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LLS Chapter 78 – Strong Enemy, Bone Dragon and Flame Lord

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Chapter 78 – Strong Enemy, Bone Dragon and Flame Lord
Translated by: Sephilia
Edited by: Rango and Brian
TLCed by: Sephilia

If he had fought them face-to-face, it would actually not be an easy feat for Yue Yang to take down a Demon General.

But, the demon general’s strong body had a fatal weakness. If serious damage was inflicted upon their hearts, they would instantly fall, unable to get up.

Of course, in comparison, humans had many more weaknesses. The head, the heart, the lower abdomen, those precious gems below (TL: you know what it means), the spine, if any one of these received a strong blow, they would instantly lose their ability to fight. The Demon Generals only had the weakness of their hearts, and they were extremely tough already. A few Demon Generals belonging to the worm race could continue fighting even if their heads were cut off. Their regenerative ability were just that terrifying. The only weakness was that the demonic heart, which provided energy to the entire body, could not be heavily damaged… If not for going up against Yue Yang who had Innate Sword Qi, their powerful bodies and highly defensive magic armour would not have allowed them to lose any of their fighting capabilities even if their bodies received wounds everywhere, and their hands or legs were broken. Even more so, they would not be in any danger of death.

It was unfortunate for them to meet such an abnormal person like Yue Yang.

Who would have thought that an Apprentice was actually an Innate Ranker?

Yue Yang’s Innate Sword Qi could easily penetrate a hole through the magic armour and injure the heart protected by their muscles. Its power was overwhelming. Below Level 6, nobody could defend against an Innate Ranker’s Innate Qi attacks.

The only regret was that Yue Yang’s sword qi could only release three swords now.

If Yue Yang could be like the Heavenly Sword Goddess, who could unleash thousands of sword qi, he would not even bother to act like a weakling on purpose just to bait two of the Demon Generals to come forward, so that when they were joking around he would be able to mount a sneak attack on them. If he were able to release ten swords, he would have thrown himself at the five Demon Generals and annihilated them.

The two swords took out the two careless Demon Generals.

The battle results were outstanding.

Most importantly, for the sake of increasing the level of Thorny Flower, Yue Yang had added one of the best fertilisers for it… Where else would he be able to find fertilisers like Demon Generals?

He estimated that if it completely digested these two Demon Generals, the Thorny Flower would rise in rank and undergo a variant evolution into “Thorny Flower Demoness’. Then, after digesting Demon Lord Ha Xin’s arm, it might undergo another rank and variant evolution again. Cultivating a ‘Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen’ was not easy and required great amounts of fertiliser. Not only that, it would require more and more high level elites to be its fertiliser. This was undoubtedly one of the best solutions.

Right now, he could kill his foes and cultivate the Thorny Flower. He could even raise the rank of his summoning grimoire, gain military honor and be recognised for his contributions to the country.

This battle could serve multiple purposes!

“The only kind of people who could easily drill a hole in magic armour and destroy a demon’s heart are Innate Rankers!” The black jacket Demon General was the fastest to react, and roared with a sinister look on his face, “So you were an Innate Ranker after all! No wonder you dared to charge into the abyss by yourself… This was a plot all along! Although I was already suspicious from the very beginning, a normal thief could not possess a teleportation scroll that would send them to the abyss’ ancient battlefield and would definitely not possess the crescent blades of a Demon General. But, you disguised yourself too well! I was led to believe otherwise by the Nine-headed Monsters that were chasing you to the abyss, that bronze grimoire and Thorny Flower. It’s too late now, otherwise those two wouldn’t have suffered such miserable deaths. Human warrior who wants to use us to cultivate, an Innate Ranker who pretends to be a weak little thief, you still dare to leave the Battlefield of Death? No, you’re going down with us! Your Highness Lich King Grun, I offer up everything to you, please grant unto me power…”

The black jacket Demon General’s words made Yue Yang’s heart sink. A bad premonition flashed across him.

This guy wanted to use all he had, and it was that kind of crazy life sacrifice.

