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LLS Chapter 96 – Bowing Head In Shame, Turning Red With One Touch

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Chapter 96 – Bowing Head In Shame, Turning Red With One Touch
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Although they received the beautiful woman’s letter, Yue Yang did not immediately bring Yue Bing home.

He decided to prepare well and give the beautiful woman a big surprise. At the same time, he wanted to teach the Yue Clan, those self-interested people, a lesson.

Yi Nan pulled Yue Bing away to buy some items. She didn’t think that Yue Yang would understand which items would be suitable as presents for Fourth Mother. Furthermore, there were some stuff that a girl would be more suitable to buy, for example, hairpin ornaments, make up powder and so on. It would be strange if a guy knows how to buy these. They prepared to give Fourth Mother and the small girl some good clothing material to make a few new clothes for the New Years. Yue Yang also knew that buying the Spirit Beast Knowledge Awakening Pill for the pitiful guy had made the whole of Fourth Mother’s family live frugally for a long time. Although he wasn’t the pitiful guy, he had received all of their love. Naturally, he wanted to repay Fourth Mother back.

Yue Yang gave 50 gold to Yue Bing, telling her to buy everything she would need.

Yue Bing had obviously not gotten so much pocket money before, she kept rejecting them. In the end, she was persuaded by Yi Nan and accepted it happily.

Ye Kong and the Li Brothers were preparing to fetch Wen Li Mo, He Zi Yun and Qi Yang, the three other three similarly-aged brothers here. Although they didn’t have any battle capabilities, no one would be more suitable to learn the Demon Abyss Language than them.

Maybe they had decided to follow Yue Yang, this Yue Clan Third Master who had a bright future ahead, in the future. Ye Kong also didn’t reject the money he received from Yue Yang. He accepted it and nodded, then went away with the Li Brothers. As for Fatty Hai, he was drooling in anticipation. He didn’t lack money, but seeing that everyone received their pocket money, he couldn’t help but feel envious towards them.

However, his identity was the group’s ‘Boss’. Even if he wanted pocket money as well, he couldn’t say it to Yue Yang.

“I want to buy some stuff, but i don’t know the place…”Yue Yang secretly laughed in his heart, preparing to trick this Fatty.

“What? As your boss, I can very responsibly tell you that in Tong Tian Tower, there is no one that I, Master Hai, don’t know of. There is also no one who wouldn’t recognize this Master Hai. Say, what do you want to buy?” The moment Fatty Hai heard that the items that Yue Yang wanted to buy were simple, daily necessities, he immediately slapped his plump chest with great strength, causing his fats to vibrate. He said in a heroic tone, “Let alone these items, even if you wanted to buy a whole mountain, I can help you buy it. Furthermore, we are all great brothers, how could I use your money to buy these small things… I actually wanted to see you off, but you pushed this money onto me. If you did it like this, you aren’t really respecting me as your Boss… Alright, even if I am your Boss, but I will respect your opinion,”

Fatty Hai hugged the 10 gold that he received from Yue Yang and went away happily.

The amount of money doesn’t matter.

More importantly, Yue Yang had given him money too. Furthermore, he even asked for his help. This way, he, the Boss, could raise his head in front of Ye Kong and the others.

Yue Yang had actually used 10 gold to make Fatty Hai go away. That was because with Fatty Hai at his side, he couldn’t summon the thorny Flower which was still digesting the Demon Generals. Thus, in order to hide this secret, Yue Yang would rather give him 10 gold and send him away on an errand.

Everyone in the storage house had left, only Yue Yang was left.

When the gold-ranked Thorny Flower was summoned, he saw that it would probably only need one more day at the most to evolve into a Thorny Flower Demoness. It hadn’t finished digesting the Demon King Ha Xin’s arms, but previously it had used [Division Propagation] and eaten four Demon Generals. These Demon Generals had almost been completely digested. The Thorny flower was currently 6 meters tall and its stalk was as thick as a bucket. Its flower was even larger than a round table. At its side, two secondary stalks with mouths as wide as bowls had also grown. It also had a cluster of stalks. They were all connected by [Division Propagation], absorbing the nutrients carried from the [Division Propagation] continuously…

After Yue Yang made the Thorny Flower use its cluster of stalks to swallow the five Demon Generals, he only saw that this Thorny Flower that was about to evolve into a thorny Flower Demoness had suddenly shrunk.

