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LLS Chapter 83 – A Beggar With A Crystal Card

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Chapter 83 – A Beggar With A Crystal Card
Translated by: Shiroyukineko, Taffy
Edited by: Rango, The poor guy
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

“I will give you the Wisdom Fruit only if you speak your first truthful words to me…” The Royal Swordswoman’s words made Yue Yang really frustrated. If Yue Yu was not here, he would have used the magic blade Hui Jin to kill her.

“Xiao San, there’s no more Wisdom Fruit. Princess Qian Qian had given it to me to feed it to my Aquarius Celestial Goddess. I wouldn’t have wasted such a precious Wisdom Fruit if I had known that the Seventh Sister also wanted it. Don’t worry, I will go to Tong Tian Tower’s third floor with Princess Qian Qian and finish the World Tree’s quest. I will definitely get the Wisdom Fruit for Seventh Sister.” Yue Yu felt really guilty after hearing Yue Yang. She then pulled on Yue Yang’s arms and asked, “Where is Seventh Sister now? Why isn’t she with you?”

“She’s training in the Black Stone Labyrinth. Anyway, forget about the Wisdom Fruit, I will think of another way.” Since the Wisdom Fruit had already been eaten by Yue Yu’s beast, Yue Yang could only give up in the end.

However, the feeling of giving the Wisdom Fruit to his sister, Yue Bing, had become even stronger in his heart.

Since the royal swordswoman had given the Wisdom Fruit to his cousin Yue Yu, who had then given it to her Aquarius Celestial Goddess to eat, he couldn’t get it even if he wanted it back. Seeing that the royal swordswoman was about to use her penetrating eyes to glare at him, as if she wanted to see right through him, Yue Yang immediately thought about how he could quickly get away from this place.

He did not feel safe at all staying here with this girl, so he wanted to get away as soon as possible.

It would be best if he didn’t interact much with his cousin Yue Yu in the meantime, so that she would not be suspicious of the gaps in his story.

“Speaking of that, we are actually short of a thief who can find the way in our group. Why don’t you bring Yue Bing along, and we can finish the World Tree’s quest together.” The royal swordswoman almost seemed like she had made some sort of decision.

“Your Highness, though receiving the privilege to lead a member of the royal family is this humble commoner’s greatest honor, please allow this humble commoner to go to the toilet first.” Yue Yang would never join this dangerous royal swordswoman’s group. He immediately fished out anthe excuse of going to the toilet and quickly ran away without waiting for the royal swordswoman to stop him. Even if there was no Wisdom Fruit, getting this Lustrous Branch of Life was enough. If they could get Yue Bing’s Treeman Warrior to level up, he could think of a way to bring her along to Tong Tian Tower’s second floor; they could even go to the third floor. Since doing the World Tree quest would yield Wisdom Fruit as a reward, there was a way to obtain it. It was not as if there was no other way.

Being in the same group as the royal swordswoman?

It would be better to fight on his own. With her around, he couldn’t expose Xiao Wen Li, Barbarian Cow Shadow or Golden Thorny Flower. Since he could only use Hui Tai Lang alone, how would he have any kind of battle power?

However, the Tong Tian Tower’s World Tree quest was not that simple.

Yue Yang remembered that the pitiful guy had recorded it in his diary before. The World Tree quest consisted of 36 chain quests, and the last quest required one to climb up to the sixth floor to be completed. In hundreds of years, amongst the Yue Clan members, only the pitiful guy’s father, Yue Qiu, was able to complete the quest. It can be said that the World Tree was a chain quest that had a difficulty comparable to the Tong Tian Tower’s fifth floor quest, the Twelve Horoscopes and second floor quest, Three World Shrines.

Seems like acquiring the Wisdom Fruit would not be an easy task…

It was no wonder that the Wisdom Fruit was so expensive.

Seeing that Yue Yang was about to go, the royal swordswoman sighed lightly, “Sister Yu, did the elders in your clan really think that your younger brother was trash? Did they get so old that their eyes can’t see clearly anymore?”

Yue Yu slowly shook her head, “I don’t really know either, seems like Xiao San has become a different person from the past. In the past he had always been low-profiled and low-keyed, but he has becoame very confident right now. Furthermore, his face is glowing with vitality. If I didn’t meet him in Tong Tian Tower, I wouldn’t even believe that he couldwould have such a face. Seems like the reason is because he has successfully contracted a grimoire. He has finally succeeded in contracting a grimoire and clean his reputation of being a useless person, so his personality has changed into a lively one…I don’t really understand it, but this is good news. I am happy for him. Seeing him right now, I wouldn’t have to worry about him jumping into the river and committing suicide anymore,”

The royal swordswoman raised her brows and thought for quite a while. Then, she asked curiously, “How could a person like him initiate breaking his engagement with the miss from the Xue Family?”

