wasn’t with him directly but with his inherent guardian spirit that came with his Grimoire. He admittedly doesn’t have that much control over it, it still maintains itself identity. He basically has to ask it to (bribe it)/will it to do what he want but she can resist him and his will. It can not hurt him and I think a side effect from this is that he can keep it summoned for 8-10 days like his shadow cow but doesn’t do it due to drawing attention to him. He keeps his secrets well hidden from others. I think she can also summon herself out if she wants too, not to sure on this point.

        • Trevor Evans says:

          My 1st comment was on the Q2, Q1 – The shadow cow is part of his guardian spirit that came with his Grimoire. He can summon up to 10 shadows that last for ten days. He can overlay shadows (I think invisible to everyone else) and use them to boost power. They mentioned as well that it count as an extra life, so a sniper shot to him would kill a shadow but not him (I could be wrong about this but I think this is like when he got flickered/blurs to killer moves done to him). He used one of his ten shadows to make the shadow cow. He then levelled up his Grimoire guardian, I forgot what and why but he could no longer summon it out for 10 days and it got reduced to 8. He can theoretically have 10 shadows and/or 10 shadow creatures. He is OP.

          • 2god2 says:

            The contract between yue yangs phantom shadow and the bloody queen was just to bypass the soul easer effect of Possession. The conditon of the contract is pretty much: I keep my soul, i become yue yangs guardian spirit beast

  2. mindbreaker912009 says:

    wouldn’t that means that he was living a fake life on earth will the real earth guy was living his life as a fake and that would explain will he couldn’t contract the summon book because he was a being without magic also would not that mean that the old monk would have kick him anyway so because of the sword girl he gain more power to help his family because he views the part of the family that took him in an views him as their kid even though they have several of their own. that also means that his mother and father could be alive on earth as they saw the life living in the other as to hard but wanted their kid to grow and when he was of a age teenage he would be sent back to the original world so he could learn about his history.

  3. Colin says:

    Why does Yue Yang keep getting referred to as a thief? I could kinda understand it from the people who know him a little considering how secretive and sneaky he is but people he has just met will also refer to him as a thief.

  4. horas says:

    From manga/manhwa, Yue Yang won fight againt an gangs of bully. After that a black hole appeared and suck him to soaring dragon continent.

    • 2god2 says:

      The manhwa is a terrible representation of the story, if you have seen the translations you would know they make no sense. As for the story is it competely different then the orignal novel. They tried and failed. The only good part about the manhwa is the pictures…

      • mindbreaker912009 says:

        it was just thrown away after he talked with the sword princess. it was brought for the trade for the two important plants. so he just gave it to the mercenary company because he viewed it as a cat. It was also classified as a high class summoning beast but hard to get because of the danger of the parents and not many people would do what the he did which was go to the abyss after stealing the young and fight demon generals.

  5. LordBebe says:

    “lvl 9 not lvl 1”?

    I believe Innate Rank and Ranker Levels are Different if thats what you are talking about. He isnt a Level 9 Saint.

    Which means he could be a Level 3 [Hero] while being a Level 1 Innate Ranker wielding a Silver Grimoire and a Diamond Rank Beast like Xiao Wen Li.

    Summoner Rank, Innate Rank, Grimoire Rank, and Beast Rank can have varying differences in abilities.

    Usually not because by the time one is a Innate Ranker they are usually over a 100 years old so all of their other Ranks/abilities are trained to a high level by then.

    Imagine you are playing a game and in the beginning your character is already level 100 and all of his physical stats get a boost. But your skills/abilities/spells/magic are all still level 1.

      • LordBebe says:

        I made a wrong analogy.

        Imagine you are playing a game and in the beginning your character is level 1 but he gets a skill you should only receive at Level 100 and so all of his physical stats get a boost. But your still Level 1 and all of your skills/abilities/spells/magic are all still level 1.

        Ranker is Summoning and is external while Innate Ranker is like Martial Arts and internal.

