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LLS Chapter 97 – Who Could Understand a Girl’s Heart?

Chapter 97 – Who Could Understand a Girl’s Heart?
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko


“Brother Yi Nan, what did you want to say that can’t be said inside?” As Yue Yang followed Yi Nan out, he asked her curiously.

When she heard him call her Brother Yi Nan, she almost fainted in her mind.

At times, she really wanted to give him a beating and trample him with kicks. If she still could not feel appeased even after that, she could bite him hard too. She had seen idiots before, but she had never seen an idiot that was this stupid. Yi Nan was very angry in her heart, but she pasted a smile that was as refreshing as a spring breeze and said, “Actually, I’d like to ask you. With regards to the matter of you and Miss Xue breaking your engagement, what had actually happened?”

Yue Yang was also completely unaware of the situation, how would he know the answer?

He wasn’t the pitiful guy; Who on earth would know what that guy did to break his engagement, making him commit suicide in the end? Now others seemed to think that he was the one who initiated the cancellation of the engagement. Since Yue Yang had seen the pitiful guy’s diary, he knew that it was definitely not the pitiful guy who initiated breaking the engagement first. He also didn’t write a Letter of Engagement Cancellation. Fourth mother and his whole family were also unaware of this, they had initially thought that the heartbreak from Miss Xue breaking their engagement had pushed the pitiful guy over the edge, trying to drown himself in the river. Did he really commit suicide or was he pushed into the river by someone… Yue Yang was still investigating this matter, hence he was constantly on alert.
(Shiro: Letter of Engagement Cancellation or 休书 is a compulsory letter that a guy must write to a girl’s family when he wants their engagement to be cancelled during Ancient Chinese period)

If there was really some enemy that ordered an assassin to kill the pitiful guy and make it seem like he had jumped into the river, then he should quickly dispose of this enemy. Otherwise, since he had replaced the pitiful guy’s identity, others might start to get suspicious of him.

Of course, Yue Yang who has a powerful strength right now wasn’t afraid of anyone pulling tricks on him. He would counter every trick with another trick. No matter what the enemy would use to attack him, he would always have a way to deal with it.

The only thing he was afraid of was that the beautiful woman, Yue Bing and the others would be sad when they found out about it…

Yue Yang would secretly try to find out what had actually happened. Sooner or later, he would find out the truth. Looking at the circumstantial evidence, it was highly probable that the pitiful guy had drowned himself. This is because if there really was an assassin who was after his life, after taking over the pitiful guy’s identity for so long, why haven’t Yue Yang met any enemies who tried to attack him?

Yue Yang decided to investigate the truth so that this complicated, unclear situation would come to light. This does not only concern Miss Xue’s marriage, it also concerned his identity.

As for Yi Nan’s question, of course Yue Yang didn’t tell her the truth. He opened his arm and placed it around Yi Nan’s shoulders suddenly, hugging her intimately, “Brat, you really made me worry for nothing! I thought you wanted to hit on my sister; so turned out you aren’t… brother Yi Nan, my sister is still young. Furthermore, her birth chart isn’t that good, so I would dissuade you to pursue her. Actually, there are a lot of pretty girls in the world, as long as you make the correct move, they would be queueing up in front of you naked waiting for you to make a move on them. Don’t be too anxious, after the new years, I will accompany you to find girls. You can choose any girl you want; choose the one with the biggest boobs if you want. We’ll work together to make you lose your virginity, then we’ll slowly research on bed techniques. When our battle prowess has reached the Master level, we’ll write our girl’s encyclopedia together,”

Meanwhile, Yi Nan’s body had been petrified because Yue Yang this shameless guy had hugged her.

Although she knew clearly that this brat didn’t take her as a girl, and only thought of her as a brother who he can pour his heart’s troubles to, she still couldn’t stand him getting too intimate with her.