Yue Yu was as clueless as others with regards to this questionWith regards to this, Yue Yu also didn’t understand it at all. “I don’t understand either. The weirdest thing was that he tried to jump into the river and commit suicide not long after breaking the engagement.”

“I feel that there must be something fishy going on.” the royal swordswoman felt with her Six Records Inherent Skill that there was something wrong with the situation, but she couldn’t grab hold of the problem.

“When Xiao San jumped into the river, I was having an examination in my academy. When I heard the grievous news, I almost fainted. I had almost wanted to go back to see the situation, but before I managed to go, Fourth Uncle had already sent someone to tell us that he was saved in time and had escaped death. And it seemed like he gained a good thing from his mishap by successfully contracting his grimoire.” Yue Yu also felt that the whole situation was weird, but she was more grateful for her younger brother successfully contracting his grimoire. Her brother who was looked down by others could finally clean his ‘useless person’ reputation.

“It still doesn’t make sense. I think your brother is hiding a lot of secrets. Maybe he has an Innate Ranker supporting him from behind the scenes, teaching him physical skills. He might have a situation similar to mine.” When the royal swordswoman said this, Yue Yu was greatly surprised.

“It couldn’t be! How could Xiao San be similar to you?” Yue Yu knew that this Princess Qian Qian was a physical skill talent that the royal family had longed for thousands of years.

If she weren’t a girl, but a guy instead, she would definitely be the Emperor in the future.

Even in Soaring Dragon Continent where males were regarded more highly than females, even in the Da Xia Royal Family that had always followed their traditions, everybody had been discussing whether they should change the laws their ancestors had decided upon. They had been talking about whether they should change their laws to allow females to rule as a regent and allow Princess Qian Qian to ascend the Emperor’s throne, becoming the first female Emperor in thousands of years of history. If it weren’t for strong objections from a group of government officials, with the addition of the good health of the current Emperor, who was still in his robust years and had more than twenty princes, Princess Qian Qian’s path to be the first female Emperor would probably already be set in stone.

Other than receiving the tutelage of two Heavenly Imperial Guardians since young, she was also taught by a mysterious master.

She was also the only person who could sit with the Emperor to dine over the years.

LThat honour, let alone the Crown Prince, not even the most favoured Imperial Concubine could bear that honour. They all could only watch in envy.

Someone who exceeded the Three Great Killing Stars, clinching the title of Level 6 Junior Elder at the tender age of twenty, that kind of one in a million talent, Princess Qian Qian, could even say that her brother, who was looked down upon by everyone, regarded as useless by the whole family, was someone similar to her…

That, that was really unimaginable.

Yue Yu couldn’t believe her ears. This, is this real?

“I have a feeling that your Third Uncle didn’t actually die that year. Maybe he had suffered an injury and stayed hidden behind the scenes, quietly teaching his son in secret. How could a talented warrior like him, the most talented person amongst the four great families, die in a single battle? That old grandpa in my residence had always thought that your Third Uncle didn’t actually die. He talked about it many times to me, and even searched the records for that battle and analysed it. Although it was indeed an extremely dangerous situation that time, your Third Uncle wasn’t a normal warrior after all., Hhe must have had a way to escape in the last minute, sister Yu. Your brother is also most definitely not a trash, he is just not as well-known as your Third Uncle. He must have someone teaching him in secret, a dark horse.” The royal swordswoman stated her theory.

“I also hoped that Third Uncle was still alive. His disappearance made grandpa really sad so much so that he looked like he had gained a few years overnight. It also turned Xiao San into an orphan. If it weren’t for the protection of Fourth Uncle and Aunt, I’m afraid he would long be…”Yue Yu sighed slowly. “Sometimes I’d rather Xiao San be a useless person, be less well-known, that way he could live a better life, get married and have kids, leading a normal life. Third Uncle had always been the Clan’s hope, he had to go into countless battles without resting for his Clan. It could even be said that he worked himself to death. If Yue Yang really is powerful, I’d rather wish that he wasbe low-keyed like this. He should never become as well-known as Third Uncle. He became the source of envy forby many and got killed by others before even living half of his life.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell others.” The royal swordswoman laughed a little, but frowned a little again, “However, I think it’s is best if we visit the Xue Clan’s Miss and ask her what the engagement was actually about. There must be something wrong with this.”

