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LLS Chapter 92 – Agreement

Chapter 92 – Agreement
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Returning to the Iron Fist City, Luo Hua City’s Mistress placed an extravagant amount of 20 gold in the Warrior’s Guild for a credit retrieval mission. In the end, two rather strong looking mercenaries accepted it. Moving corpses and cleaning up battlefields were not a difficult mission, but they wouldn’t know when Demon Abyss soldiers might appear, or if they would encounter any mishaps on the way. Hence, the gold reward must be ten times more than the usual.

“If you can clean up the remnants of the battlefield well, I will give you 1% of the total as a bonus,” Yue Yang felt that although the pavilion had been burnt by the great fire, the remaining things would probably be worth some money. Giving them a bonus would increase these people’s proactivity and productivity.

“Yes, we will honestly carry out City Mistress’ orders,”

The two mercenaries looked at the gold-ranked Bloody Queen beside Yue Yang and were immediately filled with respect for him.

With regards to the newly promoted Bloody Queen, anyone from the Third Floor would know about it. But no one had dared to harbor any intentions towards the Bloody Queen, it was a Gold King Beast after all. Even though she had just been promoted, and was only level 5, killing ordinary mercenaries instantly would be an easy thing for her. Furthermore, she also had a bronze-ranked level 6 and a level 7 commander under her orders. Ordinary mercenaries couldn’t hope to climb up to the pavilion and battle with the Bloody Queen, even when they were just starting to climb the mountains, they would probably be ganged up and beat up alive by the hundred over bronze-ranked level 3 Harpies. The unfathomable thing right now was that this Bloody Queen had actually been subdued by another person, and had been successfully contracted. In this world, how many people would be able to make a contract with a Gold King Beast? A strong Ranker who managed to do that, don’t they need to serve him with the utmost respect and attitude?

Although the mercenaries didn’t recognise Yue Yang and didn’t know what kind of person this bizarre little thief was, they still recognized Luo Hua City’s Mistress.

Luo Hua City’s Mistress was the City Mistress of Tong Tian Tower’s Fourth Floor. Of course, she was also a Ranker that they wouldn’t dare to face upward to.

Hence, when they heard Yue Yang giving them an additional bonus, they immediately thanked him profusely.

In reality, Luo Hua City’s Mistress was not worried that these people would think deviously or wouldn’t do their work properly. Doing missions in the Soaring Dragon Continent might allow for a greedy intention, but inside the Tong Tian Tower, this would get you nowhere. The moment these people accepted this mission, even if they tried to deceive one single copper, their Honor points would become negative. A person with a negative honor point, no matter if they were army deserters or swindlers, wouldn’t be able to use the teleportation gates to get away.

Furthermore, in the Warriors or Mercenaries Guild, there would be a completed mission evaluation. When they were about to report their completed mission, the Crimson Piercing Eyes would evaluate if there was any corruption done. If it detected a dishonest act, it would immediately order the guards to arrest them and put them in jail.

Seeing that Yue Yang’s sexy, enchanting, fatally alluring Bloody Queen had caused a sensation, Luo Hua City’s Mistress quickly went to an Armor Shop and bought a new clean Silver Armor, giving it to the Bloody Queen to wear.

The Bloody Queen didn’t want to wear it at first, but when Yue Yang saw that, he forced her to receive and wear it.

In the end, the Bloody Queen spouted a whole lot of Demon Abyss language before finally wearing the armour, feeling dissatisfied and wronged.

Yue Yang reckoned that she was protesting against him bullying her, a little female slave. But after Yue Yang pretended not to hear her complaints and the Bloody Queen wore the Silver Armour, she gave off a much different feeling than the usual. The feeling she gave off right now was an innocent kind of sexual appeal, it was even more desirable than her previously sexy look. But this look was at least better than her semi-nude appearance just now, she wouldn’t attract that much attention now. Luo Hua City’s Mistress couldn’t think of a better idea in such a short time, so they just had to make do with this…Anyway, no one would dare to harbour any intentions towards a Gold King Beast. They simply couldn’t stop people from drooling a waterfall when they saw the Bloody Queen.