Yue Yang took his crescent blades and shot out from the light barrier, towards the black jacket Demon General. This guy was a formidable opponent, he had to be killed first.

Although this black jacket Demon General had a light barrier protecting his body, his combat ability in the flesh would probably not be very strong. As long as his summoned beasts were killed, the light barrier would disappear. At that point of time, he would definitely be unable to take the fatal blow aimed at it. Now, Yue Yang had to quickly find out where the summoning beasts were hiding, and kill them to destroy that accursed barrier.

Even if it was an elemental-type summoned beast, it would definitely have a body, or at least the existence of an energy core.

As long as that energy core was shattered, the elemental-type summoned beast would die instantly…

But, where in the world did those two elemental-type summoned beasts hide?


The Demon General that were as fat as demon worms shouted as he rushed up.

When he rushed in front of Yue Yang, he had already completed his summoning technique. The fat covering his body merged with the summoned beast, becoming masses of black demon worms, swarming towards Yue Yang like a tidal wave.

At Yu Long Valley, Yue Yang had seen this kind of flesh-eating demon worms. They were completely not scared of fire, and liked eating human flesh. Their solid teeth could easily bite off the bones of a bull. The flesh-eating demon worms of Yu Long Valley were only Level 1, but the worms that came from the Demon General’s summons along with the worms that were born from merging with his body, were all Bronze-ranked Level 3 demon worms. With their sharp teeth, fierce horns and spikes covering his entire head, and the black current of worms crawling quickly unharmed through the flames like a tidal wave, even a person with great guts would feel absolutely horrified.

In the sky, the winged Demon General summoned multiple crow-like summoned beasts, allowing it to be attached onto the arrowheads, turning them into black arrows that were emitting smoke.

Once the arrows were shot, all of them could automatically fly around.

Drawing out an arc, they mysteriously homed towards the back of Yue Yang’s head.

“So you were here, found it!” Yue Yang’s figure flickered. At the same time as he dodged the black arrow rain’s attacks, he flew through the group of flesh-eating demon worms, and reached the most inconspicuous region of the Battlefield of Death at lightning fast speed.

When Yue Yang’s figure was still flying in midair, that crazy black jacket Demon General had already mercilessly cut open his own chest and abdomen, using his blade to cut wildly. Instantly, his internal organs were shattered, his intestines ruptured, and various internal organs were bleeding profusely, with blood splashing out, causing a large amount of black blood to gush out that was so gross to the point it would make people vomit.

Before the blood had even splashed on the ground, a scarlet teleportation door appeared above.

It expanded greatly, then shrunk greatly again.

Within a few seconds, a skeletal Bone Dragon with two pitch-black eyes and four clawed limbs flew out from the scarlet teleportation door.

Before the teleportation door closed and disappeared, it dangerously squeezed out with its entire body.

A part of the Bone Dragon’s long tail didn’t make it out of the door in time and silently a part of it was cut off. The Bone Dragon opened up its bone wings made up of bones and rotten flesh, using great force to flap them, and swooped down towards Yue Yang… A Bronze-ranked Level 7 Bonehead. Yue Yang’s divine eyes saw through the Bone Dragon’s information in an instant.

This caused him to shiver.

Facing this Bone Dragon, perhaps it was not very different from a mature Nine-headed Monster. It was even superior to it in some ways.

Yue Yang was unable to eliminate the Lava Monster and Hellfire Monster that were hidden, and with a spin of the crescent blade, he flashed past the bite of the Bone Dragon. At the same time, he struck the Bone Dragon ferociously, repeatedly slashing the bone wings that seemed to be very fragile.


A shower of sparks flew out. Between the crescent blades and the bone wings, an ear-piercing metallic sound rang out.

This Bone Dragon’s bones were actually tougher than metal, it was really ridiculous. Seeing that the crescent blades on Yue Yang’s hands had broken, while the Bone Dragon was completely unharmed, his heart grew even colder. The Bronze-ranked Level 7 Bone Dragon was only two levels higher than the Bronze-ranked Hui Tai Lang, but the difference in their strength was like heaven and earth.

