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LLS Chapter 74 – Gods’ Ruins

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Chapter 74 – Gods’ Ruins
Translated by: Sephilia
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Yue Yang held up the mysterious Gold Beast and used his Divine Vision to analyse it. Finally, to his astonishment, he found that this little thing could not even be seen through with his Level 2 Divine Vision. The weirdest thing was that this mysterious Gold Beast was already contracted with him automatically.

Yue Yang had only encountered this once before, and that was the lamia loli Xiao Wen Li… Could it be that this mysterious Gold Beast was also a Diamond-ranked existence? What was that reflection just now? It was like a Chinese mythical dragon, yet it had wings.

After that, it had fused into the gold metal, turning into this misshapen appearance. The situation was simply ambiguous and confusing.

“Hey hey, it’s melting!” Fatty Hai cried.

As Yue Yang was holding this mysterious Gold Beast and inspecting it, he suddenly realised that the surface of this beast’s body had started to melt.

It had recovered the appearance of a liquid ball, enveloping the Dark Green Snake Crystal that Yue Yang had refused to let him eat. Then, it attached itself to Yue Yang’s wrist, and gradually transformed into a peculiar bracelet. In the middle of the bracelet, a slightly pointed end stuck out from the Dark Green Snake Crystal. Yue Yang could sense that this Gold Beast was slowly absorbing the energy in the Dark Green Snake Crystal. At the same time, it was discharging the muddled demonic qi that it didn’t need through the pointed end on the bracelet.

When he used his mind to connect with it, he discovered that this little thing was in a comfortable deep sleep…

It was completely unlike a little golden beast. It was more like a living entity, yet its whole body was made of gold. It was extremely strange.

Faced with such a strange beast, Yue Yang could honestly not make head or tails of it. He could only fell into silence.

Finally, he set his inquisitive look towards Yi Nan instead.

“I don’t know anything about this either.” Yi Nan was waving her hands, puzzled as well. She paused again, then explained softly, “I’ve only heard of a legend. Long ago, my ancestor was a strong top-ranking warrior. When he was training at Tong Tian Tower’s eighth floor, he was attacked by a few abyss elites. His life was in peril, yet he was saved by a mystical beast who was passing by. However, seeing that they were not a match for the Divine Beast, the abyss elites had called for help. They worked together to summon the fearsome Bone Dragon, Winter Demon King, Specter Behemoth, Hell Black Dragon King and other sorts of monsters to attack the mystical beast from all sides. A great battle unfolded between the two sides, almost destroying the heavens and razing the earth. There was no light from the sun nor the moon, and with dust strewn up all over, the ancestor could not get close to the battlefield at all, and could only flee for the time being. The ancestor also did not know how the battle went, nor was he able to find any useful clues. Finally, he was only able to find that piece of the shattered gemstone… In truth, that necklace had been lost a few hundred years ago. Only up to a hundred years ago was it finally retrieved. My aunt once took it to be appraised and found out that the energy stored in it was extremely little, no indication of life was present. She even doubted it thinking it might be a counterfeit good, and that the actual one had been taken by some other people… It seems that now, the ‘legend from long ago’ seems to be true. This could be the crystal core of that powerful beast, but I don’t know what kind of beast it is.”

“No matter what it is, it’s fine as long as it’s the real deal.” From the bottom of her heart, Yue Bing was happy for her brother. To his brother, owning this mysterious Gold Beast would undoubtedly increase his strength significantly.

“We must keep this strictly as a secret. Nobody must know of this, otherwise we’ll have a huge problem in our hands.” As Ye Kong said this, everyone looked at Fatty Hai.

“Why are you looking at me? Do you think i’m a gossip queen or something? You guys don’t understand me at all! Keeping secrets is what I’m best at, followed by being low-profile! See, I have a summoning grimoire and a Bronze-ranked Level 2 Iron-skinned Rhinoceros, have I ever boasted about these to anyone before? I’m not that kind of person!” It was fine when Fatty Hai had not explained. Once he had explained, everyone felt that this fatty was not really able to keep secrets. The best way to handle him was to kill him to shut his mouth up… Everyone’s stares caused Fatty Hai to be unbearably scared. He hurriedly swore that he would protect the secret before everyone let him off.

As for the mysterious Gold Beast, nobody could make heads or tails out of it.

