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LLS Chapter 95 – A Letter From Home Is A Priceless Treasure

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Chapter 95 – A Letter From Home Is A Priceless Treasure
Translated by: Sephilia
Edited by: Rango, The poor guy
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

After knowing that the Bloody Queen was a Gold-ranked human beast, Fatty Hai could not stop crying.

According to him, this was the first time he had expressed his love to a girl. Fatty Hai did not think that his heart would hurt so much. Yue Yang consoled him, “Master Hai, you have so many school beauties infatuated with you, with each of them willing to die for you, you’re better off thinking of a way to deal with them. Don’t be too greedy and lust for the possessions of others!” Fatty Hai cried even more after that.

Actually, everyone knew that nobody liked this Fatty Hai. Whatever things he said about school beauties loving him, were just lustful imaginations in his mind.

After crying loudly for a while, Fatty Hai suddenly expressed his wish to protect his first love.

He clenched his fist and swore that race was not a problem. Even if man and beast had differences, it could not stop pure love. In the end, before he could even finish talking, Ye Kong and the others took him behind the Ten-thousand Year Oak Tree and gave him a good beating. The reason for this was that Ye Kong and the others felt that the existence of a pig head like Fatty Hai had completely destroyed the dignity of the human race.

Fatty Hai’s love between man and beast was destined to be an ill-fated relationship. Let alone now, even if he was a hundred or a thousand times stronger, the Bloody Queen would probably see him as unqualified.

Very quickly, Fatty Hai who was given a beating did not mention anything about his first love anymore.

“It’s decided then, as your boss, I want to make an example for you to follow! In the future, if I want to contract beasts, I will contract strong beautiful beasts! I don’t want those of Bronze-ranked and Silver-ranked, they must at least be Gold-ranked! Monkey Ye Kong, all of you have to follow the boss’ example!” Fatty Hai’s words caused everyone to roll their eyes. Ye Kong and the Li Brothers were even more direct, giving him the middle finger. This vulgar and aggressive action was something they learned from Yue Yang. They felt that giving the middle finger was the pinnacle of insults, being better than the millions of phrases available to them. It was a wondrous territory of being able to win an argument soundlessly.

But Fatty Hai possessed the almighty armor of thick skin; the middle finger was completely ineffective against him.

He did not dare to provoke the Bloody Queen again, as she could easily send his huge body dozens of metres flying away with a single kick.

But as for Yue Yang, the world’s luckiest person, Fatty Hai still wanted to bribe him, saying, “As the boss, I’ve covered you for several days, but I haven’t been able to treat you all for a meal. Today, I’ll treat everyone! Do your best, get the most expensive stuff on the menu! We definitely won’t go find a warrior’s inn that only those shitty mercenaries visit, we’ll go to the ‘Zhen Wei Restaurant’! After eating and drinking our fill, we can go out and find a beast store! You can find me a Gold-ranked egg, and take note, it has to be a bishoujo beast… You say, if I, the boss, don’t bring along a bishoujo beast, how would that work out?”

“This is how you act as a boss?” Yi Nan was sweating to death from this.

“In your dreams!” Yue Bing could not take this anymore.

If the beast stores were selling Gold-ranked beast eggs, would there be any weaklings in this world? Not to mention bishoujo beasts, if Fatty Hai wanted to stick to this desire of contracting only bishoujo beasts, he would probably never contract anything again except for his Bronze-ranked Level 2 Iron Rhinoceros.

Yue Yang was better at smooth-talking. He did not strike a blow in Fatty Hai’s sexual fantasies, but had instead consoled him, saying, “Your Bronze-ranked Level 2 Iron Rhinoceros is also a female! If you cultivate it, who knows? It might become a Gold-ranked Rhinoceros Beauty! But, this needs your hard work and effort to achieve! You’re the boss after all, I’ll definitely support you. Relax, I’ll support you fully from the side!”

After saying this, Yi Nan and Yue Bing both snickered while covering their mouths.

Not to mention the difficulty of evolving the Bronze-ranked Level 2 Iron Rhinoceros, just by looking at the build of the rhinoceros, how would it be possible for it to turn into a bishoujo beast?

