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LLS Chapter 86 – Bloody Queen?

Chapter 86 – Bloody Queen?
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Taffy, Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

“If it were any other person, I would definitely not say it. But if it’s you, foolish little thief, whatever, I shall be a teacher once again,” When Luo Hua City Mistress said this, Yue Yang was shocked. Is this girl speaking truthfully? Did this girl actually fall for him? Why does this seem not so possible? A person like her would have seen strong Rankers all this time; why would she be interested in a young guy like him with no name? Furthermore, looking at her eyes, they weren’t like Yi Nan’s bright eyes which made her seem like she was reluctant to reveal something. Her eyes were more like Yue Yu’s troubled expression.

Could it be that this girl liked to act like someone’s older sister, and had taken him as a little brother?

Along the way, in between her unique outbursts of laughter, Luo Hua City Mistress gave Yue Yang a lot of secret advice on cultivating beasts. She told him everything, one thing after another, making Yue Yang gain a lot of benefits.

When they reached the teleportation port, she took out a small seal.

After talking with the teleportation port guard for a while, Yue Yang was then also allowed on board the teleportation port. Before teleporting, Luo Hua City Mistress used a strict and serious tone to warn Yue Yang, “Little thief, I’d like to warn you to be careful. At any point of time, you must prioritize your life, do you understand? Right now there isn’t a Heavenly Resurrection Crystal, if you die in battle, I won’t be able to save you,”

“Heavenly Resurrection Crystal?” Yue Yang froze when he heard it.

“Legend says that it was the ‘Godly Crystal’ that a top human Ranker brought back from the legendary Heaven Realm. As long as a person hasn’t been dead for long, and most importantly have all their body parts intact, you could use the supreme magical strength stored inside the crystal to resurrect the dead person. As there were many invasions from demons coming from the Demon Abyss during the past thousands of years, many important Rankers died in battle. In order to keep the people’s hopes alive, the Heavenly Resurrection Crystals were all used up to revive the most important, most valuable and most promising Rankers. That’s why, the originally small number of Heavenly Resurrection Crystal was already used up a few hundred years ago. We have to be serious and bravely overcome dangers when we fight, but we must also tread carefully, because we won’t have the chance to resurrect again,” Luo Hua City Mistress’s expression was currently full of strictness and solemnity.

“Is the existence of the Heaven Realm real?” Yue Yang thought about how his master had said there was three realms. Other than the Soaring Dragon Continent and the Demon Abyss, could the third one be Heaven Realm?

“It should be, but the top Ranker didn’t say anything about it, he only said that when the later generations managed to reach the 8th level of Tong Tian Tower, they would understand it by themselves. I think the Heaven Realm really does exist, because every time you climbed one level up the Tong Tian Tower, the space on the floor above would be at least ten times bigger than the space below. On the eighth floor, I reckoned the space would be even bigger than the whole of Soaring Dragon Continent. Then there’s still the ninth floor. Seems like the existence of the Heaven Realm is located at a place very far away from the Demon Abyss, it might even be located in the “Outer Realm” above the high levels of Tong Tian Tower,” Luo Hua City Mistress also couldn’t be certain of that.

“Can’t we go to the Heaven Realm and get the Heavenly Resurrection Crystal now?” Yue Yang asked.

“I heard that the Heavenly Resurrection Crystal is brought back from the floors above the tenth floor. In these past thousand years, there had been no Rankers in the Soaring Dragon Continent that had the ability to reach the tenth floor. “ Luo Hua City Mistress shook her head, “In the mean time, thinking about this is useless. We must concentrate on being careful for our next battle.”

As they spoke, Yue Yang saw a flash of white light before being teleported to another place.

His whole body tightened, it was as if there was an invisible force pressuring his body.

His body felt like it was sinking, as if his weight increased by twofold. The feeling that his body was as quick and agile as a bird had completely disappeared.

A thought flashed through Yue Yang’s mind, and suddenly he seemed to have a revelation as he shouted, “Twofold gravity? This space, could it have a twofold gravity?”