Her stomach was in butterflies after smelling a particularly masculine scent of a male from Yue Yang. Her body felt a little weak. If it wasn’t for her forcing herself to calm her thumping heart and continued to pretend to be his brother, she would probably be running away from embarrassment long ago.

With regards to Yue Yang’s words, Yi Nan didn’t think it was funny at all.

Although this brat was quite a good brother, but as for his treatment of girls…She reckoned that his thick skin would probably only be second to Fatty Hai’s in the whole of Soaring Dragon Continent.

At least, Fatty Hai could recognize that she was a girl. Yue Yang on the other hand, he was simply as blind as a bat.

But speaking truthfully, Yi Nan actually liked the silly Yue Yang who could not recognize her as a girl. This way, she could hear his innermost feelings. For example, he liked beauties with big breasts and butts, and always liked to check out girls whose ample breasts were shaking when they were walking. If he recognized that she was actually a girl, would he tell her about such things? That’s definitely impossible. In front of Yue Bing, this brat had definitely pretended to be a good big brother. But behind Yue Bing, when he was alone with her like this for example, he would reveal his real perverted nature. Who else in this world would ask her along to get some girls, this fool…

The only thing that made Yi Nan a little depressed was that this guy liked sexy beauties with ample breasts and bum.

Her own body hadn’t blossomed yet, her breasts were like apples. She reckoned that even after growing them for another two years, they would probably be only as big as pears. She was fated not to have ample breasts like papayas or coconuts.

As for volleyballs and soccer balls, she probably can stop dreaming.

Furthermore, they wouldn’t look that good if they grew too big. Girls with enormous breasts were simply monsters.

As for her buttocks, they were arched and filled with a good amount of flesh. She was very satisfied with them. But they were not that round, not full-bodied enough. Only a young woman would probably have a really full and well-rounded butt… She was still a girl, and her body had not fully developed yet. How could her butt be as full and round as a young woman’s?

With regards to Yue Yang’s criteria for big breasted beauties as a wife, Yi Nan was a little depressed in her heart. He liked big breasts so much; wasn’t he afraid of being suffocated by them?

Yi Nan really felt like strangling this big pervert to death, or at least pinch off his wandering eyes. However, on the outside, she only revealed a smile, “You can write the girl’s encyclopedia yourself, don’t be anxious…Yeah, you, aren’t you thinking of finding one? Since you have broken your engagement with Miss Xue, when you return to your clan full of achievements, there would definitely be a lot of people who would want you as their relative. Being related to the Fourth Branch of Yue Clan, maybe even the Da Xia Emperor would order someone to visit you and betroth some princesses to you. You…you, what do you think of that?”

“Nonsense, if any girls offered themselves up to me, I’d be a fool to reject them!” Yue Yang tapped hard on Yi Nan’s soldiers, shocking her so much that she almost jumped.

His wolfy paws almost touched her breast; what a thick skinned guy.

When Yi Nan’s heart had calmed down, she misunderstood this fellow again.

Could it be that other than perverted stuff in his head, there were no other things at all? He was a normal guy, so it was normal for him to want girls, but he shouldn’t be thinking of perverted stuff all the time!

As a Ranker, why would he be afraid of having no women offering themselves up to his door? If he was going to accept every single girl that was offered to him, he wouldn’t be able to keep everyone even if he lived in a castle.

Suddenly, a kind of sour feeling started to bubble up in Yi Nan’s heart.

If she were to…she definitely couldn’t see that kind of thing happening.

Moreover, others who offered their girls to Yue Yang would probably have ulterior motives. Which fool would send their beautiful daughters for nothing? They would probably be thinking of a scheme or have an ulterior motive, that’s why they had sent their girls. If he accepted everyone without question, then there would probably going to be problems in the future.