However, everyone could definitely see the beast that was formed from the five star beast egg that Yue Yang gave to Yi Nan. After activating a fusion contract with the chaos egg that held the mysterious power, the five star beast egg could clearly be seen turning into a small silver-coloured Pegasus.

Yi Nan was extremely pleased. A smile spread across her face. She took Yue Bing ‘s hand and jumped around, barely containing her excitement.

When Ye Kong and the others heard from Yi Nan the attributes of the Silver Pegasus, their jaws dropped onto the ground.

This newly contracted Silver Pegasus was still an infant beast, yet it was already a Silver-ranked Level 2 existence. Yi Nan reckoned that this little silver horse could at least get a six stars evaluation, and was extremely likely to turn into Gold-ranked during its growth… Anyway, to sum it up, Yi Nan was incredibly elated. She would probably not part with it even if she was given a Gold-ranked lion, because girls had a preference towards beautiful things.

The Silver Pegasus’ body was snow-white, and its quaint little wings were young and incomparably soft. It could only stand now and wasn’t yet able to fly.

But when it grew, it would definitely become the flying mount that was best suited for girls and was what girls loved the most.

“I’m your boss but I only had a Bronze-ranked Level 2 Iron-skinned Rhinoceros, you can’t just neglect me! You have to give me a beast as well! My request isn’t too much, any Gold-ranked beast will do-” Before Fatty Hai had finished speaking, Ye Kong had already kicked him flying and stomped down on that fat stomach that was as round as a frog’s with all his strength.

Did this fatty’s brain turn into mush?


Since when was it possible to just pick up a Gold-ranked beast?

But Yue Yang was still kind enough to help the Li brothers and Fatty Hai get a Bronze-ranked beast. After all, their strength was too low, and was a kind of burden to the team. In the future, it would be a disadvantage to the team’s cultivation. Yue Yang would rarely speak of the things that he had not done yet. He only nodded towards the Li brothers. Li Qie and Li Ge’s hearts warmed up. They had already known that Yue Yang would not ignore them, but when they saw him nod his head towards them, it showed his silent confirmation. They could not help but feel indescribably moved from the bottom of their hearts.

Becoming an elite was every warrior’s dream on the Soaring Dragon Continent.

The Li brothers were aware that they would become slaves for Yue Yang again, but that did not meant that they did not want to grow stronger.

“Yue Bing, we’re going out to buy some things. Later, if there’s really no problem after you go for the follow-up medical check-up, we’ll go to the Blackstone Labyrinth.” Yi Nan kept her little Silver Pegasus and left, dragging Yue Bing along. As she walked towards the entrance, she turned back and said, “Liar Third Young Master, you, the fatty and the others should prepare yourselves too.”

“Leave it to me. We’ll meet you at the entrance of the clinic later.” Ye Kong did not need Yue Yang to help them buy daily necessities, and brought the Li brothers out with him.

They had also prepared to hand a message over to Wen Yu Mo, Jia Zi Yun and Tai Yang, telling them that Yue Bing had already been found. At the same time, he sent them some money, to prevent these three fellows from starving to death while waiting. Ye Kong and the others hurriedly went out to complete their tasks, but Yue Yang on the other hand, was completely free, so he took out his ‘egg swords’ to study them. Originally, he had wanted to study the mysterious little Gold Beast. But Fatty Hai, had shamelessly requested to stay here, refusing to go back to his own room. Yue Yang could only postpone his desire to study the little Gold Beast further to a later date.

Fatty Hai had always pushed for Yue Yang to study at his school next year, and even said that he, the boss, would cover for Yue Yang.

Yue Yang was not too interested in the prospects of studying in a school.

He did not know what he could learn if he went to school. He thought that he would be better off cultivating in Tong Tian Tower.

Seeing Yue Yang’s attitude, Fatty Hai hurriedly used his silver tongue to persuade him, “Do you know what our school has most? Beautiful girls!”

“Isn’t the school with the most beauties Shang Jing Academy?” Yue Yang was baffled.

Although he had never been there, Yue Yang had heard of the rumours. Da Xia Empire’s ‘Shang Jing Academy’ and Tian Luo Country’s ‘Zhong Xiang Academy’ (TL note: literal ‘fragrance of many’) were the two schools with the greatest amount of beauties and was renowned in the entire world for it. As for the other big country, Zi Jin Country’s ‘Gray Wolf Academy’ , it was called the beauty’s desert, home of barbarians. Luckily the school that Fatty Hai invited Yue Yang to was not Cang Lang Academy, otherwise Yue Yang would have immediately kicked him out of the room.

