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LLS Chapter 88 – Killing Demon Generals Instantly

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Chapter 88 – Killing Demon Generals Instantly
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

The figure cut Yue Yang in two with the demon blade. At the same time, the figure smirked coldly, “Idiot.”

However, he immediately froze.

He froze because Yue Yang’s body had magically disappeared.

The thing he had hacked in two wasn’t actually Yue Yang’s body; it was just something resembling Yue Yang. So where had the real Yue Yang gone?

“I agree. You are an idiot.” A Crescent Blade that shone brightly with a raging flame and glowed ominously with dark smoke suddenly appeared. In an instant, the blade was suddenly swung down fiercely towards the back of the figure, who was still holding his own blade, brilliantly splitting through the air. While the Crescent Blade was cutting through the demon’s armor, a foot suddenly stuck out, vulgarly giving the figure’s butt a violent kick. The figure involuntarily flew forward from the impact of the kick, flying straight on the ground like an arrow, hitting every single demon corpse on its path before finally crashing hard onto a mountain wall, making a loud, thundering sound upon the impact.

The mountain wall shook as dust flew all over the place.

On the ground, a long straight path caused by the figure dragging through the ground was left behind.

Taking advantage of the enemy looking down on him, Yue Yang, whose sneak attack had been successful, cried for the loss in his heart. If he had his Giant Shadow to increase his strength by a hundred times, then this awesome Ma Li Ang would probably have died.

Right now, his strength was not high enough to injure him fatally…

A loud boom resounded from the mountain wall as a dark figure brandishing a magic blade suddenly charged out. It was indeed the knight that was previously riding on a black flying dragon before.

He was one of the three prominent Demon Commanders, Ma Li Ang.

Although he had suffered the heavy brunt from Yue Yang’s sneak attack, his face was still full of arrogance. He leisurely brush the rocks off of his shoulders and looked towards Yue Yang in disdain, “Little worm, you have speed but your strength is too weak. What’s your name?”

“Don’t talk to him. He has a strange beast called Roaring Flying Dragon, which is a Blind Flying Dragon’s soul. As long as you speak to him, then you would be silenced for at least five minutes. He wanted to stop you from summoning your grimoire. Quickly kill the Demon Generals, this fellow is mine!” As Luo Hua City Mistress finished speaking, Yue Yang could see through his Divine Vision that from Ma Li Ang’s armour at his back, a dark ball of energy was coming out, transforming slowly into a flying dragon’s figure, charging towards Luo Hua City Mistress. As for Luo Hua City Mistress, she was already prepared from the beginning. Raising her hands, she summoned her gold-ranked grimoire. A shield glowing with a bright golden colour suddenly appeared, blocking the black energy that was shaped like a flying dragon just in time, keeping it outside the shield.

“Luo Hua City Mistress, long time no see. There’s no meaning in fighting you; we’ve fought a dozen times but always end up in a draw. I believe this time would be no different. I am really skeptical. Will this subordinate of yours be able to last for more than a minute, fighting against my five Demon Generals who have joined together to attack him?” Ma Li Ang had also summoned a gold-ranked grimoire.

As he was speaking, the five Demon Generals all started shaking their head, their expressions filled with pain as they slowly stood up one by one.

They hadn’t been able to endure the Bloody Queen’s Banshee Scream no matter how strong their abilities had been.

Luo Hua City Mistress looked at Yue Yang and saw that the little brat had not suffered from any kind of effects, and her mind started to calm down. She didn’t know why, but despite having only interacted with this brat for a few times, she could feel with her woman’s natural sixth sense that this guy was worth depending upon. In her heart, she felt an unexplainable confidence in him.

If it had been any other person, she wouldn’t have take a random little thief who was still going through Refining on the first floor to go to the third floor of Tong Tian Tower in advance, let alone bringing that person along to kill the Bloody Queen.

Against all expectations, without her even knowing why, she just had a confidence in him just by looking at him.

It was as if he was her best choice for a partner to collaborate with…

“Kill him for me!” Ma Li Ang had been observing Luo Hua City Mistress’s expression closely, but he found that she wasn’t showing any kind of fear. He immediately felt annoyed in the depths of his heart. Could it be that she was that confident in that agile little thief? Facing against the five Demon Generals that he personally picked to be his trusted aides, coupled with almost a hundred elite soldiers that he handpicked personally, could that agile thief really stand against them? Or could it be that this Luo Hua City Mistress was just pretending to be confident? With her astute calmness, she wouldn’t have show fear even if she was in a disadvantage, so this could easily be a bluff.

