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LLS Chapter 99 – Kill Them All For Me!

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Chapter 99 – Kill Them All For Me!
Translated by: Zaza
Edited by: Rango, Based Jessica
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Shiro: So I see some confusion…let me try to explain the terms? Think of the third master, fourth master thing as a title. So Yue Yang’s would be Third Young Master Yue Yang.
Third Young Master/Yue Yang: He is the third oldest amongst the grandchildren generation in the Yue Clan.
Seventh Young Mistress/Yue Bing: She is the seventh oldest amongst the grandchildren generation in the Yue Clan.
Third Master/Yue Qiu: He is the pitiful guy’s birth father, legendary but died early. Married Fourth Mother’s sister.
Fourth Master: He is the pitiful guy’s adoptive father.
Fourth Mother/Fourth Mistress/Lady Xian/the beautiful woman: Fourth Master’s wife
Second Butler: Second Branch’s family butler.

In White Stone City, the official in charge of the teleportation gate was preparing to close it before heading to the Eastern Tavern for a drink. Suddenly, he heard a rumble and saw more than ten men rushing over, surrounding him.

“What are you guys doing? I am… “ The official in charge of the teleportation circle had not finished speaking before the tallest man already grabbed him, asking him in a stern voice at the same time: “Where are the members of the Yue Clan’s Fourth Branch?”

“Ah, just now the Third Young Master and the Seventh Young Mistress came back, and took Fourth Madam away. There was also a group of servants with them, they teleported to Black Clay City… “ Before the official in charge of the teleportation circle had even finished speaking, the leader of the group gave a shout, “Shit!”. Randomly throwing aside the official, he led the team to depart with loud stamping sounds. The official in charge of the teleportation portal unhurriedly got up from the ground, patting his chest: “ As expected, the Third Young Master was right. There really are a few blind, wretched fellows who are causing troubles for the Yue Clan. Did they actually think that with just a dozen or so of fools like them they would be sufficient confront the Yue Clan of the Four Major Clans? But anyway, since there’s money to keep, I’ll follow the instructions that the Third Young Master left behind!”

When he discovered that the gold coins in his pocket were still there, he was immediately in a better mood.

He had been rewarded with an ample amount of 5 gold coins simply by helping the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master tell a small lie. Where else would he be able to find such a good deal?

Yue Yang did not guide the beautiful woman to Black Clay City, but rather, to Green Bamboo City. After reaching Green Bamboo City, Yue Yang gave the old servant Uncle Nan and the others 5 gold as living expenses, telling them to go back to the Yue Clan Castle only when the new year began. For now, they would first find a place to rest for two days.

Uncle Nan and the other servants also knew that they were a burden to the Young Master, so they nodded and agreed to find a place to stay at in Green Bamboo City.

Yue Yang carried the little girl, who had been so tired that she ended up falling asleep, brought the beautiful woman and Yue Bing to rent the biggest, most comfortable, enclosed four-wheel carriage he could find and headed straight for the Yue Clan Castle.

If it was just Yue Yang alone, or even bringing just Yue Bing, Yue Yang would have definitely chosen to teleport directly to Black Clay City, which was the nearest city to the Yue Clan Castle. There were reasons as to why he had chosen to go to Green Bamboo City, the first was because Green Bamboo City was not much further than Black Clay City, and there was a main road that would lead directly to the Yue Clan Castle; the second was that according to a normal person’s line of thought, one would think that Yue Yang, Yue Bing, and the others who were rushing, would head straight to Black Clay City, and thus overlook Green Bamboo City, which was slightly further away.

Although he did not know if people would come to intercept them mid-journey, it was still best to be prepared.

Now that he was bringing along the beautiful woman and the little girl, his speed could not be too fast. Apart from ensuring that the trip would not be too exhausting for them, he also could not let them be put in any danger.

Thus, Yue Yang got the best four-wheeled carriage he could find and had the beautiful woman, Yue Bing, and the little girl to sit inside, while he alone sat next to the coachman, taking note of the changes in their surroundings. If there were any people attacking, Yue Yang would just let let Hui Tai Lang play with them.

Lately, Hui Tai Lang was living like a prince, doing nothing but eating and sleeping, and there were even hints of him getting fatter.

He even gave the coachman a huge amount of gold to get him to drive through the night.

After driving through the entire night, at the break of dawn on the second day, they managed to arrive at the Yue Clan Village, which was 10 miles away from the Yue Clan Castle.

These were the living quarters of the Yue Clan branch members, the descendants of extended family, and distant relatives. Although this was called the Yue Clan Village, it was similar in size to White Stone City. Within the village, there were even city walls and facilities such as a Mercenary Guild, a Warrior Guild and taverns.

The Yue Clan Village was actually the first gate of the Yue Clan Castle and was located in the middle of a deep valley. After passing through it, there would be two large roads winding up towards the Yue Clan Castle, which towered halfway up the mountain.

“Young Master, there is someone blocking the road ahead of us…” The coachman was so scared that his entire body was trembling.