Returning to the First Floor and going to the Warrior’s Guild Glorious Hall, they found that the white-robed brother called ‘San He’ had just come back from the Medicine Hall.

He didn’t have the time to sit down and rest before he suddenly saw Yue Yang charge towards him looking furious like a demon from hell.

Without making an explanation, Yue Yang started to beat him up again.

“This, what’s the reason for this again?” The white-robed brother felt that he was wronged. His teeth had been beaten to the point that they were a bit loose, but he still didn’t understand the reason for being beaten up.

“Do you know what kind of people I hated the most? In this life, I hate a person who can speak different kinds of languages the most. When I heard that you could speak over a hundred languages, I just felt really angry in my heart. Why is it that such a handsome and smart person like me couldn’t even speak the Soaring Dragon Continent’s Language properly, yet an idiotic fellow with such a disgusting appearance like you could speak over a hundred languages? Say, who do you think I should beat up if it’s not you?” Yue Yang violently trampled on the white-robed brother’s butt as he explained his illogical reason.

“…” It was only at this moment that the white-robed brother felt that his talent in languages had brought him a calamity.

However, even though he was beaten up, he felt a little proud in his heart.

Isn’t he a powerful Ranker? Didn’t he kill six Demon Generals before? Wasn’t he so awesome that beauties called out to him? But he was just an idiot who couldn’t even speak the language in Soaring Dragon Continent properly. As for me, I’m different than you. Although I couldn’t kill six Demon Generals, I could speak over a hundred languages, no, I could even speak a hundred different kinds of languages in the Demon Abyss language alone.

If it wasn’t for Yue Yang that was spanking his butt, the white-robed brother would stand straight and waved the fan in his hands, walking elegantly and handsomely, speaking the Demon Abyss’ Blood Prison language, the hardest language that was used ten thousand years ago.

At this time, Luo Hua City’s Mistress entered and pulled at Yue Yang’s hands, advising him, “Don’t be angry, you only failed at a language test, as long as you study more, you will be able to pass for sure.”

When Yue Yang heard this, it was as if his anger rose to a whole new level as he pulled out his Crescent Blade with a loud clang.

“Let me just kill this annoying fellow and that teacher that deserves to die. I’ll chop them to pieces and feed their body to the dogs. Let’s see who would dare to mention languages to me in the future,” Yue Yang strike a pose as if he was about to chop the white-robed brother up, making the white-robed brother so afraid that he almost pissed his pants. He didn’t have any place to avoid or hide, if he really received this little brat’s blade, he would probably need to stay in the Medicine Hall for half a month. Why was he so unlucky?

“You should talk it out instead of taking action blindly. Actually, I think you have a talent in languages, it’s just that you lacked a good teacher,” Luo Hua City’s Mistress hurriedly pulled at Yue Yang’s hands.

“I, I can teach this young master languages for free, if he still couldn’t pass his exams, I am willing to be subjected to the ten thousand ant bites torture. You guys might not know, there was this mute missy before, and I was the one who taught her how to speak. You guys think about it, I could even teach a mute person to speak, so how could this master not be able to pass a language test? That’s a simple task for me,” the white-robed brother hurriedly crawled up and brought out his most knowledgeable and capable look, trying his very best to open his eyes that had been beaten black and blue by Yue Yang, looking straight into Yue Yang’s eyes, “This young master, I understand your grievances and vexation…However, please believe me, languages are really not a difficult subject. I guarantee that you would be able to learn it well,”

“Go away, who wants to be taught by you?” Yue Yang sent him a flying kick, and had almost sent the white-robed brother flying out of the Glorious Third Floor’s window.

“Don’t be angry, let’s not study these troublesome stuff. Wouldn’t it be fine that way?” Luo Hua City’s Mistress said nicely as she pulled Yue Yang to go down the second floor.

