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LLS Chapter 81 – Six Records Inherent Skill

Chapter 81 – Six Records Inherent Skill
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: editAS and Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

The Royal Swordswoman and Yue Yang stared at each other. Both of them couldn’t help but shouted “Ah?” together and at the same time, an incomparably shocked expression coloured their faces.

Yue Yang was shocked because he had never seen anyone in the Soaring Dragon Continent who focused on cultivating their physical skills like him. The first person he met was this short Royal Swordswoman.

In Soaring Dragon Continent, physical skills were lowest of the low. Other than mercenaries who did hard labour, no one else cultivated their physical skills.

Amongst his clan’s people, other than the pitiful guy who couldn’t make a contract with a summoning grimoire, Yue Yang had never seen anyone from the clan who was willing to cultivate their physical skills. This girl, how could she focus on cultivating her physical skills and gave up on her summoning skills?

This Royal Swordswoman had a pair of sharp and brave eyes that were pitch black like lacquer. With her bright eyes full of expressions, it would seem like her gaze was penetrating into the other person’s soul when she looked into their eyes. She had a weirdly tall build. She was a girl, but she was taller than most men by a head, taller than men with Yue Yang’s height. However, although she was covered with heavy armour from head to toe, her beautiful waist could not be hidden. If one could peel off that heavy armour from her body, what kind of perfect, untarnished, lovable body would be hidden inside…. When she used those long pair of legs of hers to walk, she looked graceful beyond compare; agile like a dancer, like a red-crowned crane flying in the snow.

Yue Yang didn’t doubt the possibility that the Luo Hua City Mistress could defeat the Royal Swordswoman if she summoned a beast to attack her in a long distance fight.

However, it would be a different case in a short distance fight.

This Royal Swordswoman gave Yue Yang the feeling that even Feng Qi Sha, who had a reputation of being unbeatable in close combat, would not be her opponent in close combat. Yue Yang was able to deduce this from her loftiness, the way she walked, breathed, etc. This Royal Swordswoman, was purely a warrior who used physical skills.

Yue Yang wondered what materials the mysterious black giant sword on her back was made out of.

With his level 2 Divine Vision, Yue Yang still could not see through its level and quality. Hence, it could be seen that this sword was at least a gold-ranked treasure.

Yue Yang could use his Divine Vision to faintly see the special characteristics of this girl’s body and the unknown beasts that she had kept hidden in her body. They were all suited to cultivate physical skills…Most importantly, this girl’s physical skills were at a very high level, it could even be higher than the Yue Clan’s Spear Technique. But Yue Yang had never seen any physical skills that were better than the Yue Clan’s Spear Technique, so he couldn’t deduce what kind of physical skills she had cultivated.

The gaze that the Royal Swordswoman used to look at Yue Yang was also filled with astonishment.

She knew. She knew that Yue Yang was an especially weird guy.

Although there were all types of people in this world, and nothing wais too bizarre, she had also never seen anyone who focused on cultivating their physical skills like she did.

The thing that made the Royal Swordswoman even more surprised was that the threat that she was feeling from this guy in front of her was the first time she had ever felt from people of her age. If she didn’t have the ‘Six Records Inherent Skill’, she would have been fooled by this guy who looked like a thief on the surface.

After a closer observation, to her surprise, he was carrying a Hydra that had not been contracted, and was going to exchange it with Feng Rui.

She became even more astonished. Where did he get this little Hydra?

“Yes, yes. The Wisdom Fruit belongs to big sister Qian Qian.” Feng Rui’s tone was like a bullied daughter-in-law, he almost wept.

“I wasn’t trying to snatch what’s yours. You owed me one Wisdom Fruit last time, can’t I want it back now?” The Royal Swordswoman raised her eyebrows, her brave eyes shooting daggers at Feng Rui. This time, Feng Rui was so intimidated that he acted like a little kitten shrinking in a corner, not daring to even squeak again.

“…” Yue Yang felt that this girl was not a simple person. If she could turn one of the Feng Clan’s member into a little kitten, she was definitely not an ordinary person.

“What’s your name?” The Royal Swordswoman didn’t pay attention to Feng Rui but instead turned to ask Yue Yang.

“Titan.” When Yue Yang lied, he neither turn red nor blink his eyes, as if his name was truly Titan since birth.

“Eh, that’s not right. Tell me the truth… Forget it, that’s not important…What do you need the Wisdom Fruit for?” The Royal Swordswoman had her strong skill, the Six Records, hence her senses were ten times sharper than a normal person’s. She was able to discern that Yue Yang was not telling the truth.