Of course, it was not his first time going to the Yue Clan Castle, but he had never seen such a situation like this before.

Almost a hundred Yue Clan guards were defending the front of the Yue Clan Village, all looking ferocious at his arrival. It wasn’t usually like this. Although there had always been someone to interrogate at the Yue Clan Village, apart from their attitudes being slightly arrogant, they would never obstruct. Right now, it seemed as if this Young Master was not a member of the younger generation of the Yue Clan, but more like someone who had come to carry out a vendetta… But if he had come to carry out a vendetta, why would he bring three women, both big and small? What was this all about?

The more he thought about it, the more scared the coachman became. Soon, he had become a trembling lump and was no longer willing to urge the horses forward.

Once Yue Yang saw this fellow’s good-for-nothingness, he smoothly grabbed a handful of gold coins, shoved them into the coachman’s pocket, then kicked him off with one leg and took control of the carriage himself.

“Xiao San, what, what is the meaning of this? Don’t tell me you want to force your way in?” From within the guards of the Yue Clan, a mighty and dignified purple-robed warrior strode out with a smiling face and stopped in front of the carriage: “According to the servant’s reports, not only did you oppose your father’s marriage and disregard the Clan Master and the Clan Elders’ decision, you even cruelly beat up the Second Butler that the Clan Master had sent to persuade you and turned him into a disabled… Now the Elders are furious, and they entreated the Clan Master to give an order to punish you severely. You can go up the mountain, but you must get off the carriage, offer a humble apology and walk up one step at a time.”

“Eight Mistress’ husband, why do you impose on us a criminal charge without distinguishing right from wrong?” Yue Bing pushed aside the curtain covering the carriage entrance and got out of the carriage, asking indignantly: “It was obviously the First House’s dogs that were relying on brute force to bully others when they were showing off their strength at our house. My elder brother took action to teach those evil servants a lesson, what’s wrong with that? We definitely won’t offer a “humble” apology; what’s more outlandish is that you even have the gall to come and cause us difficulties?!”

“You are part of the younger generation, yet you do not respect your superiors. Is this how Lady Xian raised her children?” Again, a lanky male emerged from the crowd.

“Xian does not know how to support her husband, nor does she know how to educate her children; and it just so happens that she is going to see esteemed father and will beg forgiveness in his presence.” The beautiful woman had already received Yue Yang’s instructions beforehand, and only replied with one sentence, she had entrusted Yue Yang to take care of everything.

The beautiful woman felt that her son had grown up so much and was no longer the shy, little boy who did not dare to let go of her hand all those years ago.

“I’m disrespectful? I’m afraid that it’s some people who have no respect for the old. There are some things that if said, will only let the whole world ridicule them and let the younger generation be humiliated!” Yue Bing had never contradicted her elders and originally was still slightly inwardly timid. Once she saw that her elder brother was next to her nodding in encouragement she suddenly felt a surge of courage and not even worried that she was facing two elders. She displayed not a single sign of weakness. The young lady thought, since she and her elder brother had not committed any wrongdoings, they were only being bullied intolerably. It wasn’t as if only the Main House and Second House were allowed to bully people, and the rest were not allowed to resist, was it?

“Whether you are right or wrong, the Clan Head and Elders will determine so. We will not ask anymore. Right now, unless you want to sacrifice your life, follow the Clan Master’s orders: get off the carriage, obediently climb up the mountain then beg for forgiveness from the Clan Elders!” The purple-clad warrior gave a heavy snort.

“May I know, what are the consequences for our crimes? It couldn’t be beheading, right?” Yue Yang gave a small smile, since they’re going to play, let’s play with bigger stakes!

“The Clan Master issued his commands: ‘Lady Xian was unable to raise her children properly, Xing Hall asks for 10 strikes with a rod. On account of the many years of being virtuous, filial daughter-in-law and not causing any trouble, your name can be cleared, and your children are permitted to substitute half of the beatings for you. Yue Bing provoked her elders and assisted her elder brother in assault. On the account of being underage and ignorant, 15 rod beating. Shuang-er is still young and ignorant, so she can be pardoned. As for you, Xiao San, you are the main culprit, you badly injured others, were vicious, threatened the clan’s unity, ruined the clan’s reputation, and, the most grave of these offenses, disrespecting the Clan Master’s order. It is hard to appease the public without harsher punishment, so in addition to 100 rod beating, you will be confined so that you can reflect on your sins for a year. You will also be paying for the medicine as a compensation. The Fourth House will also have to pay another hundred gold, as compensation for the injured butler and guards, to settle the incident.” When the lanky male read all this out loud, his lips curved into a smile.

He felt that Yue Yang would definitely not accept this punishment. If this trash Third Young Master was impetuous and refused to accept, or even tried to break through forcefully, then there would be even more injuries, and it would become an even bigger crime.

When it came to that, even if they were “reasonable” before, it would still become a huge blunder.

