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LLS Chapter 82 – Handsome 100,000 Times Over

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Chapter 82 – Handsome 100,000 Times Over
Translated by: Sephilia, Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Rango, The poor guy
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

The royal swordswoman did not expect this as well. Looking at the girl that was embracing Yue Yang, she asked, “Sister Yu, do you know him?”

That girl had a delicate appearance that was radiating brilliance. With bright eyes and white teeth, she reached her petite little hand out, and stroked Yue Yang’s head with affection. An incomparably joyous expression was displayed on her face as she answered, “Qian Qian, this is our family’s Xiao San! Normally, he’s cooped up in his house and never walks out of the door. I didn’t think that I’d be able to meet him today… Xiao San, this is Princess Qian Qian.”

Her manner of speaking was delicate and fine. When the gentle, good-natured girl introduced her like this, Yue Yang instantly realised the truth.

It was not some secret lover after all.

This gentle woman was his older cousin Yue Yu. (TL note: 堂姐, cousin from father’s side)

Luckily, she had called out to Yue Yang. Otherwise, the inter-dimensional traveller would have definitely been unable to recognise her. He might have even ended up revealing a flaw in his identity.

Hearing that she was his cousin, Yue Yang heaved a sigh of relief. What he was most afraid of was that she was the tragic guy’s secret lover, the kind that pledged eternal love to each other under the moonlight. If he did not recognise her, then it would all definitely be over. As for this royal swordswoman, Yue Yang felt that it was a really close shave too.

At least, the right to initiate the talk was still within his control. It wouldn’t be easy if she wanted to uncover his secret by talking to him.

He would have to be more careful right now, since he met this cousin instead.

He can not afford to make a mistake when talking about his clan.

“Princess Qian Qian?” When Yue Yang heard Yue Yu’s introduction, he understood that his previous self didn’t know the royal swordswoman. His heart became a little calmer. Luckily she was not the Xue Family’s daughter, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to explain it at all. So, turns out this royal swordswoman was a royal princess. He wondered if she was a princess from Da Xia, Tian Luo or Zi Jin, these three great Kingdoms.

“You don’t know Princess Qian qian?” This time, even his cousin Yue Yu was astonished. Amongst the younger generations in this world, was there even anyone who wouldn’t recognise Princess Qian Qian? He was indeed the NEET Third Master of the Yue Clan who never stepped out of his house…

“So you are the Yue Clan’s tras… Third Master?”

The royal swordswoman who looked towards Yue Yang with doubt previously immediately looked at him like she had finally solved a complicated puzzle when she heard Yue Yu’s introduction.

No wonder this brat was regarded as trash by his clan members and other people. It would be weird if someone like him who cultivated physical skills like her instead of focusing on cultivating his summoning skills would not be called trash by others. His knowledge on summon beasts was practically the worst of the worst. He didn’t even know that Wisdom Fruit could only be fed to beasts and that humans would become a fool if they ate it. No wonder his clan elders were so disappointed with him, and regarded him as trash… However, was this brat really trash? According to the feeling she got from her Six Records Inherent Skill, this brat’s hidden powers could even be above hers. If he could be matched with an outstanding beast, he would definitely be able to climb up towards the top realm of Rankers.

Thinking about it again, it actually made sense.

His father, Yue Qiu became a level 7 [Overlord] before he was forty. He was already near the Innate realm. How could his son be a trash?

This Yue Clan’s Third Master must have someone supporting him behind the scene, similar to her, who was taught by a talented master. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to have such a shocking amount of power. She reckoned that his low-keyed behaviour was something his master purposely wanted him to do. The royal swordswoman looked at the Crescent Blades on Yue Yang’s back and the Hui Jin on his waist, and she became even more sure of her theory.

Although she thought that this brat must have many more secrets hidden than this, the royal swordswoman didn’t intend to investigate it further.

She knew that the strong Rankers often had weird customs, just like her master, who had prohibited her from showing her summons to others, not even to her royal father… If that wasn’t the case, then why would this Third Master hide inside his house, refusing to go outside for all these years? If it wasn’t for establishing a low-key profile, why would he be willing to be called trash by others, instead of showcasing his strength to the world?

“I am Jun Yuan, that fellow’s the worry-free monarch’s eighteenth daugher. I don’t like other people calling me princess, so my friends usually call me by my nickname, Qian Qian. As for you, your situation is a little bit special. You have a glib tongue; I will consider allowing you to call me Qian Qian when you start speaking the truth.”

When the royal swordswoman finished speaking, she turned towards Yue Yu again and complained, “Big sister Yu, this brother of yours never speaks one word of truth. I’m having a headache just by talking to him.”

Yue Yu hurriedly pacified her using a gentle tone, “Qian Qian, everyone would try to protect their interests. Xiao San is usually a loner who isolates himself at home and has never seen the world. He was probably so afraid of you that he didn’t dare to speak the truth. Xiao San, apologize to Princess Qian Qian, she hates people who lie the most. That’s because she will have a headache when she hears a lie. Honesty is important in a friendship and there is no need to hide anything between friends. Furthermore, Princess Qian Qian would probably not try to pry on your secrets if you have one, but if you have not been speaking even one word of truth, that isn’t really a good habit.”

“Yes, I guarantee I will speak the truth, do good things, and then be a monk. I guarantee I will be as real as a pearl.” Yue Yang looked solemn when he said this, but he was secretly leaping with joy in his heart.

Speaking truthfully to that girl?

That’s seeking death.

Now that he knew that this girl couldn’t listen to lies, that was good news for him. He would speak only lies in the future to make this girl’s head explode with pain.

In the future, she would have headache the moment she saw him… if that was the case, he would be safe.

