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LLS Chapter 90 – Level Up, Silver Grimoire!

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Chapter 90 – Level Up, Silver Grimoire!
Translated by: Sephilia
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

The magic blade Hui Jin was faster than lightning, stabbing into Ma Li Ang’s heart ferociously.

As if they had life, the Heart of Melting Fire and the Demonified Crystal both trembled at the same time as they manically absorbed the energy from Ma Li Ang’s demon heart.

Yue Yang thought that Ma Li Ang was done for… But then, an unexpected turn of events made Yue Yang astonished.. Ma Li Ang who had a knife stabbed into his demon heart did not fall like ordinary Demon Generals. Instead, he had awoken from his daze, and painfully cried out. Ma Li Ang’s cry shocked Yue Yang and he quickly retreated back, pulling out the magic blade Hui Jin from Ma Li Ang’s heart. Like a wild beast trying to escape death, Ma Li Ang retreated at a frantic pace as he purposely twisted his body on the ground. Before Yue Yang could react and pursue him, Ma Li Ang had no other choice but to roll backwards over and over again, battered and gravely injured. Yue Yang had also reacted quickly, but was just a moment too slow. When the magic blade Hui Jin had pursued with its second strike, on the verge of hitting him, a black teleportation pillar of light had covered Ma Li Ang’s body.

The magic blade Hui Jin had almost sliced Ma Li Ang’s chest in half, but it was unable to deal the deathblow to this Demon Commander.

Ma Li Ang had suffered serious injuries and was almost instantly killed by Yue Yang.

However, right at the final moment, the teleportation pillar soared up, allowing him to escape the deathblow… When he was rolling on the ground just now, Ma Lia Ang, who was fleeing for his life, had broken the ‘Teleportation Ball’ which was special to the Demon Abyss.

If he was a human warrior, he would have definitely died.

Yue Yang would definitely not let him have a chance to open a teleportation scroll. But, the efficiency of the teleportation ball was far too high.

More importantly, Ma Li Ang’s speed of retreat and his body’s unique structure made Yue Yang unable to predict his moves accurately. He did not manage to seize the opportunity to eliminate Ma Li Ang in a single strike.

As for why Ma Li Ang could still move even though his demon heart had suffered serious injuries, Yue Yang was also extremely stunned. When he pursued him with the second strike, at the very moment when the magic blade Hui Jin had cut open Ma Li Ang’s chest, he had discovered from that bloody wound that there were actually two demon hearts in him. If he had only managed to destroy one of them, he could only cause serious injuries to Ma Li Ang. However, he would be not be able to completely kill him, one of the three Great Demon Commanders.

If he had known earlier that Ma Li Ang had two demon hearts, then Yue Yang would definitely not let this Demon Commander live.

Inexperience. This was the regret of inexperience.

Ma Li Ang who was at death’s door had disappeared after the teleportation. His gold grimoire had also disappeared with him. It looked like the summoning grimoire would not be far from the master. However, the Flying Dragons that Ma Li Ang had summoned met with their calamity. Yue Yang, who was in a rage, had thrown his crescent blade towards the unconscious Black Flying Dragon, killing it off with his giant Crescent Blade. Then, Yue Yang threw his Hui Jin Magic Blade into the heart of the Flaming Flying Dragon. The largest Roundhorned Flying Dragon was instantly killed by Yue Yang’s Innate Sword Qi, who was coming down to the ground from up in the air.

Yue Yang would definitely not let these flying dragons wake up again and escape from this place alive. It did not matter whether Ma Li Ang had the ability to de-summon them, but he would definitely kill them all, to prevent them from becoming a nuisance in the future.

On the other side, the Barbaric Cow Shadow had already flattened the heads of the three fainted Demon Generals.

Luo Hua City’s Mistress was still dazed, and her Six-tailed Fox Spirit was also closing its eyes as it moaned weakly. It was evident that the Banshee’s Scream was extremely painful for them. The Luo Hua City’s Mistress’ Halo Shield had disappeared, but the sapphire ring on her slender finger had been emitting a faint blue light ever since she was knocked unconscious. A soul with the appearance of countless drops of water balls surrounded her body, as if they were protecting her.

“Could it be that this ring was the legendary treasure with the spirit attribute? A Spirit Equipment?” Yue Yang had not seen such a treasure who had the intention to protect its master. But, from the diary of the tragic guy, Yue Yang had read before when he mentioned about the priceless treasure, the Spirit Equipment.

For example, the sword that the tragic guy’s father possessed was a Spirit Equipment.

