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LLS Chapter 80 – Imperial Sister Swordsman

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Chapter 80 – Imperial Sister Swordsman
Translated by: Sephilia
Edited by: Sephilia, Rango and editAS
TLCed by: Sephilia, Shiroyukineko

With its head bitten, the Bone Dragon flailed its claws wildly. It kept trying to fly and then bang its head onto the ground repeatedly.

The little Gold Beast was crushed by the Bone Dragon’s immense power until it became deformed. But it quickly recovered to its original state, completely unaffected by the attack. On the contrary, it stuck like a maggot on the head of the Bone Dragon, biting huge chunks off the Bone Dragon’s skull. Squeezing into the hole it made on the Bone Dragon’s skull with its little figure, it then absorbed the demonified dragon crystal’s energy inside at a mad pace.

The Bone Dragon wobbled as if it was drunk on alcohol.

When it flew up, it kept falling back down halfway in midair.

It was also swaying from side to side as it walked.

It was unable to use its claws to catch the Gold Beast. On the contrary, its struggles allowed the Gold Beast to absorb even more energy.

Yue Yang had rushed there, but was unable to get close to it.

The Bone Dragon suddenly seemed to lose all its support, and its whole body that was made up of bones suddenly loosened up. Its spine fractured and broke, its wings disappeared with a puff of black smoke, its leg bones were broken into pieces, and the nails on its claws also fell onto the ground. Finally, only one large dragon skull was left, and it fell onto the ground with a thud. When Yue Yang was just about to stretch his hand to pull the Gold Beast out of there, the Bone Dragon’s head exploded unexpectedly… A black ball of light shot towards Yue Yang like a comet. When Yue Yang wanted to use his Innate Sword Qi to destroy it, he found that the black ball suddenly turned, and flew straight into the red-coloured item in his hand like a comet.

With plumes of black smoke rising, that strange red-coloured item gradually turned violet-black and slowly changed in shape.

As Yue Yang observed it, the red item that looked a little like a full moon at first had morphed into a badly damaged crescent-shaped blade. At the place where the crescent-shaped blade was badly damaged, there was an additional little purple ball fitted in.

(Shiro: this part is a bit confusing, so let me explain a bit. There was a black ball shooting out from the Bone dragon’s head, that was its dragon’s crystal. It fused with the Flame Lord’s molten core (red-coloured item) in Yue Yang’s hands. They turned into a small, broken crescent blade.)

The broken portion of the other blade had then grown a bony end densely packed with magical qi.

On top of it, there was also a black ball shaped like a skull embedded at the hilt of the crescent blade.

The new broken Crescent Blade was covered with purple ink and had mysterious, complex veins running across it. Around the two balls embedded on the blade, there also seemed to be the strange existence of blood vessels. This caused Yue Yang to misunderstand; he thought that the broken crescent blade had life and used his Divine Vision to analyse it. Yue Yang found out that the purple flame ball that had the greatest energy was the Flame Lord’s inner core. In order to protect the inner core from being destroyed, it chose to attach itself onto the newly remodelled crescent blade.

The other smaller skull-shaped black ball was a part of the Bone Dragon’s inner demonified dragon crystal inside its head.

In order to survive, the Bone Dragon had also chosen to be attached onto the broken crescent blade, completely giving up on its original Bone Dragon body.

In reality, if the Bone Dragon did not escape quickly, it would probably take less than a minute for the Gold Beast to suck all its energy dry. Like a glutton, the Gold Beast stared at the broken crescent blades in Yue Yang’s hands while drooling.

Yue Yang kicked it flying.

Now that this broken crescent blade had fused with the Flame Lord’s inner Molten Core and the Bone Dragon’s Demon Dragon’s Crystal, it had completely turned into a magic blade that ‘possessed life’. This was because the Flame Lord’s inner Molten Core and the Bone Dragon’s Demon Dragon’s Crystal had suffered a grave injury, and they needed a great amount of energy to recover. Yue Yang reckoned that the more energy they absorbed, the higher the quality of the Magic Blade would be. Even now, this broken crescent blade had already made demonic soldiers evolved and be promoted to silver-ranked. Yue Yang thought that if the Flame Lord’s inner Molten Core and the Bone Dragon’s Demon Dragon’s Crystal had absorbed enough energy and recovered to their initial condition, or if another strong monster’s core was added to this blade, then wouldn’t this gold-ranked Hui Jin Magic Blade’s quality rise even more?

Although the magic blade’s quality that had undergone a change after the fusion only differed by a single rank, it was more than ten times stronger than Yue Yang’s.