Fatty Hai did not expect that this hikikomori Yue Yang who could not even identify beautiful girls actually knew of these gossips.

The Book of Silence Chapter 18, Verse 44: With a thick enough skin, it won’t be red even if it’s red (TL note: can’t see someone blushing as long as they’re shameless enough). Fatty Hai immediately chuckled and said, “Although there are many beauties in Shang Jing Academy, but our Ivy Academy isn’t bad either. Don’t you know that our Ivy Academy is opposite Shang Jing Academy? Although it’s not as renowned, the facilities and conditions there aren’t bad. It has a long history too, and was established at the same time as Shang Jing Academy, with a three thousand year long history. The most important fact is that there aren’t many male students, so there won’t be an ugly situation where there are too many thorns and not enough roses. Think about it again. Us from Ivy can go get girls from the opposite school, Shang Jing Academy and conquer the school’s beauties. Wouldn’t this have a better sense of accomplishment?”

“How many school beauties have you conquered?” With Yue Yang’s single question, Fatty Hai wanted to ram himself against the wall.

“This… Of course I’ve conquered lots of them! After those school beauties graduated, they cried as they couldn’t bear to leave me… At Ivy Academy, who wouldn’t recognise me, the little harem prince? Let me tell you. I was born in this world to pick up girls!” Fatty Hai resisted the aching in his heart, and patted his chest full of fat.

“Since you took all the girls already, why should I go there?” Yue Yang rejected him nonchalantly.

“Don’t say it like this, there’s still a few ice-cold ladies, the best of the best that your boss hasn’t conquered yet. At that time, we can team up and conquer all of them in one go! Me, your boss, will lose out a bit, but after you pick what you want, I’ll take the ones that are left!” Fatty Hai felt that he was not convincing enough, and added another sentence, “Our Ivy Academy not only has beautiful girls, but also a beautiful teacher, a top-quality oneesan! Not only that, the beautiful female teacher also teaches runic summoning arts! Getting her would be equivalent to getting the entirety of the treasures from Gods’ Ruins!”

When Yue Yang heard of the oneesan, the runes and the treasures, his heart suddenly moved and asked, “What are Gods’ Ruins?”

Fatty Hai intentionally lowered his voice and said in an extremely mysterious tone, “Gods’ Ruins eh? Those are the most mysterious places in the entirety of the Soaring Dragon Continent besides Tong Tian Tower. Those are the dreamlands of the warriors. Everyone wants to get in there and plunder its treasures! Legend says that there are countless treasures hidden in them. Magic crystals, godly equipment and ancient beasts, even warrior souls!”

“Warrior souls?” Yue Yang had never heard of this.

“Legend says that millions of years ago, the Soaring Dragon Continent was teeming with powerful ultimate-level warriors. They fought each other, and the ultimate-level warriors who died in battle had their flesh destroyed, but left behind a part of their thoughts, which would be the warrior souls. As long as a warrior manages to get them, they would be able to obtain the experience and powers of these ancient warriors. After cultivating them, there’s an extremely high chance of becoming a new generation ultimate-level warrior. Ms De, the beautiful teacher in our school is one of the three great sages who knows about the runic summoning arts! That is to say, she grasps one of the keys to the ancient doors of the gods’ ruins! Think about it, if we nab her, wouldn’t we be able to get both the person and the riches?” Fatty Hai smiled obscenely, and a long line of drool came out of his mouth.

“The Gods’ Ruins… “ Yue Yang had obtained a treasure map from the energy cauldron in the Aries Palace. It seemed as if it could really corroborate with what Fatty Hai had said.

As Fatty Hai was going to make the story more interesting to persuade Yue Yang, suddenly Ye Kong and the Li brothers ran up the stairs and pushed the door open. They urgently said, “The Warrior’s Auction House is preparing to sell the Fruit of Wisdom and the branches from the Tree of Life, both are extremely helpful for Yue Bing’s Treeman Warrior’s growth!”

When Yue Yang heard this, he jumped up immediately. “Find Yue Bing. We’re going to the auction house now.”

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