Just as Yi Nan was thinking about how to stop this perverted guy, whose head was only filled with perverted stuff, from accepting beauties without question, Yue Yang tapped her shoulder lightly, “Brother Yi Nan, are you jealous? Don’t worry, who are we? Aren’t we brothers? If I really managed to have a lot of girls, I would definitely share it with you. You also know, I treat you differently than I treat Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the others. If I have a lot of girls, I can give you one, but I would never do it if it was them. Did you see how differently I treat you compared to others? You don’t know this, but I already liked you from the first moment I saw you. Otherwise, why would I invite you to study bed techniques and co-write a girl’s encyclopedia together?”

“Really?” When Yi Nan heard that, her eyes shone brighter.

She had automatically omitted the bed techniques and girl’s encyclopedia from Yue Yang’s speech, and only took in “I already liked you from the first moment I saw you” instead. At the same time, an unsuppressable feeling of joy bubbled in her heart.

Although this fellow’s eyes were just ornaments, his heart was good. It’s just that he was a little bit of an idiot who had never thought that she was a girl.

If she had returned to wearing girl’s clothings, this fellow would probably drool a waterfall when he saw her.

Yi Nan secretly laughed, thinking about how he didn’t know a beauty was standing right in front of him. Furthermore, he had wanted to bring the beauty along to get some girls. He was really a silly, silly idiot!

Yue yang’s wolfy paws had slowly moved south as he pretended to be mysterious. He moved closer to Yi Nan’s beautiful ears and blew a hot breath, “Of course, if I have girls, I will definitely share them with you,”

His close proximity and breath made Yi Nan’s ears tickle. She really couldn’t endure it anymore, but he held her waist so tightly that she couldn’t budge.

Yi Nan whose heart had been thumping wildly felt a little bit frantic as she elbowed Yue Yang lightly, seemingly trying to resist him.

But why did she feel like wanting to act like a spoiled child towards him?

“Who would want your scraps? Keep them to yourself,” Yi Nan felt the place that this fellow touched was burning, so she hurriedly pushed him away. Like an alarmed deer, she jumped two steps away. She then gathered her courage and tried to think about how to say the load on her mind that she had hidden for so long, “Actually, uhm, I…. Actually, I have a sister… Of course, you have now become strong, so maybe you wouldn’t want to have any relation with a girl from an ordinary family… I mean, if you really wanted to find a girl that was really serious towards you and did not have an ulterior motive, I can introduce you to my sister next time… It’s okay if you don’t like her when you meet her; she’s far from the big breasted type of girl that you liked anyway. But just tell me something, would you be willing to take a look at her?”

“That’s really moving, brother Yi Nan,” Yue Yang pretended to be extremely moved as he pulled Yi Nan’s whole body into his tight embrace, “Actually, I am more or less the same as Fatty Hai; no girls has liked us before. Living a life without a girl’s love is so miserable…”

“…” Yi Nan thought she almost suffocated.

This fellow hugged her with simply too much strength.

Furthermore, she felt kind of light-headed…could it be that this is the legendary fainting from happiness?

Yue Yang took great advantage of the opportunity and hugged her for quite a while. When he felt that it was about time, just long enough so that he didn’t blow his cover, he immediately released her. He wouldn’t let her know that he was actually taking advantage of her. However, he immediately held Yi Nan’s small hands tightly, “I didn’t know you were actually Zhu Ying Tai; I’m simply overjoyed!”

Yi Nan struggled a little, but seeing that she couldn’t free herself from Yue Yang’s large hands, she could only pretended not to care and tried her best to reply naturally, “Who is Zhu Ying Tai?”
(Shiro: lol, this joke requires you to understand this chinese classic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butterfly_Lovers. Basically, long story short, Zhu Ying Tai is a girl (she’s the ninth kid in her family) who disguised herself as a guy to attend school. This was during the Ancient China period, so girls can’t go to school. Read the short synopsis on wiki to know more, you won’t regret it ;P)

Yue Yang’s reaction was obviously an expression of utter shock. He patted Yi Nan’s shoulders as he hugged her sweet-smelling shoulders once again, laughing heartily, “I can tell with one look that you are just a fool who never read books. Haven’t you heard of the story of Liang San Bo and Zhu Ying Tai in your school before? I’m really skeptical whether you really paid attention in class or simply just ogled at girls. How could you not hear about their beautiful love story before…”

“The love story about Liang San Bo and Zhu Ying Tai?” Yi Nan tried to search her memories for a long time, but she still didn’t know about these two main characters’ names.