Testing the sharp magic blades lightly, the back of Yue Yang’s ‘egg blades’ which was originally extremely solid was easily cut into pieces like a hot knife going through butter. Through this comparison, Yue Yang could see the true power of this magic blade. It was essentially like the Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber of another world!
(TL: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Heaven_Sword_and_Dragon_Saber)

“Although the quality of this item is still quite low, it’s still a war prize that’s undergone a variation change. I’ll use this as my weapon for the moment.”

After three seconds of deliberation, Yue Yang gave the name ‘Hui Jin’ to this magic blade. It could not be denied that Yue Yang was inclined towards cracking jokes.

(Shiro: I think his joke is Hui – bone ashes, Jin – embers)

This magic blade Hui Jin was much smaller than the original egg blades. Although the broken parts were restored, it was still smaller than the original by about a third or so. If Yue Yang bought a buckled metal belt, he could hang Hui Jin by his waist. However, the leftover egg blade was out of the question. Its blade was too huge, and far too long. It could only be carried on his back.

After defeating the strong enemies, his Intermediate-ranked bronze grimoire rose in grade again.

There would most probably be nobody like Yue Yang in the entire Soaring Dragon Continent who could increase the rank of his summoning grimoire in a single huge battle…

However, after the summoning grimoire rose in rank, the blank pages that Yue Yang desired did not appear.

Yue Yang had heard Yi Nan reveal this secret before. When some people’s grimoire rose in rank, they would receive a blank page where they could store items. Everyone’s Spiritual Energy was different, and the amount of items they could store differed as well. Normally, it would not be more than five kinds of items, and the capacity of the page was quite small. It was only appropriate for using it to store some small precious items.

Yue Yang had drooled a lot for the blank pages that could store items, but he could not get them at all.

It had to be known that there were Dimensional Storage Rings in Soaring Dragon Continent. But those were [Sage]-level treasures. They were so rare that even the Da Xia Empire’s emperor would be incapable of ever hoping to get one.

The blank storage page did not appear. But, the Ancient Code granted Yue Yang’s Guardian Beast ‘Phantom Shadow’ its second special ability, [Reconstruction].

[Reconstruction]: After taking a certain beast’s body as its new body, it can absorb the body and energy of the same type of beasts to reconstruct its body. The target must be alive. The success rate is linked to the target’s power and will.

For the time being, Yue Yang was unable to make heads or tails out of the use of [Reconstruction]. Was it only an ability that could alter the body’s appearance?

The Barbaric Cow Shadow was only used for raw battle, and did not need to look pretty. It seemed to be of little value to reconstruct her body.

Of course, Yue Yang did not have any objections if the Barbaric Cow Shadow could be prettier.

The two unconscious Demon Generals, Demon Worm and Demon Wings, were both swallowed into the stomach of the Golden Thorny Flower, becoming rich, nutritious fertilisers for it. Yue Yang reckoned that even if the Golden Thorny Flower did not finish digesting Demon Lord Ha Xin’s arm, it would successfully levelled up and become a Thorny Flower Demoness within three days. With four Level 5 and above Demon Generals as fertilisers, it would be hard for the Thorny Flower not to undergo a variant evolution even if it did not want to… The only thing Yue Yang could not imagine was how the Thorny Flower Demoness which took on human form would grow to be like. It couldn’t be as ugly as the Barbaric Cow Shadow, right?

Xiao Wen Li still stuck to her old routine. She turned into rainbows, and floated into Yue Yang’s body to rest.

However, the Gold Beast did not. When it realised that Yue Yang would not let it bite the Hui Jin no matter what, it turned back into a wrist guard again.

Perhaps it was due to absorbing the Demonified Crystal’s energy from the Bone Dragon or something else, but the Gold Beast underwent a huge improvement in abilities this time. Before this, when the Gold Beast turned into a wrist guard, it looked exquisite and was brimming with energy. It was possible to discern that it was not something ordinary with a single look. Now, the wristguard it had turned into was completely ordinary, similar to normal mercenaries’ wristguards. If Yue Yang did not see this with his own eyes, even he would not dare to believe that it was the Gold Beast.

Yue Yang opened a teleportation scroll and returned to the Warriors’ Guild while hugging onto the little Hydra.

As he had went through a huge battle and drenched by a rainstorm, Yue Yang was ** from head to toe (TL: censored in raws). Additionally, he was holding onto the little Hydra which was larger than a calf. The scene looked extremely unpleasant.

Some mercenaries were curious as to how a kappa-like person had teleported back. But as they looked closer, they cried out while pointing to the little Hydra, asking, “This, this is?”

“A cat.” Yue Yang was the best at lying with his eyes open.

“……” All the mercenaries that heard it fell onto the ground.