Luo Hua City Mistress looked at Yue Yang with mirth in her eyes, “It is a restriction of the Ancient Code. The pressure would start to get stronger and stronger from the second floor of Tong Tian Tower onwards. If you use the word gravity to describe this phenomenon, it could probably, with great difficulty, be called as such. However, our weight did not increase, it was only the effect of our bodies suffering the restrictions of the Ancient Code. You might not be used to it at first, but try to adapt to it. When we teleport to the third floor in a bit, there will be even stronger penalties…Wait for a moment, I have to report to the customs to prove your identity so that you will be able to enter.”

Yue Yang was a little surprised as he saw Luo Hua City Mistress jogging lightly to the old man who was wearing a long robe and holding a walking stick. Seems like this twofold gravity did not have much effect on her.

The transported guy’s pride was pricked as he thought about how was he faring worse than a girl.

Calming down his breathing, Yue yang slowly moved his body around as he used Innate Qi to circulate around his whole body. He slowly increased his body’s condition to his optimal level.

Slowly, the uncomfortable pressuring force weakened, and finally disappeared.

Seems like Tong Tian Tower’s second floor’s restrictions was actually quite trivial. As long as a Ranker’s body could reach their optimal standard, it wouldn’t affect them at all. However, how many people on earth would have the ability to use Innate Qi to adjust their body condition rapidly like he did?

If Ye Kong or Fatty Hai came here, he reckoned that they wouldn’t need to fight at all, even walking would probably tire them out so much that they would crawl on the ground.

When Luo Hua City Mistress came back, Yue Yang was already somersaulting on the ground, his movement agile beyond compare.

This really stunned her greatly.

This brat’s body seemed to be really impressive, he could adapt in such a short amount of time…How exactly did he train himself before? Did he only train physical skills? Even if he only trained his physical abilities, how could he adapt to that level in such a short moment? She herself had needed one whole day to adapt to the second floor’s restrictions, before she finally, slowly, dispelled the effects of the penalty. Who would have ever thought that this brat only needed a few minutes to dispel the effects of the penalty. He was really impressive.

“Right, that’s it. Keep your body condition at its peak. When we reach the Third Floor, there will be even stronger restrictions. Furthermore, as soon as we exit the human’s castle, there will be a high chance of being attacked by monsters from the Demon Abyss. You have be at your highest caution at all times as if you are in constant battle.”

Luo Hua City Mistress further warned Yue Yang as they both entered the teleportation port to the third floor of Tong Tian Tower.

Yue Yang realised that this castle was even larger than the White Stone City. The teleportation gate was located right at the top of the mountain, and below, almost over a hundred golden-armoured guards were protecting it. At a further distance, there was a tall, gigantic wall, almost 40-50m tall, built adjacent to the mountain. Seems like a lot of the wall was built by using the mountain walls as a foundation. On top of the wall, many archer towers and guard posts were visible.

Looking down, the buildings below were also the same. They were built based on the mountain, there were no bricks and tiles, it essentially looked sturdy and simple.

The houses were arranged like a beehive. It looked messy from the outside, but it was actually the most reasonable arrangement.

It was resource-saving as well as an arrangement that made rational use of the surrounding mountain.

There were also three gigantic black stones with a different flag erected on each of them. Yue Yang recognised the flag on the middle as the Da Xia Kingdom’s Ironblood Golden Dragon’s Flag. The one on the left side was a silver wolf with a purple gold moon. Yue Yang reckoned that it was the Zi Jin Kingdom’s Moon Howling Greywolf’s flag. On the right, the flag was sky blue coloured decorated with a stalk of red peony that was decorated with threads of gold on its core. That should be the Tian Luo’s Conquering Roses’s flag. It was only at this third floor of Tong Tian Tower that all three scheming Kingdoms would established their flags side by side…Because this was not the Soaring Dragon Continent. Every human ranker must come together in order to withstand the Demons’ madness-like attacks. No matter if it’s Da Xia, Zi Jin, Tian Luo or any other small kingdoms, they wouldn’t be able to face against the demon legion all on their own….
(Shiro: Zi Jin means purple gold, Tian means sky)

“Let’s go. In this Ironfist City, we would probably be safe as long as there isn’t any attacks by the demon legion.” Luo Hua City Mistress led Yue Yang, who had quickly adjusted his body condition to resist against the threefold penalty of the third floor of Tong Tian Tower, and walked towards a teleportation gate located under a small mountain.

