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LLS Chapter 77 – Fertiliser

Chapter 77 – Fertiliser
Translated by: Sephilia
Edited by: Brian and Rango
TLCed by: Sephilia

Shiro Team: Changed – Nine-headed Monster > Hydra.

Only an idiot would dare to fight face to face with dozens of Demon Generals. Moreover, there were tens of thousands of monsters behind them.

Yue Yang’s first reaction was to rush towards the closest juvenile Hydra. He was prepared to hug one whether he lived or died, then, by summoning his bronze grimoire, under the protection of the barrier, use the teleportation scroll to escape back under the Ten-thousand Year Ancient Oak Tree. Under the situation where he could not attack, fighting a mature Hydra was strenuous, but there would be no problem when taking down a juvenile Hydra.

But would the Demon General let Yue Yang leave as he pleased?

Almost the instant when Yue Yang moved, all the Demon Generals moved as well.

Yue Yang found that the teleportation items in the abyss were different from those of the Soaring Dragon Continent. If the warriors in the Soaring Dragon Continent wanted to use a teleportation scroll, they would have to open it and summon it with their spiritual energy.

The previous time, he had been too focused on escaping and did not see it clearly. But this time, Yue Yang could see it clearly. All at once, the Demon Generals threw a black-coloured item. They seemed to be black balls that were about the size of a fist. Before touching anybody, they would shatter soundlessly, turning into black pillars of light. Within the regions covered by the black pillars of light, each target would be instantly teleported to a designated location. If Yue Yang had not been greedy and insisted on hugging the juvenile Hydra, then with his movements, those teleportation balls would be hardly be able to hit him. But now…… Yue Yang who refused to yield and let go against the constantly struggling juvenile Hydra, was teleported to yet another Battlefield of Death. Not only that, this time, it was not just one Demon General he had to face but five demon generals at the same time.

After the five Demon Generals entered the Battlefield of Death, they set it in their hearts that this human male could not possibly leave this place alive. They came together to discuss how to trample Yue Yang.

Yue Yang could not understand what the Demon Generals were saying since they used the language of the abyss.

Even if he could understand them, he did not have the time to care about them.

The juvenile Hydra in his arms was struggling with all its might. Even though it was still a juvenile beast, and only had three heads, the size of the little Hydra was still larger than a bull, and the three long necks were akin to pythons. But the little Hydra’s heads were larger than a python, and on top of that, strange horns and fins were also present. Its teeth were as sharp as daggers, and, each time it bit maniacally, it caused Yue Yang to be in a fluster.

“Ha ha ha!” Seeing such a comical scene, the five Demon Generals clutched their bellies and laughed.

They suddenly felt that this young human male was not trying to assault the abyss. Rather, he had been hunted down by the Hydras and fled for his life towards here.

The only thing they could not understand was how this brat possessed a teleportation scroll that could transport them into the ancient battlefield? Could he have come here before?

The five Demon Generals even suspected that if they kept watching and ignored this young human, he would probably be unable to survive and be swallowed alive by a Hydra. In the many times where humans had fought into the abyss, this brat was the weakest and funniest of them all. They had really never seen an idiot like this from all of the human warriors that came here.

Yue Yang used his barbaric strength and madly hit the Hydras with a flurry of punches. Finally, with great difficulty, he had knocked all three heads of the little Hydra out.

Over there, the Demon Generals laughed until their sides could not be straightened.

“Human, are you trying to kill us by laughter? Compared to using your strength, killing us by laughter might really be more effective!” One of the tallest Demon Generals stood up and spoke in the language of the Soaring Dragon Continent fluently. With this speech, the other four Demon Generals laughed maniacally again.

“Can I surrender?” As Yue Yang asked this, the opposing Demon Generals laughed violently, tears of laughter flowing from their eyes.

Did this brat think that this was a pub?

On the Battlefield of Death, one side had to die before the other could leave. Otherwise, even a Demon Lord could not leave. The ancient laws could not be overcome.

