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LLS Chapter 98 – Beating a Bastard Slave Violently

Chapter 98 – Beating a Bastard Slave Violently
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Lol, yesterday’s chapter was pink and fluffy, but things are gonna get bloody from this chapter onwards. Prepare your hearts!

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Yue Yang and Yue Bing hurried home.

Along the way, Yue Yang thought about the happy occasion and thought that maybe the Yue Clan had organized another marriage for him. Or perhaps it was Yue Bing. Did someone ask for her hand? Otherwise, could it be Yue Shuang, the little girl? Did someone actually ask for her hand? Never would Yue Yang thought that…he had completely guessed wrongly.

Back at home, as they entered the Main Hall, he saw five to six female servants surrounding the beautiful woman. They were all telling her something, every single one of them talking at once.

There were also some Yue Clan’s Guards that had tall and sturdy bodies, and a middle-aged man with white flawless skin, who was sitting arrogantly in front of a table, drinking his tea. The old servant Uncle Nan and the others were waiting upon him very carefully. Yue Yang saw that the beautiful woman’s eyes were red with tears. She hugged the little girl tightly, shaking her head continuously as if she was opposing something. However, she didn’t vocally dispute the other women out loud.

The little girl who was usually extremely mischievous, was shrinking her body inside the beautiful woman’s embrace instead; a look of terror filled her eyes.

The moment they saw Yue Bing and Yue Yang charging inside, those female servants quieted down one by one.

The beautiful woman’s expressions slightly changed, looking a little emotional, but it seemed like she was suppressing her feelings down, unwilling to reveal her emotions. Her body trembled as she slowly stood up, her eyes showing an indescribable glow of happiness. There was also a look of relief, as if she had put down a huge burden in her mind.

Her son and daughter had come home.

They had finally returned home, safe and sound.

If it was a normal day, she would definitely hug her son and daughter, who had returned from far away, as tightly as she could. But right now…the beautiful woman could only nod and reveal a smile as much as she could. Her voice was a little choked with emotion as she said, “It’s great that you guys have returned, it’s really great,” The moment the little girl saw that Yue Yang was back, she shouted “Aiya!” and wriggled out of her mother’s embrace. Her little feet dashed forward with an amazing speed across the Main Hall and she jumped straight into Yue Yang’s embrace. Her small hands hugged his neck tightly as she then started crying out loud. It was as if she was an orphan who had no one to depend on and had suddenly found her relative.

The old servant Uncle Nan and the others also welcomed them emotionally, quickly taking Yue Yang’s backpack from his back.

Only the middle-aged man with the flawless skin did not show any reaction towards Yue Yang’s arrival. He didn’t even stand, he simply sat leisurely on his chair as he held the teacup in his hand and slowly drank his tea.

When Yue Yang walked closer, carrying the little girl in his arms, the middle-aged man glanced at Yue Yang with the corner of his eye, but continued to drink his tea leisurely. After a long time, he finally said in an arrogant tone, “So, the Third Young Master has returned. You came home just in time. I came by the orders of the Clan Master to inform you in advance, Third Young Master. In two days, you have to bring your whole family and return to the Yue Clan’s Castle. Other than paying respects to the Clan Master and other Clan Elders, you also have to pay respect to the newly-wedded wife of the Fourth Master. This Fourth Mistress that is about to join your family is an extremely wealthy miss from He Yang Feng’s family. However, this marriage will not be a simple matter of taking an ordinary concubine. In the future, the Fourth Branch legal Mistress (wife) would be this woman. When you pay respects to her later, you’ll have to call her Fourth Mother, or Fourth Mistress.”

(Shiro: Fourth Master – Yue Bing’s dad, Yue Yang’s Dad’s brother/adoptive father. Yue Yang’s dad was Third Master)

“My father is going to remarry?” Yue Bing almost fainted when she heard this. How could this have happened?

“….” When Yue Yang heard it, he was also extremely shocked.

Faintly, he could sense that this wasn’t simply an ordinary marriage affair; this was a plot.

It must be a plot against the Fourth Branch.