This difficulty was probably much greater than cultivating a normal house rat to become a Divine Beast which could raze the heaven and the earth… Ye Kong really wanted to tell Fatty Hai this: If he was able to evolve a Bronze-ranked Level 2 Iron Rhinoceros into a Gold-ranked bishoujo beast, then he would run an entire round around the Soaring Dragon Continent naked.

“Ah. Why didn’t I think of this?” Fatty Hai revealed an expression of enlightenment. He gripped Yue Yang’s hand tightly, saying, “When my Rhinoceros Beauty comes out, then the two of us brothers can make a Bishoujo Beast Killer Duo!”

“This name… “ Yue Yang was nearly struck to death by Fatty Hai’s words.

“What’s wrong?” Puzzled, Fatty Hai looked at Yue Yang’s weird expression and asked.

“I’m full of praises for you! It’s settled then, work hard to cultivate a Rhinoceros Beauty! I’m looking forward very much to the birth of the Bishoujo Beast Killer Duo!” Yue Yang answered this completely deadpan, causing Yi Nan and Yue Bing to laugh until their tears were flowing out. Ye Kong and the Li brothers instead rolled their eyes. They felt that if Fatty Hai really wanted to cultivate the Iron Rhinoceros into a Rhinoceros Beauty, it would be better to just cultivate himself into a male rhinoceros. The difficulty level would be much lower that way.

While waiting for Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the others to complete the missions for the Oak Tree’s Heart, another day had passed.

This time, Yue Bing had already learned [Tree’s Thorns and Brambles] and [Coiling Roots]. The only problem was that her activation speed was slightly slower.

If it Yue Bing wasn’t ambushed by a sneak attack, her beast-type opponents who could not fly would probably die a horrible death.

After completing the missions of the Oak Tree’s Heart, Ye Kong and the Li brothers had a rise in level.

Only Fatty Hai’s Iron Rhinoceros stayed as a Bronze-ranked Level 2.

However, the green light from the Oak Tree’s Heart had still worked on it. The Iron Rhinoceros’ build had become larger. Its horns had seemed to have grown a bit too. Everyone felt that although it was impossible to hope for it to turn into a bishoujo beast, but there would be no problem for it to turn into a war machine that could charge head-on against the enemy. If it rose to Bronze-ranked Level 5 or above, its build would not differ much with beasts that were specialised for war.

Yue Yang also felt that Fatty Hai’s White Rhinoceros still had some potential for the future, since it was a Guardian Beast.

If he were to use a peak Ranker’s words to express this, “There is no useless gift in the world nor useless beasts, only useless people.” Yue Yang agreed wholeheartedly with this.

The Thorny Flower could be considered trash among trash in the hands of other people. However, he could turn it into a Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen who had the power to decimate an entire Demon Legion. The Treant Warrior was also considered to be trash among trash, but in the hands of Yue Bing, it would be able to cause her enemies to be extremely depressed. Fatty Hai’s White Rhinoceros if used better could turn from being trash too… The reason why Fatty Hai did not use it well was mainly because he wanted it to be his mount. Not only that, he completely overlooked the fact that this Iron Rhinoceros was weak against water. If Fatty Hai could grasp how the special characteristics of the Iron Rhinoceros grew, he could potentially more than double its strength.

After returning to the Warriors’ Guild, the two mercenary captains had already transported the Blade Massacring Demoness, the Flying Dragons and the Demon Generals’ corpses to the warehouse designated by Luo Hua City’s Mistress.

They had been waiting for Yue Yang to come back to turn in their mission.

“Luo Hua City’s Mistress has already paid our wages. The roots and medicinal herbs that we obtained from clearing the battlefield was already taken by the Mistress. All that’s left now are 600 gold and a few military armor’s from the Demon Generals, please look through them. If you don’t mind, we are willing to give up the prize money to exchange for the corpses of those demons and the Rainbow-winged Banshee. Us brothers need a lot of commendations… “ The two mercenary captains knew that it was too much for them to ask for. Because, the value of those corpses was definitely over a hundred times higher than the prize money that Yue Yang pledged to them. These corpses were highly useful to them, but completely useless for the ranker. Therefore, they mustered their courage to request this from Yue Yang, hoping that this young ranker would be a bit kinder, and allow them to surprise their brothers who had taken all the effort to transport the corpses back.