Yue Yang did not understand much about matters regarding Spirit Equipment. According to what the tragic guy had written down, these types of equipment were formed when the summoned beast had died in battle but its soul could not bear to leave its master. Thus, it would merge into certain treasures, forming a spiritual body to continue accompanying its master, fighting with them. Spirit Equipment could be said to be equivalent to a summoned beast which could participate in battle without requiring a summon. But, because it had lost its body, its power would be greatly diminished, so it could only support the master in limited ways…

When Luo Hua City’s Mistress had fainted, it looked like the soul in the ring had the intention to protect its master and automatically came out to do so.

Even if its protective ability was not powerful enough, it was at least a hard-earned feeling from the soul.

“Then, doesn’t my Hui Jin count as a Spirit Equipment?” Yue Yang had a bit of a headache now. The magic blade Hui Jin did not possess the souls of his beloved beasts that had died, but rather the Flame Lord and the Bone Dragon. If they still had consciousness, they would most likely hate Yue Yang to the bone, and definitely not protect Yue Yang if he ever fainted.

He was unclear about matters regarding the magic blade Hui Jin. Yue Yang then looked at the Bloody Queen, so what had actually happened to her?

Did she count as his own Phantom Shadow?

Or was she just a normal beast?

The only thing that Yue Yang could clearly sense was that this Bloody Queen was completely different from the Barbaric Cow Shadow. She had her own thoughts and could move freely. For example, when she flew out of the protective barrier, it was completely of her own volition. Yue Yang had not given an order for her to do so at all. What was different from Xiao Wen Li was that Xiao Wen Li was not controllable by Yue Yang. The little snake loli would come out whenever she wanted to, and rest in Yue Yang’s body as she wished… If Yue Yang wanted her to join in the battle, he would have to call her in his heart, and could not control her.

Yue Yang could forcibly control the body of this Bloody Queen. This was slightly similar to the Barbaric Cow Shadow.

Even if her body was extremely weak, the Bloody Queen stood up, straightening her body and opened her violet-blue eyes that could move other’s hearts, looking straight at Yue Yang.

Only now did Yue Yang manage to see clearly what the Bloody Queen really looked like. A headful of blazing red hair was draped over her shoulders and back. Her curls looked like fire, and from time to time, a beam of gold would flash from her body. These beams of gold was to signify the aura of a Gold-ranked beast. At her back, there was a pair of angelic wings, but the colour of the wings was a brilliant gold instead of white. At the tips of the wings, sharp ends that looked like the wings of a devil were present, giving the sense of strangeness where good and evil coexisted together. (Sephillia: metatron)

Most of the skin in front was bare. However, she had a few golden bands around her arms.

Her chest was covered by some type of crimson plate armour. On top, a violet-black cufflink connected a few pieces of silk between her two breasts. This crimson plate armour was clearly a special clothing. It barely covered the top of her areola that looked like a flower bud, giving people a kind of alluring sexual appeal.

If she let out even more attraction than this, it would be fatal to anyone.

Her stomach was smooth, with a deep and full navel, splitting her body into sections with a golden ratio. Her bewitching body looked even more perfect under this contrast.

Below, the same kind of armour covered her. It was just small enough to cover her most sacred little garden.

This, this was essentially the bikini of the other world! It was sexy yet deadly! Seeing the exquisite mounds and the flawless white skin of the Bloody Queen, Yue Yang could not help but swallow his saliva.

A contracted beast. Looks like finding beautiful beasts would be better… There was no need to talk about their combat ability first. At least, they were a feast for the eyes. If he had contracted a tiger or a lion and had to feed them meat daily, then wouldn’t he become a pet trainer in this other world? At the same time, Yue Yang also had a great dream. That was, aside from cultivating his physical skills, he must contract the most beautiful bishoujo beasts in the world. Those beasts like Hui Tai Lang could only stay in a corner. There were extremely limited spots for contracting beasts, all of them should be reserved for those bishoujo beasts…

Petting Hui Tai Lang when he had free time?

That was too disgusting, he should be pinching these bishoujo beasts’ cheeks during his free time.

The Bloody Queen probably did not know how lecherous her master was. Instead, she started spewing a long chain of sentences in the language of the demon abyss. Yue Yang could not understand a single word.

There was a language barrier. No matter what the Bloody Queen said, Yue Yang could not understand it at all. He waved his hands, saving the Bloody Queen the trouble of speaking. Before finding an acceptable interpreter, all that she said would be nonsense to him. Seeing that Yue Yang had ignored her and only bothering with digging out the magic crystals from the massacre done by his blades, coupled with seeing the battlefield covered in smoke and her home burning in flames, she suddenly covered her face and cried loudly…

“Ah? You can still cry, eh?” Yue Yang did not expect the Bloody Queen to possess a rich amount of emotions. Before this, he had always thought that she was the kind of perfect puppet as if she were a female android.