“Of course I’m going to eat the Wisdom Fruit. It adds to my intelligence, right?” Yue Yang was secretly shocked, could it be that this girl had a powerful ability? No wonder Feng Rui and the others were like quails in front of her, not daring to even speak. Turned out she had the ability to see through lies. He had really met a worthy opponent this time. He was an expert in lying to others. If he could be seen through by her, then he couldn’t even lie anymore. There were indeed a lot of extraordinary people in the Soaring Dragon Continent. There were really all kinds of Inherent Skills, even a skill to differentiate lies such as this one.

“Nonsense. I think you are really an idiot, you can’t even lie.” The Royal Swordswoman glared with her heroic, big eyes again, her gaze sharp as sword as she stared intently at Yue Yang. “Wisdom Fruit could only be fed to beasts. If an ordinary warrior eats it, he would become stupid like a beast. Don’t you even know that? Or are you just saying nonsense on purpose?”

“Wisdom Fruit could only be fed to beasts?” Yue Yang was shocked. He had heard of Wisdom Fruit before, but he didn’t know that human could not eat it.

“Don’t tell me you trained your physical skills too much that your brain has turned into muscle?” Seeing that this brat was actually telling the truth, the Royal Swordswoman was really worried about his basic knowledge in her heart.

He didn’t even know such a basic knowledge, what kind of environment did he grow up in?

Seemed like this brat had been too engrossed in training that he didn’t pay attention to learn about beasts at all. That might be why he didn’t even know about this kind of basic knowledge that even eight years old kid would know. But the weird thing was, he was able to train his physical skills to such an extent. In her generation, there were only a few people who could do that in the whole of Soaring Dragon Continent.

This brat, he felt even more dangerous compared to Feng Qi Sha. A person like him could not possibly come from an ordinary family.

But if he was born into one of the four Great Clans, how could he not understand things that even a fool would understand?

The Royal Swordswoman felt that she was at a loss. This brat in front of her was simply too confusing, he was completely unlike a normal person. His abilities were formidable but his basic knowledge was like a fool’s.

“I can give you my Wisdom Fruit, but you must help me do a favour.” The Royal Swordswoman then glared at Feng Tuo, “What are you waiting for? Why aren’t you taking out the Lustrous Branch of Life? I have seen fools before, but I have never seen a fool like you. The Wisdom Fruit and Lustrous Branch of Life were auctioned together. Has your brain turned into mush? And why are you still not taking off that fake, hideous looking beard pasted on your face? Don’t you know that not only do you look horrible with that, you even looked more like a fool? Fortunately you are my brother-in-law. If you were my fiance, I would have chopped you with my sword!”

“Don’t be angry…. Won’t the matter be resolved if I give it to you?” Feng Rui took off the fake beard on his face in a fluster, then quickly took out an embroidered box from his clothes.

The Royal Swordswoman took it as fast as lightning and glared at him once more, “You should reflect on yourself again. You are already an adult yet you have no decency at all. You are even still playing with these kids, setting up that Storm Mercenary Troop. I think you have been eating far more than what you are worth,”

The big loli hiding behind the door adorably stretched out her head and whispered, “Big sister Qian Qian, we established the Storm Mercenary to prove our worth…”

However, when the Royal Swordswoman turned around and glared at her, she quickly hid back behind the door like a little kitten.

Yue Yang was dumbstruck.

Awesome. She was indeed an unbeatable swordswoman.

Yue Yang had not even had enough time to react when the Royal Swordswoman suddenly glared at him with her sharp eyes, “Why are you standing there like a fool? Put down the little Hydra and follow me.”

Yue Yang secretly wept in his heart. Why is this girl even taking control of him now?

“Where are we going?” Yue Yang was fully aware that the place this girl was taking him to could not be a good place, but the Wisdom Fruit and the Lustrous Branch of Life were right in her hands.

“You are really a weird person. I have some questions to ask you. Don’t worry, after I finished asking my questions I will give you the Wisdom Fruit and the Lustrous Branch of Life.” The Royal Swordswoman dropped her words and immediately went out of the door, the giant sword on her back clanging with her armour as she walked.

“Can you first give me the Lustrous Branch of Life? If I had that thing in my hands, my heart would be more at peace, and I could answer your questions even more smoothly.” Yue Yang hurriedly tried to catch up.

He thought that as long as he could get the Lustrous Branch of Life, he could immediately run away.

And leave this scary swordswoman far, far away.

He could think about the Wisdom Fruit next time. Otherwise, being interrogated by her…she might even guess his previous world.

