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LLS Chapter 94 – Confession?

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Chapter 94 – Confession?
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Changing Treeman to Treant

“The Treant has quite a few abilities. Other than the passive skills [Take Root], [Sprout Branch], [Tree’s Heart], and [Seed], there are also the active skills [Tree’s Thorns and Brambles], [Coiling Roots], and [Ancient Tree Iron Wood]. There might be more, but my [Camouflage] Inherent Skill was only level 2 at the time, so I couldn’t see everything,” When Yue Yang said this, the little miss Yue Bing’s jaw cutely dropped.

She had studied in the Academy for four years, but she only knew about [Take Root] and [Sprout Branch].

She had heard of [Coiling Roots] before, but she heard that it was only a battle skill that very high-levelled Treants could execute. Even the teachers in her academy couldn’t grasp the skill very well.

Since the teachers couldn’t teach it, whoever wanted to learn it had to pay one hundred gold to learn the skill.

Previously, her mother had saved a thousand gold to buy the Spirit Beast Awakening Knowledge Pill that would increase the chances of her brother being able to contract a grimoire. How could she possibly have a hundred gold to learn a skill… As for the reward money she received from her clan, she had also given it to her father to buy the Spirit Beast Awakening Knowledge Pill.

Luckily, her brother had finally grown stronger. Not only did he manage to contract a grimoire, he had also become the family’s pillar.

Now that her brother could teach her skills instead, that was even better.

Yue Bing was thoroughly overjoyed. She turned into a model student as she quietly listened to her brother’s teachings.

“You can use [Take Root] fairly well, however with regards to [Sprout Branch], other than using the Treant’s arms to attack your opponents, you can make the Treant sprout a new branch and remove it from its body. Then, the Treant can use the branch to attack its opponents. Most importantly, [Sprout Branch] can allow the Treant to generate a new limb. For example, if the Treant’s arms were cut off by its opponent, it could use [Sprout Branch] to regrow its arm. That’s the real use of [Sprout Branch],” When Yue Yang said this, even the knowledgeable Yi Nan was astounded. Yi Nan couldn’t help but cry out and said, “If that’s true, then plant-category beasts aren’t actually weak, but very strong instead? If a beast or bird-category had their limbs torn off in a battle, they definitely would not be able to re-grow them. Once they are destroyed, they would be destroyed forever. If the plant-category beasts could regrow their body parts through [Sprout Branch], then wouldn’t they be undefeatable?”

“Plant-category beasts were originally very strong,” Yue Yang smiled lightly, “They are considered weak because the people who use them misuse them. If others can’t utilise them, it doesn’t mean that plant-category beasts are weak,”

“Brother, please teach me about the [Tree’s Heart] and [Seed].” Yue Bing was anxious and couldn’t wait to learn the Treant’s secrets.

[Seed] and [Tree’s Heart] are higher levelled skills. When a Treant evolves into a Thousand Year Old Treant General, it will have a Tree’s Heart. As long as the Tree’s Heart is not destroyed, the Treant will not die. When it evolved into a Ten Thousand Year Old Ancient Tree King, it should be able to use [Seeds]. As long as you plant these seeds in a suitable place, you will be able to summon Treant Warriors from these seeds. I will teach you when we get there,” Yue Yang stroked Yue Bing’s head lightly and smiled, “As for the [Ancient Tree Iron Wood] skill, it is a skill that a Hundred Year Old Treant Defender will naturally have. It will increase its defense by a lot, there is no need to explain it in detail, I will just teach you the main points. As long as you learn [Tree’s Thorns and Brambles] and [Coiling Roots], I can guarantee that anyone who fights against you in the future will die of depression,”

“Really?” Yue Bing was so excited that she almost jumped three-metres high.

“…” Yi Nan saw how cleverly Yue Yang had amused the little miss and saw that he really was a good brother. Tsk, he had become quite a good brother, indeed.

“[Tree’s Thorns and Brambles] is the Treant’s AOE attack that can be used in both long-ranged or short-ranged situations. It will use it’s Thorns for short range and Brambles for long ranged attacks. The moment it pierces an opponent with its Thorns, you can use your [Intense Poison] Inherent Skill to kill the opponent. As for Brambles, other than having the ability to surround and restrict your opponent, when your Treant levels up and becomes a Thousand Year Old Treant General, it can even suck the opponent’s blood. You can control the Treant to use it’s Brambles to surround your opponents with its thorns from all directions, then release poison and suck their blood. No matter how strong the opponent’s beast is, it probably won’t be able to withstand that attack,” When Yue Yang said this, the little miss Yue Bing nodded her head profusely.

The Treant had a weakness, and its weakness was its extremely slow speed. It wouldn’t be able to chase after its opponents easily.