Turned out that its thin leaves had turned bigger without him realizing

In the end, the leaves wrapped around the Thorny Flower who had curled into a ball, just like a piece of cabbage. Yue Yang couldn’t understand what was happening. This didn’t look like an evolution to become a Thorny Flower Demoness, could it be that it had broken through another realm?

Not only the main body, even the other two secondary stalks wrapped themselves with their leaves, turning into two small wrapped lumps of flowers.

This was definitely a Variant Evolution, but it was not within Yue Yang’s knowledge and estimation.

After the Thorny Flower wrapped itself into a ball, it shone with a golden light as it voluntarily returned to the Silver Grimoire. Yue yang tried to open the summoning grimoire and found that it was in the middle of a transformation. But Yue Yang couldn’t predict what it would evolve into. This kind of evolution that involved the flower wrapping itself with its leaves should only happen when it was evolving into a Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen. It was still too soon for that, with its current level and growth, it would definitely not be able to go through a Variant Evolution into a Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen. It was not even a Thorny Flower Demoness yet… Could it be that before the Thorny Flower evolved into a Thorny Flower Demoness, there was another secret evolution path?

Yue Yang thought that it might be due to swallowing too many Demon Generals. He made the flower eat too much fertiliser and accidentally triggered a special evolution.

Now there was one big and two small wrapped balls of flowers, does that mean that there would be three Thorny Flower Demoness later on?

What was actually happening?

With regards to the Thorny Flower’s special evolution, Yue yang completely couldn’t predict it at all. He also couldn’t see through it with his [Divine Vision]. The only thing that he knew was that this was an extremely good and beneficial thing; that it was not a bad thing at all..

In any case, nurturing a Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen was a long process, Yue Yang was not in a hurry to do so.

Right now he had a lot of powerful beasts with him, so he wasn’t in a hurry and there wasn’t a need to make the Thorny Flower participate in his battles. Let alone Xiao Wen Li, the Golden Beast and the Bloody Queen, the humanoid Golden King Beast. Even Barbarian Shadow Cow and Hui Tai Lang, the bronze-ranked level 5 beasts could already make others give up immediately upon seeing them. This time when they return to their Clan’s Castle, Yue Yang was really looking forward to fighting against Yue Tian, Yue Yan and the other in the Young Generation Tournament. He wanted to beat them up in front of the clan’s members and make Fourth Mother proud of him. He also wanted to repay them for Yue Bing’s grievances and make those fellows who looked down upon the Fourth Branch be so surprised that their eyes pop out of their sockets.

At that time, he would let them see the power of the ‘Soaring Dragon Continent’s Most Useless Trash’.

Another reason on why Yue Yang was not in a hurry to go home was because he was preparing to go to the Summoning Temple to buy a Summoning Grimoire for Yue Shuang the small girl, his other sister.

He had already had this intention when he was still in White Stone City, before he went out to search for Yue Bing. This time, since he had come to the Tong Tian Tower, he decided to bring the small girl a summoning grimoire when he got home. Maybe Yue Shuang could make a contract with a grimoire already, but she couldn’t try it out because Fourth mother did not have the money to buy her one.

The Summoning Temple was an isolated, pagoda-like building.

It was located in a residential area, but other than grimoire contractors, it did not allow other warriors to enter.

All of the members of the Four Great Clans and Three Royal Households would send their babies or their baby’s’ blood the moment they were born so that it could be identified whether they were grimoire contractors under the Grimoire Contractor Identifier. Due to their closed marriages, there hadn’t been anyone from the later generations of the Four Great Clans who couldn’t contract a grimoire in the past thousand years. As for the Royal Households, although there might be some who weren’t grimoire contractors, these people would never be recognised by the Royal Households; they might not even be able to live. They would think that these people were bastards and not of pure lineage of the Emperor, which would make them fake princes and princesses. Once it was clear that they couldn’t contract a grimoire, the Royal Household would quietly dispose of the mother and the baby. They would announce to the public that it was a difficult birth, and that neither the mother nor child managed to survive.

As for all the other families in this world, they would also do the same test for their child. The only difference was that most of their later generations couldn’t contract a grimoire.

The Four Great Clan’s outstanding bloodlines was something that ordinary people could only be extremely jealous of.