        At least thats how I see it.
        But increasing your Ranker Level should also increase your physical abilities if I’m not mistaken but not nearly as much as being an Innate Ranker.

        Most other Innate Rankers are high level Summoning Rankers as well do they get a double boost.

        Our MC is a Innate Level 1 Ranker while being a low level Summoning Ranker so I imagine if he meets another Innate Ranker he’d be at a disadvantage (since not only will they be a Innate like him but they should also be like Level 7 Overlord or above with Diamond Rank Grimoire and Gold/Diamond Rank Beasts) unless the MC becomes a Level 2 Innate Ranker or increases his Summoning Rank to Level 6 [Elder] or Level 7 [Overlord].

        • beaver201162 says:

          The cheat ‘skill’ he received was the innate hidden sword qi, as I see it. However, the innate nirvana flames and world destroying wheel could have come through the method of leveling up that was mentioned later on, and was awoken through sky law enraging him.
          …Or, a comination of all three. Most of his battles he doesn’t use his grimoir, so he technically Should be a Much higher level. Though that’s the case, the experience he gained was put towards his foundation in the levels he was already in making his foundation much more sturdy.
          Is it possible his foundation would already be at the size of a regular level 9, if all this theory is true?

          • 2god2 says:

            Yue Yang acorrding to the Ancient Code is only a mere Level four champion. Thus the Ancient Code treats him like so, however, Due to Yue Yangs [God Blood] and his [Divine Vision] the Ancient Code treats him with favor. as the Ancient Code was made and mantained by gods. But back to topic, Yue Yang is an innate – which is a rank unique to the summoner not the beasts. Levels 1-9 saint are for summon capabilitys. As you level up the Ancient Code grants you benefits to your person as a side dish, the main benefit of ranking up your level is your ammount of summons and the future benfits from the Ancient Code when you complete something it gives out for a mission. As an innate Yue Yang has the physical capabilitys surpassing a Level 9 [Saint] but is still restricted by the Ancient Code when summoning. Thats why he bypasses the Ancient Code by using his [Gods Blood] because the Ancient Code does not restrict gods. This is also why he could turn a human into a guardian beast.

    • LordBebe says:

      I’m guessing its a rank within a rank. Maybe when he gets to like level 10 he’ll upgrade to innate rank 2?

      Usually there is something like a notification like when his Grimoire levels up or when his skills level up which is why I dont think he is Innate 2 or 3 right now but rather Innate 1 level 3

      Obviously I could be wrong

    • 2god2 says:

      His Sword Qi innate skill has reached the fifth realm from where i can read up to. Don’t know where that translates into levels though

  6. SpaceMonkey JJ says:

    Q1: So i get how he turned the Barbaric Cow into a Barbaric Cow Shadow but would that mean the the Barbaric Cow Shadow is part of Yue Yang’s Phantom Shadow and is one of his Guardian Beast?

    Q2: I get how the Bloody Queen fused with the shadow and all but does this mean shes apart of the shadow too or is a regular contracted beast and also is she one of Yue Yang’s Guardian spirts?

    • Lazy Cat says:

      I believe that since his shadow phantom is his original guardian beast. All the beast that it fusioned with would count as guardian spirits (his guardian spirit is massively special O_o) Therefore they won’t actually desapear even if they die in battle, at least that’s what I think.

      • Trevor Evans says:

        You are correct. He can also have 10 overlaying shadows and/or 10 shadow creatures. All counted as guardian spirit beasts (So even a creature that is a beast could be turned into a guardian spirit shadow creature).

