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LLS Chapter 93 – Treeman Warrior, Level Up

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Chapter 93 – Treeman Warrior, Level Up
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

When Yue Yang rushed to the Ten Thousand Years Oak Tree’s Heart, he found Yi Nan and Yue Bing chattering animatedly. It was unclear what they were talking about, but their laughter sounded clear and beautiful like bells ringing.

Hui Tai Lang’s reaction was the fastest. The moment it saw Yue Yang appear, it immediately showed the expression of a loyal watchdog and flew straight to Yue Yang to welcome him. It even wagged its tail energetically as it surrounded Yue Yang’s legs and encircled him endlessly. When Yue Yang gave it a kick, Hui Tai Lang felt so much pleasure that it turned over and exposed it stomach, showing a face filled with satisfaction and ecstasy. Maybe the Demon Qi in its body was tormenting it and making it feel a little uncomfortable. Yue Yang’s kick came just at the right time, it was so comfortable…

Seeing that Yue yang had returned, Yi Nan and Yue Bing was also overjoyed.

Yue Bing flew towards Yue Yang emotionally, as if she wanted to throw herself into Yue Yang’s embrace. However, she realized that it might not be good to do that afterwards, so the little miss slowed down her steps.

When Yue Yang reached his hands out to caress her head and gave her the embroidered box containing the Lustrous Branch from the Tree of Life, Yue Bing couldn’t endure it anymore and threw herself into her brother’s embrace, hugging him tightly. Her tears fell continuously like a pearl necklace that had snapped off.

She had thirsted for a strong and warm brother who could protect her, but her wish had never come true.

Until she saw her brother again in the Tong Tian Tower, when she finally realized that he had become the family’s main pillar without her knowing.

The feeling of having a brother to look after you was really good.

Yi Nan had also came forward and consoled her with a few words. Yue Bing had a strong personality; she immediately wiped off her tears and looked towards Yue Yang with a smile amidst her tears. After a rain, the sky looked much clearer and captivating.

The current Yue Bing did not wear that black veil in front of Yue Yang anymore. She understood in her heart that her brother would never give her up. Even if her fate wasn’t that good, and she became a widow before even becoming a wife, she was still his cherished sister that he would love and protect.

Compared to Yue Bing, Yi Nan was paying more attention to the Bloody Queen that was wearing a silver armour, following right behind Yue Yang.

At the start, she was a little uncomfortable, to the point that she didn’t even want to welcome him. Although she clearly was not related to him in any way, she still feel an unexplainable sour feeling in her heart. If not for Yue Bing here, she would probably throw a tantrum at him and walked away with a sulk, then find a place with no one present and cry her heart out. She had been waiting for him here, but he had brought another woman back instead…But when she looked at her more clearly, she realized that there was something not that right with her. So she looked at her even more closely, observing the Bloody Queen from head to toe as she consoled Yue Bing. Only then did she realize a contracted beast seal pattern on her forehead…

“You, you, you, eh? You are a humanoid beast?” Yi Nan had never seen humanoid beast before, but she had never seen such a sexy and enchanting beast like this Bloody Queen.

“Gold-ranked humanoid beast,” When Yue Bing saw her, she had a feeling like she was about to faint.

“Where did you get her?” Yi Nan knew that there wouldn’t be any shop supplying a gold-ranked beast in this floor. Where did he get this sexy and enchanting gold-ranked humanoid beast?

“Actually, this is what happened… Today, Luo Hua City’s Mistress needed a thief who can scout ahead and met me on the way. So she hired me and brought me to the Third Floor of Tong Tian Tower, because she wanted to go to a pavilion in a floating island to search for a Beautiful Demonic Flower. Unfortunately, we met a Demon Commander called Ma Li Ang who brought a few Demon Generals to kill the Bloody Queen. At that time, the Bloody Queen was almost dead, so when she saw me coming near, she immediately initiated to make a contract with me. Then I came back here,” Yue Yang played down what really happened when telling them the story.

“Bloody Queen?” Yue Bing was so excited that she almost jumped. So it was not only a gold-ranked beast, it was a Gold King Beast?

“Third Floor? Demon Commander bringing a few Demon Generals?” Yi Nan was a little petrified when she heard this.

“In addition, there seemed to be over a hundred demons, but they were all killed instantly by Luo Hua City’s Mistress,” Yue Yang tried hard to put all the credits on Luo Hua City’s Mistress.

“Where’s Luo Hua City’s Mistress now?” Yi Nan couldn’t help but ask.