But right now, with the [Tree’s Thorns and Brambles] that could be used in both short and long range situations, it’s biggest weakness has been covered. If such a Treant fought against an opponent’s beast, it would be weird if the opponent didn’t die from depression.

Yi Nan slowly frowned, “The beast-category beasts are indeed afraid of poison, but the demon, underworld, or ghost-category beasts do not fear poison-type beasts, especially the beasts in the ghost-category. Those disgusting beasts are a poison in itself with its corpse body and rotting flesh…”

Yue Yang waved his hand and indicated for her to not be so anxious, “As far as I know, plant-category beasts are the nemesis of the demons. Although it’s not every beast, but demon, underworld, and ghost-category beasts will become quite pitiful if they were to meet a plant-category beast. This is because plant-category beast’s are the best in emitting Spirit Qi. Emitting Spirit Qi will not have an effect on beast or bird-category beasts, in fact, they could even be healed as an effect from the Spirit Qi. However, the demon and ghost-category beasts will have a really bad time, because their Demonic Qi will be purified. As an example, a Demon General’s weakness is his heart. As long as you can destroy its heart with the Treant’s Thorns and channel Spirit Qi into it non-stop, the purification would destroy the Demon General’s heart, and that Demon General would definitely die,”

“But the Demon General’s speed is too fast, how could we target him?” Yue Bing asked like a curious student.

“Using [Coiling Roots].” Yue Yang smiled slowly, “[Coiling Roots] is a skill that will make your opponents depressed. As long as one root had successfully coiled around the opponent, unless the Treant dies, it will be extremely difficult to struggle free from its grasp… It is usually not used as an offensive maneuver, but rather it’s used as a sneak attack instead. When the opponent draws near to attack, or if the Brambles attack is successful, you should immediately order the Treant to unleash its skills. First [Take Root] in front of the opponent, then use [Coiling Root] to bind them. After that you can just attack the opponent continuously without mercy. If the opponent is a ghost-category beast, order your Treant to emit its Spirit Qi and purify its opponent…No matter what kind of opponent you face, even if it’s a Flying Dragon, if you bind them with [Coiling Root] then it will definitely die a tragic death,” Yue Yang taught Yue Bing about every single ability that the Treant had.

Last time, Yue Yang still had some reservations towards her because he had just been transported to this world. However, right now, he had been moved by Fourth Mother and was determined to blend into this warm family. Hence, he naturally didn’t hide anything from his younger sister.

Of course, he only told her about the abilities of the Treant warrior.

As for the secret method of nurturing Thorny Flowers by feeding it living people, he would never tell her such a scary method.

Yue Yang would never tell anyone the secret to obtaining a Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen. He would make that his own secret weapon.

When Yue Bing and Yi Nan heard about it, they were stunned to the point of speechlessness for quite a while, before mumbling the same thing at the same time, “So the plant-category beasts were actually this strong?”

Yue Yang laughed, “Actually, plant-category beasts still have a weakness. For example, this Treant, its weakness is not actually not slow speed. It’s in group fights. In a one-on-one battle, the Treant will have an absolute advantage as the [Coiling Root] would lead to victory no matter what. However, in a group battle, it would need to [Take Root] in front of its target, and can only focus on one target. So it would be very difficult to unleash [Coiling Root] in a group battle. Its effects are limited. Treant’s biggest weakness is also its low numbers. Seventh Sister, you can only summon at most two Treant as of now right? That’s why Treants would have an advantage in one-on-one battle and lose out in group battles,”

But the guy who transcended dimensions did not say that the Treant’s weakness did not exist in Thorny Flower.

This was because when the Thorny Flower leveled up enough, it could use [Division Propagation] and multiply in great numbers. Other than its main body, it had a secondary body and a cluster of stalks. When it turned into a Thorny Flower Demoness, it would have multiple secondary bodies and dozens of young clusters of stalks; When it turned into a Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, it would become even more frightening. As a Queen, it would have countless Thorny Flowers under her control, it could even be described as a sea of Thorny Flowers.

Therefore, three thousand years ago, the Thorny Flower Fairy had used the sea of flowers to drown an entire Demon Legion.

Even if it was an army, they would meet their tragic death against the sea of Thorny Flower.

The Treant also had a fatal weakness. It was not afraid of fire or ice, but it was afraid of thunder.

Any Treant would definitely die if it suffered from a few thunder attacks… Of course, this weakness was not present in Yue Bing’s Treant, because her Hundred Years Old Treant Defender was a Guardian Beast which would never truly die.

With regards to this, Yue Yang had also reminded Yue Bing a little. If she were to meet a thunder-type beast, she must prioritize killing it first. Otherwise, her Treant would easily suffer grave injuries.