Who would not recognise a Hydra?

If this were a cat, then the Mammoth Elephant was a rat!

Yue Yang did not want to care about these idlers who sat in all day long in front of the Warriors’ Guild drinking beer and chatting. He held the little Hydra and ran at a breakneck speed. He rushed towards a warriors’ inn in the Auction House and directly looked for the captain of the Storm Mercenary Group, prepared to initiate the exchange between him and the other party using the little Hydra.

The captain of the Storm Mercenary Group was a 25 or 26 year old male. According to the adolescence period of Soaring Dragon Continent’s people and their slightly longer lifespans, he was still counted as a young lad who had just matured. He was very similar to the young adults on Earth aged around 17 or 18. In fact, if a guy on the Soaring Dragon Continent married at the age of 30, it was still considered marrying early. Many males from commoner families would only get married at around 35 or 36 years old, or even at the age of 40. Only girls would marry earlier. This Storm Troop Captain’s face was still very young, but he had intentionally grown a full beard to show maturity and heroism. Even his actions and speech were mimicking a 30-40 years old adult. When Yue Yang looked at him, why did he feel that this guy was a little like a child posing as an adult?

Of course, how other people dressed up was unrelated to him. It would be fine as long as he managed to trade for the Fruit of Wisdom and the Lustrous Branch.

“I’m sorry, but I’ve already given the Fruit of Wisdom to someone, so… I can only offer the Lustrous Branch in exchange. If you feel that it’s not suitable, how about three hundred gold coins to make up for it?” This captain named Feng Rui really liked the little Hydra that Yue Yang had brought back, but he felt a little awkward towards the conditions that Yue Yang offered.

“What would I need money for?!” Yue Yang was irritated.

After spending all that effort risking his life to capture the little Hydra, the Fruit of Wisdom was gone.

Actually, Yue Yang was really lacking in money. After purchasing the teleportation scrolls and the beast eggs for Ye Kong and the others, he had already spent all of his previous savings along with the hundred gold reward.

But, in comparison to the Fruit of Wisdom that was worth thousands of gold, compensating for it with three hundred gold was essentially a huge joke.

Even if he did not have gold, Yue Yang could slowly accumulate it, but the Fruit of Wisdom was difficult to obtain, and would not be possible to be bought with money… If Yue Bing’s Treeman Warrior had the Fruit of Wisdom and the Lustrous Branch, he believed that its strength would rise by a few times. If the Heart of the Oak Tree was added, then it might even be able to rise in level from Bronze-ranked Level 3 to Bronze-ranked Level 5. Not only that, the most important aspect for beasts was intelligence.

So, this Fruit of Wisdom had to be acquired no matter what.

It had to be one of the conditions for the trade.

“Brother, this Hydra is really ugly, it’s better if we don’t take it! My classmate bought a Winged Rabbit egg, if it’s incubated, the cute little Winged Rabbit after eating the Green Leaf of Life from this Lustrous Branch might evolve, so let’s not exchange after all!” A big loli that was not much older from Yue Bing stood behind, attracting the attention of her older brother.

“Hey, don’t cause trouble.” When that captain Feng Rui heard her words, black line formed in his forehead. Not exchanging for a Hydra, but to use the Lustrous Branch’s leaves to feed a Winged Rabbit with completely no battle ability?

There was a huge, majestic man that was accompanying her at her side. He was probably the Guard Captain of Feng Rui’s group.

He tried to persuade Yue Yang, saying, “Friend, we’ve already given the Fruit of Wisdom to someone. No matter what, it’s not going to come back. From what I can see, we shouldn’t give up on the trade. Right now, we don’t have much money to make up for it, but we can still owe you one first. When we get another Fruit of Wisdom next time, we’ll give it to you. Of course, we can give you gold if you want. We can pay you no less than two thousand gold, but this will have to wait until the year ends since we don’t have that much money at the moment. If you are willing, then we can sign an official agreement at the Warriors’ Guild.”

“Who did you give your Fruit of Wisdom to?” After Yue Yang learned that he could not get the Fruit of Wisdom, he started to have the crooked mindset of stealing the treasure from others.

“It was given to me. What are you going to do about it? Do you want it?”

At this point, a royal swordswoman clad entirely in plate armour with a greatsword behind her back that was clanking resoundingly with her armour appeared. As she appeared, that huge man immediately shrunk towards the corner, becoming a little cat.

Captain Feng Rui, who was acting like an adult, had also become so terrified to the point that he was choking, not daring to make a single sound.

Yue Yang did not understand. Who in the world was this woman? How could she be full of airs? Could it be that she was a princess from the royal family?

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