The only thing that make these ordinary people feel a little better was that there are not many people belonging to the Four Great Clans. The number of descendants that the Four Great Clans have is much lower than an ordinary family’s. For example, in the current generation of the Yue Clan, there are only nine grandchildren. That number was already large for the Yue Clan, but ordinary families, on the other hand, would have given birth to ten grandchildren at least. They could win with numbers. Although the success rate of contracting a grimoire was not high, with the addition of pills and strong medicines, every generation could ensure that there was one or two grimoire contractors in their generation.

When the guard of the Summoning Temple saw Yue Yang coming closer, he slowly said, “Young man, please show your summoning grimoire, otherwise you can’t enter.”

As Yue Yang summoned his Silver Grimoire out, the middle-aged man’s expressions changed. It was not that he had never seen a Silver Grimoire before, but it was rare to see a young grimoire contractor like Yue Yang who owned a Silver Grimoire.

Most importantly, he realized that he didn’t recognise Yue Yang.

How could he not recognize this young genius who owned a Silver Grimoire?

As he accompanied Yue Yang to enter, he asked again, “Are you searching for information on the major events in the beginning of the summoning era, Guardian Spirit Beasts or Innate Skills?”

“No, I came to buy a grimoire.” Yue Yang knew that he would need to show an introduction letter to search for information with regards to Guardian Spirit Beasts and Innate Skills etc. Furthermore, he would need to tell them about his own knowledge so that it could be shared with others. Only then would he be able to search for information regarding Innate Skills and Guardian Spirit Beasts. He would never do that. He gave 100 gold to the guard and added a small silk pouch, “There are a few strand of hairs of the person who is going to buy the grimoire, Yue Shuang. She is one of the younger generation of the Yue Clan, please verify it,”

The middle-aged man received the gold and the silk pouch, went to the next floor and asked an elder to inspect and verify the hair.

A moment later, he came out clasping a Bronze Grimoire.

But he didn’t give it to Yue Yang immediately, instead, he stood in front of Yue Yang with a Magic Crystal Cube that the elder had given him. Yue Yang knew that this was a compulsory procedure to check his identity. Even the emperor would not be able to avoid it. Thus, he took his Crystal Card and placed it on top of the cube.

A golden light flashes as a line of words appeared in the Magic Crystal Cube.

Grimoire Contractor’s Name: Titan

With regards to the matter of Yue Yang owning a Crystal Card, the middle-aged person and the elder could only look at each other, a little shocked.

It might be possible to own a Silver Grimoire through hard work and intense training, but hard work alone was not enough to own a Crystal Card. Only the most talented, most outstanding young talents could have a Crystal Card.

“According to our usual practice, we would like to ask a question that you must reply honestly. Young man, may we ask what relation do you have with Yue Shuang?” The middle-aged man indicated for Yue Yang to place his hands on top of the Magic Crystal Cube as he asked.

Yue Yang was shocked, could it be that this thing could even detect lies?

If he didn’t reply honestly, what would happen? He was actually a guy from another world and did not have any blood relation to Yue Shuang at all. If he lied, was found out, and couldn’t buy the grimoire, he might even stir up some trouble. Should he answer truthfully or lie? He was in a really difficult spot right now. He couldn’t possibly say the truth, because he couldn’t say that he was unrelated to Yue Shuang at all. Otherwise if another Yue Clan member came to investigate, everything would be revealed.

He also couldn’t lie; this lie detector would probably catch his lie.

If he lied and was found out, he could even accidentally reveal his real identity.

“I am her brother, she calls me Brother Xiao San,” When Yue Yang said these, he tried to maintain a calm tone with all his might. His outer appearance was unquestionable, and he used his Innate Qi to calm his wildly thumping heart.

He was even more nervous saying these words than when he was taking part in his high school exam. His back was drenched with sweat.

Of course, his face was completely calm, as if it was a matter of course and an unchangeable truth; that they were really brother and sister by blood.

At Yue Yang’s reply, a golden light shone from the Magic Crystal.

The middle-aged person and the elder immediately nodded, “The Ancient Code recognized you to be Yue Shuang’s grimoire proxy. You have completed the last recognition, young man. We have to enforce the last identification in order to protect other grimoire holders from getting their grimoire stolen. Even if the Emperor himself came to be a proxy, he must be first recognized by the Ancient Code. I have to warn you that if Yue Shuang’s grimoire was lost before she managed to contract it, or if it was stolen, you must come here bearing the Yue Clan Master’s letter to replace it. Furthermore, you must wait for at least a year before we can replace you with another grimoire,”

“I understand.” When Yue Yang heard this, he secretly thought ‘what a close call…’. He was really drenched with cold sweat.