    • 2god2 says:

      Yue Yangs Bloody queen is his Gurdian spirit beast, The contract the queen made with his shadow works like this: I keep my soul,i become yue yangs guardian beast. The contract nullifed the soul easing effect of the shadows Possession skill

    • zohanz says:

      they aren’t summons. not sure what but they aren’t summons. at best the wristband dragon is just tagging along with him and he is the master of the divine grimoire in name only(for now)

      • 2god2 says:

        Yue Yang’s Divine Gilmore IS contracted to his soul, like his sliver gilmore is, remember, Yue yang used his blood in accordance to the acient code to contract the Divine Gilmore. The reason the golden beast has physical form (a wristband) is because it is a transdecending mythical beast and is incompelete. Futhermore is also contracted as Yue yangs gurdian beast. The only non-gaurdian beasts Yue Yang has are the Throny Demoness and the Puppet golden mice. So in thoery he could summon all his beasts at once being a level 2 braveman

  7. michael widjaja says:

    is there any different between the novel version and the manhua version? in the manhua, the story already develop until chap 40. where i should start on the novel version, when i want to continue the story from the manhua?

    • wizjimmy says:

      well, from the start, LN doesn’t have an extra mermaid swimming in the house.
      and i believe the manga version doesn’t have him signing up in both mercenary and assassin guild

    • 2god2 says:

      There is some differantal changes, but the rough outline is present. The problem with the manhua is that, the translation or editors are horrible at puting fluent sentences together. Its like reading the machine translation lol

  8. blue says:

    so what rank is the MC lvl 2 [braveman] or lvl 3 [hero]? Cause the comments have confused me.
    if Grimoire and beast ranks increase from using the grimoire and beast respectively. how does rank increase?

    Note: this doesn’t count as spoilers right? i am assuming everybody is read up to date.

  9. Lednacek says:

    where is the bloody queen? why isnt it in the info?
    and could we get info on his grimoire?
    what mosters are in it and which ones are not?

    • 2god2 says:

      normally yess, but our hero bypasses all rules, at Level 6 the Ancient Code places that restriction so that it becomes harder for more powerful beasts to appear on the lower planes. But using [Gods Blood] Yue yang does not have to follow this restriction.

  10. Damohé Bianchi says:

    Non-contracted Beasts:

    Hui Tai Lang
    Description: tried to stole Yue Yang’s Demon King Ha Xin’s arms but ended up almost dead (R=39).

    should be:
    Non-contracted Beasts:

    Hui Tai Lang
    Description: tried to EAT(or steal) Demon King Ha Xin’s arm but ended up almost dead (R=39).

  11. alu says:

    About the upgrade of the grimorie to Silver-ranked Intermediate could be in chapter 155:

    from chapter 155:
    “A faint golden light appeared on the surrounding of his body.
    A mysterious and strange ring of light appeared right below his feet!”

    from chapter 157:
    “Not mentioning Yue Yang, Yue Bing and Fatty Hai’s summoning grimoires had both risen in grade.”

    The text says nothing about an upgrade for Yue Yang’s grimorie, but after defeating the Marquis of Zi Jin and more than 100 mercenaries, I think it would be time for an upgrade.

  12. jesse mendez says:

    what i want to see is the other characters related to to yue yang because to see how they are related to him or how did they met and so on if that is possible. like fourth mother and little sister and bing

  13. Imwhatufear says:

    The Mantis egg has hatched and is contracted as a level 3 gold beast. R=239

    Barbarian Cow Shadow: Named “Ah Man” by her master. Humanoid special-type. Intelligence Unlocked. Gold-ranked Level 5. Living half-entity. Guardian Beast.
    No longer has the leather armor it burned off and now wears the White Bull from the Taurus Temple’s Nose ring as a bracelet. R=201

    • 2god2 says:

      thanks, the only problem is that the leather armor did indeed burn off, however, yue yang put on the leather armor to cover up her chest, so since no new armor or cloths have been put on her we can only presume yue yang bought her a new set of leather armor as leather isn’t rare in this story.

  14. notreallysmart says:

    what are grimores exactly? if there are literally stores filled with them, why don’t more people have them?

    • 2god2 says:

      ok this is the hardest question ive gotten so far but, Grimores are physical and spiritual items created by this thing called the ‘Ancient Code’. The Grimores are this worlds border between the spirtual and the physical. they can become spiritual and merge with the summoners body or become corporeal and apear before the summoner. Grimores only accept humans and other living things that are accepted by the ‘Ancient Code’. Once accepted, the person or thing that binds to the grimore merges their soul and abilitys with it. The grimore brings out the potential of the living enity tied to it. The ‘world’ inside the grimore isn’t the grimores itself, it is the inner world of the summoner. In yue yangs case, his godly grimore is his true inner self, whereas his gold grimore is just a small devolping peice of his inner world.