“Yes Sir.” The five Demon Generals loudly pledged.

The five Demon Generals didn’t attack together immediately, for they also did not feel that a little human thief deserves to fight against the strength of all five of them put together.

If not for Ma Li Ang’s order, they would at most ordered a few Long-horned Demons over and use their sharp claws to tear this little brat to shreds. One Demon General started to step out from the crowd, preparing to attack, while another one watched over him from the back, just in case Luo Hua City Mistress suddenly mounted a sneak attack.

The other three continued to observe the battlefield, prepared to ambush the Blade Massacring Demoness.

The Ghost-clawed Rainbow-winged Banshee had successfully struggled free from the spider’s net at some point in time, but it didn’t continue to battle. Instead, it flew straight to the sky in panic.

Maybe it was because the Bloody Queen had suffered a grave injury and was going to die soon. Furthermore, the battle situation didn’t look good at all. This Ghost-clawed Rainbow-winged banshee had actually abandoned its Bloody Queen and the land it was protecting, escaping on its own.

On the other hand, the Blade Massacring Demoness that was waking up from its dizziness. The one that looked like an ugly giant ox-head, decided not to retreat even when facing death. It charged furiously against the army of monsters, devouring them and attacking savagely. It refused to leave the battlefield no matter what. More than once, it tried to charge forward to help its gravely injured Bloody Queen, but due to its low intelligence, it received another poison-laced attack from the Manic Red Ant. It became an easy target for the Demon Generals to attack. It was provoked to the point that it was in extreme fury and forgot its mission to save its Bloody Queen, only caring to pursue the Demon Generals instead. Otherwise, it would savagely attack the monsters beside it.

Seeing that the monster army couldn’t stand against this bronze-ranked level 7 Blade Massacring Demoness at all, and had suffered great injuries, Ma Li Ang summoned a silver flying dragon to join the fray. It flew in the sky as it attacked, its motive was to control the Blade Massacring Demoness’ rampage.

However, Ma Li Ang’s main attention was still focused on Luo Hua City Mistress.

Having fought Luo Hua City Mistress a dozen times, he knew that this human girl’s beasts had formidable damage power. They could kill their opponent in the blink of an eye.

If not for her needing time to charge some energy first, then he reckoned that other than himself, no other living thing would be able to survive her attacks.

“Corroding Flying Dragon.” Ma Li Ang summoned another flying dragon.

Yue Yang realized that this fellow was practically a mad flying dragon collector who specialized in contracting flying dragons.

He rode on a black flying dragon, had a Roaring Flying Dragon that could secretly attack his opponents, a silver flying dragon that could discharge electricity to attack the female ox-head, and he still summoned a Corroding Flying Dragon to attack Luo Hua City Mistress… How many flying dragons did this fellow actually have contracted? Yue Yang was really speechless. Of course, flying dragon are good beasts, but is there a need to make all his contracted beasts flying dragons?

Luo Hua City Mistress let the three-tailed Snow Fox between her feet stay inside her shield. This Corroding Flying Dragon was Ma Li Ang’s method to fight against the Six-tailed Fox Spirit that her Three-tailed Snow Fox would transform into.

Six-tailed Fox Spirit was extremely pure, hence it was afraid of contamination. If its pure spirit was contaminated, then it’s battle power would be greatly reduced.

She humphed coldly as she summoned a Bright Fairy. She ordered it to hover inside, absorbing and storing its light ability rapidly.

“Be careful, if it gets really dangerous, summon your grimoire and hide inside the shield.” Luo Hua City Mistress warned Yue Yang as she closed her eyes and concentrated, preparing to use the quickest method to store light energy and use it to immediately kill the monster army and the Demon Generals.

“Kill.” Ma Li Ang obviously knew the terrifying power of her aura attack. He immediately raised his hands towards Yue Yang and made a signal to the Demon Generals to kill him.

“Wtf? Do you think I’m a pig who would be slaughtered by your orders…?” Yue Yang was extremely dissatisfied, if he hadn’t been thinking about seizing the Bloody Queen’s body using his Phantom Shadow, he would already have killed those Demon Generals with his Hui Jin Magic Blade. Who would even let them have the chance to display their powers? However, the Bloody Queen’s willpower was extremely strong, and Yue Yang had been secretly using his Phantom Shadow to seize her, but it was as if she knew that she would become a puppet after being seized, so she used all her willpower to keep her soul.