The shortest, most well-built Demon General sincerely nodded his head saying, “I’ll allow you to surrender, that is, after you die… Ha ha ha!”

Yue Yang saw that he had no choice. It looked like the Soaring Dragon Continent and the abyss were still really the arch-enemies of each other, and there was no possibility of living harmoniously with one another. In a second, the world traveller turned from an advocate of peace into a battle maniac. His principle that had guided him from the start was, if he could refrain from fighting he would not fight. If a fight started, he would have the other’s life. Yue Yang summoned his bronze grimoire, and summoned the Golden Thorny Flower that was still digesting Demon Lord Ha Xin’s arm, allowing it to take root in the ground.

“An Apprentice? Thorny Flower?” The five opposing Demon Generals were dumbfounded. They were looking at him as if he were a lunatic. A person with the standard of an Apprentice dared to fight in the abyss?

(TL: get rekt)

“You can take your time to prepare. When you’re done, tell us!” The tallest Demon General said this extremely generously.

“You can even choose the way you die! Being cut into pieces, hanged to death, drowned in water, or burned in fire. You can pick whichever way you want from all these, or you can think of a new unique way to die. There won’t be any problems at all! Oh that’s right, how do I write your name on the tombstone? Is it fine to write ‘Be careful, my idiocy will infect you’?” The shortest, most well-built Demon General also said this seriously.

“Honestly, I feel that you’ll be the first opponent I’ve met that I won’t get any sense of accomplishment after defeating you……” The winged Demon General continuously sighed.

“I’ll go to sleep for a while. Call for me after you kill him.” The Demon General, who was as fat as a demon worm, simply lay down to rest.

“Since all of you don’t want to do it, then I’ll do it. Towards humans, I’ve never held back.” The shortest Demon General and the only one who did not wear magic armour but rather an odd skintight black jacket came out from the crowd. From his dried-up face, a stream of black qi emanated, and two red eyes flashed.

It brandished its hands with the claws of a demon, summoning a silver grimoire that lightly emitted black qi.

Then, from the silver grimoire, a red light of summoning appeared.

It seemed that it was whispering to itself.

After a long time, the sharp hiss, that could make one’s hair stand on end, was issued from the monster.

Yue Yang trembled slightly as he saw the light. He felt the energy of the red light explode millions of times. If Hui Tai Lang had pounced into the centre of this red light, he would definitely be blasted into pieces. Thankfully, he knew the dangers of the abyss already, and had decided not to bring Hui Tai Lang along. He had instead left it underneath the Ten-thousand Year Ancient Oak Tree, allowing it to wait for Yue Bing and Yi Nan. At the same time, he hoped that it would become one of his chess pieces by setting the teleportation mark on the floor. If anything went wrong, then he would be stuck in the abyss forever, unable to return. So, to be doubly safe, Yue Yang also placed a teleportation target on Hui Tai Lang’s body.

The red light exploded with a rumbling sound. The strong blazing wind had dissipated. The shockwave was so strong that it shook Yue Yang’s light barrier until it was trembling.

The earth ruptured, and red lava spewed onto the ground.

The Demon General in the black jacket lightly pressed down on the silver grimoire with its fine claws, and muttered a summoning spell again. A ball of fire flew up from the where the lava came out, and a raging blaze instantly started to burn the surrounding area. The area where the lava was flowing out of was not large, and was only around ten or more metres wide. But, with the buff of the fiery light, this area expanded and eventually formed a small stream of flames, flowing everywhere.

An elemental-type summoned beast had such power?

Yue Yang could not help but raise his eyebrows. As expected, Demon Generals with a summoning grimoire were hard to deal with.

Luckily, it currently looked like the only Demon General with a summoning grimoire was this thin demon and not the other four.

The Demon General in the black jacket was a true enemy. Even though he had displayed a sense of weakness just now, he still did not have any thoughts of underestimating Yue Yang. It looked like this guy would be the most formidable one and the hardest to deal with out of all the five Demon Generals……

Through the Demon General’s act, Yue Yang understood many things.