“Qian Qian, thank you. I was just about to find the Xue Clan’s Miss to talk about this.” Yue Yu looked towards the direction where Yue Yang had disappeared to, “I hope it was just a misunderstanding…”

Yue Yang had actually wanted to teleport to the Ten Thousand Year Old Ancient Oak Tree to meet up with Yi Nan and Yue Bing again, but he had used up all of his teleportation scrolls.

The only teleportation scroll he hadwas left with him was the one that wouldill teleport him to Hui Tai Lang., Bbut if Yue Yang didn’t really need it, he didn’t want to use it unless there was an emergency. Activating the teleportation spell to teleport to a living thing some distance away could be very easy and complicated at the same time. The required condition was for the living thing to be in sync with the spell caster, their spirits and breathing connected with each other. When the teleportation was taking an effect, the targeted living thing must guide the spell caster that was teleporting from a distance with his spirit.

Furthermore, when activated, the teleportation skill required a large amount of spiritual energy. Although Yue Yang had reached the spiritual energy level of Innate realm, activating a teleport spell still made his head dizzy and vision blurry.

Thirdly, the further the teleportation target was, the more boundaries and spaces that the teleportation spell caster had to pass through, hence requiring the teleportation target to be even stronger. That was because the further the teleportation distance, the more energy the targeted living thing must exert in order to guide the spirit of the teleportation spell caster. Yue Yang reckoned that if he used the teleportation scroll to teleport from the Abyss to Hui Tai Lang, Hui Tai Lang would vomit blood and faint… If he teleported a Demon King, Hui Tai Lang would probably explode immediately.

Of course, Yue Yang still couldn’t understand the exact truth on this profound mystery of travelling through spaces until now. He could only vaguely research a little about it.

Without the teleportation scroll, Yue Yang searched through his body again.

His wallet was like it had been washed, completely cleaned.

Previously the few dozens of gold he got from the tragic guy’s savings and the one hundred gold he got as a reward was completely used up to buy beast eggs and teleportation scrolls. Without money, it would be extremely difficult for him to take even a single step forward. Hence, Yue Yang decided to earn some money. Of course, he didn’t intend to steal with his nimble hands. The mercenaries were mostly poor beggars, they would only have enough money to buy low-grade alcohols on their body.

Normally, they would finish up their alcohol and get drunk, then sleep, then get drunk again after waking up. When they have used up their money, they would look for easy quests and get the reward money to buy alcohol again.

Day after day, this was the lifestyle of a mercenary.

Yue Yang thought about it as he ran straight back to the Warrior Guild’s third floor.

This place was pretty much the mercenary’s restricted area, since only those that had given special contributions or honorable achievements for the country had the privilege to come and accept a mission.

“Welcome, brave young one. Are you here to accept a quest or have you finished one and come to record the achievement?” The attendants welcoming him weren’t the same as those armored and forthright warriors on the lower level, but two cute beauties. They wore skin-tight, sexy dresses that exposed a lot of their white bosom, and their attitudes were respectful and humble. When they spoke, their words were gentle and soft, making anyone listening feel particularly accomplished. It was as if they were a great hero that had just returned from obtaining victory over many lands.

“Can you convert outstanding military service to gold?” Yue Yang asked something that people probably never asked.

“Ah… you, you want to convert military service to gold?” When the two beauties heard this, they were completely shocked, and also had the urge to rush forward and strangle the thief in front of them to death.

“I seem to have seen somewhere before that killing a demon general has a reward of 100 gold coins. Is that true?” Yue Yang asked.

“That’s right, that’s exactly it.” The two beauties were about to burst. What kind of ranker that could kill a demon general would be lacking in money? Who would convert military service to money? That kind of dishonorable action was something only boorish mercenaries would do. Killing a demon general was extremely difficult, and so this was an honor that brought glory even to one’s ancestors. Yet this thief wanted to take this glory and change it to money. Was there something wrong with this person’s head?

“Then please help me convert it to 500 gold coins” Yue Yang passed over a crystal card.

“Heavens!” The two beauty almost fainted at the sight. Where in this world would there be a beggar with a crystal card? Had this guy stolen it from somewhere?
(Shiro: Refer to chapter 41 for explanation about crystal card)

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