  15. wantsoanswer says:

    Who is this Marquis of Zi Jin that suddenly appear in ch 145, is he another fake?
    Cause when MC describe him as the brother of the Zi Jin Emperor and later we found out, he is actually a demon prince.

    And when will MC use his Divine Vision again to see the real meaning of the diary that his parents have left him.

  16. Sean Penrod says:

    I was reading through near chapter 306 and he makes a list of all this shit that he needs to do. I was thinking off this stuff and it isnt on the list and I dont remember it ever happening but did he ever clear the last Zodiac Temple? If so what was the reward for that temple specifically and did he receive a big reward for completing all 12? Or did that just kinda get forgotten

    • shiroyukineko says:

      So at chapter 48, Yue Yang cleared the Aries Temple. At chapter 218, he cleared Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo. He didn’t manage to clear Virgo. Then he went for the Hundred Schools Elite Competition, and at chapter 229, he challenged and cleared the Virgo Temple. At 231, he cleared Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius. At chapter 242, it was briefly mentioned in the first paragraph that Yue Yang cleared Pisces Temple through the night before his match against Bai Yun Fei. He didn’t get a big reward for completing all twelve, but he did get a lot of rewards for each temple he cleared.

      • Sean Penrod says:

        TYVM I remember that prize and point now. I just seemed to remember before him coming out right before pisces and couldn’t remember anything talking about it. They also mentioned earlier about wondering what would happen if some 1 did clear the 12 so i figured that was foreshadowing to something actually happening.

        • Pablo AS says:

          i dont remember when it happened but the big loli in the dreams absorbed a white brilliant pearl that MC got for clearing the 12 zodiac temples, i remember reading this just a few chapters ago, around 305 or so i think?, but i dont remember him mentioning that… in which chapter does the big loli in the dream absorbs the white pearl and then returns it to him?

  17. Kulac says:

    I don’t understand 1 think about yue bing.She has 2 guardian beast a trent and a tree spirit demones.But in the story alot of time she summon 2 trent’s and they died a few times to if 1 is a guardian and 1 is not they way bout can come back again.And i dont rember to see that trent has the ability to multiply like the flower?anyone can explein if it knows.

    • 2god2 says:

      As a guardian beast, the trent does not die but becomes unusable for a time instead, the author references this as they ‘died’ because if this were not a gaurdian beast the damage they took would have killed them. Like in practice, your sensei hits you and says ‘you have been killed’ to let you know you would have lost your life in a real battle. As for why she has two of them is because of the perks of the plant category, the ‘two’ trents she summons are really only one. Plants can create dupicates of themselfs using a root system.

  18. Kijin says:

    Does this Author have other stories? I quite like his writing style. Its whimsical and entertaining, both the comedic parts and the action-packed ones.

  19. Zsolt Fülöp says:

    Gods, please let me clear up his abilities. PLEASE. So that the answer is in one place for all the questions. (Though I don’t understand what’s so hard to grasp in the setting …)

    NAME Yue Yang
    GENDER Male
    RACE Human (at least looks like one)
    JOBCLASS Summoner
    SUBCLASS Innate

    VIT 1640 (100 [Base] + 900 [Innate] + 250 [Racial] + 390 [Jobclass])
    STR 950 (50 [Base] + 450 [Innate] + 160 [Racial] + 240 [Jobclass])
    DEX 1420 (90 [Base] + 850 [Innate] + 200 [Racial] + 280 [Jobclass])
    INT 1580 (90 [Base] + 850 [Innate] + 260 [Racial] + 380 [Jobclass])

    – Multi-contract (Passive): able to contract multiple Guardian Beasts due to God’s Blood.

    – Stat boosts due to God’s Blood (probably).