“How often does the Demon Legion attack this place?” Yue Yang observed that there was a lot of marks left as the aftermath of the battles. A potent, bloody scent was also still lingering in the air, refusing to wear off.

“The Demon Legion would attack at least once every one to three months for sure. The warriors defending this place didn’t even have the time to gasp for breath. A battle may last for several days and nights, that was the normal occurrence. However, fortunately the three Kingdom’s elite forces was sort of united, and smaller Kingdoms sometimes came to help out as well, hence this place could still stand from the beginning to the end of the battles.” When Luo Hua City Mistress said this, Yue Yang started to have questions in his mind.

“If a Demon King-levelled strong demon came to attack, would those guards be able to resist?” Yue Yang was really doubtful. This place would definitely not be able to resist a demon king-level attack.

“You are spouting nonsense again. Why would a strong existence such as the Demon King come to the third floor to attack this city? They are mostly at the sixth or seventh floor, fighting against the higher levelled rankers. Furthermore, there is no use in attacking this place. When the human Rankers come back here, they would still be able to drive them away. Although the demons could gain the upper hand, it doesn’t mean that they can destroy us humans. The demon’s advance was only a form of training for the demon elites, and at the same time, making us mankind use up our strength…In any case, this is a competition between mankind and demons. Otherwise, why would they attack this place? The demons take our presence here as their sharpening stone, which is also the same case with us. This place is the filter between ordinary people and strong Rankers. If one could come out of this place alive, then he would have hope.” Luo Hua City Mistress said as she led Yue Yang through the streets towards the teleportation gates in a valley up front.

“Esteemed City Mistress, please be careful, there might be demons hiding along your journey,” One of the guarding gold-armoured generals bowed respectfully to Luo Hua City Mistress.

“Are you the City Mistress of this city?” Yue Yang was shocked when he heard it. This girl was simply too formidable, this City Mistress was indeed OP.

“No, how could I be the City Mistress of this lousy third floor city? My city is on the fourth floor,” Yue Yang immediately fell to the ground when the Luo Hua City Mistress said this. Powerful. This girl was ten times more powerful than what he had initially thought.

Other than the gravity increasing threefold compared to the first floor, the third floor’s space was also hundred times bigger than the first floor.

When Yue Yang saw the third floor’s map, about 60% of it was occupied by the demons and 40% by humans. Both sides were separated by a huge river. The Ironfist City that he had arrived at was not the only city there, there are three more similar cities. But the scale of those cities were not as large as the Ironfist City, they simply acted as natural strongholds. On the map, there are close to 100 neutral areas that was denoted with silver circles. Seems like these were the Gold King Beasts’ domains. Since neither humans or demons could easily fight against them, these neutral areas were maintained.

The Bloody Queen that Luo Hua City Mistress was bringing Yue Yang to kill was definitely locked up inside one of these neutral areas.

However, if the strength of the Gold King Beast was shown by the diameter of the neutral area, from the looks of it, this Bloody Queen, amongst many other Gold King Beast on the third floor of Tong Tian Tower, ought to be one of the weakest ones. This is because according to the map, the area that it influences with the strength that it emitted was almost the smallest amongst the Golden King Beasts.

“Don’t get the wrong idea. Above the Bloody Queen, there were originally a stronger Empress whose area of influence was the biggest on the third floor. It’s just that she had left the third floor and moved to the fourth floor instead. Her daughter ascended as the Bloody Queen. As she had just gone through a variant evolution, she is still weaker and smaller compared to others. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to fight against it. Although the Bloody Queen’s mother went away, she left two demon commanders which would be difficult to fight with. One of them is bronze-ranked level 6 Ghost-clawed Rainbow-Winged Banshee, and the other is a bronze-ranked level 7 Blade Massacring Demoness. We must eradicate them both. Furthermore, there are also a few dozens bronze-ranked level 2 Harpies and bronze-ranked level 3 Spider Blade Demoness, which are really troublesome to deal with,” When Luo Hua City Mistress said this, Yue Yang felt like he was going to faint.

So it wasn’t just a Bloody Queen.

This Bloody Queen had underlings under her, both strong and great in numbers. How are we going to fight this battle?

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