These Demon Generals understood the weak points of human beasts very well. Human beasts were mostly beast-types or bird-types. On the surface of this stream of lava and raging blaze, it was completely impossible for many of them to survive, not to mention fighting. If he had brought Hui Tai Lang, it would have probably only been able to act as decoration. Conversely many monsters in the abyss did not fear flames at all, especially the monsters who were from Hell. To them, the blazing flames would not kill them, but rather like a fish in water, allow their power to be increased many times over.

“Alright, we’ll play together with you. Sometimes, provoking a little worm is also quite meaningful!” The tallest Demon General summoned black flames on his greatsword, and walked out. As he walked with great strides within the raging flames, he was completely unhurt and only left a trail of flames as his footprints.

“I hope this brat won’t die so quickly.” The shortest, most well-built Demon General brandished his sharp axe and summoned a skull-head enchantment on top of his axe.

The axehead turned into a terrifying skull axe. Its demon eyes flashed with green, and black spots that seemed like carrion flies as they revolved around the skull axe. It looked revolting and strange.

Behind them, the winged Demon General and the fatty Demon General did not move and only spectated the fight with smiles on their faces.

They did not think that the young human in front of them would be able to defeat three Demon Generals who were fighting together. Moreover, they were also under the buffs of the elemental beasts ‘Lava Beast’ and ‘Hellfire Beast’. An Apprentice could only summon a single beast. That brat had already summoned a Thorny Flower, and could not summon a second beast. Even if the Thorny Flower was a plant-type beast, which had a natural advantage against the creatures in hell and was Gold-ranked as well, the level of the Thorny Flower was too low. It seemed like it could not be any higher than Level 2, and it was still only a juvenile that was growing… How useful could it be?

Summoning a Thorny Flower was just a futile struggle before he died after all.

“It looks like I have to be more careful. The Thorny Flower’s spit is always pretty powerful.” The tallest Demon General started to mock and laugh at Yue Yang.

“I say, old friend. Look closely, it’s not possible for this Thorny Flower to even spit if it wanted to. It’s still digesting something. I’m curious, what in the world did it eat? We’re already starting a battle, how come it hasn’t finished its digestion?” The shortest and most well-built Demon General coordinated with the tallest Demon General and surrounded Yue Yang as they attacked.

Their intention was to break Yue Yang’s barrier with the flame sword and skull axe, intimidating him, and using it as an opportunity to toy with him.

As for the attacking power of the Thorny Flower, they completely ignored it.

Seeing these two fellows walking over while chatting and completely ignoring their surroundings, a slight mysterious grin suddenly appeared on Yue Yang’s face.

“Eh?” The black jacket Demon general was constantly observing Yue Yang’s expression. He felt that this young human’s behaviour was very awkward, but he had never expressed any fear or despair. This was far too abnormal.

Could it be that he was acting as if he was a weakling intentionally?

This thought flashed across the black jacket Demon General’s head. Especially after he had seen that mysterious grin on Yue Yang’s face. It was as if a thunderbolt had flashed across him.

Before he could call out to warn his companions, Yue Yang had already dodged and flew out from his light barrier.

Cutting across them like a meteor…

Nobody could see Yue Yang’s movements or his figure clearly.

When he reappeared again, the two Demon Generals behind him had already fallen with a loud bang.

“Ah, Such great fertilisers!” Yue Yang bent over and thrust his blades into the hearts of the two Demon Generals. Then, dragging the two Demon Generals who were bleeding profusely into the light barrier, he summoned two of the Golden Thorny Flower’s offshoots. The offshoots opened their huge mouths and forcefully swallowed the two Demon Generals who were still alive struggling. Even the flaming greatsword and the skull axe were swallowed whole. The offshoots then grew long roots, connecting tightly with the main body, causing the energy obtained from the digestion to flow continuously into the main body.

“Ah… “

This turn of events was like a bolt from the blue, causing the remaining three Demon Generals to become utterly speechless.

Those were two Demon Generals! How could they be swallowed by the Thorny Flower without any resistance? What, what was going on? Just what had that young human done?

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