    – Twin Stars (Passive): grants the following jobclass skills: Counterfeit (Passive), Divine Vision (Passive), Gemini (Active).

    – Summoning (Active): summons beasts.

    – Shadow (Special): always active. Grants defensive capabilities, may grant power. Max number: 10.
    Racial ability: can take over female beasts, in which case the soul of the beast is replaced by the
    shadow. Current applications:
    1. Ah Man (Gained soul when becoming higher tiered, thus leaving empty slot)
    2. Red (Provisional contract – kept her soul, thus leaving empty slot)
    3. – 10. Empty


    – Platinum Grimoire

    – Celestial Grimoire


    – Innate Invisible Sword Qi (Passive): grants overall status boost. Each level grants varying amounts of experience to subclass. Each level also grants different skills (mostly Active). Effects may be combined into other skills. Primary way to level up subclass. Current level: 5 / ?

    Skills granted: Supreme Sword, Mysterious Three Styles, Marvelous Way of the Heart, Open
    Heaven’s Eyes, Expanse of Mind.

    – Domain : Levels up along with subclass. Current effects: Devour (Passive), Star Explosion (Active).


    – Nirvana Flame (kind of like a domain, kind of not) (Active): all-devouring cleansing flame. Granted by Phoenix sisters.

    – World Exterminating Wheel (kind of like a domain, kind of not) (Active): all-destroying wheel. Granted by Mythical Rune.


    Basically everything else not mentioned above. F.e.: Teleport, Spear Technique, etc.

    If you ever played an RPG (or possibly MMO), this should clear up basically everything. If not: what the hell are you doin’ mate?

    • 2god2 says:

      It is a fair statement but, in this novel (Long Live Summons), the universe is not clear cut with numbers or explanations like a MMORPG. Alot of the data given initially is vague and needs examples from when the skill or ability is used to determine what it can do or is. For example, being an innate, yue yang is an innate but also a [Elder] which are two different systems of power. Being a [elder] is like a status given by the ancient code that allows him to do more things but an innate is like his personal power. Innates can go from level 1 to level 10 before becoming ‘great innates’ which range in my guess from great innate level one to ten before becoming something like gods. But even then, yue yangs innate level one could still beat some peoples innate level 5 or six.

      • Zsolt Fülöp says:

        Yah well … though I felt there was no reason to clearly state that some level of sarcasm was involved in the making of my post, maybe there was after all.

        As we never saw numbers, obviously, that’s a no-point. Never intended it to be either. 😀

        Elder sort of IS Jobclass lvl6/9. Should’ve written ‘Elder’ after it. Point given.

        Also, I didn’t want to write the whole Heaven Tier Innate stuff, as it’s kind of a spoiler at the point where this translation currently is. It’s kind of a main branch though, if one reads the machine translation.

        Anyway, the point was not to perfectly quantify everything, but to illustrate (spiced with a little sarcasm) in an easy-to-understand way what the ‘roots’ are. MMO stats fit that, and are kind of to the point IMHO. According to comments (not only on this site), many people are for some inexplicable reason incapable of identifying (and most notably differentiating between) these ‘roots’, which are
        – Summoner levels (1-9)
        – Innate levels (1-10 Earth Tier, then 1-10 Heaven Tier, then Divine Innate, also has Supreme condition for all 21 levels which gives a power boost)
        – Beast ranks (Normal-Diamond + Holy Beast-Divine Beast-Transcending Divine Beast, former is the rank displayed in the Grimoire, latter relates to human-level sentience, possession of personal Grimoire and being integrated into the summoner’s fate, I think, respectively)
        – Grimoire ranks (Bronze-Diamond + Celestial and Godly, latter two are special with completely fixed numbers at 100, and 10, if memory serves me)
        – Skills (Inherent skills from Grimoire, others gained elsewhere, rank peak and progression not clear, but starts from 1)
        – Abilities (Extras from other sources, like the Wrath Flame from Scarlet Concubine and Yue Family spear technique, non-ranked)
        – Equipment (Normal-Diamond + Holy and Divine).