Even if she was nearing death, she was still a gold-ranked level 5 queen. No matter how many times Yue Yang had tried, he wasn’t able to succeed.

Seeing that the Bloody Queen’s willpower was simply too strong, and that she’d rather die than submit, Yue Yang was left with no other way other than to give up his intention to seize her soul. He prepared to keep his shadow and kill the rest of the Demon Generals who was brandishing their blades as they charged towards him. He would think about seizing her soul later.

It would be a pity if the Bloody Queen died, but he couldn’t seize her soul no matter what he did, so Yue Yang couldn’t force his intention.

Seizing souls had a limited success rate, furthermore, his target was a gold-ranked level 5 queen beast. It was not a bronze-ranked level 5 Barbarian Cow, so it was perfectly normal for the Phantom Shadow to fail in seizing her soul.

Yue Yang had just turned around, and he had already blocked an incoming attack from a Demon General’s swords as he waved his Crescent Blade using an insanely quick speed. He then swung his Hui Jin down to kill…suddenly, a bright golden light shone from behind him, making everyone shocked beyond compare, locking their gazes on the source of the light.

The thing that made Yue Yang almost go mad with joy while also making him stunned speechless was that once he had given up seizing the Bloody Queen’s body, the Queen immediately initiated to fuse together with the Phantom Shadow, and was contracted in just a moment. Seemed like she was afraid of death, but her pride as a queen made her want to die instead of letting her body become a puppet. That was the reason why she resisted the seizing even on her deathbed. However, when Yue Yang gave up on trying to seize her body and prepared to keep his Phantom Shadow, she immediately took the Phantom Shadow into her embrace. Its whole body fused together with the Phantom Shadow’s, smoothly and easily, making a contract with Yue Yang in just a short moment.

The Phantom Shadow was originally Yue Yang’s Guardian Spirit Beast, but when the Blood Queen fused together with it, she still had to make a contract again. This really baffled Yue Yang.

Right now, does she count as his Guardian Spirit Beast, or a normal summon beast?

The thing that baffled Yue Yang the most was that he could control the Bloody Queen’s body, and he could feel how weak her body was, but he couldn’t feel her thoughts at all…This was yet another unanswerable question.

“Kill him, quickly!” Ma Li Ang immediately bellowed.

If the Bloody Queen didn’t die, she would be the hardest opponent to face against once she recovered from her injuries.

Previously, if it wasn’t for a sneak attack that successfully plunged a gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Dagger into her chest, Ma Li Ang thought that the battle situation right now would be the other way around.

Right at the moment when the five Demon Generals, whose expressions had all changed, charged towards Yue Yang altogether. Yue Yang reached out and pulled out the Dragon Slaying Dagger that was still stuck into the Bloody Queen’s heart. At the same time, he smashed a Healing Stone to heal her injuries. Actually even without a Healing Stone, the gold-ranked Bloody Queen would definitely not die so easily. The thing that was the most dangerous to her life was that Dragon Slaying Dagger that even Giant Dragons were afraid of… Now that the Dragon Slaying Dagger was already pulled out, the Bloody Queen’s injuries were healing rapidly. Furthermore, bathed under the Healing Stone’s recovery light, she recovered even more quickly.

Although her body was still very weak, her life was not in danger.

Furthermore, Yue Yang reckoned that she was still counted as his Guardian Spirit Beast. Possibly, she wouldn’t truly ever die from this moment onwards.

As the five Demon Generals attacked altogether, Yue Yang, who felt a large amount of energy to summon in his body, immediately summoned his bronze grimoire and the Barbarian Cow Shadow at the same time. Could it be that after gaining the Nature’s heart and the Five Insights Back to One, there was an improvement in his summoning skills?

The Barbarian Cow Shadow exerted an imposing presence right at the moment it came out. Fire flared out from her mouth and nose as her eyes burned brightly with a red glow.

A Demon General which she had stared at suddenly cried miserably as its whole body dropped to the ground from mid-air. It lie paralyzed on the ground as its legs looked like a cockroach that had been trampled flat.

Although it didn’t die immediately, there was no hope to save this fellow anymore.

Killing Demon Generals instantly?

Ma Li Ang was dumbstruck. How, how could this happen?

The rest of the four Demon Generals swung their weapons onto the Bronze Grimoire’s shield, but was all reflected and pushed a few metres back. Watching their colleague’s body being slowly trampled flat in panic, they were scared out of their wits. It wasn’t scary if their opponents were strong, they would only need to give it their all to fight against them. But how could they fight an opponent that could kill them in an instant?

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