Although the beautiful woman and Fourth Uncle seldom lived together, they had mutual respects for each other. They also lived harmoniously and did not quarrel with each other. Furthermore, according to the pitiful guy’s diary, his Fourth Uncle wasn’t the kind of man who was fickle-minded. On the contrary, he was a good man who was filial to his parents and loving to his children. He was a good husband that had never quarreled with his wife for more than ten years. Although he wasn’t very strong and couldn’t compare to his three older brothers, his morals, character and attitude was definitely not short of a true nobleman’s.

A person like him, how could he abandon his current wife and take in another lover?

This matter was absolutely strange.

“The Clan Master has already decided to celebrate the wedding on the auspicious date of the 28th.” When the white-skinned man continued, Yue Yang was even more astounded.

Marrying on the 28th? Today was already the 26th.

There was no teleportation gate from White Stone City to the Yue Clan’s Castle. They might be able to make it if they ride fast horses, but the beautiful woman and the little girl couldn’t ride a horse. They would need to ride on a horse carriage or a sedan chair. They would definitely not be able to make it.

Seems like the Yue Clan was not even going to give a chance for the beautiful woman to oppose the marriage.

If not for him hurrying home with Yue Bing, it seemed like this matter would have been completed without them even being able to do anything about it.

Why did the Yue Clan oppose the Fourth Branch so much? Was it the First and Second Branch who were playing these tricks, or was there another reason? Yue Yang couldn’t understand it at all, but he was furious. He had wanted to return to the Yue Clan’s Castle and fight for the justice of Fourth Mother’s resentments, he wanted to help her take revenge on those people. However, they had actually bullied them to this extent instead. If he still didn’t retaliate, then he was truly a trash among trashes.

“My mum is the true official Mistress of the Fourth Branch, so even if she wanted to enter into our family, she has to be a concubine. How could you make her the legal wife? Then what do you guys regard my mother as?” Yue Bing was so angry that her face had turned white.

Not only did the miss from the He Yang Feng’s family want to marry into their family, she also wanted to become the legal wife? What kind of reasoning is this?

If they really let this matter go, then the Fourth Branch would really not have a position in the Clan anymore. Yue Bing decided to be violent. She would definitely not endure someone bullying the Fourth Branch so much.

“Although Mistress Xian is a faithful and virtuous wife, everyone knows that Fourth Master didn’t have a son. Without a son, it would be difficult to continue the line… The Clan Master’s intention was to hold this happy occasion as soon as possible, since the Fourth Master is still young and has an affinity with Miss Feng. Otherwise she might get pregnant and give birth to a child before marriage. This matter would not sound very nice if it was spread to the public. Third Young Master and Seventh Young Mistress shouldn’t complain too much, this is a grown up matter. You two are still young, so you wouldn’t understand… Actually, when Miss Feng joins the family as the legal wife, Mistress Xian could only be treated as a concubine. However, Miss Feng is a highly intelligent woman with high principles and morals. She knows that Mistress Xian has worked hard for the Fourth Branch for many years, and can be credited for being a virtuous wife. She couldn’t bear to let Mistress Xian be a concubine, let alone making the Fourth Master write a divorce letter and send it home…Hence Miss Feng has already said that she is willing to call Mistress Xian older sister. In the future, she wanted to create a harmonious Fourth Branch and share a husband with Mistress Xian peacefully,” A middle-aged female servant suddenly stood up and chattered a whole bunch of rubbish.

“We actually have to thank her for not chasing my mother out of the house?” Hearing this, Yue Bing simply felt like a bolt of lightning had struck under a clear sky.

Is there such a reasoning? Isn’t this a hundred times more uncivilized than those cannibals who said that they wouldn’t be full unless they eat a person?

Yue Bing glared at the woman full of anger, “Didn’t my mother also marry my father as his legal wife? Didn’t she also come from a wealthy and prominent family? Furthermore, how could the Fourth Branch not have a descendants to continue our family line? Don’t we have Third Brother?”

Seeing Yue Bing’s angry glare, the female servant jumped with fright and retreated back.

