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    • shftrg says:

      It works !!!!
      I tried to post messages for 20 days but couldn’t…

      So thanks for letting us know that you continue translating, it’s great that you wasn’t sick or something else, I support you, and sorry but I can’t donate yet, etc…

  1. DeadEye321 says:

    This really help me relieve that this novel still not yet cancelled. Thank you for taking your precious time and letting us readers now. m(_ _)m

  2. Paul Blauser says:

    So it’s already the 9th and faitlf late into it as well and still no chapter…. Guessing the schedule isn’t going to work…

  3. Paul Blauser says:

    Only 2 weeks behind now….. Really starting to hate looking at this website to be disappointed.

  4. doodlegirl says:

    Honestly everyone needs to chill. Unless you sponsored a chapter I don’t think anyone has anything to complain about. It’ll be posted when it’s done, that’s all there is to it.

    • Toon says:

      Shiro if you r not ready, just ask other group for help. Like wuxiaworld or some other group just ask them most of them r willing to help. I don’t really know what happen to you but I hope you are ok. And if you are ok but just busy with life or wanna quit, just ask some other group or just say you r done with it so that someone or some other group can pick up from where u left off. Thank for all you did for us so far and may be in the future.

  5. BlackHaze says:

    Anyway…the site were quite lively in the past..anyone know what happen to other novel that are translated on this site looong ago beside lss?

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