“Your mission was completed very well. I accept your request.” The moment Yue Yang nodded his head, he gave a few gold as a reward for the Warriors’ Guild’s notary.

“We are deeply moved by your kindness… “ The two mercenary captains were so emotional that their tongues were tied.

As for the mercenaries who was waiting somewhere far away for good news, seeing their own captain waving the fist, doing the gesture that they had agreed on before, all of them started cheering.

After moving the demons and the Rainbow-winged Banshee’s corpses away, exchanging them for commendations at the Warriors’ Guild, the two mercenary captains even dug out the small magic cores embedded within the Magic Giants’ hearts, cleaned them, and gave them to Yue Yang in a neat stack.

Towards the possessions of an ranker, they did not dare to be greedy at all. After all, Yue Yang had already given verbal consent for them to claim possession of those corpses.

The notary was also smiling from cheek to cheek. He had never seen such a kind ranker in his life.

His occupational duty was a notary, and did not require additional rewards. Not only that, providing for rankers was the honour for their Warriors’ Guild. After happily accepting Yue Yang’s reward, he respectfully bowed and said, “If you would permit, I can find the best leatherworker for you immediately, and the best auctioneer for you as well. From wyvern skin, wyvern leather armour can be created which even kings will like; From the meat and bones, it can be used to make exquisite dishes; As for the teeth and eyes, they can be auctioned, as for the Demon Generals…”

“I’ll take care of the Demon Generals myself.” Yue Yang wryly smiled. “I’ll leave the wyverns for you to handle for these few days. If it’s done remarkably, I’ll reward you with another ten gold.”

“I do not dare to ask for more rewards. It is my honour working for a ranker.” The notary was extremely grateful, and after respectfully bowing to him, he flew off to find the people.

Facing the frozen corpses of Blade Massacring Demoness, five wyverns and five Demon Generals in the warehouse, Ye Kong and the others were dumbfounded. They did not know how to react to it for the better half of the day.

After a long, long time, they finally recovered.

Everyone looked at Yue Yang with extreme shock. “Did you kill all these?”

Seeing that everyone was scared stiff, he quickly waved his hands, saying, “No, it was Luo Hua City’s Mistress, but she didn’t like corpses, only flowers. So, she sent them to me. Most importantly, when the Bloody Queen screamed, the Demon Generals and Blade Massacring Demoness that were fighting each other until they were both heavily injured, all fell.”

Fatty Hai did not really believe this.

He felt that even if the Bloody Queen’s seduction was very useful, how could her voice be so powerful?

However, towards this, Yi Nan believed it firmly and nodded her head, “Fatty Hai, was the time attending school wasted on you? The Bloody Queen is a banshee, her scream is of course powerful. Also, with greater injuries, the scream becomes shriller, and the power of the scream becomes even greater. She was originally a Golden King Beast, screaming at the brink of death would probably have a power that’s ten times more fearsome than it normally is. These Demon Generals had already suffered serious injuries, dying from the scream is very normal.”

Yue Bing, Ye Kong and the others also nodded in agreement. Only, Yue Bing and the others missed out on a point. If the exploding scream from a banshee killed even the Demon Generals, how did Yue Yang come out unscathed?

Because, they never doubted Yue Yang, in the end, they had forgotten about this little detail.

“I’m preparing to handle the wyverns. Ye Kong, I’ll hand over the Blade Massacring Demoness’ corpse to your beast. Although it still primarily relies on devouring magic crystals to improve, the Blade Massacring Demoness is a strong beast that’s Bronze-ranked Level 7, the corpse is also a little useful. You can use it to feed your beast. As for the magic armour from the Demon Generals, all of you can take and use it. It’s more important for everyone’s fighting capabilities to increase. No need to be shy! However, I want the corpses of the Demon Generals.” Saying this, Ye Kong and the others had thought that Yue Yang was going to exchange the corpses of the Demon Generals at the Warriors’ Guild for achievements. They would never think that Yue Yang would be using them to cultivate his Thorny Flower.