However, as for the Ancient Code recognising himself as Yue Shuang’s brother, it could be because he was speaking the truth.

He didn’t say that he was the pitiful guy or was blood-related to Yue Shuang, he only said he was her brother… Fortunately he had a fast reaction and noticed a hole in the argument. Furthermore, now that his words had been recognized and verified, he could better hide his own identity.

When Yue Yang exited the building, the middle-aged man and the elder started shouting at each other with shock, “That brat just now, could he be the Yue Clan Third Young Master that everyone called Trash? Oh my god, didn’t they say he couldn’t contract a grimoire at all? He already owns a Silver Grimoire, but the rest of the world still think that he was trash! He was really a little fox that managed to keep his talents hidden. Did you see the beast he brought with him? It was a bronze-ranked level 5 Two-headed Demon Wolf, yet he didn’t value it at all and did not form a contract with it. I dare say he has been pretending all this while to deceive others and make others think that he was trash. He is even more outstanding than his father, and more cunning to boot. He is different from his father who was honest and upright,”

“The one who issued his Crystal Card should be that person. All this years, only she managed to get a Crystal Card, the others could only get Gold Cards at the most. Even when the Three Great Killing Stars entered Tong Tian Tower, you also knew about it, they were only issued Gold Cards. I have really never seen anyone who managed to get a Crystal Card…” the elder’s body suddenly trembled, “Didn’t I say it before? How could Yue Qiu’s son be trash? Seems like she was the only one who could truly see his potential,”

“Yeah…” When the middle-aged man heard that, he suddenly realized, “I was actually really baffled when I saw that brat taking out a Crystal Card. So turns out she was the one who issued it to him…”

“This brat, although he holds the title of trash, she would definitely not see someone wrongly. Compared to her, we are no better than a blind man,” The elder was full of respect for the big-breasted royal oneechan that had welcomed Yue Yang when he first entered Tong Tian Tower. He didn’t even dare to say her name out loud.

“Elder Ma, we have been truly thoroughly deceived by rumors. If that brat is trash, then my son is shit that couldn’t even be compared to trash… My son had even dared to call himself a genius. That idiot, he doesn’t know what genius means. The real genius should be like that brat just now, who is already standing proudly above every other young Rankers without anyone even realising it…” the middle-aged man laughed bitterly as he shook his head, as if he felt ashamed for his own son.

“Yue Hai, that old man, is really fortunate. Why couldn’t I have such a good grandson too?” the elder sighed regretfully.

Yue Yang didn’t know that there were people talking behind his back as he brought Hui Tai Lang back to the Warrior’s Lodge.

Not long after, Ye Kong and the others who used a teleportation scroll returned. Wen Yu Mo, He Zi Yun and Qi Yang were extremely moved when they saw Yue Yang, because Yue Yang’s existence had thoroughly changed Ye Kong’s and everyone’s lives completely. But they were all men after all, they wouldn’t say it out even if they feel extremely grateful. They only nodded their heads as they carved him into their hearts, and did not say anything else.

Meanwhile, Fatty Hai shouted to some mercenaries, pleased with himself, as they brought down all the things that Yue Yang had requested.

In front of Ye Kong and the others, Fatty Hai had the nerve to return the surplus money to Yue Yang. He even asked if Yue Yang had enough money to go home, and said that this boss could give him 5 gold for his journey home. Ye Kong and the others rolled their eyes at this, who was the one who couldn’t blink his eyes when he saw 600 gold previously? He even had the nerve to hypocritically ask Yue Yang if he needed money for his journey home. This guy was really shameless.

Yi Nan and Yue Bing returned too, and they bought even more things than Yue Yang.

“New year is almost here. Everyone, go home to your hometowns; we’ll train together next year. It has also been a long time since you guys went back home. You should go back during the new year, and reunite with your families,” Yue Yang divide the things that Fatty Hai had bought and gave each of them a portion, considering them as a souvenir brought by Ye Kong and the others for their parents during their visit to their homes.

“Sister Yi Nan- I mean, Brother Yi Nan, why don’t you come and stay at our place for a few days? You can return to your aunt’s place when New Years come,” Yue Bing invited her excitedly.

“No, I still have some things to do.” Yi Nan immediately shook her head and hands, rejecting her offer.

Suddenly, she bit her lips as her face turned bright red. She bowed her head and said towards Yue Yang in an embarrassed tone, “You, come out for a while. I have something to tell you.”

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