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LLS Chapter 75 – It won’t do to not be covered by Boss!

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Chapter 75 – It won’t do to not be covered by Boss!
Translated by: Sephillia
Edited by: Brian and Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Yue Yang rushed over to the clinic and found Yi Nan accompanying Yue Bing out after her check-up.

Once he told her about the Wisdom Fruit and the Lustrous Branch of the Tree of Life, Yue Bing could not help but feel her heartbeat quicken. But she knew that these two items were worth thousands of gold, especially for the ‘Fruit of Wisdom’, which could improve the intelligence of a beast. These items were always auctioned off at over two thousand, sometimes even reaching three thousand gold coins. These kinds of expensive items were simply too extravagant to request for herself.

As for the Lustrous Branch of the Tree of Life, it would be beneficial in increasing the level of the Treeman Warrior.

But the Tree of Life, just like the Fruit of Wisdom, were important ingredients required to complete elixirs. For instance, the ingredients required for ‘Spirit Beast Awakening Wisdom Pill’ includes both the Fruit of Wisdom and the Lustrous Branch of the Tree of Life.

“Brother, forget it. The best goods in the auction house are competed for by the Four Great Sects and the Three Great Countries’ royal families, so there’s no way we can go up against them.” Yue Bing said this tactfully. As she had stated, the Four Great Families were also one of the main competitors in the auction house. But despite this, Yue Yang and Yue Bing were from the fourth house, and the Yue family did not hold anyone of fourth house to be of any value to them. It was simply impossible to pay a few thousand gold for these siblings to buy a Fruit of Wisdom and the Brilliant Branch from the Tree of Life. If it were Yue Tian, Yue Yan or the newly famous Yue Feng with immense potential, perhaps the Yue Family’s elders would agree to use great amounts of gold to cultivate them.

“We’re just going to take a look.” Yue Yang also knew that he did not have money on him. But, he had never planned on using money to compete in the auction. He was actually preparing to see who had bid for it successfully, then steal it from them.

For his precious sister Yue Bing’s future, Yue Yang didn’t mind being a thief who blocked another person’s road. In Yue Yang’s eyes, strangers were NPCs that dropped treasures, so why couldn’t he steal from them?

As they spoke, three people came out of the treatment room.

Yue Yang saw a few familiar faces and recognised them as the Three Great Killing Stars.

It looked like they had also been successful in defeating a Demon General and had returned victorious from their campaigns into the abyss.

However, the current Feng Qi Sha, Yan Po Jun and Xue Tan Lang did not have the majestic appearances from before. Feng Qi Sha’s armour was broken into pieces, and it seemed that he had suffered serious wounds. Although he had mostly recovered from his injuries, his spirit was still reeling from the aftereffects of the battle. Yan Po Jun’s hands were wrapped up like a dumpling, and his hand was still holding onto a treatment stone that was emanating white light. It seemed that his wounds had not yet fully recovered. Only Xue Tan Lang looked better. There were no wounds to be seen on his body, and his spirit was not bad either. He was still maintaining his image of ‘I am an ice cube guy, so do not come close to me you strangers’ (TL: total tsuntsun). The only notable change was that his clothes were tattered and seemed like a beggar’s rags…

Although they had returned victorious, Yue Yang saw that they had not paid a small price for it, unlike him. He had destroyed a Demon General without any losses at all.

Seeing that everyone from Yue Yang’s party had returned alive, Xue Tan Lan could not help but be startled. Then, seeing that Yue Yang was smiling brilliantly, the three felt that something weird was going on. It was not strange for the Yue Family’s Third Young Master, this shameless guy to be able to escape back here, but how did his entire team of trash come back alive?

Could it be that the Demon General their team fought against was made out of tofu?

But this was a Demon General!

It had been tough for them to even go up against one. With only those few trash combatants, how could they escape without any casualties?

Seeing that Yue Yang appeared uninjured from head to toe and acted as if the campaign to the abyss was like a vacation, he coldly snorted.

The ice cube guy rushed in front of Yue Yang, staring intently into Yue Yang’s eyes, and threw down an ultimatum, saying, “Let us fight to the death. You can pick the time and place.” After finishing, before Yue Yang to opened his mouth to oppose it, he coolly turned around and walked away.

Yue Yang really had no way of dealing with this ice cube guy.

This was obviously a misunderstanding!

If that girl from the Xue Family really wanted to marry him, she could just sit in a big red marriage sedan and come over, paying respects to each other and going into the bridal room, enjoying a good life. (TL note: good life here has a double meaning – 性福 also means orgasm) Wouldn’t it be over and done with like this? Why would they need to fight to the death? If she didn’t want to marry him, then that would be even better! It did not matter who had wronged the other person in this rejected marriage. Since this marriage had been blown to smithereens, she had also regained her own freedom as well.

“Eh?” As Feng Qi Sha was preparing to leave, he shockingly discovered Hui Tai Lang who had turned into a Two-headed Demon Wolf. He was astonished. A Bronze-ranked Level 5 Two-headed Demon Wolf?