Then, Yue Yang gave a few magic cores of the Magic Giants to Ye Kong, allowing him to freely allocate them to the others.

As for Yue Bing and “Brother Yi Nan”, each of them was given a wyvern’s magic core. Yue Bing did not think too much, and happily received it, thanking her brother repeatedly.

As Yi Nan received it, she blushed slightly, “That’s too much, it’s embarrassing to receive it!” However, her little fist grabbed tightly onto that lightning wyvern’s magic stone, refusing to let go. This magic stone would benefit her little Silver Pegasus greatly.

Moreover, how would she refuse something that Yue Yang was giving her?

After a while, the notary brought a few people running towards Yue Yang.

Two old men threw themselves on top of the wyverns. They did not care about anybody else, even when the notary told them to greet Yue Yang first. Even then, they did not answer in a good mood, “We aren’t here to greet people! The wyvern skins are still fresh right now, if we tarry the resultant quality will fall! Don’t bother us!”

The notary had a huge headache, but he knew all too well the eccentricity of these two people.

He could only turn back and introduce Yue Yang to the other few merchants and the auction manager who would buy the wyvern meat and bones.

After all the negotiations were done, the notary then produced a letter with refined handwriting from his shirt, and offered it up respectfully to him, saying, “This letter from your house was received yesterday. But, I didn’t know your name nor Miss Yue Bing’s name before, and was unable to send it to you on time, please forgive my crime.”

“Mother’s letter?” Just by looking at the handwriting, Yue Bing knew from the first glance that it came from their mother.

“Could it be that something had happened at home?” Yue Yang was startled and quickly took the letter, opening it. He opened up the letter and saw that it was actually only a letter from the beautiful woman expressing her longing for her son and daughter. She asked how they were doing, and whether Yue Yang had found his sister. If he had found her, then he should return home early, to quell the concerns in her heart. This letter from home, although it was a simple and ordinary narrative from the beautiful woman, Yue Yang could still feel the warmth and affection from this ‘ordinary’ letter from home. He could feel how much Fourth Mother missed her daughter and son, how anxious and worried she had been…

A letter from home truly was a priceless treasure.

Perhaps the feelings of jubilation and affection that the Poet Sage Du Fu felt at that time, were the same as when Yue Yang had received Fourth Mother’s letter.

(Shiro: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Du_Fu)

With someone caring for him, worrying about him, thinking about him, wishing blessings to him from a distant home, this feeling… was truly good.

After Yue Bing had finished looking through the letter, her eyes reddened slightly, nodding her head, yet not crying at all. She only spoke softly to Yue Yang, “Brother, let’s go home. The new year is almost here, we have to go home and give mother a surprise!”

Go home?

The current him had finally had a warm home to return to.

In the small home, there was Fourth Mother who was as gentle as water and the little gluttonous girl waiting for him to return…

What else could be more important than reuniting with his family members at home? Besides, the new year was drawing close, the beautiful woman would definitely have to return to the Yue family’s castle to pay respects to her elders. Without Yue Yang and Yue Bing by her side, she would definitely be bullied by the others. He had to accompany her and support her as much as he could, so that he could help her release her resentments. He could go to Tong Tian Tower to cultivate at any time. After the new year, he could squash those geniuses from the Yue family and snatch some dignity back for the Fourth Mother. He would take back justice for this Fourth Mother who was expelled from the Yue Clan Castle for protecting the tragic guy. He would also uncover the truth behind the cancellation of engagement between the tragic guy who jumped into the river and Miss Xue. When he returned to Tong Tian Tower again afterwards, it would not be too late for him to cultivate.

Thinking about the beautiful woman who used all her assets, even her accessories, to buy the [Spirit Beast Awakening Knowledge Pill], making her only wearing hairpins were that were all made of wood, he could not help but be touched by the maternal love she displayed…

Fourth Mother, how would it be possible to find a second Fourth Mother in the world?

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