After a while, she came up again and gave the white-robed brother 10 gold for his recovery fee, “San He, you are called San He right? I remembered you. I’d like to apologize for the situation just now, that fellow’s temperament wasn’t that good. Furthermore, he had been stressed out because of his language test these few days. He had actually paid a high price for someone to cheat for him, but who would have known that he still couldn’t pass in the end…”

The white-robed brother thanked Luo Hua City’s Mistress with tears in his eyes, “If he asked someone to cheat for him, why didn’t he ask me instead? No, I mean, it’s the young master’s bad luck. I am extremely knowledgeable about languages, and I am confident in it. If Luo Hua City’s Mistress could trust me, then please leave that young master to me. Let alone one language, I could even teach him ten different types of languages. However, could you help me tell him that using violence to resolve a situation wouldn’t solve problems. We could sit down and talk it out peacefully instead. As long as the young master don’t start beating me up, then everything could be resolved with words,”

Luo Hua City’s Mistress gave the white-robed brother another 10 gold, counting it as a language teacher’s advanced salary, “I will try to advise him with all of my efforts. Don’t worry, normally, he is a really good kid. For example, he was really quiet when he was a baby.”

The white-robed brother almost cried, who would beat people up when they were still babies?

Which baby wouldn’t sleep in peace…Could it be that this brat started to beat people up after his toddler years? A natural-born little bully?

He didn’t know that this Yue Yang and Luo Hua City’s Mistress was acting out a play. If they had brought the Bloody Queen and asked the white-robed brother politely to translate the secret that the Bloody Queen wanted to say, then it would be weird if his nose didn’t grow as high as the roof.

Hence, Yue Yang adopted an idea. This idea had been used by the female Emperor Wu Ze Tian of Ancient China before, and the effect was actually very good.

Now that he and Luo Hua City’s Mistress used it, it seemed that the effect was not that strong. However, at least they had successfully wrapped this white-robed brother around their fingers.

Luo Hua City’s Mistress then talked to the white-robed brother for a while, imitating what the Bloody Queen had said. She tried to test out the white-robed brother’s reaction. The white-robed brother’s reaction was extremely positive, “The young master’s test was regarding a story of a treasure in the Demon Abyss. I guessed it’s that way, but there was only one-sided speech, so I am not one hundred percent sure…In this type of Demon Abyss Language, there were some phrases that are related to treasures, such as Dragon’s Nest, Godly Stone, Connecting Realms, Dragon Slaying Dagger and teleportation gate…I am 90% sure that this is a story about a Demon Abyss treasure hunt. The content of the school’s test are mostly the same, it is either seeking for treasures or refining, otherwise it would be a love story between a prince and a princess. One of the most extreme ones would be poems. If you give me time, I have the confidence to be able to teach the young master this language in a month. no, I can teach him three different types of Demon Abyss languages. After a few variations, these three Demon Abyss Languages would allow him to understand any kind of commonly used Demon Abyss Languages.”

The white-robed brother wasn’t suspicious at all, but Luo Hua City’s Mistress’s heart had started to thump.

If she tried to connect Dragon’s Nest, Godly Stone, Connecting Realms, Dragon Slaying Dagger and teleportation gate, there was no need to translate anymore, she could more or less guess what the Bloody Queen had meant.

The Bloody Queen had held a big secret. Maybe she had wanted to use this secret to exchange something with the little thief. Previously, Luo Hua City’s Mistress had not understood how the Blood Queen’s Royal Mother could evolve so quickly. Not only did she become the strongest Gold King Beast, far above the others, she could even leave the Third Floor and fly up to the Fourth Floor.

Seems like it was because that Royal mother had gotten a secret treasure and gained a huge advantage. That was the reason for her quick growth.

Right now, since the Bloody Queen had turned into a summon beast and had to left her sky pavilion, she couldn’t be a queen anymore. Hence she wanted to tell this secret to her master and initiate an exchange with him. She wanted him to increase her level at the same time when he was raising his capabilities. She would also gain more respect from her master this way.

