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LLS Chapter 89 – Banshee’s Scream

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Chapter 89 – Banshee’s Scream
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Brian, Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Changing Silver Flying Dragon to Silver-spotted Flying Dragon.

The Barbarian Cow Shadow charged towards the four Demon Generals. Her mind, conditioned not to feel any ounce of fear nor caution, was completely unaffected by external factors.

Yue Yang stayed inside his shield, calmly communicating with her using his mind. It was his first time trying out physical skills using the Barbarian Cow Shadow’s body. Of course, he couldn’t make her unleash something like an Innate skill. But Yue Yang wouldn’t use an Innate Skill on Ma Li Ang anyway, unless he had complete confidence that he would be able to kill him in one shot. It must be understood that Ma Li Ang owned a golden grimoire and an unknown number of flying dragons. Even if all of his flying dragon were dead, he could still use a teleportation scroll to run away. To kill a Demon Commander that owned a grimoire, unless they were fighting on the Battlefield of Certain Death, was otherwise quite impossible.

In order to kill Ma Li Ang, he had to wait for an opportunity when Ma Li Ang went out from his shield…

Let alone Innate skills, even the Yue Clan’s Spear Technique that Yue Yang tried to make the Barbarian Cow Shadow follow, she couldn’t perform it at all.

With much difficulty, the only physical skills that Yue Yang could control Barbarian Cow Shadow to attack with is the “Beheading Iron Blade Technique”, the world’s worst physical skill, and the similarly bad physical skill, “Crushing Stone Hammer Technique”.

However, compared to the the Barbarian Cow Shadow’s attacking power previously, she had already undergone a huge improvement. At least, she wouldn’t be awkwardly brandishing her weapon with both of her arms flailing wildly towards her opponent like last time. Right now, under Yue Yang’s control, she had calculations on whether to advance or retreat, and her footwork always left her room to maneuver. The way she swung both of her arms was different now, she swung it with just the right amount of strength. Although the technique she used was the worst physical skill, “Crushing Stone Hammer Technique”, she delivered powerful blows with strength that was a hundred times stronger than a normal person’s.

Facing against someone giving all her effort and unafraid of death, the four Demon Generals had already submitted to their fate fighting against the Barbarian Cow Shadow. But against all of their expectations, the undefeatable monster could even perform physical skills.

The four Demon Generals fought until they were depressed.

The moment they were not careful, another Demon General would fall into the Barbarian Cow Shadow’s attack, collapsing to the ground…

One Demon General with a tall and lanky built had the quickest speed. He managed to plunge his sword into the Barbarian Cow Shadow’s chest, injuring her heart.

In his mind, Barbarian Cow Shadow was a humanoid beast, so she could probably be killed by injuring her critical spots. But he never thought that she was actually a phantom shadow. She only turned that way after her body was seized. Both her body and life did not possess the weaknesses of a normal beast.

Furthermore, the Barbarian Cow Shadow was still his Guardian Spirit Beast. Even if her body was completely destroyed, she would still be fine. If her energy was used up, she would only return to the bronze grimoire to rest.

Unless Yue Yang died, she would never truly die.

When the tall and lanky Demon General succeeded in thrusting his sword into the Barbarian Cow’s heart, he twisted the sword ruthlessly around, intending to forcefully twist the Barbarian Cow Shadow’s heart to shreds.

A cruel smile appeared on his face.

However, his smile was frozen immediately just after it had appeared.

This was because he saw the Barbarian Cow Shadow whose heart had been pierced with a sword still looking fine as she reached out with one of her huge hands and grasped his shoulders tight in an iron-like grip. In the next moment, her other hand violently sent a heavy blow onto the tall and lanky Demon General’s elbow. The Demon General who had wanted to struggle free by using force initially let out a miserable cry as his whole arm suddenly turned limp. Under the violent torrent of blind attacks from the other three Demon Generals, the Barbarian Cow Shadow ignored her gravely lacerated skin injuries, and held on tightly to the tall and lanky Demon General instead. Looking down, she shook her head a little and immediately banged her forehead on the tall and lankt Demon General’s forehead.