“After acquiring the Beautiful Demonic Flower, she had returned to her home to plant them,” Yue Yang vaguely hinted that Luo Hua City’s Mistress and him were only passing strangers, they were not close at all.

“Then where’s that Demon Commander called Ma-something?” Yi Nan was curious, how could he come back safely without any injuries after meeting a Demon Commander and a few Demon Generals?

“Ma Li Ang suffered a grave injury, he ran away the moment he saw me,” Yue Yang also didn’t say that Ma Li Ang’s injuries were actually caused by his Hui Jin Magic Blade, and only told them the most important part. These words made the two girls misunderstood that Ma Li Ang had fought with the Bloody Queen until the two of them were gravely injured, so he ran away the moment he saw Luo Hua City’s Mistress, and they didn’t battle at all.

“Fortunately…Otherwise it would have been very dangerous. You are indeed quite lucky, a Gold King Beast that was nearing death had actually initiated to make a contract with you,” Yi Nan thought that this little brat was indeed born under the world’s number one lucky star.

If words spread that he had a bronze-ranked level 5 Hui Tai Lang who kept following him no matter what without even being contracted, a lot of people would probably die of envy.

Right now, there was this Gold King Beast who initiated to contract him…

This, isn’t he too lucky?

What’s the reason for anyone striving to live if he existed?

Yi Nan could imagine Ma Li Ang’s depression. He had painstakingly taken down the Bloody Queen with a grave injury, but he couldn’t reap the benefits, and instead allowed this little brat to make a contract with the Bloody Queen. Seems like he would be vomiting three days and three nights worth of blood when he got back, otherwise he would probably die of depression.

Yue Bing was so ecstatic that she almost fainted.

She already thought that it was impressive for her brother to own Hui Tai Lang, a bronze-ranked level 5 beast. She reckoned that if her clan member’s saw Hui Tai Lang, they would probably be extremely jealous of him. Now he had actually brought an additional Gold King Beast back, they would definitely faint out of shock… Furthermore, the Bloody Queen was a humanoid Gold King Beast with intelligence. Maybe she could even go through a Variant Evolution and turn into a Platinum, Diamond-ranked beast.

It was really unimaginable, what kind of marvelous expressions would her clan’s elders and members have when the Bloody Queen appeared in front of them?

“Wau,” Hui Tai Lang wasn’t really bothered with the Bloody Queen, because she was not its opponent.

She is also not someone he could fight against.

Furthermore, it was not as if it had never seen a strong humanoid beast. For example, that snake loli was even a diamond-ranked. This gold-ranked beast wasn’t something special at all… Hui Tai Lang wagged its tail; the most important thing to him is still to gain favour from Yue Yang, his master.

Yue Bing and Yi Nan both cheered aloud for the success of contracting the Bloody Queen, unable to contain their joys.

Let alone Yue Bing, who had tears overflowing her face, even Yi Nan couldn’t help but to secretly wipe the corners of her eyes. Having a bronze-ranked beast was enough to fulfil the qualification of someone impressive and outstanding. If he had another Gold King Beast as a summon, then it would even be difficult to downplay his contributions in the future. Let alone normal warriors, even princes and kings of small countries could only have a few Gold King Beast at most. It was even a humanoid Gold King Beast!

As the Bloody Queen, a Gold King Beast with a humanoid appearance, intelligence and gold-ranked, it seemed like her star evaluation should be at least seven stars?

It can even be eight stars evaluation!

Apparently, this third Master of the Yue Clan that others had thought was trash, his future…even if he wanted to keep being trash,it would be difficult to do so…

“Seventh Sister, you should first summon your Treeman Warrior out. Although we don’t have the Wisdom Fruit, there is still the Lustrous Branch. It should be able enough for it to level up,” In reality, Yue Yang’s purpose wasn’t to make the Treeman Warrior level up. He was preparing to use [Divine Vision] to see through the Treeman Warrior’s special characteristics. He was preparing to teach Yue Bing properly and help her increase her battle power.

“This time we have successfully completed the Refining, so my Treeman Warrior had risen a level. It is now bronze-ranked level 4, but I’m still nothing compared to brother,” Yue Bing’s tone carried a little pride for her own achievements. After all, the matter of her Treeman warrior leveling signified the proof of her diligence in cultivation. With a good result to report to her brother, of course she would be proud of herself.

“Not bad. Seventh sister’s Refining was really successful this time, “ Yue Yang’s praise made Yue Bing’s face bloom with smiles.