The flawless-skinned middle-aged man let out a cold laugh instead, snorting without any ounce of care at all, “Seventh Young Mistress, did you know who matchmade Mistress Xian, and who vouched for her? Also, did you know who gave her dowry? If it wasn’t for the Third Master trying to protect the Fourth Master’s reputation before, he wouldn’t have stood up to become their matchmaker. Strictly speaking, Mistress Xian only followed Fourth Master back, without a name nor background. But seeing that she was kind and virtuous, everyone had let it go. If everyone make too many complaints about it and the news gets out to the public, the Yue Clan will become a joke,”

“Second Branch Butler, if the Yue Clan insisted on holding the marriage ceremony, I would actually not oppose it at all. However, please do not slander others. Although it was true that at that time Third Brother and Sister became our matchmaker, the old man Song He became our witness, and the Hundred Flower Valley Lord bestowed me with Seven-coloured Flower Basket and Red Sands Jade as my dowry, we, the two Hua sisters, married two Yue Clan’s brothers in front of over a hundred strong warriors. We were congratulated and watched by all these people, how could you say that I am a woman that had an illicit sexual relation with the Fourth Master? Didn’t the Yue Clan, be it the old or the young, welcome us with smiling faces at that time? The Clan Mistress (Shiro: Yue Yang’s grandmother) even told me personally that she viewed us sisters as her most precious treasures, just like her own daughters… I would never thought that just because the old Clan Mistress, Third Brother and my sister had left us early, the clan’s member would turn so hostile towards me, who has been the daughter-in-law of Yue Clan for decades. When did I ever do something wrong towards the Yue Clan? Wifely virtue, speech, appearance and services, when did I ever let the Clan down? Ever since I married into the Yue Clan, I have supported my husband and educated my children. I have always obeyed my husband. Other than not having a son, what have I done wrong to the Yue Clan? When my sister asked me to take care of San-er, I have also considered him to be my own. All of the members of the Yue Clan also agreed to change San-er’s status to the descendant of the Fourth Branch. Why did the clan break their words now… Previously you said that my son was useless, but he has already succeeded in contracting a grimoire now, so his future is immeasurable. How could you belittle our San-er so much?” the beautiful woman, for her reputation, tried to justify herself emotionally. In the end, she became even more emotional as she spoke, pouring all of the grievances and pain that she had held inside for many years.

“Mistress Xian, it’s not that this servant belittles Third Young Master. This servant was only fulfilling the Clan Master’s orders. If Mistress Xian has some complaints to discuss, please say it to the Clan Master directly. How could you throw a tantrum to us lowly servants?” The white-skinned man laughed coldly, full of contempt.

“I can understand the situation more or less already.” Yue Yang had been trying to contain his anger, and listened to the whole situation first. He finally understood everything now.

Weren’t they simply, obviously bullying the Fourth Branch?

Did they think that he was still the old pitiful guy, who was easy to bully?

Yue Yang passed the little girl over to Yue Bing who was so angry that she couldn’t even speak anymore, and strode forward.

The white-skinned middle-aged man didn’t even glance at him; he simply drank his tea leisurely. His arrogant look seemed to dare Yue Yang to try and hit him. Furthermore, the surrounding Yue Clan’s guards had also stood on guard, standing right behind the middle-aged man, showing the same exact arrogant and condescending expression like their master.

“Aren’t you only a butler? Why are you pretending to be so high and mighty?” Yue Yang suddenly slapped the middle-aged man hard, right on his face, sending him flying through the air. Fresh blood and broken teeth scattered all over the ground. The middle-aged man fell onto a table with a loud boom, breaking the table to pieces. He cried painfully, but before he had the time to struggle, Yue Yang had raised a chair and crash it down to his body mercilessly.

The Yue Clan guards started to attack, but Yue Yang’s movements was faster than them a thousand times over… His hands rotated, and as if he had grown another ten arms, he showered endless attacks to the surrounding guards. Every guard’s face was at least violently slapped by Yue Yang a hundred times.

Two Guard Captains who had the best capabilities had summoned a strong beast-type beasts in secret before they came here, as a precaution. They immediately charged forward.

A glare as cold as a Death God’s flashed across Yue Yang’s eyes as he caught their fists with his palms, then crushing them with his powerful grip. Immediately, the two Guard Captains let out an extremely loud scream as their bones, flesh and skin were crushed into mush. Before the two Guard Captain’s miserable cry had ended, Yue Yang had already sent hard kicks right towards their family jewels. A person with good hearing would probably hear some kind of a solemn cracking sound like an egg breaking from Yue Yang’s attack.

The two Guard Captains couldn’t even let out a squeak as they fainted to the ground. Their large physique’s collapsed and landed on the ground with a loud boom.