Yue Yang, who was thinking of evil doings, felt like he had gained a high ground in their battle as he finally knew the royal swordswoman’s weakness after suffering through great difficulties.

“Let’s test it out right now. Where did you get your Crescent Blades?” Hearing that everything that this brat had said were all lies, the royal swordswoman was sweating profusely in her heart. But she still decided to give him the chance to speak the truth.

“I picked it up.” Yue Yang neither blinked nor turned red when he lied.

“Where did you pick it up?” the royal swordswoman continued to question Yue Yang.

“At my front door.” Yue Yang replied.

“The physical skills that you cultivated, is it your Yue Clan’s Spear Technique or other sect’s?” The royal swordswoman almost banged her head to the floor. How the heck would you be able to pick up a Demon General’s weapon at your front door? But she couldn’t do anything with this shameless brat, so she could only change her question.

“I cultivated the Beheading Iron Technique.” Yue Yang replied and immediately, the royal swordswoman and Yue Yu fell to the ground at the same time.

Beheading Iron Technique was a tedious skill that not even the lowest of mercenaries would learn. If there was a ranking for the worst physical skill technique in this world, the Beheading Iron Technique would undoubtedly clinch the first place.

The royal swordswoman slowly paused and asked again, “Where did you get your little Hydra?”

Yue Yang put on a ‘my-name-is-old-honest-zhang’ look and replied in an extremely serious tone, “I stole it.”

The royal swordswoman didn’t give Yue Yang the chance to think and continued to shoot him questions, “Who do you steal it from?”

Who knew that Yue Yang did not need to think to lie. He opened his mouth immediately and replied: “Sikong Zaixing.”
(Shiro: Sikong Zaixing, one of the characters in the famous wuxia novel Legend of Lu Xiao Feng https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lu_Xiaofeng)

Yue Yu thought that it was a lie at first. But when she heard that the name had a surname, she started to think that what he said was real. She couldn’t help but be shocked, “Xiao San, how could you steal other people’s property? Furthermore, it was such a good beast like Hydra. Quickly give it back to the person you stole it from!”

The royal swordswoman was struck speechless in her heart. Not even questioning the existence of this Sikong Zaixing, how could you even steal a hydra?

But she was quite amazed at the Yue Clan’s Third Master’s ability to lie without blinking.

This brat was born to be a Liar King, he didn’t feel any guilt even after lying that much.

“Do you think you are handsome or ugly?” The royal swordswoman now prepared to use facts to prove his lies. As long as he replied, she would be able to expose him.

“I actually think I look ordinary. But I think I’m a little bit more handsome than Feng Qi Sha, Yan Po Jun and Xue Tan Lang.” Yue Yang was extremely humble.

“How much is a little?” the royal swordswoman asked.

“A little more is 99,999 times better.” When Yue Yang replied, Yue Yu, who got a headache hearing his words dropped to the ground again.

“Why not 100,000 times?” The royal swordswoman was curious.

“If they are disfigured, then it would be 100,000 times.” With Yue Yang’s reply, the royal swordswoman also had a headache that made her want to bang her head to the ground loudly.

“So what you meant was that compared to you, they are not any different than disfigured people?” Looking at this brat’s face that looked extremely honorable, the royal swordswoman sighed heavily in her heart. What a shameless person…

“How could you say that, Yan Po Jun and the others are much more handsome than disfigured people.” Yue Yang shook his head, showing his disagreement.

“…” The royal swordswoman was totally speechless when she heard that.

Seeing Yue Yang’s smirking face that had a smile as brilliant as a sun, she suddenly felt an urge to send him flying with a punch.

She had met shameless people before, but she had never seen someone as shameless as this brat.

How could there be a person in this world that had never even spoken a word of truth? If low-keyed was his master’s orders, then shamelessness must be his original personality. It couldn’t possibly have come from his master’s teachings.

Yue Yu knew that if this went on, even if they asked a million questions, they wouldn’t get a word of truth. This naughty little brother was teasing Princess Qian Qian on purpose.

She quickly did the honorable thing and asked, “Xiao San, do you have a group to go to Tong Tian Tower? If you don’t, you can join ours,”

Her words made Yue Yang jump with shock. Joining Yue Yu’s party, if she somehow asked about their clan’s matters, what would he do?

Furthermore, with the royal swordswoman who can tell lies at his side, he must be careful with the words he said. Such a way of living was simply too miserable. It was much better if he stuck with Ye Kong, Fatty and the others and trained together. Furthermore, there was also that Yi Nan whom he could take liberties on. His happy life had just started. When he thought about this, Yue Yang hurriedly shook his head, “Fourth Mother wanted me to come here to search for Sister Yue Bing, and now I plan on taking her home…This Princess Qian Qian here is a violent robber, she snatched my Wisdom Fruit and Lustrous Branch of Life. Those were presents that I planned to give to Yue Bing,”

“After listening to your bullshit for so long, I finally heard truthful words. Although some of them were still lies, that was hard to come by.” The royal swordswoman immediately sighed happily as if a bright sky had cleared the previously dark clouds hanging over her head. She patted Yue Yang’s back, “I didn’t know that you, a shameless brat, can be such a good brother.”

“A good brother would have an embroidered box that contained the Lustrous Branch of Life and a Wisdom Fruit in his hands,” Yue Yang reminded her that she had snatched his treasures. If she didn’t quickly give it to him, he would start to kill for the treasure.

“I can give you the Lustrous Branch of Life, since you have finally said something truthful.” the royal swordswoman gave the embroidered box that was still warm from her body heat and fragrant from her virgin scent to Yue Yang.

“What about the Wisdom Fruit?” Yue Yang shoved his hand out, continuing to demand for his treasure.

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