Yue Yang took this chance to conveniently praise Yi Nan too, praising her for her successful nurturing of her little Silver Pegasus, who had improved considerably. She became very happy listening to his praises too. The only thing that made Yi Nan a little angry was that Yue Yang kept referring her as ‘Brother Yi Nan’. It made her heart feel dissatisfied, as she thought about how could this idiot be so blind. when Yue Yang saw her expression, he was secretly laughing in his heart, but he pretended not to notice it.

He gathered his Innate Qi and focused his Divine Vision, preparing to see through the Treeman Warrior that Yue Bing had summoned out.

At the same time, he held the Lustrous Branch in his hands and channeled his Innate Qi to the Treeman Warrior with his other hand, testing the reaction to its abilities…

Yue Yang handed over the Lustrous Branch that was shining brilliantly to the Treeman Warrior, who was already impatient to receive it and immediately swallowed it. When Yue Yang used this opportunity to feel with his innate Qi and used his [Divine Vision] that had seen through the Ten Thousand Years Ancient Oak Tree on the Treeman Warrior, who was digesting the Lustrous Branch, he suddenly felt its capabilities condense. A ray of green light fell down on the Treeman Warrior, bathing Yue Yang, Yue Bing and Yi Nan altogether in its light. One part of the Treeman Warrior had absorbed the light the most. When it had swallowed the Lustrous Branch, its head, and the four limbs of the treemann warrior immediately grew countless leaves. Thick and young leaves sprouted out, it could be seen with naked eye that the young buds of leaves sprouted, grew, turned coarse, and turned into lush branches and leaves in the end.

A pillar of green light started to shine brightly.

The Treeman Warrior’s body first crouched into a ball, its thick leaves and vines twisting around its body. It quickly underwent a transformation under the green light.

the moment it stood back up again, it broke through its nest of leaves and had evolved from a 3-metre tall treeman warrior into a 5-metre Hundred Year Treeman Defender. Its level has also increased from bronze-rank level 4 to bronze-rank level 5.

The Treeman right now had a pitch black body, its wood looking like iron. Lush leaves grew from its head and shoulders. Its whole torso and head looked a little like a person’s figure.

Of course, it was still far from reaching a humanoid appearance.

However, it had already evolved into something towards the humanoid direction.

Hundred Years Treeman Defender, it should become a Thousand Years Treeman General when it levels up next time. It could even level up to become the legendary Ten Thousand Years Ancient Tree King…

“Bronze-ranked level 5, brother, my Treeman Warrior, it levelled up to bronze-ranked level 5,” Yue Bing thought that her lifetime of happiness had all been spent on this day.

“It had even evolved to Hundred Year Treeman Defender. If there was more Lustrous Branches and Wisdom Fruits, it could even level up to silver-ranked Thousand Year Treeman General, or gold-ranked Ten Thousand Years Ancient Tree King,” Yi Nan was also happy for Yue Bing. This girl’s future was also limitless. Most importantly, she had a brother that cherished her so much. She didn’t know how much Yue Yang had to sacrifice in order to get the Lustrous Branch for Yue Bing… With such a brother, why would Yue Bing worry about her beasts not levelling up?

Yi Nan also felt a little bit envious and that she couldn’t compare to Yue Bing. Yue Bing had a brother that loved her so much, but she didn’t.

If she also had a brother that cherished her growth, how good would that be?

She looked at Yue Bing, her bright pair of eyes showing an envious expression involuntarily. She then looked at Yue yang, and felt a kind of warm, special feeling in her heart, that wasn’t present when she first met him… Although this brat’s eyes were as blind as a bat, he was extremely loving and attentive towards his sister and family.

At least, he was a good brother.

“Seventh Sister, do you still remember my [Camouflage] Inherent Skill?” Yue Yang decided to tell Yue Bing about the Hundred Years Treeman Defender’s knowledge that he had seen from his [Divine Vision].

Using living people to nurture Thorny Flowers, Yue Yang would never tell it to Yue Bing.

However, with regards to Yue Bing’s Guardian Beast, he would definitely spend his utmost effort to help her nurture it. He hoped his sister would improve even more. Yue Bing was indeed a genius, she just lacked something valuable, which was a teacher that would teach her properly. If he could give her some hints, and secretly lend her a helping hand, her future would definitely be limitless, and her growth immeasurable.

“Did brother see a secret ability in the Hundred Years Treeman Defender?” Yue Bing was so happy that she could sing. Today was indeed a lucky day, good things had happened continuously.

“Eh?” Yi Nan listened to Yue Bing saying something about Yue yang, and she couldn’t help but to be curious. What ability could this useless third master have?

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