Yi Nan had also yearned for Yue Yang’s pointers, but she didn’t feel comfortable asking him.

But Yue Bing was attentive. Seeing that Yi Nan’s expression was a little different, Yue Bing had immediately helped Yi Nan to ask. Yue Yang was actually even more fond of Yi Nan than Yue Bing. She was still the one person whom he had not pushed down yet. He also didn’t know what thought she had about him, so of course he would tell her anything she wanted. Yue Yang told her about a few abilities of her little Silver Pegasus, and also its weaknesses. He told her to focus more on her beast cultivating methods, then gave an excuse that his [Camouflage] Inherent Skill’s level was too low and wasn’t able to see any deeper. He retained the majority of the secrets.

Even so, Yi Nan was extremely happy as she nodded her head excitedly. She now trusted this selfish guy completely.

The two girls continued to chatter in exhilaration about the different summoning skill practices.

Especially Yue Bing, after receiving her brother’s pointers, her control over her Hundred Year Old Treant Defender immediately improved by leaps and bounds. Everyone believed that in due time, she would definitely be an opponent that would make others suffer painful headaches. At least, the demon, underworld, and ghost-type, all these Demon Abyss beasts, would probably be depressed meeting her…

Night slowly descended.

Yue Yang brought Yue Bing and Yi Nan over underneath the Ten Thousand Year Ancient Oak Tree and spent a peaceful and happy “three person’s world”.

Yue Yang’s jokes made the two girls laugh non-stop. Although they knew that Yue Yang was only amusing them for their pleasure, they also wanted to enjoy the moment. Laughter that sounded like silver bells ringing resounded from time to time, underneath the Ten Thousand Years Ancient Oak Tree. As the dark night passed and dawn started to rise from the east, Yue Yang saw that the exhausted Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, and the Li Brothers had arrived.

From the stat, Fatty Hai was like a half dead person. Ye Kong needed to trample on him from time to time before he would move a little. However when he saw the Bloody Queen, he immediately changed.

He flew towards the Bloody Queen with a speed that a normal human would never reach.

Along the way, he even took out his comb and fixed his disheveled hair neatly and immaculately.

He also tidied his clothes which were a complete mess, and made them look as good as new.

He also assumed the appearance of “I am a gentleman”, and bowed to the Bloody Queen in a refined manner. He revealed a smile that he thought was his most sincere and amiable smile as he said, “This beauty over here, may I ask if you have anything you want me to help you with? For a beauty such as thou, even if thou asketh me to jump into a sea of burning oil or blades, go through fire or water, I would definitely not frown a single brow,”

“…” The Bloody Queen looked at Yue Yang, seemingly asking him how he made such a stupid person a friend.

“My name is Hai Da Fu, dearly called Master Hai by others. I’m 22 years old this year, still single so far. I’ve been waiting for ten thousand years to find a true girlfriend, no, Beauty, I’ve been waiting a hundred thousands years, for you alone. I had deeply fallen for you the moment I laid my eyes on you. Maybe you noticed my dashing outer appearance, but let me tell you, other than having an extremely great body, I also have the strong, unyielding heart of a Ranker. What? Don’t you believe that I’m a Ranker? No, you are mistaken. A person as low-key as myself is often mistaken by others, but I have never corrected them before. Did you think I would easily say to others that I am a grimoire contractor who owns a bronze-ranked level 2 Iron Rhinoceros? No, I’m not that kind of person,” Fatty Hai had not yet finished his speech when he was already sent flying by the Bloody Queen’s kick, who could not take his nonsense anymore. His figure flew high up with the curve of a parabola as he landed ten-metres away.

“Master Hai, you are so silly. How could you not be able to differentiate between a person and a summoned beast?” Yi Nan was secretly laughing in her heart. She herself had almost seen wrongly, but luckily she didn’t get jealous at that time. Otherwise, it would have been very awkward. Yue Yang would also probably think that she was a girl who liked to sulk and get jealous easily… Whatever, didn’t he still think of her as brother Yi Nan? This blind asshole, she really couldn’t stand his presence.

When Yi Nan looked at Yue Yang, her attitude was completely feminine as she stared at him with a girl’s rebuking eyes.

Yue Yang had definitely seen it, but he pretended not to see.

When Yue Bing saw this, she immediately covered her mouth and laughed secretly.

Seems like with this idiot brother of hers, sister Yi Nan would have to confess to him like how Fatty Hai did with the Bloody Queen.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to see that his ‘brother Yi Nan’ was actually a girl.

On the other hand, Ye Kong and the Li Brothers dropped their weapons to the ground as their jaws dropped open, wide enough for a Mammoth Elephant to be stuffed inside, “Gold-ranked humanoid beast?!!”

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