A shocking sound of collision resounded, and the three Demon Generals could hear the sound of their colleague’s skull being broken in.

Inside the “Crushing Stone Hammer Technique” skill book that sells for 10 coppers each, there wasn’t a skill called “headbutting”.

Yue Yang had modified the Crushing Stone Hammer Technique a little, using the Cow’s head as a hammer’s head instead. The resulting battle power was actually not that bad.

Although Crushing Stone Hammer Technique did not have a headbutting skill, there was still one type of violent whirling technique… The initial technique was to pull the hammer’s head as far back as possible, then whirl it using a great momentum to hit the opponent’s head.

Yue Yang had decided to modify it a little. He made the Barbarian Cow Shadow grab the tall and lanky Demon General’s body and threw his body as far back as possible, just like a hammer. In the next moment, he made the Barbarian Cow Shadow pull the General’s body to the opposite direction, smashing him down heavily to the ground. The next step was simple. Yue Yang simply let go of his mind control on the Barbarian Cow Shadow, letting her use her own abilities. The Barbarian Cow Shadow charged at the Demon General, whose head had burst open and status as a living organism was questionable, and jumped high above him. Her large cow hoof landed on the Demon General as she unleashed her trampling skill, “Stone Crushing a Crab”.

This time, let alone Yue Yang, even this Demon General’s three other buddies, or anyone else in that matter, felt that this Demon General could still survive.

After acquiring a little intelligence, the Barbarian Cow Shadow also seemed to be able to use weaponry.

But she couldn’t differentiate which things were weapons, and grabbed the corpse of the tall and lanky Demon General instead to pound wildly on the three terrified Demon Generals that were pale as death. By the time the three Demon Generals had escaped backwards out of fear, the tall and lanky Demon General had already been smashed to the point that only half of his badly mutilated corpse was left.

The three Demon Generals saw that their future was completely bleak.

The beasts that they summoned did not have an effect on the Barbarian Cow Shadow at all. It did not matter if it was the Weakening Demonic Moth, Bone Sucking Maggot or the Manic Red Ant, they were useless against the Barbarian Cow Shadow. When the Tarantula and the Trawlnet spit out their silk nets, the three Demon Generals thought that they would be able to restrain the Barbaric Cow Shadow. But who would know that the Barbarian Cow Shadow could breathe fire? The spider nets were completely burnt away. The large-bodied Tarantula that could only move slowly couldn’t escape on time. It cried miserably as it was killed instantlyby another [Doom’s Eyes] attack.

Today, Yue Yang’s mood was quite good. The Barbarian Cow Shadow had unleashed [Doom’s Eyes] twice in one battle today. His mood was really good, especially brilliant.

However, this had instead become the start of the three Demon General’s nightmare.

Although they knew that this kind of attack that could kill instantly had an extremely low chance of success, they still couldn’t confidently say that they wouldn’t be the unlucky one.

On the other side, Luo Hua City Mistress who had finished charging her energy, unleashed a devastating Aurora that exploded towards the demon army.

As the blazing white light flashed, it instantly killed ten long-horned demons. Even the Blade Massacring Demoness that couldn’t escape in time and the Silver-spotted Flying Dragon were completely engulfed by the aurora, their bodies destroyed. They instantly fell to the ground, crying out in anguish.

Ma Li Ang was seething with anger from the sudden turn in the battle situation. Why did he have to meet Luo Hua City Mistress, this strong opponent, here and had no way to escape from this situation?

He summoned a Flying Dragon that was even many times bigger than the normal flying dragons, the Roundhorned Flying Dragon. He had wanted to use the Roundhorned Flying Dragon to swallow the Barbarian Cow Shadow whole, but upon seeing that the Luo Hua City Mistress was storing her energy again, he immediately ordered the Roundhorned and the Corroding Flying Dragon to attack Luo Hua City Mistress, trying not to give her the opportunity to bring out the Six-tailed Fox Spirit’s formidable power. He knew that the moment the Six-tailed Fox Spirit transform, this Luo Hua City Mistress’s battle power would increase by hundred folds with the help of the Six-tailed Fox Spirit.