It looked like Level 6 was really the divide between first-class and second-class.

Below Level 6, whether it was humans, demons or monsters, they could only have second-rate strength at best.

No wonder this situation had happened.

Only by surpassing Level 6, could one really be called first-class… This Bronze-ranked Level 7 Bone Dragon could not be hacked to death with these two crescent blades.

Yue Yang had to think of a plan to shatter the demonified dragon crystal inside its skull. Otherwise, it was impossible to deal with this skeletal dragon who did not fear being cut down.

“Your Highness Lich King Grun, please listen to the appeal of your subordinate! Send a powerful beast, and exterminate the enemy in front of me!” The black jacket Demon General’s light barrier suddenly shattered and disappeared. His summoning grimoire also fell onto the ground with a ‘Dong’ sound. Yue Yang understood what was going on. This guy had summoned the Bone Dragon from the abyss to assist him, destroying the ancient laws within the space of the Battlefield of Death. He was not far from death, and would probably die by explosion. But, looking at this crazy black jacket Demon General, he seemed to not fear death and started laughing cruelly at Yue Yang, as if he had completed the one thing that he was most proud of in his life.

In the midst of that terrifying laughter, a large yet bony black hand came out from the abdomen of the black jacket Demon General, extending out directly from it.

Five pitch-black long, sharp fingernails gathered blue electricity which made crackling sounds.

Its palm held a ball of purple flames that were extremely condensed.

Although the Lich King could not come out, and only a mere hand had stretched, but the purple flames that this hand brought forward had a kind of energy that could destroy the heaven and the earth. Yue Yang felt his sense of danger exploding and shouted loudly. He was prepared to use all he had to stop the movements of this Lich King.

Like a bird, Yue Yang swept past a large distance.

The twin crescent blades were like wheels, cutting towards the bony black magic hand of the Lich King.

But, Yue Yang’s attack was far too late. The hand of the Lich King had already gone back, leaving only that ball of fire thrown onto the lava and the blazing flames.


With a resounding vibration, a huge explosion occurred.

Although Yue Yang’s luck resisted this, his body was still thrown back by the dissipated shockwave.

He found out that the ball of purple flames had crazily devoured the crystal cores of the Lava Monster and the Hellfire Monster. In an instant, it had sucked up all the fire abilities, before growing to become a 6-odd metre tall Blazing Giant.

This Blazing Giant with blazing flames around it was made up completely of lava and rocks. Its upper body was humanoid, but its lower body was completely made out of flames.

With a wave of its arms, raging flames soared up to the sky.

Even the Bone Dragon who gave Yue Yang such a headache flew high up, away from this raging flame and hurriedly dodged, not daring to let its body close to that kind of fiery energy which could annihilate everything.


In the midst of maniacal laughter, the black jacket Demon General was blasted into pieces.

His death had been extremely miserable. Under the destruction of the power of the law, not even a single shred of his body was left. Even his soul had been completely destroyed.

Yue Yang had long known that this guy would be dead for sure, but he was feeling a huge headache due to his crazy actions… Summoning a Bronze-ranked Level 7 Bone Dragon would have been enough. This guy still was not afraid of himself dying and summoned the Lich King too. Although the Lich King could not come in, the Lich King was extremely powerful. It used a few seconds’ worth of time to throw a Flame Lord into the Battlefield of Death which had reached a level of Silver-ranked Level 7.

If Hui Tai Lang was here, meeting this Flame Lord, he would most likely be killed instantly.

Now, he had to face a Silver-ranked Level 7 Flame Lord, a Bronze-ranked Level 7 Bone Dragon, and two Demon Generals who had at least the strength of a Level 5 Grandmaster.

How would he fight this battle?

The most terrifying thing was, this was still the Battlefield of Death. He could not run away from this, and had to kill every single enemy on the field before he could leave… What did he have to do to win against these enemies who had overwhelming strength?

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