Once Yue Bing heard this, her small face became deathly pale.

This, was essentially forcing them to rebel. Putting aside herself and her elder brother, they even wanted to beat her mother? They had really gone too far!

Regarding everything that they were seeing and hearing, Yue Yang felt that it was very normal. This was just a big trap, and they wanted for him to jump into it. If not, it wouldn’t matter who was sent to report the news; even sending just a letter was fine. Why was it that they sent the arrogant butler? It seemed that the other side had already calculated everything, no matter whether the Fourth House acted or not, it was still be hard to escape from this scheme.

For example, the two in front of them, if they really wanted to settle the incident, why did they not send two kind-hearted and amiable elders to mediate?

With such unyielding attitudes and threatening people in such a way, the reason couldn’t have been more simple. It was to oppress them!

Once this plan was successful, perhaps Fourth Mother would have no foothold in the Yue Clan. She and himself, along with Yue Bing and Yue Shuang, would probably be evicted, and the Feng Clan’s Young Mistress, she would smoothly marry into the Yue Clan, becoming Fourth Uncle’s official lady…

However, no matter how well they have tried to prepare themselves, they still could not predict the future!

The current Yue Yang was not the same person as the pitiful guy, and absolutely not that previously weak and powerless San-er. Instead, he was an extremely daring guy from another world.

He possessed the [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi, the Serpent Loli Xiao Wen Li, the Golden Beast, the Golden King Beast Bloody Queen, Barbaric Cow Shadow, Hui Tai Lang, the future Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, and two Summoning Grimoires. With all this, did he still need to be scared of them? Don’t even mention that First Uncle Yue Shan, who was only a temporary Clan Master. Even if the real Clan Master, Da Xia Empire’s Marshal Yue Hai, that old man, wanted to give an order to flog Fourth Mother, Yue Yang would definitely become hostile and rebel. As long as he, her son, was there, no one would be allowed to even think of touching one strand of hair on Fourth Mother’s head!

The Soaring Dragon Continent was a world of warriors.

Whoever’s fist was bigger, whoever’s strength was mightier, that person’s word was law!

Yue Yang now wanted to use fists to tell the Yue Clan’s clansmen, ‘now it’s this trash’s turn to speak, if you don’t like it, come and ask my fist!’

In the carriage, Yue Shuang and the beautiful woman’s bodies were trembling slightly. She was used to resigning herself to adversity, but she was not a stupid woman. She had been well aware of all that the Main House and Second House had been doing; but she had kept exercising patience, hoping for the safety of her sons and daughters, waiting for them to grow up quickly. Never once did she think that even though she had made concessions, and exercised patience, there would come a day where she would be forced to a point where she could no longer be patient and accommodating.

“San-er, Bing-er, why don’t we just return to White Stone City. The Yue Clan’s matters, we will not care about it any more, we also can’t take care of it!” The beautiful lady was willing to let herself suffer all kinds of grievances, but was not willing to see her son and daughter take risks for her. Although her children had worked hard, they were still too young!

“Fourth Mother, don’t be scared, with your son here, you can go anywhere below the sky! Unless I’m dead, there will be no one who can touch even one hair on you or my two younger sisters!” Yue Yang shouted resolutely. Immediately after this, he stood up from the carriage, and shouted loudly: “Hui Tai Lang, you lowly dog, what are you still waiting for? Forward! Who dares to block my path, kill without hesitation! I am the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, returning to the Yue Clan Castle, whoever dares to block me, sacrifice your life! This is my last warning, all of you get out of my way, or I will kill all of you!”

Hui Tai Lang, had been hiding behind the carriage all along.

This was because once it appeared, it would cause the two horses to be so afraid that their entire bodies shuddered, and would be unstable when travelling.

Just now when it was hiding and resting behind the carriage with its eyes shut, it heard Yue Yang’s thundering voice, and immediately shot out like an arrow, throwing itself in front of the carriage, giving a long howl towards the sky, and roaring at the Yue Clan guards opposite of it. Both of it’s heads spat out black magical smoke, its body was alight with flames, which intimidated the Yue Clan guards’ low leveled beasts. They were so opposed to the idea of fighting it, that they were scared witless. The weakest might as well have fainted from fright. Besides the low leveled beasts, even the purple-clad warrior and lanky male’s beasts were so scared, that their entire bodies were trembling, bowing their heads and flattening their ears, not daring to look at the majestic Hui Tai Lang directly.

“You dare to disobey the Clan Master’s order?” The lanky male was inwardly hoping for Yue Yang to act rashly and had looked forward to seeing him rebel. Originally, he was very happy, but once he saw that the summoned beast was a Two-headed Demonic Wolf, and it was even a Level 5 Bronze beast, he got a big shock, and immediately felt remorse as his entire being nervously swallowed its own slavish words.

“Then add on the crime of being a bloody slaughterer of clansmen!” Yue Yang shouted loudly: “Hui Tai Lang, kill all of the trash that are blocking this carriage!”

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