If he let her charge her energy for another Aurora attack, even if he could withstand it with his shield, his flying dragons and subordinates would probably all die off.

“Quickly kill him, don’t bother with that Barbarian Cow Woman. This kind of beast that are not afraid of death would definitely have a summoning time limit. Furthermore, it must have consumed a lot of spiritual energy. As long as you guys break his shield and break his mental concentration, the Barbarian Cow Woman would probably disappear on her own. Without the Barbarian Cow Woman, he wouldn’t even be worth mentioning,” Ma Li Ang shouted.

“Yes. Come here and kill me quickly, I can’t wait anymore,” Yue Yang invited them full of sincerity.

The Barbarian Cow Shadow indeed had a time limit, and its existing time limit was a little bit lower than the ten days limit she had before. However, she could probably stay for 5 to 6 days from the day she was summoned without a problem. If Ma Li Ang were to know about this cheat time limit, he would probably be vomiting blood and die out of anger.

Ma Li Ang really wanted to order the Roundhorned Flying Dragon to fly over and swallow the Barbarian Cow Woman, ending the battle on Yue Yang’s side.

However, he was worried that Luo Hua City Mistress would use that opportunity to release another Aurora that would kill his flying dragon that had the most battle power.

In his eyes, the little thief Yue Yang who owned a Bronze Grimoire wouldn’t even compare to one of Luo Hua City Mistress’s hands even if there were ten of him here. Hence, he had ordered the three Demon Generals to kill this little thief. The battle’s main objective was still on how to take down that Luo Hua City Mistress. With regards to the heavily injured Bloody Queen, even if she wouldn’t die, she would probably not be able to recover her battle capabilities immediately.

Although he despised his three subordinates incompetencies , Ma Li Ang still needed them right now to finish their tasks.

Furthermore, he understood clearly that it wasn’t because his subordinates were useless, it was because they had just went through a huge battle beforehand. If their summoned beasts had not been killed by the Blade Massacring Demoness in the previous battle just now, their battle power wouldn’t be as bad as this.

“You guys can hack on slowly while I sleep for a while, wake me up when you break through the shield,” Yue Yang said as he ignored the three Demon Generals hacking on his Halo Shield. Yue Yang did not need to understand the Nature’s Heart for this, even with the strength he received from stepping into the Innate realm, he would not be affected by the little attacks to his Halo Shield. This attack might work for normal Rankers, but it would not work for Yue Yang at all.

He moved a stone over and lied on the ground, comfortably sleeping with the stone as a pillow. He placed both of his hands at the back of his head as he rest his leg on top of the other. He was even shaking his leg leisurely.

Of course, he only did this for appearance. His main aim was to confuse his enemies and get their attention.

Yue Yang’s real intention was to control the Barbarian Cow Shadow to move towards the Blade Massacring Demoness who was heavily injured from the Aurora. Yue Yang didn’t know if this fellow’s Demon Crystal would be beneficial for the Barbarian Cow Sharow, but if it was really useful, then the Barbarian Cow Shadow might even rise in level. Furthermore, there was still the Reconstruction skill that he had never tried before. This Blade Massacring Demoness also had an ox-head, so it might even belong to the ox category.

(Shiro: “Reconstruction” from chapter 80, Phantom Shadow’s new skill – After taking a certain beast’s body as its new body, it can absorb the body and energy of the same type of beasts to reconstruct its body. The target must be a living organism. The success rate is linked to the target’s power and will.)

At least, she’s more cow like than a snail or a longhorned beetle. She even looked a little like an ox Demon Queen.
(Shiro: cow/ox in chinese is niu, snail is wo niu and longhorned beetle is tian niu)

Suddenly, Luo Hua City Mistress let out a ball of light like the Aurora attack, exploding straight towards the Corroding Flying Dragon and making it a Barbecued Flying Dragon.

Once its nemesis was dead, the Three-tailed Snow Fox immediately transformed.

Its body to more than ten times its original size.