        So yeah. One can be f. e. a Level 6 Elder, Earth Tier Innate Level 5, non-Supreme, having a Diamond-ranked lvl6 Guardian Beast, which is a 5-star Holy Beast, and have an Intermediate Platinum-ranked Grimoire with a Lvl5 Inherent Skill, some layman warrior technique, and have a Platinum-ranked dagger for a weapon.

        Then again, why are people so confused by different measurement scales advancing at the same time? Even a car’s fuel gauge and speedometer move at the same time … it’s the same principle. Innates have a clear aura around them (unless they hide it), so they’re kinda’ easy to judge to be powerful, but usually, judging one’s power at a glance comes from the Summoner level. A car’s ‘good’ because it handles good speed with low mileage, high comfort, low price, looks good and easy to maintain, with lots of extras. Some values have to be low, some high. A summoner is much easier – the best summoners have all ‘roots’, and the higher level, the better, and as for skills, abilities, equipment and beasts, the more – preferrably high-levelled/ranked, also the better.

        Well, anything goes, I guess. Attentive reading does the trick quite easily though.

        • 2god2 says:

          Your right, however the measurement scales and terminology that we use it what the novel uses therefore, we have to include them, as for what you said about spoilers, the whole wiki is spoilers, in fact, all wiki’s are spoilers in some way, shape or form. The terminology is all explained in the first part before Yue Yang’s bio. A holy beast is a classification from the ancient code, that a beast has gained intelligance and what the ancient code gives them is some form of innate level ability’s. But one can be a innate but also only a level 6 elder, in the the flower queens case, Bronze-ranked Level 1 Holy Beast(innate rank) by R=312 . Your right in that this wiki page seems like a wall of text, but i don’t have the formating options to reorganized everything as i would wish to.

          • Zsolt Fülöp says:

            Yeah, it is hard to keep track of things if one wants to keep everything in line, but there’s no need to IMHO. F. e. Beasts’ potential increases when they undergo variant evolution (which is a special evolution path, it may have infinite variants, the only criteria is a valid, quantifiable progression, that doesn’t happen in the textbook way – e. g. gaining experience via battles). That’s kinda’ what you referred to – when Thorny Flower changes variants, she either progresses or retrogresses ranks, and even levels.

            But that’s still easy to understand, if we consider two variants’ powers to have the same units of measurement, with two different scales. Even if a Thorny Flower Demoness is Platinum ranked 4, if it undergoes the variant evolution, it retrogresses to Bronze rank 1 Golden Crowned Thorny Flower Queen. Though I think that sentience simply comes with the form in that case, and that’s why it’s a Holy Beast from the get-go. It’s probably more related to potential – the Platinum 4 level of power for a Thorny Flower Demoness may roughly equate to the Bronze 1 power for a Golden Crowned Thorny Flower Queen. Reason is: later in the novel, there are ‘Innate Beasts’ which are waaaay off of Holy Beast rank. There are even Heaven-tier Innate Beasts, high-levelled as well, which aren’t Holy Beasts.

            Also, think about Red. She retained her abilities, and only gained more abilities when evolving via certain methods (12 Zodiac Temples, or the Scarlet Concubine’s flame integration), or (mostly, actually) due to Yue Yang’s playing around. Being a Holy Beast was caused by her gaining sentience (probably buffed by the Immemorial Rune a LOT), and her becoming a Divine Beast (Divine Envoy actually) was caused by her contracting a Grimoire.

            It’s actually my favourite aspect in this novel – this How to Train Your Dragon-ish ‘raise’em with care and teach them a lot, that’s the sure way of producing Holy Beasts, not the everyday Wisdom Fruit fest’. It’s so much more interesting to watch the Beasts grow due to actual comprehension of experiences – like in the case of Chaos Ethereal Spirit, when they had that ‘conversation’ with Hui Tai Lang in the Element Palace (conversation being a dog meowing, and a mass of fire looking puzzled). And that’s why I love this series 😀

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