It was definitely a Bronze-ranked Level 4 Ironbacked Demon Wolf when they were on the campaign to the abyss. But in such a short period of time, it had effortlessly evolved to become a Bronze-ranked Level 5 Two-headed Demon Wolf. Wasn’t this speed of growth far too terrifying?

Evolution and a level increase had happened at the same time. What supplements had this demon wolf taken?

He walked over, seemingly wanting to inquire about the evolution process for Hui Tai Lang.

But alas, Yue Yang acted as if he did not see him.

Ye Kong and the others also followed suit. If they were not looking up at the stars, they were looking down to count ants.

Fatty Hai had also acted as if nobody else was there and started whistling… It was nonsense after all. Beast evolutions were a great secret, so what kind of idiot would tell him anything?

Naturally, Yue Bing and Yi Nan knew of Feng Qi Sha and the others of the Three Great Killing Stars, but they were not fangirls or idol-worshipers who would scream loudly at the mere sight of them. Seeing that Yue Yang and Three Great Killing Stars weren’t treating each other hospitably, they did not answer them either. Instead, the two of them were preoccupied with talking to one another in a low voice. Feng Qi Sha was aware that he had crossed the line a little, and felt a little awkward. However, he still maintained his elegance and nodded his head slightly towards Yue Yang before leaving in subtle yet big strides.

After walking a fair distance, he looked back again to see Hui Tai Lang once more. He seemed to be extremely interested in Hui Tai Lang…

“Good day to you, Yue Bing.” Yan Po Jun’s first action was to greet Yue Bing. But, his eyes kept looking at Yue Yang. On his face, a bright smile appeared, and he said, “So the most outstanding youth within the Yue family was not the Eldest Young Master Yue Tian nor the Fourth Young Master Yue Yan, but rather the Third Young Master. It was truly a great pleasure to go on a campaign to the abyss with such an outstanding comrade like you. Let me introduce myself first. My name is Yan Po Jun, and I am the president of the Venus Elite Student Union in Shang Jin Academy… Third Young Master, I sincerely invite you to join our Shang Jing Academy, and our Venus Elite Student Union.”

“I apologise, but my family is poor and our house only has four walls. I do not have enough money to even attend school. It looks like I can only thank President Yan Po Jun for your good intention.” Yue Yang had almost wanted to express himself as an extremely poor person who had to weed the plants everyday, a mountain child who did not eat dumplings even during the new year. (TL note: Chinese have traditions of eating dumplings during Chinese New Year)

“……” Yi Nan was rolling her eyes as she heard this. She thought it shameful that he even dared to make up these types of bad excuses.

“Pfft!” Yue Bing giggled.

“Third Young Master, you’re joking now! There’s no problem in attending school. We, the Venus Elite Student Union can make an exception for elite students. Not only can we let you attend the school for free, but we will also provide scholarship funds for you. If the Third Young Master is lacking in money, just tell us.” Yan Po Jun’s face slightly twitched. He actually really wanted to strangle this shameless guy in front of him alive. Didn’t he just want money? If so, he could have just said it directly. Why did he have to talk about his house only having four walls and nothing else? If the Yue Family of the Four Great Families only had houses with four walls, would there be such a thing as rich people in this world? Of course, Yan Po Jun could naturally tell using his own perception that this Third Young Master of the Yue family, this trash that was mocked by the world, was actually a shameless guy who disguised himself as a pig to eat tigers.

This fellow definitely had strength, yet he kept it a deep secret and refused to reveal it.

If he did not have strength, would Luo Hua City’s Mistress even allow him to lead a team to the campaign to the abyss? If he did not have strength, could he have come back unscathed? Not only that, he had also seized the crescent blades from the Demon General’s hands…

If not for having incredible strength, would Xue Tan Lang, who was like a block of ice, ever have opened his mouth to ask him for a fight to the death?

In short, if anyone were to believe that this shameless guy was trash, that guy was probably about to be as unlucky as they could be in their lives.

Yan Po Jun felt that if this scheming guy, who possessed so much power but tried to keep his strength a secret, it would shake the entire world eventually. Thus, it would be better for him to rope him in while the iron was hot. After all, helping this shameless Yue Family’s Third Young Master to rise up quickly would also be a powerful suppression against Yue Tian and Yue Yan who had kept challenging his status.

Even a dead person could hear the conflict within the Yue Family.

If this Yue Family’s Third Young Master was to emerge suddenly within the family, he would definitely not let these two brothers have an easy time…

“Cough cough. Actually, with regard to where he studies, he must listen to this big boss.” Fatty Hai suddenly stood out and arrogantly snorted, “He is my little brother! Wherever this boss goes, would he dare to not obediently follow me?”

“Who are you?” Yan Po Jun’s expression towards him was like looking at an ant that was plumper than the usual ants.