Its six long tails shook a little as the Six-tailed Fox Spirit let out a sweet smelling scent. It sent a mouthful of white fog of perfume towards the Roundhorned Flying Dragon. The Roundhorned Flying Dragon’s huge body immediately fell to the ground with a loud boom. It completely didn’t have the strength to fly in the air, hence it could only fight the Six-tailed Fox Spirit on the ground. Although the Six-tailed Fox Spirit’s body was big, it had a quick speed. Its six tails were like giant whips relentlessly attacking the Roundhorned Flying Dragon, making it scream in pain. Ma Li Ang’s face darkened as he stopped paying attention to Yue Yang. He summoned another smaller Dual-Winged Flaming Flying Dragon and ordered it to assist the Roundhorned Flying Dragon in attacking the Six-tailed Fox Spirit.

Although the battle on Ma Li Ang and Luo Hua City Mistress’s side was tense and vigorous, Yue Yang was leisurely relaxing on his side instead.

He had controlled the Barbarian Cow Shadow to first trample on the Silver-spotted Flying Dragon alive, before dragging back the body of the Blade Massacring Demoness that had been half destroyed from the Aurora attack.

The three Demon General who didn’t understand why Yue Yang had done that, were alarmed and retreated quickly…Yue Yang who had gotten up with one jump didn’t show any mercy towards the Blade Massacring Demoness who kept on struggling as it was dragged back. He activated Xiao Wen Li’s Binding Inherent Skill and restrained it to the ground, before striking its chest with the golden dagger. When the gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Dagger penetrated inside it, even the strong bronze-ranked level 7 Blade Massacring Demoness could not withstand the attack and fell dead on the ground.

“What the heck are they doing?” Ma Li Ang stole a glance in the midst of his fierce battle and saw that his three subordinates were staring at the little thief like fools instead of attacking him. Ma Li Ang was immediately furious; he was so angry that steam almost come out of his ears.

He could understand their actions if the little brat was hiding inside his shield, but he had walked several metres away from his shield. Why aren’t they attacking him?

He did not have the time to notice that Yue Yang’s shield still exist even after he walked away from his shield.

Similarly, Luo Hua City Mistress also couldn’t multi-task and pay attention to Yue Yang’s battle situation. She closed her eyes and meditate, preparing to condense her Spiritual Energy, charging her next Aurora Sphere. She could hear Yue Yang’s voice, so she knew in her heart that Yue Yang was fine. She had always thought that Yue Yang had been hiding inside his shield and jeering at his enemies; she didn’t know that he had won a complete victory.

Hearing Ma Li Ang’s furious bellow, the three Demon Generals was so frightened that they started to tremble. They hurriedly charged forward, targeting Yue Yang instead of the Barbarian Cow Shadow.

As long as they kill this bizarre little thief, their battle would end.

Just as they started to imagine their victory, a golden light suddenly shone from within the shield. That Bloody Queen that had been unconscious after suffering from her heavy injury slowly opened her light blue eyes that carried a tinge of purple. She opened her mouth and let out an extremely mournful scream…

Immediately, it didn’t matter if it was Luo Hua City Mistress, Ma Li Ang or the Six-tailed Fox Spirit and the Roundhorned Flying Dragon that were fighting each other, it was as if everyone had been struck by lightning as they fell to the ground, stunned.

The three Demon Generals that were the closest to the scream started to bleed out from their eyes, nose, mouth and ears. They fell to the ground one by one.

Yue Yang surprisedly found that although he had also heard the scream, he did not need to use his Innate Qi to protect his ears. He was also completely unaffected by the scream’s effect.

Lifting his head, he suddenly realised that Ma Li Ang’s shield had disappeared. Yue Yang did not care about the three Demon Generals in front of him who had been killed instantly and flew quickly towards the unconscious Ma Li Ang. The Hui Jin Magic Blade in his hands drew a long line of flame and smoke as he stabbed it mercilessly right into Ma Li Ang’s heart. Three prominent heads? Demon Commander? As long as you are not within your shield’s protection, then you are just trash.

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