It would be fine if she was an ordinary person, but alas, she was a swordswoman oneechan who could discern the truth from the lies. Then it would be easy for her to expose his secrets.

Before Yue yang could even finish his words, he suddenly saw the Royal Swordswoman who was standing not even three inches in front of him turn around and use those pitch black, ferocious tiger-like eyes to stare at him intently. Yue Yang couldn’t help but flinch in alarm. This Royal Swordswoman was really scary. She was his nemesis for having the ability to discern the truth from lies. If he couldn’t lie, or if he would be seen through every time he lied, he would lead a really miserable life.

The Royal Swordswoman only replied with a sentence in a huff, “Liar. You, you have never said a truthful word since we’ve met. Do you think I won’t be able to know it? If you intend to run away, I won’t give the Lustrous Branch of Life and the Wisdom Fruit to you. I would only give it if you answer my question honestly.”

“Yes, I guarantee that I would be even more honest than the coffin seller in the Black Stone City who always sell their coffins at 80% off and even offers buy one get one free” Yue Yang felt beads of sweat forming on his forehead.

“You lied again. There has never been such a person in the Black Stone City.” The Royal Swordswoman suddenly laughed. Her laughter was as fresh as the spring blossoms and morning sun.

“How do you know?” Yue Yang was bewildered. Could it be that he really couldn’t say a single lie in front of this girl?

“Because there are no coffin seller at all in the Black Stone City. They don’t have a custom of burying the dead, they were cremated instead.” The Royal Swordswoman said with a certain tone. “But I see that whenever you speak, although none of them was true, your words are a bit teasing. Do you usually use these words to tease girls? Forget it, all these were unimportant. I only wanted to know, what family are you from?”

“I am not from any clans, I am just a peasant. All eighteen generations of my family are farmers to the core. We had always been commoners, none of us has ever become an official.” Yue Yang then gave an example, “ Don’t you see how haggard I look? You could see from this that I didn’t have enough to eat and lead an arduous life, lacking in food and meat. You should also see my coarse hands, this shows the hard work I did everyday tilling the ground. In order to feed myself, I was always constantly working, from sunrise to sunset, even when I got drenched from the rain… If you don’t believe me, I could even compose a poem to proof myself. Listen well, ‘Farmers weeding at noon, sweat down the field soon, who knows food on a tray, thanks to their toiling day?’ You say, if I weren’t a farmer, how would I be able to understand the laborious hardships of the farmers?”
(Shiro: http://www.chinaebooks.net/Min-nong.html)

The Royal Swordswoman quietly listened and couldn’t help but frown.

Yue Yang was doing this on purpose. He spoke a bunch of nonsense and even recited a poem, the purpose was to disrupt this girl’s ability to discern the truth.

If she was attracted to that poem, then her concentration would be dispersed. As long as he held her interest, he believed he could sway her easily later on.

Just when Yue Yang was pleased with himself secretly, the Royal Swordswoman suddenly said this, “That’s unexpected. I thought you were a spoilt brat from one of the Great Families. I didn’t know that you still knew that there are such a thing called farmers in this world. This poem, did you plagiarize it from someone? It was quite a good poem, but you recited it without feeling, you couldn’t even understand those pitiful farmers. Amongst the members from the great families, there are almost no one that I didn’t know. But why haven’t I seen you before? You couldn’t be from the smaller clans, because they wouldn’t have a good physical skill, and they would definitely not have the ability to raise you to such a level…So what’s your name actually?

“Titan.” Yue Yang definitely would not tell her his real name.

It was definitely not a good thing to be associated with this girl, he should keep her at a distance.

If not for her having a physical ability and the difficulty of success trying to snatch the items from her, Yue Yang would have tried to snatch the embroidered box containing the Lustrous Branch of Life a long time ago, and quickly disappeared into the night.

Yue Yang pondered in his mind on the ways to snatch the embroidered box, but the Royal Swordswoman seemed to be able to guess his thoughts and immediately held the embroidered box tightly in her arms.

Yue Yang prepared to find a place with no people and kill the girl…Suddenly, a girl came running out from the Warrior’s Guild and hugged Yue Yang’s arms affectionately, shouting excitedly, “It was really you, Xiao San! Did you come to Tong Tian Tower too?” Yue Yang’s mind exploded for a little while when he heard that. He’s doomed, he totally did not recognise who this girl was!

From her tone and demeanour, it looked like she was very close with the pitiful guy.

Could it be that she was the missy from the Xue Family who turned their engagement down? Or was she the pitiful guy’s hidden lover? But the pitiful guy didn’t write anything about this girl in his diary…

This, who is this girl actually?!

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