When Luo Hua City’s Mistress left the Warrior’s Guild and went to the Warrior’s Inn to find Yue Yang, she told him everything and added with a worried tone, “If it was really a treasure that was protected by a dragon, then it would definitely not be easy. Furthermore, I feel that we shouldn’t be too anxious about this matter. It’s best if we don’t let San He understand the whole situation. You also knew that a person like him wouldn’t be able to keep any kind of secrets. If he knew the whole truth, that would definitely not be a good thing. How about you learn some Demon Abyss Language from him, then talk it out with the Bloody Queen slowly? With regards to the treasure, if you want to brave the danger together, then fresh flowers, spirit grasses and seeds, these kinds of items must be given to me first; I want to at least have that priority. As for Demon Crystals and gold, on the contrary, I’m not that interested in them. You are the man here, so you should make the final decision,”

“Alright, let’s do it that way.” Yue Yang listened to her logical plan and nodded, showing his agreement.

“Then we should separate for the time being. I would go back to my house to plant these flowers, while you could rise the Bloody Queen’s abilities in the meantime. I see that she had fallen down in rank after contracting with you, right now she was only gold-ranked level 3. You should first raise her rank to gold-ranked level 4 or 5, then we could go and find the treasure together. With regards to the cleaning up mission, I asked them to report to you on the First Floor instead, so I’ll leave it to you to handle it. If there’s anything, leave a message for me in the Warrior’s Guild. If your handwriting doesn’t look like a dog’s scrawl, you could also write a letter to me. Otherwise, we could promise to meet within three months. With the Beautiful Demonic flower, my beasts would probably be able to level up too. If we look for the treasure then, we will have more assurance’s to get the treasure. Little thief, at the end, I’d like to thank you for saving me. You are really an unpredictable little fellow… Train hard properly, you are a guy, so you shouldn’t be like me who only plant flowers day and night. You have to aspire to travel the world, go for an expedition to explore the Demon Abyss and Heaven Realm,” Luo Hua City’s Mistress hooked her slender fingers on Yue Yang’s chin, her bright eyes locking into Yue Yang’s. Her face was so close to Yue Yang’s that he could feel her sweet, hot breath. Just as Yue Yang thought that she was going to kiss him, she suddenly loosened her hands. She laughed loudly; her laughter sounded so sweet that flowers seemed to blossom around her.

Finally, she walked out the door, still laughing out loud.

Leaving behind a trail of her sweet scent, amidst her special straightforward laughter, she waved her hand and walked out elegantly and unrestrainedly.

Yue Yang was a little at a loss with Luo Hua City’s Mistress. Did she actually have an interest in him? Or did she actually not feel anything for him at all, and was only teasing him for fun?

Thinking about it again, Yue Yang decided to forget about it. If he could push her down in the future, she would pant and moan underneath him sooner or later. There’s no hurry now, they could flirt with each other first. When Yue Yang recalled the earlier, extremely wonderful feeling of carrying her on his back as he ran down the path, a certain place had shamefully grew hard…from that Luo Hua City’s Mistress’s outer appearance, it was hard to see her ample bosom; it seemed like 34C, and just a bit less than 36D. However, after coming into contact with them, he realized that they were extremely well-developed underneath her cotton clothes. In combination with her slender figure, she was really just perfect.

As for the white-robed elder, Yue Yang wouldn’t bother to waste time learning the Demon Abyss language from him.

He could just order Ye Kong and the others to learn it. People like He Zi Yun and Qi Yang rely on their speaking abilities to earn money, they would probably learn the language fast. When they have finished learning the language and completely wring out every bit of knowledge from the white-robed brother, they could slowly teach him about it. There was still time for that.

Right now, what he needed to do was to help Yue Bing and Yi Nan to finish the “Oak Tree’s Heart” Quest, then bring Yue Bing back home.

New years had almost come, when he and Fourth Mother returned to the Yue Clan’s Castle, he would definitely properly trample on the members of the Second Branch and help Fourth Mother take revenge on her past grievances. He must make the whole of Yue Clan members, who originally drove her away, beg on the floor for Fourth Mother’s return. Moreover he will let the everyone of the Yue Clan, who originally drove her away, feel ashamed, regret, be so ashamed that they won’t show their face…

Hmm, what reaction would Yi Nan had when she saw the sexy and enchanting Bloody Queen?

Hate? Jealous? Or would she pretend to be calm?

Yue Yang was looking forward to Yi Nan’s expression. It surely would be quite marvelous.

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