“What? You really don’t know me? At Tong Tian Tower’s floors, have you been mingling around in places devoid of people? Who wouldn’t know me, Master Hai? Although it’s true that I keep a low profile normally… even though I own a summoning grimoire and a Bronze-ranked Level 2 Iron-skinned Rhinoceros, I don’t go about showing them off. But, I have the strength after all. Even if I didn’t want to become famous it’d be impossible that I didn’t!” Fatty Hai expressed shock and exaggeratedly jumped with his hands raised up in the air. With his spittle flying around, he shouted, “I, Master Hai, am an elite in Ivy Academy! I’d recently brought a group of elites to steal the top 100 spots of the World’s Hundred School Elite Tournament, yet you actually don’t know me?”

Fatty Hai’s expression on his face had a look that seemed to cry ‘not knowing me is your loss’.

But, Yan Po Jun recalled in his head for a long time and furrowed his eyebrows. Finally, he remembered, “Ah, I remember now! Weren’t you the fatty that was instantly defeated and eliminated in a single move by my little brother during last year’s qualifying elimination tournament? Indeed, you’re pretty famous. You’ve broken the record for the Hundred Schools Elite Tournament, losing on stage within ten seconds.

“That was because I hadn’t prepared well enough. Not only that, I’m a kind-hearted person! I was scared that if I attacked, I would have hurt your little brother!” As Fatty Hai said this, Yan Po Jun nearly puked blood.

“Really? Then I really have to be grateful to you for holding back.” Yan Po Jun finally found out that this fatty had skin that was a hundred times thicker than what he had imagined it to be.

“You’re welcome! The greatest merit of my character is being kind! Being humble can only count as my second greatest merit.” Before Fatty Hai had finished saying it, the Li brothers could not take it anymore and went to find a place to puke.

“Are you attending Ivy Academy next year, Third Young Master?” Yan Po Jun ignored Fatty Hai who was full of himself, and with a face full of smiles, turned towards Yue Yang.

“It’s impossible for trash like me to go around without the boss covering. Whatever boss says, I’ll do it. If he tells me to go east, I won’t dare to go westwards.” Yue Yang smiled humbly.

“We’re all Da Xia warriors. Actually, it doesn’t matter which school we attend, I hope that we can learn through each other’s experience in a team nex time.” Yan Po Jun knew that he himself had far too close relations with Yue Tian and Yue Yan last time. Furthermore, he had supported Shen Tu Hao to suppress Yue Bing. Wanting to pull this Yue Family’s Third Young Master to his side within such a short period was not realistic. But, he was not so hasty. As long as he utilised the strife within the Yue Family well, and let the three brothers duke it out between each other, he would succeed one day in beating down the Yue Family.

He rushed towards Yue Bing and smiled apologetically at her. He hoped to ease the burning anger within the girl and took the initiative to shake hands with Ye Kong and the others. Finally he left in an elegant manner.

After he had gone, Ye Kong’s face immediately darkened, “This guy isn’t simple to deal with at all… “

Yi Nan could not help but break into laughter, saying, “Aren’t you talking rubbish now? He’s one of the Three Great Killing Stars! There’s no need to talk about how strong he is, and he’s psychologically far more mature than the battle-crazed Feng Qi Sha and the cold and arrogant Xue Tan Lang. As one of the Three Great Killing Stars, even after going through your snubbing and being hard on him, he was still able to talk to you with a face full of smiles. Is that what a normal person can do? In his eyes, I’m afraid that you all are insignificant people, but he still took the initiative to shake hands with you in a cordial manner. If you were him, could you do this?”

Yue Bing also nodded her head, saying, “I’ve heard Grandfather’s evaluation. Within the Three Great Killing Stars, the one that will be the hardest to deal with in the future and the one that’ll achieve the greatest success will be this Yan Po Jun.”

However, Yue Yang, the person who owned Divine Vision that could see through most of Yan Po Jun’s strength, felt that he was unworthy of a high evaluation.

Yan Po Jun’s schemes were not bad, but the really powerful one was still that cool ice cube guy Xue Tan Lang. However, he knew that silence was golden and did not speak of anything that his Divine Vision had seen.

Rushing towards the Warrior’s Auction House, they found it to be full of disappointed mercenaries.

After asking around again, he found out that the Storm Mercenary Group that owned the Fruit of Wisdom and the Brilliant Branch decided to postpone the sale of these items till three days later due to issues not being settled, such as the base price and the packaging of the items at the auction.

Their requirements were extremely weird. They were aiming for a favourable exchange and not an auction. The Storm Mercenary Group hoped to exchange their Fruit of Wisdom and Brilliant Branch for a strong beast that was Bronze-ranked and with a rating of at least five stars or above. Not only that, they were requesting for a young beast, and not a beast egg.

“I have a plan. Let’s go, we’re moving over to do the Heart of the Oak Tree mission at Blackstone Labyrinth.” Yue Yang felt that if it was an exchange, then there was still hope.

“Does that have any relation to this?” Yi Nan was stunned when she heard this.

“Yes.” Yue Yang did not dare to say it out loud, as he was worried that he would scare Yue Bing and Yi Nan. This time, what he would complete was not only the Heart of the Oak Tree mission, but also to capture one of the Nine-headed Monster’s juvenile beasts… This crazy action would not be easily achieved, but Yue Yang still felt that it was still possible to rack his small brains somewhat for it.

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