“Wrong, it’s the love story between Liang San Bo and Zhu Ying Tai’s sister,” Yue Yang replied, full of realism and drama, “In an academy, there was an outstanding student called Liang San Bo. He had a good brother called Zhu Ying Tai. Both of them felt like old friends since the first time they met, so they decided to become sworn brothers. It’s more or less the same with our promise to research bed techniques; we have similar interest and like each other’s company. After they graduate, when Liang San Bo sent Zhu Ying Tai home, Zhu Ying Tai magnanimously introduced his ninth sister to Liang San Bo. Just like how you are going to introduce me to your sister…that’s why, I’m really very moved,”

“What happened afterwards?” Yi Nan thought that the story between Liang San Bo’s and Zhu Ying Tai’s sister would not finish that quickly.

“The story is a tragic one. Afterwards when Liang San Bo went to the Zhu Residence, he couldn’t meet with Zhu Ying Tai’s ninth sister because he didn’t have a token to prove his identity. In the end, the Zhu Family ended up marrying the ninth sister to a fellow called Ma Wen Cai. Afterwards when Liang San Bo’s engagement was cancelled, he was really depressed and like I did when Miss Xue broke off our engagement, he jumped into the river. No, he didn’t jump into the river, but he got sick and died in the end,” When Yue Yang said this, Yi Nan felt like lightning had suddenly struck in a clear blue sky.

“Then what happened to Zhu Ying Tai?” Yi Nan held Yue Yang’s large hands tightly as she asked.

“It was said that when Zhu Ying Tai heard about the news, he was extremely saddened and filled with regret. In the end, on the day when his ninth sister was getting married, he went to Liang San Bo’s grave and cried. His crying moved the heavens and made the Liang San Bo’s grave open. Zhu Ying Tai immediately jumped into the grave and died together with Liang San Bo. In the end, their souls fused together with the beasts, and they turned into butterflies…Have you ever seen butterflies that fly in a pair? Those are the spirits of Liang San Bo and Zhu Ying Tai that had transformed… You, why are you crying now?” When Yue Yang saw that Yi Nan had been shocked by his story to the point that her eyes started to redden, he felt a little guilty. He reached out his hands intending to wipe the tears in her eyes, consoling her.

“It’s nothing, some dust just flew into my eye,” Yi Nan was afraid that Yue Yang would find out that she was a girl, so she immediately blocked his large hands and wiped away the tears herself in a hurry.

“For the sake of getting girls, I have prepared a lot of stories. I can tell you about them next time. Getting girls is a profound and deep field of study. For the sake of our happiness, we have to understand them well,” Yue Yang patted Yi Nan’s shoulders lightly.

When Yi Nan heard that, her tears immediately turned into laughter.

This fellow was really an idiot. If she really let him know that she was a girl, she couldn’t imagine what kind of expression he would have.

Suddenly, she remembered about the keepsake from the story. She immediately removed the jade pendant necklace on her neck and put it on Yue Yang anxiously, “This is my… my sister’s keepsake; you must never lose it. Don’t ever become like Liang San Bo who had to break his engagement because he didn’t have a keepsake to prove his identity. Don’t ask me anything first, I will explain everything to you later. If you ever lose it, I will never forgive you-Ah, I mean, my sister will never forgive you,”

“That’s only a story, did you think it was real? Where on earth would there be a guy who followed another guy to the grave? Those who believed that are idiots,” Yue Yang could only laugh out loud.

“You are the idiot,” Yi Nan gave her a pouty, supercilious look. If Zhu Ying Tai was a guy, she was also a guy.