“Uuu…” The Bloody Queen cried even more when she heard this.

“Actually, I understand it well! From a queen that ruled high above, you turned into my slave. The feeling will definitely not be nice, but you were the one who initiated the contract with me first. You can’t blame me for this. Not only that, if you didn’t contract with me just now, your life would be over. Strictly speaking, I saved your life!” Yue Yang had originally wanted to console the Bloody Queen saying, “Don’t cry, I’ll make sure you lead a happy life”, but if he said this the other side would probably cry even louder. So, he left this sentence out.
(Shiro: I’ll make sure you lead a happy life – is often said by a groom to his bride during their wedding)

Towards the Bloody Queen who was crying bitterly, Yue Yang did not console her further.

This was because the more he tried to console her, the more she would cry.

Yue Yang dug out all of the magic crystals of the flying dragons and the Blade Massacring Demoness before offering them up to the Barbaric Cow Shadow. In the end, she only took the Blade Massacring Demone as she levelled up along with Yue Yang’s bronze grimoire.

The bronze grimoire was finally history. This time, when the grimoire had levelled up, it turned from Advanced-ranked Bronze to Beginner-ranked Silver…

After the summoning grimoire rose in grade, the Ancient Code granted the Phantom Shadow the third ability, ‘Shadow Evasion’. The extra pages that Yue Yang had been hoping for for a long time still did not appear.

Shadow Evasion: The Phantom Shadow can freely blend into the darkness. The naked eye is unable to see its existence. Under special environments, the host can provide a large amount of spiritual qi to create a black fog, to forcefully blend into the darkness. This skill cannot be used in front of an enemy with strength surpassing the host.

“Does this mean only the Phantom Shadow could do it, or both the Barbaric Cow Shadow and the Bloody Queen could too?” Seeing that the sun was high up in the sky, Yue Yang realized he could not test it out right now. Otherwise, he would want to test this Shadow Evasion out.

Yue Yang did not have enough time to examine the changes after his grimoire rose to a silver grimoire.

Now, he hurriedly rushed over to the Barbaric Cow Shadow’s side instead, helping her who had levelled up to reconstruct her body… At first, Yue Yang had thought that he would need to do the reconstruction himself, so he had fantasised in his heart. He was prepared to turn the Barbaric Cow Shadow into a busty Draenei warrior. Alas, who would have known that the reconstruction was completely done by the Barbaric Cow Shadow’s instinct?

The Barbaric Cow Shadow frantically absorbed the energy that Yue Yang’s palm was supplying. Her entire body started to slowly change shape.

The reconstruction process was actually very fast. Within a minute, it had stopped.

Yue Yang was extremely tired. In the end, he discovered that the Barbaric Cow Shadow did not become a busty cow-horned beauty; she was still an ox-head.

However, looking closer, the Barbaric Cow Shadow’s body was much better than before. her entire body was more subtle and slimmer. Although it was still muscular with muscles flaring outwards, her face bore much closer resemblance to a human, even to the point of starting to have the foundations of a beauty. The outline was ten times better than just now. Of course, strictly speaking, she was still an ox-head. If he wanted her to become a beautiful cowgirl, it would take at least eight to ten times of reconstruction when she levelled up, otherwise she would not be able to change completely into a busty cowhorn beauty.

“Take your time to level up, it’s not like I can hurry it up anyway. The most important thing to think about right now is how to initiate the variant evolution.” Yue Yang found out that after the Barbaric Cow Shadow had eaten the Bronze-ranked Level 7 Blade Massacring Demoness’ magic crystal, she actually rose to Bronze-ranked Level 5.

He thought in his heart that he had to find a way to let her variant evolve into a Silver-ranked beast, otherwise once she rose to become Bronze-ranked Level 6, there would not be much of a future for her anymore.

According to the plan that Luo Hua City’s Mistress had talked about, the best way to go about turning that Bronze-ranked Level 5 beast into Silver-ranked, was for her to swallow a Gold-ranked Level 6 or above Barbaric Bull magic crystal… This was easier said than done. Where could Yue Yang get his hands on a magic crystal of a Gold-ranked Level 6 Barbaric Bull? Not to mention Gold-ranked Level 6, even Silver-ranked Level 6 Barbaric Bulls could not be found anywhere… Yue Yang originally wanted to give up on his ideas, but then an inspiration struck his head.

Ah, that place might have it!

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