Seeing that the matter had turned in a bad direction, the middle-aged man hurriedly ran outside, trying to run away.

But Yue Bing, who was carrying her sister, immediately kicked at his heels. If it wasn’t because she saw her brother preparing to kill this fellow, and tried to save the middle-aged man’s life by stopping him from running away, she would have already summoned her Hundred Year Treant Defender, and trampled on this fellow.

“You want to kill me? I was sent directly by the Clan Master…” the middle-aged man violently cried out in an indiscernible speech as his face had been beaten black and blue by Yue Yang, and most of his teeth had fallen out.

“Aih, isn’t this our Second Branch Butler? Who has beaten you up so badly? So pitiful, who was it actually that had so much guts, who dared to beat up our Second Branch Butler black and blue? Who is it? Who has beaten up our family’s dog? Are our Yue Clan’s dogs something that can be beaten up as one pleases? Even if they were beaten up, only us, the masters, have the authority to beat them up,” Yue Yang laughed coldly as he started kicking the middle-aged man’s body madly.

With each kick that Yue Yang gave, the middle-aged man let out a cry that sounded like a pig in slaughter.

The middle-aged man was in so much pain that he’d rather die. He knew that if this continues, he would really die. Seeing that the beautiful woman was right in front of him, he immediately struggled to crawl towards her, wanting to beg her to spare his life.

Who would know that before he even reached the beautiful woman, Yue Yang had jumped high and landed right on his back, shouting angrily, “What a brazen bastard of a slave, you dared to try and harm your mistress? You actually dared to make a move and try to assassinate my Fourth Mother under everyone’s onlooking eyes? You, ungrateful bastard of a dog, how would you pay for your sins? Servants, drag him out and beat him to death! Then chop him up and feed him to the dogs!”

Uncle Nan and the others were so shocked that they could only stare blindly.

But seeing their young master’s impressive, general-like bearing and power, they immediately felt a bubble of anger burst from within them. They became pumped up and daring.

Upon hearing Yue Yang’s orders, they immediately charged forward in an uproar, dragging the bloodied, fainted Yue Clan guards outside one by one… Meanwhile, Yue Yang broke off a table’s leg, and swung it down hard few times. In just a moment, a few of the guard’s arms and legs had been broken by him.

The female servant who spoke out just now was so scared right now that she was paralyzed on the ground, so frightened that she started to wet herself.

There were some who had already fainted immediately out of fear, their eyes white as they lost their consciousness.

When the beautiful woman saw Yue Yang brandishing that table leg that had been drenched by blood and was preparing to kill that female servant, she immediately held him tightly, “Enough, San-er, stop. These people are all vicious servants, there’s no advantage for you at all if you kill them all. They were sent here by someone else’s orders. Fourth Mother knows that you are a good boy who wants to help me vent my anger and teach these vicious servants a lesson, but you shouldn’t overdo it. You should just let her slap her mouth; you must never kill her,”

When she heard this, that female servant who was half unconscious started to slap herself with all of her strength without even waiting for Yue Yang’s orders.

What a joke, if she let this Third Young Master, who was called useless but was extremely ruthless, beat her up, how would she still be alive?

Yue Yang who was held by the beautiful woman couldn’t beat the female servant up, so he could only stretch his foot and kicked two of the closest servants. This made the female servant so scared that her soul almost flew away, and she started to beg him to spare her life. The beautiful woman held onto her son tightly and refused to let go, stopping him from using the bloody table leg to beat the female servant up.

She was a little scared in her mind, but she was also extremely touched that her son had vented her anger for her sake. The tears that she had held inside all these years started falling down continuously, and she started to sob uncontrollably.

Seeing this, Yue Bing and the little girl immediately jumped forward. The two daughters and their mother, three people, hugged each other as they cried.

“Don’t cry, I will bring you all to the Yue Clan Castle immediately and we’ll ask Fourth Uncle what really happened. Fourth Mother, don’t be afraid…don’t cry. With me here, no one would be able to bully you,” When Yue Yang said this, his words moved the beautiful woman even more and she started to cry even louder than before. In such a time where she didn’t have anyone to rely upon, her own son had stood up on her behalf, bravely becoming the family’s supporting pillar. If he wasn’t around, she wouldn’t have known what to do…

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