Yi Nan was worried that Yue Yang would see through her real identity, so she quickly put on her black mask again. But she sneaked a peek at Yue Yang again, and upon seeing that this brat was still acting like the idiot who still had not recognized her, she involuntarily felt a little bitter in her heart. “I’m going now, aren’t you going to say anything to me? Right, what did Liang San Bo said to Zhu Ying Tai when they part?”

Yue Yang assumed the air of a hero, “He accompanied Zhu Ying Tai for eighteen miles when he saw him off, so he said many things when they parted. How would I remember everything? But all these parting words are included in the famous Eighteen Miles Away song about the Liang-Zhu. I think you have really been ogling girls at school, how could you not know about all these? There are many classical musical pieces about Liang-Zhu; Wandering Sworn Brothers, Schoolmates, Eighteen Miles Away, Engagement Cancellation and Forced Marriage, Meeting in the Balcony, Ying Tai’s Weep, Butterflies From The Grave, these are all very famous, don’t you know that?”

Listening to his speech, Yi Nan thought that it was unbelievable that this brat could even understand music.

She was a little curious about it, but she decided to put the matters regarding music down first and raised her request instead: “Since Liang San Bo had sent Zhu Ying Tai off, you should also send me off.”

Yue Yang rejected it in one breath, “Nonsense. Liang San Bo accompanied Zhu Ying Tai for eighteen miles when he saw him off. I would be an idiot if I accompanied you for eighteen miles, but I can accompany you for 18 metres if you want.”

Yi Nan was a breadth away from fainting due to annoyance. Who asked him to send her off for eighteen miles? She only wanted him to make her feel the feeling of a romantic parting. Who knew that he actually had no intention to do so at all? He was really a big idiot! Yi Nan sent a hard kick towards Yue Yang’s shin, intending to send him flying one hundred metres away with a kick. But alas, Yue Yang managed to avoid it, causing her to kick empty air and almost fell to the ground instead. Immediately, Yi Nan used her nails to grab on Yue Yang’s arms and bite him hard. Then, she screamed loudly at him, “You are going to be the death of me…!!”

She didn’t wait for Yue Yang’s reaction and left quickly, fuming with anger. In just a blink of an eye, she had disappeared from Yue Yang’s line of sight.

Ye Kong and the others who had hidden behind the door to watch the lively scene were looking at each other in confusion. What had actually happened? They were talking nicely just a few moments ago, laughing as they talked, and they suddenly fought in the next second?

Yue Yang turned around and shrugged his shoulders very innocently, “There was a little problem at that brat’s, Yi Nan’s, hometown. I was kind enough to send him off, but who would know that Yi Nan would bite me before he left.”

“You fool, why can’t you grasp hold of the chance to be with a girl? You wasted a great opportunity! Oh, I’ll be better off if i die,” Fatty Hai cried as he threw a tantrum on the ground, rolling here and there.

“Please die and be reborn quickly,” That’s Ye Kong’s opinion towards Fatty Hai.

After Yue Yang saw Yi Nan off, he bid farewell to Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others.

Yue Yang brought Yue Bing out of the Tong Tian Tower and returned to the island outside of Tong Tian Tower. After going through the teleportation gate to return to the Shang Wu Military Camp, they teleported to White Stone City. When they returned, before they even got a bearing of themselves, the guard in charge of the teleportation gate suddenly came forward to congratulate Yue Bing, “Aren’t you Seventh Miss from the Yue Clan? Previously, Old man Nan had even asked me to find people to inform you. I didn’t expect that you already knew on your own. Congratulations, your Yue Clan is going to have a happy occasion soon. Even the White Stone City Lord had said that he would personally come to congratulate your family,”

“Happy occassion?” Yue Yang and Yue Bing were at a complete loss when they heard it. This was really unbelievable, what happy occasion are they holding now?

(Shiro: Happy occasion or 喜事 can also mean marriage in Chinese tradition)

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